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Here and There

Bishop channeled by Julie Presson

May 6, 1996

Greetings My Brothers,

My Brothers this is a time of inner reflection and nurturing of your Beingness by the spirit you are, to feed your expression in the physical world. We have come to a time in the ongoingness that requires great strength from all of you in the physicalness of being. For this reason you are being given the opportunity to create a space of quietness within your environment. So you may reflect on who you are and why you have come into the physical plane at this time of Great Changes.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience yourself from this space of quietness that has been created. Do not be so quick to look for activity on the surface or try to create activity where you think there is none. We know it has been your nature as physical beings to be busy, busy, busy. Your physical body and mind "think" there must be activity to learn and feel alive. This is usually accomplished at the cost of the connection with your Inner Being. You are in a preparation phase at this time, do not neglect this, as it will not serve your Highest Good to ignore what your knowingness is telling you in this regard.

As the time of Great Changes moves through its phases so must you. To deny this is to deny your connection to the earth and your Brothers. As Teachers of teachers you have come a long way to facilitate this great event in the history of Humanity, the changing of the guard so to speak of the third dimension. Doorways and Portals are opening to the next level of awareness. The fragrance of this fills your nostrils from time to time as you breathe in deeply to renew your cells on a physical level. Yes, breathe it in as we speak of this to spark the memories buried deep in the recesses of your being. It brings you closer to the God of Your Heart and the Transformation you have been waiting for. Dance with it, become it, live it, it is the fragrance of Life....

Now we address the activity you have agreed to participate at this time. Community...a word that is illusive to a great degree , as you do not quite grasp the fullness of it in the NOW. Let it be my Brothers, do not ponder it, the fullness of its meaning will come to you in its own time . There is still to much of what we term separation within you at this time in the ongoingness. There is an order to the Workings of Spirit, allow it to flow as is directed from the Higher Realms. Each step in the process of the cleansing and unfoldment is as important as all the rest, no matter how your human mind sees it. Do not think it, do it.

Community at this time is the bonding that is to take place between all of you and the celebration of very old Friends coming together. Do not ponder it, DO IT, in the NOW. As we speak look around and see within your Brothers the sameness you all share. What do you see, a physical presence you may not agree with on an intellectual level of being as to the nature of reality. Set that aside.... Do you see your competition in those around you...set that set aside any other rationalizations on an intellectual level you may come up with. Strip them all away and SEE who you are looking at. Your own reflection on a much Higher Plane than the physical level of awareness. Can you do this, can you continue to do this without the "words" coming into your head? You must begin to practice this in earnest, it is required to do the Work you have elected to do as "A GROUP". Yes, we said as a group. Setting aside all your humanness and competitive thoughts to come together and form the "Circle of Life" you are a small part of, as if a single cell in a Great Circle or Ring. There are many of these Rings of Consciousness all interconnected, all incomplete without the rest. Every spirit (or spark) that has ever come from the Source is a part of one of these Rings. Each Ring is an expression of the Source in manifest with a different emphasis. Each Ring is a group of spirits termed Spiritual Family. The sameness you are as Spiritual Family is the desire you share with the manifest universe. This desire as we term it is the fabric of who you are as Spirit in expression on the Higher Planes. Do you understand what we are speaking of here? On the Higher Planes this is a level of awareness without thought, only "Desire of the Highest Nature" to assist and experience the physical universe unfold or flower as was intended in the Beginning of Beginnings. We are asking you to come together often, setting aside all your worldliness in Celebration of the bond you all share, cherishing each other as the gifts you are to each other at this time. Break bread together as equals, laugh together as you do in Spirit. Love each other as you do in Spirit, without reservation and with complete trust.

You are Brothers in the Circle of Life. You are the One that has become the many as a bursting poppy pod is one with millions of seeds scattering to the four winds when it breaks open to the Light of Day each year. Honor each other for the sparks of the Source of Life you all are. Take your Brother's hand and feel the sameness you share as you look into each others eyes and see the history you all share.

Form a Circle each time you meet to thank Spirit for the opportunity to come together in this way at this time of Great Changes. Thank Spirit for the opportunity to be a part of the cleansing you are participating in on a Universal level. Thank Spirit for being in the physical and seeing all the wonders the Mother of your physical body (the earth) has to share with you. Be at Peace with all Life now and forever, no matter what form it chooses. You are ALL Brothers, you all have a role to play in this reality where the lower octave of duality is being Healed. All are equally important.

We would ask that each time you meet with members of your Spiritual Family you take time upon entering and leaving to form the Circle to reaffirm your connection and ask in your Hearts for Healing on a Universal level. We would ask that you NOT create expectations as to what form this Healing is to take with your human mind and simply allow the energy to flow through the Heart Centre freely, to be used by those in the unseen who are in charge of such activities. We ask that you place those who are in need of personal Healing quietly in the middle of this Circle, not in a physical way, but in a "thought filled way" and do nothing more than send your energy from your Heart Centre to be used as needed by your Brothers.

We would ask each one of you to affirm a thoughtform tetrahedron to stabilize the energy field where you gather. Do this individually as you enter the place of meeting, without talking about it or giving any energy to it in the way of words between you. The base is to be placed 13 feet below the surface of the earth and extending 13 feet out from the area within the tetrahedron. All that is required is to KNOW this is so, for it to be so. (For more detailed information on this tretrahedron, look at Merkaba)

We would ask you not to discuss each other in a judgmental way as it will only serve your egos and create boulders you all must deal with as negative energy to be transmuted and serve to create dissension and separation among you . We ask you to accept the "shortcomings" of each other as they are illusion. To do otherwise will only serve to reinforce the denseness of the third dimension. You are here to raise the vibration, not interfere with it, remember this at all times. Remember the past as the past, the NOW is all that you are to address in your Walk. Whatever you may feel about another as to their choices in the past is not who they are in the NOW. Do not create negative expectations based on illusion.

We ask you to Remember who you are as a Circle of Life, not as third dimensional beings. You have worked to hard to allow the ego to interfere with you now. We ask that you take into your Heart Centre and transmute all thoughts of unworthiness as they come up from the gut to try and block you from Being who you are in the Highest Truth. We ask each one of you to take these words into your Heart Centre and meditate on them, as you have waited eons for this Call. See yourself as an intrinsic part of the One, no more and no less than any other part of the One. Be at Peace with this concept and live it. Remember the poppy seeds, is any one seed more important than another?

Lastly we ask you to pray and meditate for Peace on a Universal level in your quiet times. We leave you with this small contribution in the way of words that it may guide you to a Higher understanding of Universal Law. Remember you are Service Workers to Humanity, humble servants as we all are. We thank you for the opportunity to be of Service.

Peace in the Light of Your Being,

I AM Bishop