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Exploring The Electromagnetic Body

Hilarion by Lisa Holloway

- Reprinted from the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Greetings beloved teachers! I am Hilarion and today I desire to speak with you regarding the electromagnetic body. It is a field that is so far reaching that in its entirety it moves beyond any universes that you have come to conceptualize. The movement of the cosmos is synchronized and orchestrated in such a way that the electromagnetic body that you are a part of moves in symphony within itself. You are but a part, and yet in a way that is difficult to understand you are the whole part as well. Every movement of your body is a precise movement of God/Goddess and every thought you have reverberates throughout the cosmos. In understanding the electromagnetic body, you can begin to perceive that you are one and you are all.

Now there is much talk about the electromagnetic body or field. How does the movement of yin and yang or masculine and feminine move with the ebb and flow of the electromagnetic spectrum? It is within your understanding that you are energy. You can say that you are energy plus matter but simply put you are, as a being, energy in various forms. Your consciousness is the miracle of your existence and with or without your body you are spirit in movement.

Some of you wonder what the spirit, or what those who are presently in spirit look like. Many can visualize us and we present ourselves in form to those who call us in meditation and to artists who desire to paint us. It is most comfortable and secure for you to imagine us in physical form. But it is also beneficial for you to realize that we are energy without physical form. You have a heavier density of vibration at this time and thus by choice you have what is called descended vibrationally into what you call matter.

As most of you know we do not have arms and legs and particular features that are frozen in time as in an artist's rendition. For we are formless, we are faceless, we are spirit, and we are as you are in higher vibration. In your energetic state, you have no form. In spirit you can and will take form as it suits you but you will not be sequestered to a particular body or a particular image. That illusion is part of the physical dimensions, and it is a valuable tool when you are in learning to discern between others and one's self and then learn to love others as one's self regardless of and even because of their uniqueness.

One of the reasons you do not have visual experience of visitors who are not from this planet but who do inhabit a physical form is that there is great judgment and fear of beings who do not look like you do. Again, this is an important lesson for you and as you open your minds and your hearts to the idea of different, but still God. When you are ready you will find these beings sharing ideas and becoming consciously a part of your lives if you so desire. Many of you are afraid of beings or aliens who want to control you and you focus on this and give these fears and potentialities power. It is important for you to understand that only you have control over your reality and realize that you are the greatest influence in the creation of your circumstances. You are the conductor of your reality and you have immense freedom and mastery with which to work here.

So as you are a part of this mass reality, (and there are as many realities as there are individual perceptions) you are also a part of every single event that you perceive.

You are connected energetically to every single person, event, or condition that you observe.

There is not a single thing that passes through your perception that does not have a message for you about yourself. Do you understand this? You are forever and ever expressing the divinity and the uniqueness that is you. And every part of your life is an expression of your self. Everything from your mother, to your job, to your spouse, and even your automobile are part and parcel of who you are. Your pets are glorious reflections of who you are.

And so if what I say is truth and is valid, then how is it energetically possible that everything around you is a reflection of you? You see, you are coming to understand that you are a divine spark of God/Goddess, yes? And you are a divine being of light who is here to experience your self through love of all things as you would love yourself.

The greatest gift you can give yourself, your world, and your Creator is to love who you are and in turn love the very essence of life.
So as a divine spark of God, you have the innate ability to infuse the energy of the universe with your thoughts, your desires, and your intentions.

Thus you are an eternally valid part of this great cosmos. As a part, you sing and dance and cry and move in rhythm, in sequence, with the eternally vital life that surrounds you. As a connected portion of this cosmos, as a free spirit within this beautiful web of creation you stretch your ideas, your creations, and your intentions out into the universe and the universe responds to you as a faithful and eager lover and returns to you what you give to It. You see, you stretch your thoughts into the field of infinite possibilities, that perfect array of energy, that responds to every shudder of your being. The Creator responds to you in willing recourse to vitalize your decisions and your desires, even those you are not consciously aware of.

