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A Nearby Realm

Of The Dreamtime

"Watching Owl", 23 May 1995 writes:

So if things don't make sense; don't worry about it. These are only words, and they help to create only thought. Insignifigant thought, private thought. Things don't have to make sense.

Human, where are you? What are you?

Have you ever thought at all about your existance? You are living within less than a millisecond of eternity. Picture a fractal image, just about any fractal will do. Think of this, within that image, you are but a single point. A single leaf on a tree. A single flake of snow. A single drop in a cloud. You are an insignifigant signifigance.

Just as individual molecular particals of unexplaned atomicness (and beyond) bond and react with each other to form things physical in this place. Such as your human shell of electro-biochemicalness, flesh, blood and bone. All made up of lots and lots of individual cells, made up of atomic particals. Insignifigant cells. Different cells for different functions. These cells may be oblivious as to the reason for their existance. Many, many cells, working together for the larger goal of maintaining the interface unit. The physical human body. That houses the insignifigant individual soul. Possibly a soul that is oblivious to the universe which houses it.

Much goes on, human. Little fishy in your pond. Little bug on your leaf. You may choose to embrace the cosmos, or shut it out. It matters not. Embrace your science, your religion and spiritualness. Your mathematical quantumness. Embrace your magick, and your dreams. Your seemingly insignifigant dreams. Observe as much as your senses will permit. Or not. The Universe can tell. It is patient. But if you let it, the Universe will whisper secrets in your ears. It will show you things. It will play with you.

There is that mass of wrinkled jelly incased within your skull there, human. You call it a brain, or a mind. The physical brain, the mental mind. Whatever. You know what it is though don't ya? It's the interface. It's more than the brain within, but it is a converter, a tranciever, a generator to create thought. Some say that energy is neither created, nor destroyed; it simply changes form. Supposedly the end result is heat, that eventually dissaptes back into the individual molecular and atomic constucts that they began as. Anyway, back to the brain.

It seems that no human is quite sure how their own brain works. Let alone anybody elses. So they decided that it must be the most complex and complicated thing in their universe. Well, it is pretty complex. And pretty complicated to, yess sir ree. Life-force interface my friend. A little different from the trees and bees, sure. Some say the the human body/brain combo is like a remote probe for you, an entity that is kinda like, stuck on the remote channel. I dunno, maybe for some. Might be or maybe different.

How about that thought anyway? Where do you think it all goes? Just somewhere within your head? Well yea, it does. But it also does a little somthing else. You see human, contrary to popular opinion, there are other points of reality besides your own. There are other realms of existance; weather you choose to believe or not. It matters not. The realms remain. Anyway, there is a realm that is sorta inbetween realms. It is and at the same time is not a realm. It is independant, and dependant; within your head and without. It is the realm of thought. The place we call The Dreamtime.

Consciousness, thought, mental energy, is linked to the physical universe by life. Or through life-forms. Your 'soul' is who you are. It is pure thought, or consciousness, pure energy; whatever. It or 'you' use a physical, biological, electro-chemical shell (body) to interact with this physical realm. All life-forms have a 'soul' in essence. The soul is the life-force. It is the energy of life. Some life-forces may or may not be sentient, or conscious as you know it. How or why, we don't know.

There is a link. When you are awake, you are a sentient, conscious, soul in a body interacting in some way with the physical world around you. Do not think of the physical universe as your 'native' realm. If you believe that you have a soul, know that it is probably native to a different realm. When you sleep, your physical body is resting. But your consiousness may not be.

'You' are probably more centralized toward the physical realm. This reality. The one of earth and planets, gravity, time, motion and physics, atoms, elements, and so on. Most of your memories are from past experiances in this realm, although some are probably memories of dreams. Think of this; even your memories and your imagination may form another part of existence within the great dream; but experianced by another entity. You would not be aware, and they may never have known you. Because it becomes free-form thought energy of sorts. Whenever you think, you generate mental energy; you generate thought. Energy that cannot be destroyed. The energy exists and is part of a great pool of thought. It mixes with other thoughts and that is dream. A combination of thoughts, memories, and imagination. Yours, mine and everyone elses, everywhere and everywhen. You do not have to leave your body.

Dreamtime is not a place as you would think as compared to this realm. The laws of physics and nature do not apply in the Dreamtime as they do in the 'real' world. Even time may not be as it is to be thought of here.

