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Formal Class for Soul Travel

Paul Dunlop

I shall start with giving you a background on light energy. if you have any questions pllease /msg me them for the time being. Many people limit their sights when working with "magic". People tend to limit themselves to techniques that are already out there. These can be helpful, but they are desgined for the person who made. it. (specifically talking about meditation, not rituals)

IN order for you to get the greatest benefit from your work you must allow yourself to be guided to doing things that are natural to you. You may find that when healing , someone tells you to use green, but you find that blue works best for you. I work with the light. This energy I work with is of a much higher vibration to that of astral. But when you work with light you take on greater responsibilities. You work with unconditional love.

When working with astral you do not HAVE to work with these.

Thats why when you soul travel above the astral dimensions you do not encounter anyone / thing that can harm you. These entites exist only in the lower realms.

Does anyone have any questions at this stage?

Could you digress and describe the astral

Could I digress and describe the astral. :) I have been working with them consciosly for about 1 1/2 yrs, but mostly I have been unaware that I was doing it most of my life :)

Are you saying that on the astral, there could be a threat to you, but not in soul travel?

Because no entity that is negative can exist in the soul plane. Astral and earth are where the "evil" entities reside.. Thats gods law. And the soul plane is that of pure love and light. Hence no negativity. It just wouldnt be sustained.

The threat on the astral is real yes.. But if you use your light body instead of your astral body then it is very small.

Ok.. please redirect to /msg if you do have a question for now :) To answer your question song : The astral is the 4th dimension. It is one mainly of illusions. You can visit places on the astral that co-exist on earth. Ie a mountain that is crystal on earth, will vibrate to a higher frequency and hence be also on the astral.. mayb even on the soul. These places you can visit and draw energy from. Ie Help raise your vibration.

The Astral Plane has 7 levels to it.

The first 3 are the closest to earth, and have many drug addicts, alcoholics in it.. Ie they are considered, lower hells. When travelling or projecting, you can visit the physical. IE what many peopl esay is OBE can be Soul travel, or astral projection.

So if you wanted to visit a friend in New zealand from USA, you could. Not only that you can also help heal that person, talk to them, or even Bi - Locate. Bi-location is a existing in 2 places at once, but being SEEN!! I have done this once. Its difficult to master because your energies are split to two bodies.. One your phsycial (oh.. this is assuming that you want to be conscious of your phsyical, as you dont have to be), and the other the astral or light body Not only are the energies split they have to be very dense.. ie tied to earth, heavy.

Do you have any questions?

Can you be bi-somewhere soul as well as astral?

Yes, everything you do with astral you can do with light, but you can do more with the light body

Can only the Higher Self do Astral, or Soul travel??

No ... but if you do you astral AS your Higher Self its more enlightening.

Ok.. this meditation will be kinda shortened in that when I say relaxation, I generally take about 5 - 10 mins to become fully relaxed.

There is a good relaxation technique you can do that I find is brilliant :)

Ok.. You need to either sit or lie down. Sitting requires that you sit it a straight posture , with both feet flat on the floor. Lying requires that your knees be bent towrds the body, comfortably so you do not have an arch at the lower back. You might like to place a book under your had so that you dont get a sore neck. The size of the book is about 4 fingers. The spine of the book that its.. 3- 4 fingers

When you have fully become relaxed, become conscious of your breathing. On an in breath pull a line of white light through the top of your head. pull the light through your crown chakra.

Allow it to go through your spine and down through the root chakra and into the earth below. If you feel after this that your posture is a it crampy, straighten up , or move a little to allow the energy to flow better. If you're very good with chakras you can adapt this to clear each chakra when pulling the light through.

If you dont know about chakras , don't fret. This will help open and align them a bit for you.

Then call your guides to you. Just gently send a though to your guides to be present with you. Ask them to make their presence felt. You are NOT asking them to enter your body.

Bath your self in white light. Then violet light.. This helps cleanse you and protect you. It also help to raise your energy. What your doing is getting your vibrations up, and your body relaxed. Now which way do you want me to do this ?? Astral first, or Soul?

Ok.. i think it'd be best if I cover astral then soul. To do astral, you next need to push out astral substance. This is generally pushed out through the solar plexus chakra. some do it through their 3rd eye though.

What do you mean 'astral substance'?

Astral substance is what you need in order to do astral travel. its what the astral body is made of.

You do this by visualising a greyish , light grey / silver cloud being ejected from your body. Astral substance is what you need in order to do astral travel. It's what the astral body is made of.

Now for those of you who have not done Astral P much, it might pay just to play for a while, maybe even a week or two, so that you get familiar with this.

Then mould this cloud into a replica of your body (simulcram) (and PLEASE dont do this if you dont feel your good enuff!! and be honest) This next bit is hard. You have to shift your consciousness to that of the astral body.

