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Fulfilling The Heart Chakra

Hilarion by Lisa Holloway

- Reprinted from the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Greetings! I am Hilarion. On this fine day I would like to speak to you regarding the heart chakra and that which you are doing with it now. You see it is a part of your evolution to integrate your chakra energies and allow them to intermingle with each other. All of the chakra systems are integral to your growth. Each plays a part and is highly symbolic in relation to your journey here. For those of you who study the chakra systems, you may intuit the deeper meanings behind the vibrational energies, colors, and tones. It is not a task put before you that you conquer these energies and work your way up to the highest and most spiritual. It would not be an accurate statement to say I am working primarily through my sixth chakra energy.

You see, the chakra system is highly complex and completely interdependent. The color system that you use now is highly sufficient for your use in meditation. But remember that you are evolving to a twelve chakra system and that the lower chakras are still vital to your being. You of course will not eliminate them. As you evolve you will come to understand that you are one big chakra. You are one whole vortex of energy. Each level of energy must originally be worked with independently so that you can understand and work with the intricate energies of the body. By doing this you are literally fine tuned to your own balance. You learn to sense fluctuations and changes in your own energy system. And you learn how to open and clear your energy centers.

The heart chakra is of significant importance in your evolution here. It is the center of unconditional love and pure empathy for your human cohabitants and other forms of life. As you have experienced all things in this life and beyond, you learn to understand that you have experienced what your brother or sister is experiencing, and you can relate. You begin to see the divinity in all things, in all beings, and in all worlds. Empathy and pure unconditional love is what you are learning at this stage of your development. You are learning to curb the judgment, not because it is bad or wrong, but because you understand. Because you realize that you are judging your self.

So the absence of judgment does not come from practice or from consistently reminding your self, it comes naturally as you begin to love your self. As you have been told in many forums, you cannot begin to love others until you love your self.

Understanding that because you do not perceive anything outside of yourself unless it is within you, as you love who you are you begin to love all things around you. So it is important to begin within.
Many may contribute to charities because they feel it is the right thing to do or they may be feeling guilt for their own comfort next to other's misfortunes. But to give because you empathize, to give because you love, is because in them you see your selves.

There is a Mayan saying that means I am you and you are me. Namaste means the God in me recognizes the God in you. This is the true meaning of unconditional love. It is when you love your self enough to forgive and love everyone else. Remember that when you forgive someone else you are only forgiving your self. By loving the Christ Jesus Sananda, by loving your friends and family, by loving the birds in the sky and the sunrise, you are loving your self. By loving the villain in your neighborhood, by loving the demon in a movie you have chosen to perceive, by loving the boy who drove drunk and caused a death, you are loving your self.

This is the power of the heart chakra energy. And it is not a sudden change in which you will abruptly love everything around you. It would be nice but it is not realistic. Now, it is not easy to love your self when you are constantly bombarded with your own beliefs about your self. Your boss tells you you're lazy, your friend tells you you're inconsiderate, your spouse tells you you're irresponsible, and it is only because these are the things you believe about your self. When you begin to see your self differently, when you begin to forgive your self for all of the atrocities that weigh you down with self blame, then others begin to see you differently too. When you begin to like your self others like you too.

The world is a mirror. Only a mirror. So that you could come here and learn about the miracle that is you.

Many of you want to shelter yourselves from the outside world. You want to avoid the energies and input from the mundane world. Realize that this is your world. All of the things that you face that seem to throw you off balance are only pieces of your self reminding you not to forget. You cannot hide from the divinity that is you. You must integrate all things and accept all things for what they are, without judgment. And then you have accepted your self. A large portion of your current teachings revolve around allowance. Know that this principal is ancient in your world. It seems new to you because very few of you were taught this as children. You see this is your grand challenge. You begin with a seed and must come to realize that within it resides a grand flower.

Many of you are moving along beautifully. You say to each other, I have been working on my issues or One of my issues just came up and slapped me in the face. You see, this is the way that you are recognizing that you are perfect. You are facing all of the blames that you have placed upon your selves. You are crying the tears and feeling the anger and in every moment there is an angelic being kissing your forehead and holding you when you cannot bear another moment. And when the tears are shed and your spirit is cleansed you feel lighter, just a bit lighter, and your spirit rejoices. The sun rises again and you breath your world in again even though you were just despairing in the dark depths of your own self judgment. And when you look to the sky and ask God for forgiveness you are but asking the God/Goddess of your being to bring forgiveness within your very own soul, for All That Is judges not. And in this asking there is often great healing.

If you are feeling love for a child, a loved one, a spirit guide, or for God, in that moment feel the energy coming from the heart chakra. Feel the vibrations emanating from this area of your being. Pay attention to the fine, euphoric energy that wells into your chest. And feel this energy protruding from you as though it is reaching out to warm the world. Memorize this feeling and know that you can emanate that love vibration at all times in your earth day. Know that it is healing, nurturing, comforting and calming. Know that you are an endless source of this energy, as everything you are is God. And in giving, you are receiving. And as all things are love, so too is your entire being.

There is something that I would like for each of you to understand. And that is that every Ascended Master, every angelic being, and every being of light is available to you at any time.
We will bring our thoughts, love and energy to you any time you ask. What this means is that we are available to all. What this means is that we have an endless source of love and energy to support, comfort, and inform you. So it is with you as well.
You too have an endless resource of love and creativity to share with the world. Endless. There is a beautiful thing happening within each and every one of you at this time. It is truly a wonderful thing to watch. The light that you have inhibited by your own fears and self doubts is blooming within you and you shine as you remember who you are.

Know that you do not have to be the commander of a star ship to be considered valid and of value. You do not have to be an reincarnated Ascended Master, great teacher, or grand historical figure. For each of you have been commanders, each of you have been Masters, each of you have been grand teachers, and each of you have been of great influence in your history. Each of you have been royalty and pauper. Each of you have gained and lost power, each of you have danced with the angels and cried in the darkness. Each of you have the power to be Christ. Each of you can walk on water, turn stones to bread, and turn water to wine. None is greater than the other. It is true that some of you are healers. As it is true that all of you are healers. The Christ who walked your world said, This you will do, and more.

So as you walk your beautiful world and as you take your precious journey through the byways of your soul, know that you are perfection now, and forever. Know that you are power, you have power, and that you are a grand being of light. You chose to be here just as I chose to serve you. We work in unison in the great endless cycle of creation. Your life is a mere portion of who you are, yet it represents all you have ever been and all you can ever be. Every life is an incredible opportunity for growth, no matter how long or how fleeting. In every moment of your life there is incredible potential. And your future moments are everything that you make them.

Loving your self and remembering who you are go hand in hand. It is a simultaneous process. It is as though in opening the door to face the demon you conquer the fear and instead of disaster you find a beautiful being of light. You survive the terror of that moment and move on to the next door. And as you work your way through your fright and find that after the agony you are still alive, you begin to realize that you are eternal, that you are perfect. And all of the scenarios that you create are only lessons for the evolution of the greater part of you. It is not an easy process. You did not come here because it was going to be a breeze. You knew what you would have to accomplish.

It is not that you are here to become a teacher or a healer or a minister or a psychic. All of these things are a means to an end. All of these things are ways of expressing the divinity in you and in recognizing this divinity you fall in love with who you are. And in reaching this state you fall in love with all of creation. And that my friends, is bliss. Do not ever believe that you are less than anyone else. Do not ever feel that one is grander, smarter or more spiritual than you are. In all things there is equality. In all things there is God, and God is all things. This is the meaning of the heart chakra energy. And this is unconditional love. Blessings be to you wondrous beings of light.

Peace be unto all of you, Hilarion