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The Cosmic Experience

by Octavian Sarbatoare

Can we die while living? Returning to the source?
Death of old consciousness, rebirth of an expanding one?
Dissolve all discrimination of the protective ego?
The divine with an image is still a separation.

The state of awareness called love is when
the heart is open and peace with whatever happens.
The breath absorbs the energy the way the nature does,
surrounded with beauty is how the breath expands.

Then staying truthful, the truth is in the open.
The universe obeys to the behest of love,
when love can enter into an empty vessel,
the light is seen, for the unconditional surrender.

Connect what dwells within and witness consciousness,
spirit and matter are now together in total limitless,
free of any bound or shackle, the feeling of the space,
the open space, the resting solitude.

Pure awareness, the transcendental,
the consciousness comes down, creation of the life.
Thus, in the flow of abound energy emerges,
the cosmic person, living in all the times.