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Lisa Holloway

Channel of Hilarion

Excerpt of Exploring The Electromagnetic Body:

You are in an interesting evolution at this time. Your consciousness, in its current state of becoming, is rising in density. You are rising in density and your awareness is expanding to the point where you are recognizing that there is more than your self (your planet, her inhabitants, your mass consciousness) in the cosmos. Your greater self is already aware of this and is assisting you. It is a wobbly ride, and some of you are unsure of yourselves. But many beings are here to guide you. Your life is vital to your evolution and to the greater part of who you are ...

Collection of channelings of Hilarion by Lisa Holloway:

Lisa Holloway is a teacher and student of higher learning and the process we call the "Awakening." She is honored to be a light/medium trance channel for Spirit Teachers who wish to assist on our journey home. Lisa channels Hilarion and other Beings of the Light to provide comfort, reassurance, and guidance to those who seek their connection with Source. Her work is published internationally. She is a Reiki master/teacher, an interfaith minister, and a practitioner of energy/vibrational medicine. Lisa conducts public and private channeling sessions.