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Meditations On Light

by Alfred Ballabene

Important disclaimer: All exercises presented here are to be practiced at your own risk. The following meditations are shortened guidelines for professionals and not recommended for beginners. Consult your physician, therapist, guide or guru before you start any of these exercises or meditations.

Basic guidelines for meditation available in an article by J. Sotkin 4.

Aim of Light Meditation

Meditation on light is used for:

  • Chakra meditation
  • Kundalini arousal
  • OBE
  • Magic
  • Enlightenment
  • aura healing

All these different branches have a common basis: the stimulation and balance of the inner energetic system.

The excited state of the energetic system is characterized by vibrations. Vibrations in this field are very common, although an esoteric fundamental explanation is still missing. I have published a review and my personal point of view (also without explanation) in the homepage of Charles Goodin 1).


This article includes a collection of energizing exercises, which have been approved for inner development and as well for OBE's.

a) Directing energy into the forefinger

This is a very easy exercise for energy imagination. It is performed in this way: stretch your forefinger and get in tune with the energy flowing through the entire finger. As you feel the energy flowing out of the tip, imagine how the finger starts to glow in a firelike orange colour. Now imagine that the finger increases and stretches. You may consider this exercise as a trigger for more complicated meditations, where you can begin to extend this awareness over your entire body. Most of these advanced meditations are based on extended (body) awareness.

In OBE you extend your body awareness to astral or inner space. In Maha-Yoga you dissolve body awareness to approach to "cosmic dimensions". In summary you learn to manipulate the awareness of energy in your body. Adapting the above mentioned exercise for other applications allows you to activate (load with energy) a Chakra by circling with an energized hand above the chakra location.

b) Pressing a hot piece of metal

Imagine to hold a hot bar of iron between your palms as wide as the distance of your shoulders and now start to press the imagined bar. Try to feel the consistence and the heat of the bar. By pressing very slowly the bar gets smaller and smaller. When the palms almost contact each other, the bar has been pressed to a ball, glowing by increased heat. This exercise can be extended to the next one, called "ball of light". This exercise is thought as basis to develop the ability to feel and handle inner energy as easy as matter. In fact this energy is considered as subtle substance (ether etc.). This discipline transforms mere energy into sensory matter, facilitating the handling of inner energy.

c) Ball of light

Form a bowl with your hands and now imagine holding a ball of pure golden light. Try to feel the radiation of warmth and the healing power of the light. Imagine its light energy increasing simultaneously with the volume of the ball, nurtured by your spiritual light. The ball expands as you widen the distance of your hands, until your hands are spread in a pose of invocation. After a while imagine that the spiritual force of the immense great ball of light flows into your heart, while the ball of light diminishes. Allow your hands to form another light bowl, pushing it towards your heart and physically feel the light radiate into you. With more practice you can meditate without gesture and start to work with pure imagination.

d) Circling energy

Imagine your meridians (in accupuncture, sanskrit: nadis) as vessels for subtle energy (chi, prana). The main nadis are in the midline of back and frontside, on the front and back of the legs and arms. A further, rather unknown main nadi is located in the region of the belt. Along the path of these nadis you imagine the energy, bundled and felt as warmth. Let the energy stream upwards and downwards in the rhythm of your breathing. If you are successful in feeling the energy as tingling warmth, you can start to imagine energy as fluidic light.

24 Nov 1982 (Mudita)

Like the days before I had meditated for love and warmth in the Anahata Chakra and simultaneously I had made my energy circle along the main route of nadis. After a time I got tired and approached the border of sleep. Being in this state I recognized a strong pressure on breast and head. Soon afterwards I became aware that my consciousness was in the subtle body and that I started to separate from physical body. Then I felt myself catapulted upwards to the ceiling. From this position I could look at my home al tar which reminded me of my original intention to meditate. Therefore I neglected the fact of body separation and decided to continue meditation. While meditating I felt increasing warmth in the body. Suddenly I had the impression of someone opening the door. I was afraid that my boyfriend would shake my physical body, to wake me up, in this state causing me a tremendous shock. This fear immediately pulled me back. When my eyes opened, I registered that nobody was in the room.

Jul 1979 (Somadatta)

In an indescribable beautiful dream I found my way to a meadow of golden brightness. On the meadow were flowers reaching as high as to the breast and they only differed from the leaves by being a bit more brillant. All over the meadow were myriads of bees humming and collecting nectar. While looking fascinated at this, my body felt very hot and pricked like hurt by hundreds of stings. This alarmed me and in spite of all the beauty I left the dream.

e) Pore breathing of light

Imagine to breathe light by means of your body surface (with your pores). Light is "inhaled" and "expirated", dissolving every impure quality of body and soul.

f) Sun meditation

To support sun meditation you may imagine any surrounding of your choice, or on the other hand, you may meditate with mere feeling without any additional imagination.

