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Healing As Energy Transfer

Hilarion by Lisa Holloway

- Reprinted from the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Greetings to you beloved Masters of the Earth plane. I am Hilarion and I am here today to speak to you regarding the mysterious and magical art of healing. This information is provided to trigger understandings that exist for you at both conscious and unconscious levels. It is a cause of grand fulfillment for both the healer and the one who is healed when the process results in what is perceived as success. There is a science to healing as there is science behind everything you do and every action you take. Behind and beyond all science is spirit, the fuel that impels the phenomena of your physical world forward.

It is within your awareness that the body is not so much healed by the healer but that the healer is the impetus and the catalyst of the healing process. All healing of the self is done by the self either through the conscious or unconscious process of creating an environment where the catalyst is available. Now, it is not enough to say that one can be healed alone because as you are all connected by the mass consciousness of your planet and are all a part of the same drama here, you must be of assistance to each other and in doing so you are assisting yourselves.

All of those who heal, who desire to heal others, are strongly aligned with a desire to serve others. When the desire to heal is merely for increasing self importance the healer finds his or her results hollow and this lack of empathy is sensed by those who might otherwise experience significant improvement in their ailments. Often in this case the success of the healer is short lived and he or she feels the need to move on in hopes that the lack of public response is due to location. Realize that this is the result of increasing sensitivity of all of you to the subtleties of energy exchange. When the energy is given abundantly with love this is sensed as opposed to energy that is given in measured amounts primarily for the gain of energy in return, whether it be in the form of money or status.

All healing is energy transfer. This energy is transferred in the form of thoughts, touch, ingested material, intention, purpose, desire, and will. All healing, whether through sacred shaman ritual or surgical procedure is the transfer and alteration of energy. As you move into your new millennium you will find that the need for invasive surgical procedures will become minimized. These procedures have served you well and will continue to do so but with much less trauma to the physical body. At every stage of your technological advancements in medicine there has been an overall belief that during individual eras, the quality of medicine has been quite advanced. It is only upon looking back on what is your past that you realize how very much more there was to learn. And so it is with today.

There are brilliant publications on the market right now written and channeled by women and men of your societies who have chosen to bridge the gap between spirit and the science of medicine. These individuals have been willing to search for and grasp the meanings of esoteric medicine. There is no difference between these individuals and yourselves except that they have chosen to forge forward with no concern about those who want to bind them to the status quo and have focused their creative energy on the art of healing. You too have access to the universal mind and with will and intention can and have reached new levels of understanding.

For those of you who teach or work to bring others to a greater awareness of God, for those of you who provide tools, meditations and uplifting insight to others, you are all healers. In all of these areas there is the transfer of energy. Healing takes place not only on this plane but at many levels of the individual who is healed. As you the healer focus your intention in harmony with the intention of the individual who desires to be healed, you too receive healing to some extent within your various bodies.

As healing is the transfer of energy, it is helpful to have an understanding of this energy and how it works. You are now moving into a millennium where energy will be the primary focus in not only areas of healing but in every facet of your lives. You are learning to sense harmonious and discordant energy. You are learning how to adjust your energy levels, how to send energy to the Earth and to others. You are learning the importance and inevitable impact of thoughts upon others and yourselves. You are learning to take responsibility for not only your own actions and choices but for the state of your society as a whole. You are choosing, some of you, to make a difference by harvesting joy and love by beginning within. When you want to know what is wrong with your world, look inside and begin to heal your self. In this way you heal your world.

Spirit, energy, the infinite movement of the God/Goddess of your universe and beyond, is the basis for all things from the body of your galaxy to the subatomic bodies you have yet identified. And as you move deeper into the microcosm, there you will find the macrocosm in all of its glory and eternal vitality. Again, you are going within, to find the endless motion of creation.

The DNA structure of your bodies is constructed in such a way as to ensure perfect harmony and form of the human system. The original model of your DNA was constructed with the idea of a much longer life span than that which you experience now. It is the movements and adjustments within your mass consciousness that have changed, over many thousands of years, the life span of the human form. Genetic experiments and alterations have effected the originally perfect form of the DNA molecule. Some of these alterations have been beneficial to your spiritual evolvement here, and some have not. As you are becoming more aware of your Christed selves, as you are becoming more aware of your own energy and power, these structures are returning through the wisdom of your own souls to their original form.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds your Earth and moves through the entire universe is continually adjusted and affected by your every move, thought, and action. Thus you are part of the intricate web of energy that flows through the entire cosmos. As you can effect the energy of the entire cosmos, so too you can effect the energy of each other. You have the ability to send love to the farthest reaches of creation and at the very moment that you send the energy, your intention makes it so. Therefore in this way you move in unison with each other co-creating harmony or discord within the turning cycles of creation.

And so the ability to effect energy is intrinsic as you yourself are energy interconnected with all units and levels of energy in the cosmos. With this knowledge you are able, with love and intention, to bring healing to the other parts of your self, whom you consider friend or foe on this planet. You are using methods of healing which in cycles of civilization on your planet have been used before. Much of what you are learning about the connection between spirit, thought, intention and the body are ancient studies in which many in your distant past were very adept. There is an awakening of this knowledge within yourselves as many of you were those adepts during past history of your planet. Technological information is being provided that is attempted to be in balance with your understanding of spirit.

Crystal healing, laser technology and studies of the bio-energetic fields and functions are only manipulations of energy. Science is simply another name for spirit. One hundred years ago, what you do with medicine now would be considered a miracle. So too one hundred years from now what you consider miracles will be understood as a part and portion of the cycle of life. A miracle is a miracle, based on whose perspective is viewing the event. You are learning the art of manifestation. You are also learning that you have been manifesting all along and now you are understanding how to consciously manifest to bring yourself joy instead of sorrow.

There is also a realization within your mass consciousness that the ailments and illnesses that you experience are related to thought forms and emotions which are the power and the impetus of the universe. The root of many ailments begins so deeply in the etheric or other bodies that to view the body as a machine is limiting and contradictory to the healing process. Many of your physicians are awakening.

We ask that you be open to those allopathic physicians who are willing to seek other solutions. We ask that you be free with information and realize the strength of the paradigm in which many of them find themselves entrenched. Many traditional health workers need outlets for their concerns about the quality of the care they are able to provide. They have these concerns because as you awaken, they too as a part of who you are, awaken as well. There are many light workers who have chosen the medical profession for the very purpose of making a difference from within during this evolution in consciousness. Please be open and supportive of their efforts.

Remember that there will continue to be grand leaps in your knowledge about how to care for and nurture each other. In return you are in essence caring for and nurturing your self. As these leaps in science are taken and as new plateaus are reached where the miracles of today are commonplace, remember that the more you understand about science, the more you understand about the Creator. The reality of the infinite pulse of life that pervades every atom and every wave of energy is inescapable. So forget not the God within science. And we bless you beloved beings who bring light unto the world. We bless those who seek and teach. We bless those of you who bring joy to others and create tiny miracles in every moment of your day. You are all One.

It is my pleasure to speak with you. Adonai. Hilarion