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The Importance of Integrity In Channelling

Many times when human entities enter into period of confusion, indecision, frustration, and so forth, they feel they need or want answers. These conditions oftentimes block them from receiving answers from their own guidance centers. They will seek answers to take counsel from another human channel. This message is directed to those who seek answers from human channels because of a blockage or because of a lack of confidence in their own guidance. It is also directed to those who channel to others, and it concerns integrity.

When you seek another for answers to your questions, you must always remember that for each question asked there are many answers available. Each human channel vibrates upon a particular level of awareness and will bring forth answers from energies corresponding to that level of awareness. This is one reason why answers will vary from channel to channel. The receiver of the answers must always test the answer against his own inner guidance. Many do not do this and blindly accept anything. It does not mean that answers given to you are false; it means that answers may not be the best ones for you at your particular level of awareness.

On your human plane there are two primary types of channels; Alpha and Theta. Alpha channels give more specific details but can oftentimes be inaccurate because they channel primarily from the astral plane. Those who Channel from the astral plane or the Alpha level are also more prone to bring forth a lot of their own intellect, ego and Earth programming into their channelling. An Alpha channel will oftentimes give you dates, places, and a lot of specific commands as to how to live your life. This can sometimes prove in error in your physical world.

Theta channels communicate with dimensions far beyond the astral plane, and because thee is less interest in time and space, do not offer a lot of specific personal detail. A Theta channel can channel at the Alpha level but an Alpha channel will seldom channel at the Theta level. theta channels really prefer to channel at the upper dimensional levels as opposed to the astral level.

You can tell the difference between Theta and Alpha channelling by the information given. If a channel tells you that you will die in six months or that you are going to go to Egypt in November or that your planet will be hit by a comet on a particular day, or if the information commands you to do something, this is Alpha channelling. A Theta channel offers answers from dimensions which allow the receiver to choose whether to accept or reject the answers. Sometimes answers coming through a theta channel are frustrating if you want specifics. Theta answers force you to think and test the answers against you own guidance, and you will manifest your own answers based on your own level of awareness. Theta information offers you a wide range of answers from which to choose and thus to manifest, whereas Alpha information offers you specific answers. Theta information really appears more cosmic and generic than Alpha information, but it is the information which encourages the greater unfoldment of your being.

Those who channel may be asked to assist another who is blocked. If you, the channel, are too close to the situation and have already formed a lot of intellectual opinions, it is probably best not to channel unless you are adept at separating yourself from your opinions. A good channel must work very hard to separate from his intellectual, emotional, moral, ethical and religious programming when in the process of channelling. One must be as open as possible to incoming information so that it is not laced with personal beliefs. A good channel must always realise that his own truth may not be appropriate for another entity. In one sense a channel has a lot of power, but he must not abuse or misuse this power. It can be dangerous if it is abused and is used to direct entities who are vulnerable and believe that what issues forth from a human channel is Absolute Truth. If a channel renders information from his own programming sense of truth, this can be dangerous. If it is deliberately and knowingly done, this is a misuse of power.

Channels should present their information with integrity and never misuse their power. Seekers should be taught that truth is relative, no matter what energy it is coming from. They should be taught that human channels are imperfect, impaired by Earth programming, and that universal symbols cannot be accurately translated and interpreted by the human brain. They should be taught that they can inwardly challenge and dismiss any truth which does not align with their own level of truth. The whole purpose of learning to channel is to achieve a greater freedom to connect with one's own guidance and to learn to trust it.

From our point of view, we offer you information which you are free to accept or reject. We offer guidance and direction on how to walk your paths with greater comfort, ease, joy and courage. We try to create the awareness that you are far more than you realise. We try to comfort and sustain you in periods of blockage, but we will not command you to do anything. You always have free choice in what you accept or reject as your truth.

Discrepancies Among Human Channels.

There seems to be a problem with some regarding perceived discrepancies between various channels of higher knowledge. I will do my best to try to explain why this occurs as well as why you should not be troubled by discrepancies.

First, consider the human channel, an entity with an organic brain computer which is continually processing not only external data from your third dimensional world, but also internal data coming in from the seven inner levels of consciousness. Everything external and internal is processed and stored. The human channel also stores in his total mind all data gathered from all his expressions on the planet and elsewhere plus all the lessons and influences gather in his present expression. Due to training in his present expression, he interprets all information within the framework of his own vernacular and understanding. The human channel is also influenced to a degree by the vibrations and thoughts contained within your brain computers, but your minds as well. Information being channelled from higher dimensions is given in the form of universal symbols which is then translated and interpreted by the brain computers, but your minds as well. Information being channelled from higher dimensions is given in the form of universal symbols which is then translated and interpreted by the brain, and in this process, purity and total accuracy are lost.

Then consider the concept of truth. In a physical dimension you do not have Absolute Truth. You have fragments of Absolute Truth, called relative truth. Now when you have perceive discrepancies among human channels, it does not mean that one is sharing truth and the others are sharing non-truths. It means they are sharing truth or information from different levels of growth and awareness.