This requires the "letting go" of the phsycial. Seeing as we are all expereince physical its hard to let go.. we get excited, we expect things to happen.. But you haven't experienced astral so its a new experience.. Just let go and flow..

Can energy be taken in , and releassed with breathing, by taking deep breaths? I believe so


When you have successfully shifted to you new body.. do not go to far on your first trip.. mayb just fly around your house. :)

Then come back, and completely REabsorb the astral substance. thats how to get out.. I won't cover the what you do out there just yet, not until I do the how to get out in your soul body. :)

When energies build very high, what do you suggest for lowering them

Eating something :)

Shall I continue with the soul body now!?? it is not that much different

Cannot eat when energies very high

Usually go outside and stand barefoot under tree to lower very high energies

Well yes, thats another way! :)

To lower energies : good question.. I would suggest blocking.. reversing the raising energy technique. I would say imagine the light being taken out of your body instead of in.

Ok.. I think its time I touched on soul travel.

Soul travel is different in that our using your light body, mer-kah-vah vehicle, or soul body . Pick which one you like :) I call it light body.

You also can go to higher dimensions with it. The meditation is the same , up until the point where you want to leave. Instead of using astral substance. You call your light body to you.

Now if you feel that you dont have one.. Create a temporary one. Ie, imagine a bubble of light moving down to surround you. This bubble does not have to mould to be your body.

You cannot travel to the soul plane in astral body, but you can soul travel to astral plane. In fact you have to pass through the astral to get to soul plane. You could, alternatively, use a 4 sided pyramid instead of a bubble.

This energy is much higher than that of the astral so mayb at first you have to imagine it.

This is what makes soul travel difficult.. well for me it does.

I really have to work at being in tune to feel the presence of my light body. Let alone shifting into it. But the shifting method is the same(ish). :) You use light tho, and instead of pulling it from your body. You pull it from the cosmos. Its not contined in you like astral substance is, its outside you. Thats why soul travel is so much more powerful.

Can you soul/astral travel without being consciously aware of doing it?

Yes, in fact most people soul/astral wihtout being conscious of it :) although most times they think they are dreaming. I woke up one morning and went and had a shower, out my clothes on and got ready for school (this is about 4 yrs ago). Then all of a sudden my alarm clock ran, and I work up. I rememebr thinking to myself " I have to go thru all that AGAIN!"

Astral travel originates within ourselfs, and soul travel orginates from universal energy, orginates from our higher self??

Yes, you are right.

This is correct, BUT you dont have to travel as your higher self. You can just use your concsiousnes.. I'd recommend you get the log from paganhelp, and do that meditaion then soul tarvel as your higher self. What most people dont realise is that they are working more and more with light energies than astral.. but they label thema s astral.

When you move to the 5th dimension you exist as light. I have had one experience where all I saw was pure white light, all I was was energy, light, and It was soo invigourating! :)

Ok.. guides and stuff :)

When you start to do work in your light body, or really any work, you should ask permission. Ie, if your going to be doing a healing, or visiting a friend.. ask first!! You dont HAVE to ask the phsyical, but so long as you ask. I have asked someone sub conscious and its said no.. and when they say no they mean it! :) heheeh.. It put up a big block.

Ask and receive permission, do not proceed without permission of that person, could be dangerous

If you do proceed without asking permission, or after getting a no, your likely to get attacked or something else. Its not pleasant and can sometimes be so strange it will force you back into your phsycial body leaveing you with a bad headache or just a jolt.

Is it ethical to do healing on another without asking first?

No, its not ethical to do a healing without asking someone. A healing doesnt really work without someone wanting it anyway

Remember you start aquiring all these new gifts, but you cannot help someone if they dont want it.

Your guides will come through higher than astral form. They are not astral entities, but need to work from the astral because you cannot jump from one dimension to another. eg, you cannot go from 3rd -> 5th in one jump.. you must pass thru 4th. They appear as light, or angels of light because they are in their light bodies, You guides are there to help you.. Thank them occasionally :) send them love and light.. They are your friends.

Some healers have guides who help move their hands when doing a healing. Guides are not always angels. :)

If guides are not always angels, what are they?

The are should beings.. Light workers, Ascended Masters.. Angels exist in much higher dimensions.

When you astral travel you dont need to worry about being a loving being.. But when you soul travel you have to.. You begin to exist as a pure form.. So if your not ready to do soul travel, thats ok. Well, I have mentioned that the demons are confined to astral and lower. This is because you cannot have negativity in the 5th dimenions and above. So therefore when you astral travel , you cannot go to the 5th dimenions, so you can be negative.. not that you'd want to be I spose. And if you want to go higher , travel in your light body, you have to be pure.