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Opening Doorways

Julie Presson

December 29, 1993

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters,

We come this day with a very important message carried to you on the wings of the servents of God, the Angels. To be in tune with the energy of this Holy moment we have come together in please take a moment before you go on reading and close your eyes to centre yourSelf. Thank you for assisting us in this transmission.

THE OPENING OF THE DOORWAYS........... Today marks the beginning of a new era for Humanity and the legends who are not in a physical body as well. A page has been turned in the Book of Life. To those of you who have waited for so long to see the changes with your human eyes, you will begin to look around and see the entrance of a new level of awareness as well as its expression taking form in this world. Many of you have waited aeons for this to take form and the doors and windows to the forth dimension to align once again for you to travel from one dimension to the other. The alignments of the portals and energy vortexes are complete now. There is but one thing left that is for you to begin to use them once again.

THE USE OF THE DOORWAYS.............. We will try to give you a picture to work with here to assist you in practicing to use the doorways. Each one of you in time beginning, helped to create a, doorway to travel through, into the denser vibration you were working with to create the planet earth. It was as if a door was there with the symbol of the Spiritual family or Ring of Consciousness you are apart of on it. No one else could open the door that was not a part of your group. It was as if there was a long hallway connecting the door directly to the Ring you belonged to.

A HISTORY LESSON................... When you all agreed to allow the vail of forgetfulness to cross your face the doors were closed. The portals and energy vortexes you used to get to the doorway were no longer in alignment. This was necessary as not all of you were totally blind to the energy of the past. You could not access them for their true purpose. They became in their dormant state a way to remember the feeling to a small degree of who and what you are. This is why there are so many power spots on your planet that draw you and facilitate a Higher Awareness.

BACK TO THE DOORWAYS AGAIN........ Now once again you will be able to open and use the doorways through the portals and vortexes. The alignment is complete, it is only a matter of you attuning your energy field and adjusting the frequency that will facilitate you to access that which has been unaccessible for aeons. The doorways to the Higher Realms. There are 13 doorways for those of you Working in the physical plane at this time. Each doorway is encrypted with the symbol of your origins. You as an enlightened one will not only remember what the symbol looks like, you will also know the meaning of the symbol.

LOCATION OF THE DOORWAYS........ There are only 13 doorways, with many portals or vortexes leading to each one. This is so you will be able to access the doorway you use from many places on the planet surface in your physical form. To go to them in your etheric form is but a thought away and the belief they are real and there you are. In each level of awareness these doorways exist. From the lowest to the Highest. All the way back to the Source of all creation, the First Cause. You have used them to go from one universe to the other as well as galaxies, and planets. This is why space travel has been such a mystery for so long. This is the secret to what many of you have been searching for.

THE CALL......... You will be drawn to a location of a portal or vortex to the doorway with your seal on it before the time of great changes. Do not resist this call it will not be given more than once. These are the workings of Spirit not man, heed them. Listen with your Heart not your head.

THE TRIBULATION.......... The time is coming very shortly when you will have to lay aside your fears and doubts of the human nature. They do not serve your highest good. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in situations that do not reflect the Higher nature of your expression. As the time grows near for you to answer the call to flight you will find all you had relied upon or thought to be permanent in your life slipping away. Many will feel lost for a time as the processing of the negative energies within their manner of expression is transmuted more quickly than before. It will not be an easy time for those of you who have chosen to walk the Path in this epoch. It will seem as if there is nothing left to call familiar. Ride out this time and you will be greatly rewarded. Work at staying in balance and come from Centre in your activities as much as you can. It will be worth it. You are now dealing with the last vestiges of ego as you know it. This is necessary for you to be clear as tool of enlightenment. Come together with others during these times to be of support to each other. If there ever was a time to extend your Heart and hand to your Brother, it is now. This is a group activity make it so through your actions to others. The day of what you view as a personal path is over. There is but One Path, the Path of Unity to one end the Awakening and joining together of the Sons of God as you are known by many. There will be many who will appear to fall away in these times. DO not despair they will return. Do not distract yourSelf with wondering about those who do not accept your hand in support. Focus on yourSelf and those who are with you in this activity.

THE END TIMES....... In the time that will become known as the end times you will see many wonders and miracles. You will see the sick heal themselves in an instant. You will see an end of all disease of the physical body. This will be accomplished partly through the use of the doorways by those of you who have elected to participate in the end times in such a way. Not all of you will be concerned with this type of Healing. Many will focus solely on assisting those who do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. There will be but a small number of you who will be Awake in the times we now speak of. This is why many of you feel so isolated now. There must be a beginning to this and you would not be doing what you are doing if you were not ready. It will be called the end times because it will herald the end of the sleep and the Healing of what you came to Heal. The concept of duality and separation.

Channeled by Julie Presson

Hello Everyone, I thought some of you might relate to this message. Let me know what you felt from it.

I AM Moranaa