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Dimensions of Understanding

Pamela Stumbough

Have you ever wondered where the information we receive through various channels originates? This is a question that I am asked quite often as a conscious channel for the Ascended Masters. Through this article. I hope to assist you in your understanding of the various dimensions and their characteristics.

From the moment I stepped foot upon the spiritual path, I questioned. I was very fortunate in that I began my understanding of metaphysics only within the past five years since the Harmonic Convergence. Prior to that, I lived in a state of frustrated ignorance. I always suspected that there had to be more to life than what I was perceiving, but until that time. I had no idea how to tap into it. However, I always had a feel- ing that when the time was right, I would receive the answers to all of my questions. Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, there are many teachers and channels of Light who have stepped forward to bring us channeled information from unseen realms. Perhaps you are wondering what the Harmonic Convergence has to do with this. Actually, a great deal because as a result of the intense focus of Light created by those who participated in this event, it was possible for the first time since ancient Lemuria for those in the higher dimensions of consciousness to flood the Earth with life-giving electromagnetic Light.

And the veils were removed. Every human being upon the Earth began the awakening process at that time, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. As one begins to awaken, it is natural for one to begin asking questions. Then, as the mysteries of the Universe start to unfold, we become information junkies most eager to embark upon a seemingly endless jouney to seek enlightenment.

Due to this magnificent influx of Light to the Earth, it is now possible for us to contact more easily than ever before, various unseen Beings of this Universe. And the Universe is more than happy to support our reality by providing us with many perspectives. For the most part, these Beings with their varied perspectives are of a benevolent nature. At the same time, there are those Beings with perspectives and intent that are not so benevolent, which are simply provided to teach us discernment. It is always wise to take all information that is offered with a grain of salt, so to speak, no matter what the source.

During my personal awakening process, I have found the articles in this publication [Connecting Link] to be invaluable toward my exposure to various perspectives. In fact, it was because of this publication that I learned of the assistance that the Ascended Masters have to offer. Prior to reading Connecting Link, I had never even heard of the Ascended Masters. I soon recognized that all of the information I was reading and that I was listening to, available through various channels, carried certain threads of what I considered to be truth.

However, as I evolved on my path and then began my preparation with the Ascended Masters as a channel for the Teachings of Light, one of the first things I learned from them is that there is no "one" truth and that this is a concept that must be recognized in order to become an effectively clear channel.

Quite honestly, I was relieved when I learned this because I suddenly realized that I did not have to try to figure everything out any longer. In a flash of recognition I became unarmored. Suddenly, I transformed a heavy layer of armor and became unencumbered of my need to understand intellectually. For the first time, I became aware that the truth of all life is found through the Heart and not through the human ego and its intellect.

There are as many perspectives as there are Beings in the Universe and there is not one Being or one group of Beings who have all of the answers. And certainly, there is absolutely not one single philosophy in and of itself upon this Earth that is endowed with all of the answers either. Let us consider for a moment that indeed, there is no truth. Assuming this much, then to whom are we posing our questions?

Through my own experiences in working closely with the Masters, I have realized that the only one who could possibly answer my own questions is me. More specifically, the God in me. Assuming that we are all a part of God and that we are created in the image of God, then it stands to reason that we are the only ones who can answer our own questions. Unfortunately, human reality has operated in quite a different mode. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves to human authorities and philosophies for our answers. Eventually, it will be understood by all Beings upon the Earth that these so-called authorities and philosophies are paper-thin. It is now time for all of us to realize that we have been empow- ering an illusion. Most of you who read these words have already figured this out for yourselves and that is why you seek information that encourages self- empowerment.

To describe the various dimensions in detail would fill an entire book. So, to simplify things we will concern ourselves with the four direct dimensions of reality that are most easily contacted and understood with our human minds: the Astral, the Etheric, the Christ Level, and the I AM Presence.

When I use the word "higher" or "above," these words are simply describing a faster rate of vibration. The more accelerated the vibration, the more transparent the reality. In other words, not "better than," just different; "higher" simply meaning less physical. Directly above our physical reality, still in the third dimension, are the Astral realms. Contained within the Astral is also the Akash, which is actually the subconscious (planetary aura) of the Earth. This is also the location of the Akashic Records.

What most people are unaware of, is that within the Akash are found both accuracies and inaccuracies. Just as our own human subconscious records each one of our thoughts, conversations, and feelings, no matter how insignificant or profound, so too, does the Akash of the Earth record and hold within it all of that which is humanity's collective subconsiousness. This is one of the reasons why it becomes so confusing, because many people are under the mistaken assumption that because information is coming from the Akash, that it has to be truth. This is simply not so.

Those of us upon the Earth who are gifted as psychics are able to read the Akash, just as we are able to read the aura of a client. It is from this perspective that predictions are made. Predictions are simply based upon what is held in the subconsious (aura) of the client, or that of the Earth. All of the information is available, quite simply: what has happened in the past, what is going on in the present, and what the probabilities are for the future.

The things of the past may or may not be accurate and the things of the future are subject to change at any time depending upon the choices one makes. That leaves the present. Most of us have had the experience of one who is psychic confirming for us what we already know, this is because they are reading what is currently present in the aura, and hopefully, we are aware of what is going on in our own consciousness! Nevertheless, confirmations are usually most reassuring.

The Astral also encompasses those which are the "heaven worlds" of the Earth and they are also in the third dimension. Within each dimension, there are many levels of perception. Each dimension, and each level within it, contains its own unique frequency, rate of vibration, laws of physics, and certain characteristics of the Beings dwelling therein.