The essence of Dreamtime is the combined, free form, thought generated from thinking entities in other planes of existance. It manifests in an amorphus 'soupy mix' of semi-conscious souless consciousness. Sorta. Kinda sorta. That essence is the realm. Thoughts of all. Sometimes entities within the dreamtime are like you, conscious and also 'real' in other realms; such as the physical, earthly realm. Sometimes entities are created within the Dreamtime one way or another. Maybe by you, maybe by me, maybe someother way. Other entities may be alien, to your world, or dimension. It's a big place. It is a seperate realm of existence with it's own 'laws' of nature, physics, etc.. When you are awake, you instinctively tune your conscious attention to the world around you. When you dream, you may be in your bed physically, but you might tune your conscious attention to something in a dream. Without effort, you enter the Dreamtime. It is one of the easiest alternate realms to enter, as it is a junction realm, connected to others realms in many ways, including your dimention through you, human.

If you die in the Dreamtime, you don't really die here. The realms are not really linked that way although you are co-existing in both realms. If you die here in the physical realm, you may 'wake up' in another realm. Possibly the realm of thought; the dreamtime. You may be 'reincarnated' in the past, present or future of any infinite number of existences. Whatever the case, you will still be 'you' regardless, and forever. "Here I am, right now" The phrase you can always say. Even when you're dead.

After one has a "lucid dream" or three; the aware consciousness within the Dreamtime; it may become more and more apparent that Dreamtime is a true reality. One may find that physical, earthly existence is more like the Dreamtime than at first thought. One may find that the earthly plane is just a dream at another level. One may find thay anything that can be applied in the earthly realm can, in a paradoxical sort of way, actually also be valid in the Dreamtime. One may even find that the 'real', physical realm is just a very, very lucid dream (You are aware; but the reality is very rigid and not easily altered). A seemingly logical, linear, absolute, and stable reality.

If you get the chance, next time you dream; smile and say to yourself: "Here I am, right now". Take a look around. Touch somthing. Whistle. Smell. Taste. Alter your consciousness, or physical 'feeling'. Explore. All of your familiar senses are present in the Dreamtime.

The Dreamtime is but a small, and insignifigant bit of much to be seen of this great conundrum of a cosmos. All things possible. Infinitum. There are many realms. Many ways. Many entities. Many things that exist just outside of your own realm of being; or alongside. Some share your space and time; but are off frequency a hair. Ya know, think of yourself and your consciousness tuned to a certain frequency like a radio. All the radio waves are there. You can't see them. You can only tune in one at a time. You need a certain kinda radio, ie HF or UHF, to tune in certain kinds of bands, ie FM or SSB. Sometimes there may be interferance. Some shamen can change frequency at will, or with the help and temporary interation with the Tree people. The plants, human, the plants. Fungi and things natural may provide a temporary perception change. To allow the perception of realities nearby. Higher dimensional shadows may be percieved within the forms of three dimensional constructs, such as smoke or clouds. Just as you cast a two dimensional shadow, human, from your three dimentional shell, that houses a higher dimensional soul. It keeps going, human, in all directions.

Whether or not you believe in Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Kutu, Zod, Oz, or Nod. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, time travel, psychic phenomena, astral travel, Creatures of Light and Dark. Whether or not you believe in "The One God", Zeus, Pan, Bog, Ra, Cthulu, Satan, Cherubim, Serafim, Angels, or Deamons. Dragons, Unicorns, Aliens, Ghosts, and Shadow People. Mermaids or Leprichans. Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Fairies, Sprites and other spirits of the earth. It matters not. Whether you believe or not, all things still exist. Somewhere, somewhen.

It may be beyond your comprehenshion, but all thoughts are manifested; somewhere, sometime. Imagination itself creates other realms of existance on other levels. Some parts of those 'levels' may even 'spill over' into Dream Time. Or other places.

Think as you will. Be as you will be. Pinu'u. I am I. So as you must be you. You are but one among many. Signifigant even to the creation of entire realms of others. Yet, insignifigant as a leaf on a tree, a single cell. A single human. The cosmos will remain. As do those who see. Sleep if you wish, dream if you will dream. Live, exist and explore, for the eternal now, evermore.

See ya in The Dreamtime

Watching Owl