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The Dance Of Awareness

Bishop channeled by Julie Presson

Each of you has your definition of the meaning of staying in the moment. You have used it, but there is something that still seems to be missing in your application of the process you have created for yourself to achieve this state of beingness. We will give you some words at this time in the ongoingness to assist you in this very important task that we hope will take you a few steps closer to your Awakening.

The first thing we will ask you to do before you read any farther is to set aside all concepts and belief systems you have in your head about staying in the moment. If you choose not to do this you will not feel the message as it is meant to be felt and understood. You see true understanding comes from an area of your being not associated with the mind and its view of reality. It comes from deep within your beingness, the Seat of Spirit. Allow your egos to take a little vacation. I promise you it will return when you are finished.

Now just sit quietly for a moment feeling your beingness with no thought or expectation. Do not perceive anything about your reality you create from your view point. JUST BE, using the breath to bring it to the surface. Do not define anything about this moment or put labels on any part of it. Just BE the moment. Are you getting the point yet? If you have allowed yourself to do this, even for an instant you have experienced the "You that you are" in pure free flowing form. You create your view of the universe based on the some total of truths you have developed in this reality since you allowed the vail of forgetfulness to cross your face. Now you are beginning to find discomfort in your creation on that level. This is a part of the process you call awakening. It is natural and progressing as it should. Some of you are still struggling with applying the Wisdom that you are in the old way you applied truth to your life that does not fit any longer. You fight with yourself and others because you refuse to put down what no longer fits you. These are all expressions of the ego on a very primary level. It would be described as acting from pretense instead of the Truth of your Being.

We know many of you will say I AM acting from the truth of my being, applying concepts and principles that are new and different. We will ask you to honestly ask yourself if this is the Highest Truth of what you do. Are you growing into your "Self" or are you still spinning your wheels in your comfort zones?

We will ask some questions to ponder before you can truly be in the moment.

1. Do you find yourself defining the universe from the minds perspective?

2. Do you find yourself feeling separate from parts of your view of the universe, either seeing yourself as greater or less than?

3. Do you see your view of the moment as the way it is?

4. Do You find yourself reading this and thinking," oh yes this is all true"?

STOP, you have lost perspective again. You are defining an categorizing from your human mind. Thought does not truly manifest as you know it. That is the ego, the part of you created to use in this reality of dualism. It is time to start integrating your ego into the Spirit you are to carry with you as experience. Another facet to the ever unfolding Being you are as Light. You see, you are a complete being as you were when you first came here. There were no missing parts! You have created, shared, and experienced. Now it is time to put it all into perspective, and once again KNOW that you are WHOLE. You cannot live in the moment without doing this. Do not worry your humanness will return when you have a use for it as long as you are in this reality, so why hesitate to set it aside from time to time.

You identify to much with your thoughts. You think you will disappear without them. Yes, many of you will say you have sat many times in meditation without a thought in your head. Have you really? What are expectations, but a framework of thoughts. Do you not have an expectation as to what meditation is? Have you not defined it? How many of you simply become meditative without bringing out your lump of clay you call meditation and bringing it to form before you begin. TO BE IN THE MOMENT YOU MUST THROW AWAY THOSE LUMPS OF CLAY. YOU KNOW CLAY IS VERY HEAVY TO CARRY AROUND AND IT SLOWS AND BOGS YOU DOWN IN THE DENSE MATTER IT IS CREATED FROM. ARE YOU BEGINNING TO GET THE PICTURE OF WHAT IS GOING ON AND HOW YOU ARE STOPPING YOURSELF FROM BEING.

You must undo what you have done to change it. You must let it go for others to use in the future of this third dimensional world. You helped to create it, you were not intended to covet it and worship your creation. YOU CANNOT SHARE WHAT YOU COVET OR WORSHIP OF THIS WORLD. We have spoken many times about letting your feet take you where you are to go without a thought. This is the meaning of that phrase. All that is being said here in this moment is being said to show you how to do that.

A Walk or Path with no pretense of being. Does the compass think before it moves or does it move because it is the movement? Ponder this for a time before you answer, FEEL IT INSTEAD OF WORDING IT IN YOUR MIND OF ON YOUR LIPS. We know many of you will say you understand, but do you? Or is it as if you are beginning to get a sense of what we are relating to you in words. Yes, we say words because that is the frame of reference you use to communicate on the third dimensional level. We communicate with you more effectively through osmosis. Words to us is like comparing a stone tablet to a computer to you. This is why it has been necessary to repeat the messages so many different ways. So it would sink into the human mind. We are not saying there is anything wrong with the human mind, in its place. It is now time to set it aside, it no longer serves you as it did in the past.