Example: Imagine to sit on the golden sand of a peaceful beach feeling the cool breeze of the sea, which makes you feel fresh and strengthened. You can hear the rhythmic roaring of the waves. While you meditate there, you feel the purifying and vitalizing golden light of sun shining upon you. Accumulated energy makes your body vibrate.

Frequently experienced (Alfred)

Several times I had OBE's while I was sitting in sunshine on astral plane. In all cases I saw and felt not simply light and warmth, but additionally and most impressingly, a strong radiance of unearthly vital energy, increasing my vitality to an unusually high level. I wasn't interested in sightseeing or experiencing adventures, but just to continue to be invigorated by this heavenly radiance. As example one of several experiences:

3 Dec 1983 (Alfred)

In astral dream I remember a walk in sunshine. I was in a calm unknown street without traffic. It was peaceful and somehow timeless. On both sides of the street were trees and benches. In some distance I saw J. sitting on a bench and smiling at me. I sat down as well and enjoyed the peace and this heavenly sunshine.


General conditions

To promote light imagination it is favourable to light a candle and to switch off electric light. The calm light of the candle can permeate your eyelids, providing you with an enduring sense of brightness, which mingles with your imagination, creating a quasi-reality. The main characteristic of this meditation is this additional aspect to mere imagination. Very often meditations are autohypnotic. Therefore don't be discouraged if you get tired during this meditation; if you intend OBE's tiredness is ok, because it helps to fall into another state of consciousness. If you meditate for inner development you can try to prevent tiredness by sitting in a a less comfortable position.

a) Fire in your "heart"

The term "meditation focused on the heart", is ment symbolically, although you do meditate on a location in the midst of the breast. Meditation on the physical heart might cause arrhythmia. In this meditation you imagine a golden fire in your breast. Your breath fans the flame like a bellows. Breathing out you spread love and light to all beings or to your beloved.

Nov 1980 (Ratnasambhava)

In the evening in meditation I was full of love and inner power. I felt a stream of love, locally sensed as vibrating energy and as warmth. I experienced a high level of consciousness. At the onset of sleep I saw the following dream sequence, longer, more vivid and more emotional than a usual dream.

With a friend I walked in a landscape, which seemed quite common, when suddenly golden light arose from all sides, as if there were several sunrises at once. The light had the appearance of radiant clouds. I was overwhelmed by this beautiful sight an exclaimed: "Yes, this is it!" Nearby a river with clear water, reflected this golden light. This gave me the impression, that the water was enflamed by the just arising heavenly light.

9 Jun 1977 (Dayanand)

In astral travelling ... (text shortened). I wished to help this person. Intending this I started to prayand concentrated on the Anahata. Suddenly, being in double awareness, I felt a hot, brief flash in this Chakra. In next moment I registered my etheric body to sway sidewards to and fro. A short while later, I was pulled back into the physical body. Until midday I felt intensive heat at the base of my spine.

b) Three suns (by Daskalos, called magus of Strovolos)

Feel peace and love. Imagine the entire length of your legs glowing in a snow-white light. Now continue by directing your awareness upwards imagining a sky-blue ball at location of solar plexus, increasing in size until it reaches the size of a beach ball. The ball is made of transparent light. Maintain your concentration from previous imaginations and set a rosy light in the size of a tennis ball on your chest. Let it grow and shine brighter and brighter. The blue light of your solar plexus and the rosy light of your chest overlap, but remain distinct spheres of light. Next have your arms glow white as your legs. Now moving upwards to your head, clear your thoughts and begin to see a golden hue surrounding your head. Start to have a luminous golden halo. This golden aura meets the rosy light, the blue one and the white ones. All the balls and the white light of legs and arms keep their shapes and hues. Your entire body is radiating light. (A shortened version of a text, I received by Wilfried Kausel.) 2)

c) Membrane technique

Listen to music by means of headphones and imagine the chakras as membranes, which are set in swinging motion by the sound.