Do not judge who is right and who is wrong, for this creates problems for you. What I would advise when varied information is shared with you is to study all the information given and then seek you own inner guidance as to what information is true for you. Your own inner guidance will not fail you in leading you on the pathway of your own truth for your unique level of understanding and awareness. Remember that levels of growth and awareness are ascending and dynamic, not static. When perceived discrepancies occur, go within and accept whatever information is more aligned with your own level of awareness and understanding, knowing that as you grow, this also might change.

Do not be perplexed and upset by perceived discrepancies. Accept what you are led to accept, disregard what you are not guided to believe, and trust in your own inner guidance on your path of unfoldment and enlightenment. Don't allow yourselves to be blocked by perceived discrepancies, for this is a waste of energy which could be better spent in going within and seeking the truth of your own unique and individual beingness and becoming.

Why Do Entities Communicate Differently To Varied Channels?

The reason that there is a seeming difference and sometimes a discrepancy between the information emerging from a singular spiritual or ET entity to varied human channels has to do primarily with four things:
  • Human channel's bring computer,
  • the level of awareness of the human channel,
  • the amount of intellectual and ego input by the human channel has received throughout his present life experience

Let us take these areas one by one.

  1. Each human channel has an individual and unique bring which received, processes, analyses, interprets, and transmits uniquely. As Universal symbols are received from higher dimensions and translated into symbols comprehensible to the channel, some purity of the message is lot.
  2. Information from higher dimensions is transmitted relative to the channel's level of awareness.
  3. Information transmitted from higher dimensions is less pure because of the intellectual and ego input of the human channel. Rarely, if ever, is information received from higher dimensions in pure form. Of the two - ego and intellect - the intellect input has less effect on the purity of the information being transmitted. The best channels are more mental, because they tend to have greater sensitivity and awareness to all of Creation. Ego input emerges from human emotions and survival programming and has a greater effect on the purity of the transmitted information. If a human channel is experiencing emotional stress, it is better for the channel to try to become clear before attempting to receive and interpret Universal symbols. The more a channel is able to detach from intellectual and ego input, the purer the channelling will be.
  4. The type of Earth programming a human channel has received determines what kind of information he will be given, namely the education he has received, his patterns of though and logic, his openness, and his belief system. All transmissions from higher dimensions are Universal symbols. They are not transmitted in King James English, modern English, or any of your Earth's language symbols. When a human channel allows the spirit or his guide to direct the translation of Universal symbols, the guide will always try to align the Universal symbol as closely as is possible to your Earth symbol in order to bring abut as clear a comprehensive as is possible. Some ET entitles have learned your Earth's many language symbols and can be transmit directly.

Why Does There Seem To Be A Separation Between Universal Mind And Other Entities That Are Channelled?

The primary reason there appears to be a separateness between the entities you channel and Universal Mind is simply because your individual mind creates the condition. Universal Mind contains Total Knowledge and Absolute Truth. It is Creative Energy and Complete Intelligence and Knowing in Motion. It is energy, it is vibration - the highest vibration moving outward from Universal Mind slows to the point where a vibrational connection can be made with an aspect of creation, the aspect received knowledge from Universal Mind on the level where the perception of the knowledge can be comprehended and understood b y the individual aspect. This is how knowledge is transmitted through the dimensions and planes of life. Your guides and spirit teachers vibrate higher than you do in your conscious state, so that their vibrational contact with the Universal mind creates knowledge that is purer.

It is rare that a human can connect directly with Universal Mind. Usually what occurs is that a human entity will raise his vibrations to connect with a spiritual entity of similar vibrations so that the knowledge can be transmitted on a relay fashion. With the exception of your guides and Masters, entities of higher vibrational patterns will not lower their vibrations to meet yours. Your must raise yours to connect with them. The higher you are able to raise your vibrational energy and your level of awareness, the purer the knowledge will be in your channelling and the more diversified your contacts will be.

All knowledge is transmitted from Universal Mind, but it comes from many levels. Remember that your upper four levels of consciousness receive purer knowledge than your lower three. In fact, your omni-conscious level is always in direct alignment to Universal Mind. As a human, however, you are primarily concerning with what you receive in your conscious state.

My Dear Fellow Light-workers,

Recently I read this book called "The Kyrian Letters" channelled by Sandra Radholl. I have been moved to share the chapter on channelling with you.

There are more and more people opening to channelling information from other dimensions. Much diverse messages are brought through which the reader has to discern and decode what feels right for them. This is fine, it teaches us to discernment and not to criticise the channel. Francis once said to me that it is not the role of the networker to decide what he/she thinks is correct to network but allow the reader to judge for themselves. It is for each individual to accept what he feels right for them and shelve the rest for another day when it maybe useful or perhaps gather dust and never see the light of day again.

Francis is now a Being of few words. He has sent through two very profound statements "Discernment is where you feel you wish to be" and "Judgment is what you think others should do". The gold is not lost in a myriad of words and explanations.

We will grow in unconditional love together. We will all ascent together as one beautiful united soul. The shepherds are bringing back into the fold all God's flocks.

Joy and peace be with you all as We bring home our beautiful planet in the service of the Most Radiant One.

All blessings dear ones.
Joan (Sn'wfl'k' for Sananda)