You see you are not learning anything new, you are remembering the Wisdom you are, and always have been. When you agreed to be a part of the physical experience you set aside much of who you are to experience duality. You could not have experienced duality to its fullest otherwise.

Now it is time to bridge duality and come home to who you are. This is what being in the moment means, being who you are in the Highest sense. You cannot be in the moment and carry your outgrow belief systems and doctrines with you. Jesus gave hints to this when he spoke of the camel going through the eye of the needle. The camel could not fit through the gate with its load. It had to be unburdened. To realize The Kingdom of Heaven and express it to the world around you, you must be in the moment, coming from the Truth of your Being. Not the ego or human mind. In this beingness from the Truth of Your being, you are able to hold a space of Healing so those around you have the opportunity to do the same. Are you beginning to understand?

THE MOVEMENT OF ENERGY IS NOT ACCOMPLISHED BY A THOUGHT, MOVEMENT IS THE PRECURSOR TO THOUGHT. In order to act from this awareness you must lay down your clumps of clay and ALLOW× the movement of energy to occur.

Your creations have gone array because of your insistence to control from your human nature, which is dualistic and steeped in conscious thought. It is not your nature to act in such a manner, that is why it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Allow the quiet acceptance of who you are, and the nature of that Beingness to show itself to you. Without you bringing out your lump of clay to mold with expectations from a frame of reference that no longer serves you.

One simple way to experience this beingness that is you in the moment, would be to go out onto the earth, taking your shoes off and allow your body to express in movement who you are in the moment. Another way would be to go out onto the earth and walk softly and slowly, feeling from your heart chakra what it is to be while doing this. DO NOT THINK, FEEL,BREATHING THE FEELING IN AND OUT WITH EACH BREATH.

These are simple little things we ask you to do, to assist you in your awakening, so you are an active participant in the changes that are occurring at this time in the ongoingness. We will now give you a Ceremony to offer your lumps of clay for those who are waiting to use them. You see nothing has been in vain, nothing has been wasted. It is time for you to give up your role as one who holds the space for a third dimensional reality to those who have the desire to hold that space in the future. You have another space to hold the energy for, but we will talk of that at another time. It would not honor this moment in the ongoingness to give you words to create more lumps of clay with. Now we will give you your gift of freedom.

The Ceremony of Passing the Light of Duality Come to the field of flowers with your robes made from the offerings of the Earth. White and soft to the touch caressing and enveloping you in warmth and Love. Your hair is soft as the child's is soft, gently moving with the warm breeze. There are many of you as you look around. So many you cannot count them, but you know them all, as One in Spirit. Each of you has brought a bundle wrapped in a tattered cloth of red. You have been carrying them for a very long time. You are looking forward to putting them down and going on.

As you look down at the flowers in the field you notice their delicate colors, and the shape. Each flower has five petals that look as if they are made of velvet. The color is white with soft violet centers edged in gold. There are three small dots in the center of each flower as if someone came along and spilled pepper. They smell so fresh and clean, with just a hint of sweetness. As you breathe in the fragrance your eyes catch the bright azure sky with hints of purple. It is as if the sky were dusted with a soft purple powder in places. The sun is shining sending it Golden rays to the earth in celebration of this Moment.

You know without a word being spoken it is time to come together to form a Ring, each of you still carrying your bundles. It is as if the sun has moved directly above you in the center of the Ring. As you look up you notice there is a Ring around the sun sending a ray down touching each of you on the head, creating a Ring around your head, reflecting rays to each one of you forming a Golden Band of Light connecting all of you. Your attention now turns to the bundle you have been carrying. It somehow feels Lighter. Each of you begins to untie the knot that holds the red cloth over the contents inside, your lumps of clay you created your personal realities with for so long, no longer serving you. As you carefully untie the bundle you notice it does not appear to be so ridged. Finally the knot is lose and you can open it to the Light. As you begin to lay back the cloth you are surprised to see what appears to be millions of tiny seeds. In the joy of what you have discovered in your bundles, you all at the same moment, shake the seeds from the cloth high into the air, scattering them in all directions on the wind. In this Holy instant you know you have scattered the seeds of possibility for another group to cultivate and reap.

Each of you looks into the Hearts of all in attendance of this Celebration with the understanding you now hold the space for another experience in the Full Light of your Beingness. There is no need for words with the Light of Understanding in your hearts shining through your eyes. You all walk from this field as One Light in the knowingness you never left the Ring in the first place. You have found your freedom now drink it into your soul and allow it to spill over into your physical body. Transforming every cell of your body into the Glory it was intended to be. Walk through the Doorways and Windows into the fullness of your being. Rejoice the Celebration of Life is not over, it has just begun.

Peace in the Light of Your Being, I AM Bishop