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Turn Around -- Turn Around

Bishop channeled by Julie Presson

There comes a time in each ones life when they must be willing to turn around and take one last look at all they have held sacred.Call it a dance, a love affair, a flirtation with all that was the past. Call it anything you like, remembering that it is only to be a brief look before going on to peace and purpose of being.

One only reaches this point on their path when they come to the realization that there is nothing in this world that holds meaning beyond the Light of God in another's heart. All belief systems and doctrines are but transitory reminders of a rocky road we chose to walk down in a darker time when we felt we had to be right about something. Did any of us really know what it was that was so important we were willing to give up Life for? I don't remember, do any of you?

Didn't we create belief systems and doctrines as perimeters in the sandbox we created to experience and share with other's who wished to play complimentary roles in a material universe. Are our worlds any different than the child's sandbox? Aren't we all children at heart feeling our way through Life in the many worlds we have choose to experience? Each of us so new and full of laughter when we start out on a path. Viewing only from the Light that warms your being. Seeing only the Light that is truly the Life of the universe in all you encounter. In those times of long ago you knew belief systems were the glue that holds form together and nothing more. The ability to become one with all that is, as co-creators was what your intent was.

Then you began to lose yourself in what you had created. Instead of viewing from the Light that warms your being, you began to view your world from the standpoint of what you had created.

What You Created Became The Object Of Your Worship.

Now it is time once again to place the focus where it belongs on the Creator Source, the Light that warms your being as well as all your Brothers and Sisters." How do I do this?", you ask. By beginning, one step at a time, to lay down all the swords you picked up in the name of truth. Realizing there are no dragons to slay or any shadows for them to hide in. You see each time you make a judgment based on a truth from your belief systems based in the manifest universe you make the veil heavier as you shroud yourself with more thought forms to haunt you. Every thought you put out in the manifest universe comes back to you in some form.

It can be in the form of Light to help you with the cleansing, based in your loving thoughts, or as we have already stated in the form of a shroud to cover you in the lower vibrations of the ego or duality.

As you are all aware the ego uses fear to keep you in your doctrines and belief systems. The time has come to tell yourself, fear is but an illusion. The dream of a wayward child that will no longer rule you.

It is time to bring into your physical expression the Light Being you are in the highest truth. The only way you can accomplish this is to practice allowing to the greatest degree. By not reacting to your physical world from the standpoint of belief systems or doctrines.

This also means that if others choose to stay in the reality of belief systems and doctrines for their expression in the here and now you must turn the other cheek and allow them their freedom of expression. By trying to impose your way of expressing on another you create more belief systems and doctrines. You teach those who still choose to express from that view through your actions and acceptance of them as One in the Light. AS WE HAVE SAID MANY TIMES BEFORE BY ALLOWING, TAKING THE DEEP BREATH BEFORE WE SPEAK OR EVEN FORMING AN OPINION ABOUT OTHERS AND THEIR ACTIONS. Do not forget others will remember your actions when your words have been long forgotten. A smile or a hand on the shoulder of one in need will come back to you in the form of many blessings if you will set all that you hold as sacred aside and practice what the one some call Jesus taught by example.

Peace in the Light of your Being,

I AM Bishop