21 Sep 1982 (Manugala)
Practicing the method of projecting sound vibrations on the Anahata Chakra, I allowed vibrations rendered independent and spread in both directions of the Chakra, to travel up and down the spine. Afterward I had hypnagogic visions: a frontdoor with an iron stick of Hermes was the most impressive of them. A while thereafter I had my energetic exercise carried too far, obvious by the symptom of nervous trembling. That night I had very colourful dreams. In one of the dreams I met both of my gurus. Guru ananda presented a great purple flower to me.

d) Sound-light meditation of OM:

26 Apr 1984 (Acharya)
Some notes before telling about my experience: This happened in a period of intensive kundalini exercises, which I performed daily for about 1 hour. The exercise was based on the accoustic and tactile (vibrations) imagination of the sound OM in the spine, combined with the imagination of light, which was thought to fill my body. By breathing in I tried to feel sound and vibrations of OM, with upwards movement in the spine. By breathing out I hummed vocally OM at the beginning, changing thereafter to pure imagination, which soon evolved to real sensory perception. In this period of intense meditations I could start real vibrations in a short time, including an accoustically perceived humming sound. When I went to bed I used to repeat this exercise until I fell asleep.
The experience: Lying in bed the body vibrated and swayed. I had the feeling to extend in all directions. A faint humming started and eventually increased to a roar. A disc of dark red-orange colour appeared on the dark background of my closed eyes. The colour of the disc changed, first to orange, then to yellow, until it was a brillant shining white. More and more I got the impression that I would be absorbed into the disc and I feared losing all conections to my body and to dissolve in an endless space. By will I retreated my awareness and stopped this experience. Again I heard a brief roaring and then I was awake again. Spread on my spine were burning spots. For hours I could not fall asleep, because my whole body vibrated and because I felt highly aroused.

e) Whirl of etheric energy (chi)

Imagine a whirl of circling etheric energy at the location of Anahata Chakra (or Ajna Chakra). This kind of meditation will load your Chakra with energy and very often this leads to Chakra visions. By means of this exercise our group has studied the Chakras with respect to appearance and function.

f) Ball of light (by Mathew Manning 3)

Imagine a little ball of light between your eyes. Let this ball of light rotate horizontally, clockwise, increasing the speed of rotation until a ring of light is created. Now let the ring decrease to the size of a ball, which you may place in the middle of the head. Imagine this ball of light as long as possible.

g) Five suns

This is a Tibetan meditation. Imagine in each hand, in the feet and at the basis of spine (Mulhadhara Chakra) a red sun, which later changes its colour to gold. These five suns increase until they melt into a great single sun, as large as your body and with its center in Mulhadhara. In the next step imagine that you collect and compress all light in the Muladhara Chakra (base of spine), in form of a dense bulk of fluidic or gaseous energy. Let this bulk of light energy rush up the spine, on and on, until your spine is hot. Then continue with meditation of the next higher level -

h) Colummn of fire

Imagine your spine as a red column of fire, rotating in its axis. Direct all your attention upon this circling energy. When the spine is hot and vibrating, continue with meditation of next higher level - i) fountain of light.

i) Fountain of light

This is a traditional yoga meditation (well known in Huna). In the rhythm of breath imagine your Kundalini flow upwards the spine and leaving the body through the top of the head (fontanella) as a stream of golden or white light. It forms a fountain and turns to millions of drops of a white, cool and shining substance (sanskr. Amrita), falling and flowing down at the outside of your body. The light-substance again returns into the body at the basis of spine, completing the circulation.

26 May 1980 (Candrapada)
While meditating I imagined a stream of a firelike, golden substance, including grains of denser quality leaving the top of my head. I further had the impression of sitting in a flowerlike bowl with rays of light turning and reentering the body at the basis of the spine continously.

j) Transformed by spiritual light

Imagine to feel the shine of spiritual light, entering through Sahasrara Chakra (top of your head). This light transforms and melts you with spirituality and idealism, rendering your body transparent. The spiritual light creates in your subtle body more and more brightness.

10 Jul 1977 (Alfred)
I went through an unearthy beautiful landscape. Everything was composed of golden light. Light was the matter all was made of, including myself. I had the impression to walk on a sunlike plane.

k) Bhakta (love) breathing

Before starting this meditation, make an energizing exercise and warm the region of your mystic heart (Anahata Chakra). This will facilitate the ability for love meditation. Start meditation by contacting mentally your beloved. Imagine to breathe a kind of cosmic breath of love. Send and receive this eternal love as if you were breathing in and out with your Anahata Chakra.

