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What Your Light Is

Hilarion by Lisa Hollowa

- Reprinted from the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

I am Hilarion, and I come to you tonight to give you blessings and assurances of your success in your efforts to reach that which is unseen, and untouchable to human eyes and hands. Do you truly understand that which you are accomplishing? Do you understand that beings such as I wait in anticipation for your realization of your own power and the magnitude of your own being? We do watch and teach and guide as you go, but you must understand that it is you who is doing all of the work. It is you who is integrating your light.

Your light is the very essence or the very power of who you are. It is that which beats your heart and hums your tunes and cries your tears. It is that which thinks your thoughts and grows your cells and moves your feet. Do you understand that it is the very life of that which your are? It is your consciousness, your essence. And so truly it is not something that you must call to you as if it is missing somewhere; it is every iota of your being. It is every life, every molecule and every dream you have. It is the color of your eyes, the shape of your body and that which moves you in both motion and emotion.

That which you are is so much grander than you yourself can possibly conceive of during your normal waking minutes of your Earth day. It is a precious thing to allow yourself into meditation and feel even a minute portion of the grandeur that you truly are. Now, I am not trying to flatter you here, I am telling you truth. You are grand, and it is your light, the light of who you truly are that is the conductor of the symphony that is you. So it is not that you call your missing link of light to yourself, but that you tap into that which is always there.

You tap into that which is the power of your own creativity. For indeed, you all do have immeasurable creative abilities. Your own creativity has created your life, your surroundings, your relationships and your boundaries. You have creative powers that move far beyond that which you know about in your third dimensional world. Far beyond that which is in your dream state as well. You are a spark, a grand spark of pure creative consciousness. Do not misinterpret the word spark to mean tiny, for any piece of that which is God is immense indeed.

Now, why do I bring this issue up at this time? It is because there are those of you lovely beings who believe that your light, or higher self, is floating high above your head up there and that you must somehow pull it down to greet you or that you must somehow get up there. In truth, there is no up there, there is only in here, that which is within you. The light that you are is much more than the density that (what you know of) your physical body exists in. And so the light that you are vibrates at many different densities and frequencies. You are multidimensional. And it is your light that carries each frequency, in each density and world that you participate in.

Understand that as new energies greet you, and as that which is called the Photon belt is experienced, these energies may not feel entirely comfortable to you. It is not to say that they will feel bad, or malevolent, just different. It is widely conveyed that you will soon find that you are integrating parts of yourself that you have been previously unaware of in your current reality. These parts of you are energies, frequencies of light, that encompass valuable pieces of experience and information about your own Self, your own abilities and potential. Be patient with your body and with your integration. Realize that you are integrating into your conscious being, a higher frequency, a greater conglomeration, of that which is your own Presence.

It is often of great value to listen and learn from those who are teachers in both spirit and in human form. But realize that the integration, or rise in consciousness that you are participating in is going to teach you a very important thing. It is going to teach you that your own being is quite spectacular. It is going to teach you that there is a grand light, which is the light of your very own heart, that knows what the story is for you. That knows where you belong and who you are.

Do you wonder what your path is? Do you wonder what your mission or purpose is in this life? We love you so grandly that we would never interfere with the answer to those questions, which as you know must come from your own heart. That answer comes from your light, your energy, your life force, your being. Are you not grand? Can you see that you have orchestrated this entire lesson for yourself? It is an immense accomplishment. It is for you to be proud of who you are, and the fact that you are willing to search for the answers.

Somewhere within you, and I do not mean a geographical place, but somewhere within you is a great knowingness. There is a deep well of knowledge. You know it is not reached in a single meditation, for your beliefs and paradigms are far too entrenched for you to drop them all and recognize that which you have chosen to forget. Indeed, in time you find that each of these beliefs drop away, paradigms are broken and you find that you are wondering just exactly what kind of solid ground you have to stand on. It is at this point that you choose to look within. And it is there that you find your light.

Understand that in order to reach your higher self, your light, your I AM presence, your oversoul, you do not have to follow a specific practice. There are meditations which have been given forth that are extremely helpful for this purpose. There are chants, there are mantras, there are affirmations and there are visualizations that are invaluable in practice. However, understand that it is your intent that is important, and that your soul knows what you mean. Understand that your soul, your light, knows what you are asking for.

As you are sitting quietly, close your eyes for a moment and feel the energy that is you. Feel that there is a slight hum that moves through your body continuously. This is a small portion of the light that is you. As you integrate higher frequencies of this light, as you expand your world, your consciousness, you will feel this energy as it shifts and moves in and around your physical body. You will sense energies as you drift to sleep at night, and you will be more sensitive to the energies of those people and things around you.

It is all right to choose when and how you will integrate your own energies. But realize that there is a grander portion of you that knows exactly what is going on, and knows exactly what you are ready to handle. There is no other being that is more in tune with your needs, your desires and your evolution, than your Self, that which is the grand light of who you are. So it will move, and it will integrate itself as you allow. There is not a complicated process that you must follow. Just simply be, and allow your own growth to transpire.

As you learn to understand your oneness with that which is around you, you will begin to understand also that all you see around you is also within you. And as this occurs you will understand that your greatest connection to God, to All That Is, is your own light. As you allow this light in, as you allow it to move and play within your physical body, you will come to know your own wisdom in your own right. You will come to understand that the still, small voice that is commonly referred to, is your own wisdom, your own truth and your own light.

It is a vital journey that you are on. It is a terrific adventure as you travel through the caverns and byroads of your own consciousness and creativity. We will be here with you, and we will watch over you as always. We are your brothers and your sisters. We are your equals in spirit and it is the beauty of your light that we see when we teach and encourage you. Be in your light, and know that you are loved immensely and eternally.

Peace be unto all of you, Hilarion