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Reflection upon Bishop

Julie Presson
May 7, 1996

Those of you who Know Bishop, you are aware, he does not speak unless he has something to say of importance. He has given me a message to give to those who are in the physical at this time of Great Changes that have agreed to assist with the cleansing and awakening of Humanity. It is a timely message as the energy has been shifting for some time to facilitate the coming together of those who have known each other since the Beginning of Beginnings. Many are feeling the pull to move to other locations, as we have in the last few months. (Our move was from Sacramento, CA to Farmington, New Mexico.)

Many I have come across in the past several years have spoken of being here at this time to do "something" with others they had not met in the physical at that time. Some spoke of Community, some of Gatherings. Some only spoke of the emptiness and loneliness they were feeling. There did not seem to be a direction to the energy that was moving them at the time in their Hearts. Many of these people came to Bishop to gain clarity about these feelings. He would only tell them to take their steps, one at a time and more would be revealed at the appropriate time. He would assist them in seeing their Path more clearly. He would tell them the most important thing was to learn to use their inner guidance, as those in Spirit who are here to assist in the Awakening will not make their decisions for them. It is not allowed

A few years ago Bishop wrote a piece on the Doorways and Portals that was to be continued, to date he has not finished it. He spoke of the symbols (or icons) on 13 doorways that belonged to each Line of Decent that is manifesting a physical presence at this time. I feel the time will come shortly when Bishop will finish this piece and it will fill in some of the blanks for many of us. We are here in this time to remember. To be of Service to Humanity it is essential to remember who we are and express that through our physical presence. This remembering is happening in small bits and pieces as we learn to listen to our inner knowing.

For entities like Bishop the goal of the mission is our remembering and coming together to Heal the separation we have lived under for eons. . I was told the mission will be complete when we remember who we were when we first came here. Part of the remembering will be facilitated by each one of us returning to the place we 'fell asleep" eons ago. For some it was in the Four Corners area, at another time of Great Changes, when we went inside the planet to wait until we could live on the surface again. This was a long wait and in the darkness we allowed dissension to creep in and divide what we never met to divide, ourselves as Spiritual Family. During this time we experienced such emotions as fear and doubt. Distrust crept in and we no longer communicated on a telepathic level as we had before. We stopped acting as One for the Highest Good of the group as a whole. A concept we did not understand before that time came creeping in, competition as to a perception of who the leaders were and the choices that were being made. We no longer followed our inner knowingness as we had on the surface. The effect of this was the loose of the ability to manifest what was needed to sustain the physical body. We began to age as physical beings for the first time and our bodies reflected the negative emotions we were experiencing. Disease became a reality as we experienced for the first time in the history of the planet "powerlessness". As I write these words I remember the feelings of that experience in the pit of my stomach and it is a bitter taste in my mouth to have these memories come up and put them to paper. Although it is unpleasant, I know I must do this as I have been directed by Spirit to.

The reason Initiation takes place either in a cave or hole dug in the earth is to remind us of that time and let go of the hold it has had on us for eons. We have been captives of that time of earth changes for a very long time. I for one remember a time before the veil fell across my face in that dark inner world. A time when the earth was bright with color and we lived a freedom that caused us to almost float instead of walk on the earth. We were so light, our feet touched the earth without leaving an impression. We did not experience human emotion as we do now. When we saw a member of our Spiritual Family (or Clan) there was a recognition that caused us to glow and we were filled with Joy at the expectation of spending time walking the path with each other. There was no pretense in those early times, there was no need to explain one's self, there was no need for words... There was no need to be anything other than who you were. The actor had not been invented... Do any of you remember this time??? If you do I would like to sit and share our memories, perhaps in the hope of catching a little of that energy and watching it grow. Are you willing to at least give it a try??? I have the time if you do...

I have spent a very long time waiting to sit with a Brother and share in the Remembrance of who we are. It seems like eons, I guess because it has been eons. There is not one thing on this earth that would detour me from this if there was just one who would be willing to share in the Remembrance.

I have been ask what Community is, and I say in this moment it is the Remembrance of who we are and then we go from there. As we walk this path as a part of this time of Great Changes we are only given what we are to do in the moment. To be given more would only serve as a distraction. Sometimes we do not understand why we are to do what we have been given to do, as the resulting action is not as we would have liked or longed for. Then as we set aside judging the experience we come to the realization what it was about. We are then given more information and go on to the next task we are ask to do by Spirit. With each step we gain more clarity and insight as to what to do next. All this must be done in trust, if we question we cloud the experience and loose ground and are delayed in the next step. I have experienced many times those who do not understand my Path, as it does seem like a strange one at times (even to me). I do feel compassion for those who do not choose to awaken, but there is nothing I can do beyond give the messages I AM directed to give and leave the words in the minds of those who will listen. It would be my hope some will take what is given into their Hearts and remember just a little of what we have been to each other in the past.

If we can not do this how are we going to do the Work that is required of us as a group? If we can not get past the old energy of lifetimes from long ago we shared when we were on different sides how are we going to BE ONE as we are in Truth? I would ask each one of you to please take these words into your Heart Centre and remember a time eons ago before we had a human mind. A time when meeting a Brother was a celebration of Life. A time when each meeting was based not in experiences on the physical plane, but in a connection as ONE in a Circle of Life or Ring of Consciousness.

I would ask, how much longer will we struggle against what is to be? What was agreed upon eons ago before we all come into the physical in the desert were 13 Great Ones, each one wearing a different coloured Cloak sat around a fire at night and watched us play as young children...

What would have been if these Great Ones would have succumb to the lower energies of the ego and decided their individual beliefs from past experiences were more important than this planet and the Work they came to do???


I AM Moranaa