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Planetary Clearing

by Carol Willis
23 February 1994

(C) Copyright by Carol Willis, 1994.

Distribution rights granted for non-commercial purposes.

This is a simple process for planetary clearing that removes a few layers of foreign and outworn energies; sets the vibration of the planet to gold; validates the spiritual nature of all Humanity; and creates a window of opportunity for greater and deeper clearing, freedom, creativity, personal confidence, and flowing exchanges.

Instructions are given for a preliminary personal clearing, followed by the planetary clearing. With a little practice and an understanding of the principles involved, this will become an easy, pleasurable, and rewarding process to do. Then watch and be aware in the next few days following the planetary clearing for what impressions and news may come to you.


1. Participants need to know themselves as spirit.
2. Participants need to be comfortable in wielding energy.


Grounding: Being fully IN your body as spirit, as opposed to be slightly misaligned with your body, or being entirely exterior. There are various schools of thought regarding whether it's more desirable for a spirit to be out of body or in a body. This author's position is that both can be useful for different purposes. The ideal is to be free to be in OR out of a body at will, as appropriate to the occasion. Since we are working with the quality of life on Earth and for Humanity, a fully grounded state will be most workable.

Grounding Shaft: An elongated cylinder, made out of any material or color that connects to an object and (normally) the center of a planet and helps connect spirit to body for a harmonious and capable expression of spirit in that body. Grounding shafts are made by mock-up or spiritual intention.

Hello!: A spirit-to-spirit greeting, recognizing and validating that spirit. A spiritual phenomenon that often accompanies Hello! is an expansion of spiritual "energy" or even a mild explosion of energy on the part of the receiver. A spiritual Hello! strengthens the spiritual identity of the giver and the receiver

Pictures: Pictures may be seen "in the mind's eye" as a phenomenon to consciousness on three levels: on the emotional level as fantasy, on the mental level as visualization, and on the spiritual level as creation. These processes work with creation and spiritual knowingness.

PROPS (optional)

1. A straight back chair.
2. World globe, or Hug-A-Planet,
3. A stand or chair to put the globe/planet on.
4. Space to walk around the chair.

You can also do the process without physical props. For most people, however, the process is more fun and more real for them if they use physical props.



1. Sit in your straight back chair with feet flat on the floor.

2. Be at the center of your head as spirit.

3. Say Hello! to yourself as spirit. (Notice any energy changes.)

4. Create a grounding shaft, as wide as your rear. Attach it to your rear and have it reach to the center of the earth. Make your grounding shaft out of any material you want, and any color you want. Notice the material and the color. Make sure your grounding shaft is secure by mentally giving it a little tug at your rear. If it comes off do whatever it takes to secure it. (This feels real funny the first time you do it, but stay in mild amusement, and continue on.)

5. Dump out foreign energies and old energies from your body space that are not applicable in present time. Just like using a dye in a medical diagnostic procedure, target that any foreign or old energies will show up to your perception in a dark color for easy identification. Dump out foreign and old energies down your grounding shaft, like water leaving a bathtub. Some foreign and old energies may require your creativity to add solvent, scrub, chip or otherwise find some way to loosen them and direct them down and out. My favorite way is to make them slippery and heavy. Continue all over the inside of your body space until you feel complete and no more dark stuff shows up. Observe the results of your work before proceeding.

6. Create a big gold sun over your head, about 3 feet in diameter.

Fill it up nice and full with:
A. All your own true (spiritual) energy,
B. All good things,
C. Lots of "havingness" (the ability to have and enjoy anything you want or need), and
D. amusement!
(The gold sun is symbolic of spirit and all things of eternal value.)

7. Reach up with your hands (you are reaching with your spiritual hands, and your physical hands will go along for the ride), and touch the edges of your gold sun. Notice how your sun feels, any any information that comes to you about your gold sun. Validate your creation.