Now: Try at this time to imagine all things connected. Imagine that there are no actual forms. There is only light in various frequencies. Only light. Each thing is a different density of light but everything is light. Picture the world as a photograph negative if you will and see that everything has a different intensity of light. Every space is filled with light, but all at different frequencies. These frequencies are moving and are part of each other and each gives off it's own unique sound or tone. There is no actual space between objects just light changing frequencies. The light from each frequency is part of all other frequencies as one whole existence of light.

You exist within this field of light as an intricate portion of the existence of the whole. Every experience of every light frequency is gathered and incorporated into the whole. Your movement is individual and you have individual consciousness and innately give credit to the whole, or God, for creating you and giving you life. Your existence is completely and totally dependent upon the existence of every other creature and consciousness in the cosmos. God/Goddess is a concept so immense and immeasurable that language can only attempt descriptions, many of which have been made justification for war.

If you had full cognition of the power you have over your own circumstances it would most certainly overwhelm you. If you understood the intensity with which you hold your attention in this density, if you had an understanding of the impact of your thoughts on your material existence, you would find you can truly be anything, do anything, and experience anything within the realm of experience that is possible within your plane. Your scientists now study quarks. Your scientists are looking at sub-atomic particles and people of advanced physics believe they have narrowed the beginning of time down to less than a second from the original big bang. Now however, these scientists are somewhat perplexed. Soon they will have to figure out what they are going to name it when they face God staring back at them from deep inside an atom and from what they call the beginning of time.

The atoms that exist in your body are the same as the atoms of a star. The same radiation that exists in your body exists in all things and no matter how physical science classifies this energy/ light/ life it eventually comes back to the realization that each class and sub-class are simply parts of one whole. Examined, energy will always lead to God no matter how you slice it or dice it. It does not matter where particular atoms and molecules are found.

Deep inside of you, on an energetic level, you are all the same. And that energetic quality exists in everything that is.

Picture if you will, vast densities of light. As an example, but not an image for you to hold as an actual physical structure of this phenomenon, picture a box of colored sand in layers. Now transform that box of layered colors into a great field of stars with each color of sand becoming a density of stars in a layer. Now simply allow those densities of stars to be light in various densities rather than stars. Allow the densities to arrange in some order from most bright to most dim. Imagine that this is vast and that the layers blend making many, many, many sub-densities.

Now. Place yourself somewhere in the middle of those densities. You are a spark of consciousness experiencing at a particular place in that particular density. Your whole self, your entire self, sees the big picture. Your whole self, sees all densities and exists in many portions of the vast whole. But you are right now a personality experiencing in a particular density that is completely and totally connected to the whole. All you can perceive at this time is what is in your own density. You are tuned, focused and adjusted, to a particular frequency and it is all you perceive. There is absolutely no separation between yourself and the whole. In choosing (if you will pardon the misnomer), this frequency, you had infinite possibilities for your personal experience. You chose this path, you chose this planet, you chose your circumstances.

You are in an interesting evolution at this time. Your consciousness, in its current state of becoming, is rising in density. You are rising in density and your awareness is expanding to the point where you are recognizing that there is more than your self (your planet, her inhabitants, your mass consciousness) in the cosmos. Your greater self is already aware of this and is assisting you. It is a wobbly ride, and some of you are unsure of yourselves. But many beings are here to guide you. Your life is vital to your evolution and to the greater part of who you are.

The electromagnetic body or field is the mover, or the river, of life. You see all things are energy. The pulse of that energy, the mass if you will, of that energy is the only difference between one object and another. You yourself are just as worthy a science project as anything else your scientists can think of. Because you are the cosmos. The secrets of the universe lie within your very cells. And that movement, those densities of light, they are the movement of God/Goddess. Do not take for granted even the smallest blade of grass on your journey here. All is God. You are God singing! It is a beautiful thing. We love you. We are your brothers and your sisters in the light of the one infinite Creator.

Beloved ones, God bless you. Adonai Hilarion