Within the Astral there are seven distinct planes of existence, each one of them, having various levels within them. This is the area to which evolving human beings are relegated when they pass from the Earth through physical death. Depending upon one's understanding of higher consciousness (rate of vibration upon departure from physical reality), one will find themself in a plane of existence suitable to their rate of vibration and beliefs. One does not become instantly wiser and allknowing after physical death. Those contacted residing in the Astral realms just appear to be wiser simply because they possess a broader view; they can see us but we cannot see them. It is important to note, that from whatever dimensional level one is perceiving from, it is only possible for one to see "down into the dimensions," and not possible for one to see "up into the dimensions." It is for this reason that if you were to ask one in the Astral realms about the Ascended Masters, tor instance, unless that one had prior knowledge of the Masters before physical death, they will tell you that they do not exist...because from their perspective, they don't!

Some of those in the lower Astral realms are termed "earthbound" (ghosts) and are usually confused; they have passsed over with very little or no understanding of higher consciousnes!i. Those of the higher Astral realms are most often benevolent Guides with pure intentions. However, in addition to loving guidance, some of the informational characteristics that are received from any level of the Astral will always contain one or more of the following: opinions, judgments, unsolicited ad- vice, warnings, predictions of gloom and doom, etc.

In addition, some Beings from this dimension have also been known to "masquerade" as Beings from higher dimensions to confuse the innocent, and some of these Beings are actually third-dimensional Extraterrestrials. Beings from higher levels can always lower their vibration at will, but Beings of lower vibration cannot lift theirs - they must evolve first As one continues to raise their vibration through benevolence, the temptation to influence others' consciousness no longer exists. The caution here is to always and especially use the discernment of the Heart in evaluating information from the Astral. How do you feel about the intormation? Are you feeling heavy, afraid. or anxious? Or does the information generate feelings of lightness, love, or bliss?

The next dimension above the Astral is the Etheric and it encompasses the fourth and fifth dimensions. The extent of Universal Perfection is through the upper levels of the Etheric; it is the lowest vibrational dimension in Creation where one will begin to find undistorted truth or non-error. From this dimension, one first receives an understanding of true immortality from the Higher Self (or Soul) through the intuition. In the higher levels of the Etheric, is where one will begin to merge with the Eternal Lightbody in order to integrate the vibration of the Inner Christ Self through the ascension process.

The Etheric is a most interesting dimension because it is from here that one can receive many intriguing details, especially of a technical nature. Many of the benevolent and wise extraterrestrials are channeled from this level. Others who will sometimes channel from this level and who will also channel from even higher dimensions, are the Space Masters of the Ashtar Command ("space" meaning they have ascended from planets other than the Earth), St. Germain, the Merlin, among others. Beings truly channeling from this level will always project a vibration of love and nonjudgment. They will most often emphasize the concept of a "free-will universe," especially as it relates to changing one's own reality, and they will also offer an understanding of Universal Law through their messages.

Above the the Etheric, are the Christ Levels, or the sixth through eighth dimensions.
*) The Beings of this dimension are the Christ Angels, the Ascended Masters, and even one's own Inner Christ Self. The Ascended Masters are Beings who have completed their earthly duties, have completely mastered the third-dimensional Earth reality, and who have succeeded in accelerating the physical cells of their bodies into Light. Some of the Teachers most familiar to us who have accomplished this are: Lord Sananda (Jesus), St. Germain, Mother Mary, Babaji, and many others.

Those of the Christ realms are totally universal, teaching, and healing in their orientations. They embody pure love, compassion, and understanding, and they recognize the oneness of all Creation. They do not have opinions or make judgments, nor will they tell you what to do, they simply see reality for what it is and they see each Being in Creation as the same. The inforrnation received from this dimension will always contain the Soul's purpose and a pure universal understanding of Creation.

The I AM Presence is the highest dimension of human consciousness, so far as human evolutionary dimensions are concerned. This is of the ninth dimension and beyond. In this dimension are found the Archangels, Chohans, Ascended Masters, and one's own I AM Presence. Contained herein is the knowledge that one is Totally Absolute; knowing oneself as pure love, pure truth, infinite wisdom, infinite abundance, and the direct knowing that one is never alone, simply: I AM. One of the things you will notice is, that as one begins to evolve into higher worlds of thought, there are less details. The third dimension is the only dimension where the word "focus" has any meaning. The human mind (ego), because of its misappropriated need to control, just "thinks" that it requires details. In the higher dimensions, everything that is desired comes to one automatically, there is no need to seek. I would also like to point out that none of us are "just human," but that we are first and most important, spiritual Beings who have simply desired to have a physical experience for evolutionary purposes.

Each one of us also has many other personalities existing simultaneously on many levels in other dimensions. The awakening process can be very confusing, but only when one allows the ego (or mortal soul) to fully rule one's awareness. The ego will distract you with all of its illusory formulas and its desire for details; the ego is also responsible for all of the illusion we have created. It is now time for us to dismantle the illusion of the ego by following our hearts.

Don't be afraid to remove your armor. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Heaven is waiting for you... right here on Earth. Blessings to you on your Path to Enlightenment!

*) The term "Christ" means fully enlightened or ascended - "God with us" - and is not meant to denote any panicular Being. Through human misunderstanding, inappropriate "religious" connotations have been attached to this word, resulting in deification, confusion, and division. However, the term "Christ" is actually descriptive of a very specific vibrational energy of which each one of us is a part and embodies on a deep level of our consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not. It is the level or point of recognition within where God knows the self to be human and the human knows the self to be God.

Pamela Stumbough is a fully conscious channel for the Ascended Masters. She travels extensively teaching the Inner Christ Channeling Seminar, developed by Bob Fickes, and is available for personal & group channelings, Etheric Light Attunements, lectures, and house blessings. You may contact her at Council Of Light, Inc., P.O. Box 5022, Ventura, California, 93005. (805) 659- 1223.

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