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Taking Off The Blindfold

Hilarion by Lisa Holloway

- Reprinted from the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Hello to you my friends. I am Hilarion and I come to you this evening with love and admiration in my heart. We in spirit watch your progress with a mix of parental concern and overwhelming pride in you. We have times when there are wonders in our minds at the progress or the potential steps put before you, and we wonder about how you will choose and where you will go with your choices. Often it is a gamble of sorts when the new energies are sent your way and you are to determine what you will or will not do with them. It has been our pleasure thus far to watch you integrate this energy and with courage and determination take off your masks and your blindfolds and to move forward into what you perceive as the unknown.

We are but portions of yourselves, watching from afar and from within. And we know your hearts. We know the intense devotion and love that you have for your journeys. You see you came here in agreement with those who are on this Earth with you. Every one of you holds within your own consciousness your own piece of what makes this world your own. You hold the key to your destiny because you hold the part of this world that expresses You. There are no guides running your life. There are no angels making you do this or making you go there. You do not have to do anything. Do you understand? All is well in the spirit realm where we watch over you because we know that you make your choices as you see fit and that is all right with us.

Where some of you seem to get mixed up is when you cannot tell the difference between who or what is telling you what to do. You might say, My guide is telling me to do this, or Spirit is telling me to do that. Are you sure it is not your heart? Often your higher self or your own knowingness will be much more insistent with you than your guides will ever be. You see we and all of those who work and love in the Light are bound by choice and love to the Law of Free Will. We do not make your choices for you, nor do your guides insist that you do one thing or another.

What you may find is that your guides will do just that - guide. Granted there is great and generous wisdom to be imparted to you if you will listen. But again even there you have a choice and you are judged not if you decide that this information is not for you to hear. You see, many of you would like to channel or would like to hear from your spirit guides but you say that you cannot hear them. Perhaps at times you do not wish to hear or the answer is not necessarily what you would prefer it to be. This always creates interesting blocks to receiving information. Very often there is fear involved. And we love you greatly with so very much intensity that whether you do or you do not block information it changes nothing in the way we love you.

Each of you that is trying to receive information, each of you that is desiring contact with beings of the light, each of you that wish for closeness with those of us in spirit who guide and teach you, are on the right path for doing so. Because my dears all you need is the desire and while you are wondering when it will ever happen it is becoming so right under your nose. And when the time is right the correct breakthrough for you will take place and you will know, not by my words but by the love poured forth from those you have decided to trust, that the love of God/Goddess is ready to embrace you in all moments through the existence and constant sentinel of your spirit guides.

It is always my pleasure to speak with you. I am honored by all opportunities that have been provided to me through channels on the Earth plane to speak to you and to share the love and light of All That Is with you. But it is, and will be, a grand pleasure for the spirit guides who have watched you since your entrance into this wonderful world of yours, to speak to you themselves and for you to understand. That time is coming. In this era you will all develop stronger and stronger telepathic abilities and not only will you be speaking telepathically with your guides but with each other as well.

Do not lose patience with yourself or with your process. You are not all meant to be verbal channels else it would be all you beings would be doing here and that would be a tragedy. Each of you has his or her own unique gift and you will do what you do differently than any one else does it. Tie yourselves not to the books and to the methods but learn from them and allow your own creativity to flow. There are no levels of spiritual evolution attached to particular modes of spiritual expression. For example, those who paint and bring beautiful images from the mind of God/Goddess are no more or no less spiritual than those who bring forth words for your encouragement and enlightenment. Each of you has a way to express God/Goddess - the portion of the Creator that is you.

There is no ultimate goal in your quest for spiritual enlightenment. The searching never stops. The learning never ends. And thank goodness for that. You see the inconceivable Life Source of the cosmos is eternally and forever evolving. There is never a moment of non-movement, of non-growth. There is eternal and forever becoming. And you move in that luscious flow of creativity in and out of your lives, your worlds, and your planes of existence. You are forever flowing with that spirit in form who is your neighbor, with the cyclic movement of the solar systems, and with the energy that you call Christed that moves in and out of every microcosm in the universe.

Always you will be a part of this movement. You cannot disconnect yourself from the magnificence of the Creator, for He/She is your life blood. And you are the hand of the Creator moving through thoughts of the Creator and learning how to love yourself. Believe in who you are for there is nothing truer than your own heart. There is nothing more powerful in the cosmos than love and love is what brought you into awareness.

Beloved beings, you do not have to be more than what you are. Love yourself as you are and you will bloom as naturally as a flower in the sun. Love of self is not a wrong thing as some of you have been brought up to believe but instead love of self is love for the wisdom of God/Goddess' creation. And in truly loving yourself it is literally impossible not to love all things around you for they are your brothers and your sisters and circumstances around you are your own creation.

There are great things for you to do here it is true. But do not try so hard to reach the goal. Savor the path and the journey for that is where the sweetness lies. Be not in a hurry to be something or to do the chosen thing that you think will make your life complete. Because the learning is in the moment. The learning is in the realization of the wisdom and value of every moment of your existence. An eye on the goal is nice, but obsession with getting there now disturbs the potential for a beautiful trip to the top of the mountain. And my dears I promise you that when you get there you will only look for another mountain. It is the way of the universe and it is the precious way that our Creator experiences It's Self through your experiencing of your Self.

Do not be afraid to be who you are right now. You have never been more perfect for you exist only now in this one moment and breath, and you are moving and breathing in the light and energy of All That Is. Nothing can be more perfect. If you must keep your eye on something keep your eye on your heart. Know that I am loving you in every now moment and your guides are loving you and the Creator who moves in endless rhythm in every atom of your body is in passionate love with who you are. Become what you will become for it is the way of the cosmos. But savor this and all moments. Know that where you belong, is where you are going. And it matters not what you set focused eyes upon if the blessed value of the moment is lost. I am your friend and one who watches over you. Your time will come beloved because of course your time is now. Forget not your oneness with all things. With love and blessings to you, Hilarion