25 Apr 1982 (Sarani)
Being absorbed with love (breathing) meditation I drifted to a near sleep state. Suddenly I recognized to have my awareness in the double. This observation made me alert, and I had an eye for details. I recognized a feeling like wind blowing through my Anahata. I could see nothing except a grey background. The blow of wind was the only sensory sensation I had. I suppose my meditation had degraded to a mere excited state of the subtle body, because the feeling of cosmic love had vanished.
4 Sep 1978 (Somadatta)
I was in a state of deep inner silence, only aware of love, which continuously was leaving and re-entering through the Anahata, in a permanent cycle of cosmic breath. Being in this state of slight trance, the vision of a blue sky appeared, with no clouds, but with a bright moon surrounded by a golden aureole. After a short while I was back in the former state of silence and then for a second time the blue sky with moon appeared. All the time I felt full of cosmic love.


A traditional tibetan meditation.

With the rhythm of breathing imagine: A: Simultaneously with an imagined sound A (as in the word "half")( or mantra PHEM) a red flame arises with its source at the base of spine, finding its way upwards. OM: imagine the cosmic sound and feel, with the offspring on top of the head, white shining drops of nectar, flowing down the surface of body. HUM: widen your awareness to a cosmic dimension. Associated with shining blue light send love and peace.

OM-A-HUM seems to be derived from the SO-HAM japam of yoga, which includes similar techniques, used for Kundalini Yoga.

18 May 1981 (Kumarila)
I was already energized by an exercise performed before. Now I increased the effort and started with OM-A-HUM meditation, reducing thought activity and widening inner awareness. of the whole body I felt strong pulsations, as if I were feverish. The state seemed to originate from a great inner power. I tried to smoothe these hard pulsations by circling, but as an unwanted side effect I felt sensual. Therefore I forced concentration on a widened inner space feeling. By doing this, I had the impression of an increased inner tension of two poles between feet and Anahata Chakra. Suddenly I recognized flashes rushing upwards in zigzag motion. By visualization of a yellow-orange sun at last I gained control. The pulsations smoothed to vibrations, which by the time accelerated to a higher frequency range and became more subtle. After some time I stopped meditating to prevent a too much aroused condition.


a) Meditation on Tara

Tara is a female tibetan goddess of love (somehow like Kuan Yin in China). Keep your eyes closed and support your sacral imagination by starting with prayers and bhakta-meditations in front of a tankha (Tib. religeous painting). Feel her golden body as yours, consisting merely of a shell made of light. The forehead is decorated with a diadem in the shape of the third eye. You are full of love and understanding and smiling. Now imagine your body of light to increase to the size of the room, to the size of the house and to the size of cosmos. Every living entity now is existing inside of you and you feel love to all beings. Stay in this cosmic state as long as possible. Cease meditation by decreasing your Tara body to the size of a pearl, which stays in your mystic heart as your great treasure. A similar tibetan meditation is the one on the Vajra Yogini, who has a red appearance and is situated in the Manipura Chakra (the different appearances of Shakti have their special Chakra domains). (Meditation by Lawapa 5).

b) Meditation on "Jesus with the burning heart"

(Catholic mysticism) Sit in front of a picture of Jesus and imagine that love, warmth and light shine from Jesus` heart to yours.

1979 (Gopala)
I sat down on my carpet for meditation, I lit a candle and then I started bhakta-meditation (meditation on love). It was an easy start, this day. Bhakta increased and my Anahata-Chakra became hot and eventually my whole body. Looking at the painting of Christ, I had the impression, that he was more vivid than usual, and out of his flaming heart I felt his love streaming towards me.


To visualize means to create a real optical sensation.

a) Visualisation of the sun:

Transform the dark background of your eyes into a cloudy sky. Behind the clouds the hidden sun is lighting an area you are just focusing at, and the semitransparent clouds brighten more and more. The sun is going to present her full shine within a few moments and you are longing for this event.

Another well established form of visualization is to convert the background of the closed eyes to a bay at night with dark black hills on both sides and the wide plane sea in front of you. After a while it will dawn and the horizon brightens. The water will be reflecting light and the orange ball of the sun will rise.

1966 (Alfred)
I sat on the floor and tried to visualize the sun. All of sudden I could see her disc and within two or three seconds the shine became so brillant that I was afraid of being blinded and immediately opened my eyes. It was about 23 o'clock. I went to bed and tried to fall asleep, but there was no chance. The entire night I stayed awake and vibrating, being highly aroused.
4 Mar 1977 (Alfred)
In a very clear dream I walked along the Nussdorfer street in Vienna. I felt free and very high. The street was covered by a thin blanket of snow, which glistened in a brillant white. Delighted by this sight I turned around and viewed the gables of the houses with their little spires and stony figures. By a kind of light-reflection all people in the street seemed to be transparent and surrounded by a golden aureole. They looked like saints. Nevertheless I thought to be in the "real world" and said to myself : "if this were a dream, I would be very delighted for having such a beautiful experience".


a) Mouna (no thinking) while walking

It is very difficult to stop thinking while meditating. Therefore I suggest to beginners to take a walk and to work on developing a kind of "receptive vision", like that of a child or an artist.