8. Create some handles on the sides of your sun. Reach up again, grasp the handles on the sides of your sun, and SLOWLY pull your gold sun down through your body and aura space. Drink it in, fill up all the nooks and crannies left empty when you dumped out earlier. Enjoy the healing balm. Notice how your body likes your gold spiritual energy.

Pull it slowly down your torso and legs, bending over to get your lower legs and feet. Then, by intention, send your gold sun down 6' below your physical feet, to include the 5 lower chakras (your manifestation chakras).

9. Sit up, still being at the center of your head, spiritually look at your body and aura field, and behold your Work. Relax and enjoy for a moment before going on to planetary clearing.

(NOTE: This is a good exercise to do any time you want a healing for yourself. You can also do it lying down in bed. Create a grounding shaft as long as your body, then dump out. Don't go to sleep yet, as you're not finished. Create a gold sun wider than the length of your body, because you want to make sure to include your 5 higher chakras above your head (used for probabilities, possibilities, and infinity), as well as your 5 lower chakras below your feet, with your sun. Sweet dreams!)


  1. Walk over to your globe or planet on the stand or chair. If you are not using these, sit in your chair with eyes closed and mock up the Earth and Humanity to your spiritual vision.
  2. Be at the center of your head as spirit. If using a globe or planet, your eyes will be open. If using a mock up, your eyes will be closed.
  3. Say Hello! to yourself as spirit.
  4. Say Hello! to the spirits of all Humanity, and to Humanity as a whole.
  5. Using intention, release and dissolve your old grounding shaft used in personal clearing, and create a new one, using a different color and different material (that way you know it's a new grounding shaft in a new unit of time).
  6. Create a grounding shaft for Earth. Attach it to the bottom of Earth, and extend to the center of Venus (our sister planet). (Try other planets if you wish. I always use Venus. The energy that gets released down grounding shafts is recycled for use later in new creations.)
  7. Approach the aura of Earth. With palms facing outward, feel the edge of the Earth's aura. Breathe, be with it, explore the edge. Work with it cooperatively to get a clearly defined edge all the way around. Validate your work. (Defines space.)
  8. Using intention and a "light touch", use your hands to notice and feel "charge" on the edge of the Earth's aura. Gather it up, remove, and neutralize it. This is done with intention. Go all around the planet, inspecting for charge, gather it up, remove, and neutralize.
  9. Go deeper into the aura, closer to the planet, identifying more "closely held" charge. Notice which countries it seems to be emanating from. Gather up the charge, remove, and neutralize. Go all around the planet until you feel complete.
  10. Target old and foreign energy to show up as dark. Use your hands and intention to direct it down the grounding shaft. Continue until finished.
  11. Step back. Notice the change from when you started.
  12. Create a big gold sun over the top of the planet, maybe 2-3x the diameter of your "earth". Fill it up with all of Humanity's own true energy (as individual spirits and as a group), all good things, lots of havingness, and amusement!
  13. Using intention, SLOWLY "pull" or direct the sun downward throughout the body of Earth, through Humanity, and through the auric space of Earth. Notice how Humanity and Earth respond to this healing balm. Some individuals may drink it in eagerly, others may be indifferent. Make your own observations. Direct the gold sun down and out the lower end of Earth, and keep directing it a ways down, to include Earth's "manifestation chakras."
  14. Direct your attention toward the top of Earth's aura field. Set the energy of the Earth to bright metallic-like gold, and let that energy spritz throughout the Earth, its aura field, and Humanity.
  15. Step back and behold your Work.
  16. If you used a globe or planet, leave it in position, and put it away later.


This process seems to last for several days. If a number of people were doing the process the effect would probably be deeper in terms of what got cleared. People would be able to get several layers of old and foreign energy cleaned out in a short period of time. The effect may also last longer. This spiritual validation and clearing booster will lead more and more people to take responsibility for more personal clearing, honesty, integrity, authenticity, the creation of space, time, energy, and new games. It will also have the effect of making people happier, more intelligent, and more organized, and self-motivated.

Carol Willis, Sunnyvale CA