This kind of mental attitude should be without logical components like associations, assessment etc. Try to observe the colours and shapes, remaining mentally detached. You develop an inner feeling of peace, relaxation and amazement thereby, because the world is presenting itself in it's usual way. In this state sometimes old and forgotten experiences of childhood are recalled.

b) Mouna with concentration on Ajna Chakra In advanced mauna concentrate at Ajna Chakra (between your eyes) and stop thinking.

1979 (Shanita)
In a Yoga session, after Mouna, I suddenly had the feeling to fall into an inner void space. All thoughts seemed to have faded. I felt my (subtle) body loosening and expanding all over the room. While I was aware of this, I suddenly felt an almost unbearable heat on arms and breast. After a while the heat changed to a pleasant warmth.

c) Let your thoughts come and go

Let your thoughts come and go. Be disinterested in them. It is unimportant for you, whether there are many or no thoughts. When you have a thought actuate the intention: "I am disinterested on this thought".

d) Satipatthana (thought observation)

Whenever it is possible, try to observe your thoughts during the day. Evaluate the way you are thinking and feeling. Learn to understand yourself and your thought patterns.

e) Mouna in meditation

In an advanced performance try to stop thought activity while you meditate and try thereby to enter deeper zones of mind. Explore these zones and draw your conclusions.

23 Jan 1996 (Alfred)
In the short phases between sleep I practiced a simple form of mental control, which did not need much concentration. The characteristic of this state was some body awareness (breast, head), a controlled and diminished thought activity and some attention towards visual perception. Maybe this all at once sounds complicated, but it is not.

Once in an inner vision a street appeared at dawn. The street was in midst of a common countryside with no special characteristics. I passed meadows, trees, shrubs etc. I was lucid without special intentions, just observing the landscape while gliding along the street. After a short time I approached an intersection and slowed down. On the left side was a depot of old cars and rusty machines. I decided to move one of those by telekinesis, but did not succeed. I continued my tour and arrived at the first houses of a village and awoke.

14 Jan 1996 (Alfred)
In the early morning I fluctuated between awakeness and sleep. Automatically, as a product of the preceding exercises of this night, I decided to merely observe and cut off phantasies. Again at the border of sleep the shadows of eye background changed to a vision of an apparent 3-dimensional reality. I was in the scene and slid along a city street, with a very beautiful church near by and a cathedral with a separate belfry (campanile) in the far distance. The cathedral resembled that of Florence, but the streets were quite different from those of this beautiful city. I decided to have a look at the church, which was next to me and approached. The frontside of the church was made of red ceramic bricks, set in beautiful ornaments. I decided to enter, but sight faded just in this moment and I was awake again.


The effects of color:

Prolonged meditation on white or bright blue light can shift your energetic system to the cold side (Yin), whereas meditation on red has the opposite effect (Yang). In very warm or in cold surroundings respectively you should select the colour to balance the effects of your surroundings.

Personal conclusions:

White and bright blue light:

Long lasting meditations on white or bright blue light makes you feel cold and affects your organism in this way. The effect increases with time and with the virtuosity of imagination and the intensity of visualization. The relaxed state, in which meditation very often is performed adds to the loss of body temperature by reduced muscle activity and blood circulation. Colds, rheumatism, neuritis etc. may result. Furthermore I experienced, that meditation on white light shifts the center of body activity to the head. If unbalanced, you can become mentally aroused and less capable of controlling your thoughts. Additionally, you may get headache.

Red light:

Red light has warming or heating effects. Very often meditation is directed on special regions of the body, as on Chakras or (parts of) the spine. Therefore hot and cold regions (the adjacent regions tend to contrast) are created simultaneously. Avoid heat- or red light-meditation on the head.

Yellow, orange, green:

These are balanced colours and don't cause disorders in your energetic system. If you vizualize a golden sun, frequently the colour of light turns to white. In this case stop meditation (though a brief time visualizing on white would not harm). If you continue to meditate on a shifted colour, in the next meditation the same effect will occur again, because you have started to condition yourself. Shift of colour is promoted by tiredness, though in this state visualization is performed more easily.