On Diverse Mysteries And Their Traditions

On Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary: mys-tery, pl -ter-ries [ME mysterie, fr. L. mysterium, fr. Gk mysterion, fr. (assumed) mystos keeping silence, fr. Gk myen to be closed (of the eyes or lips) - a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand [...] a secret religious rite believed to impart enduring bliss to the initiate [...]

On ancient and modern philosophical, mystic and religious belief-systems (beside Yoga):

Miscelaneous Texts

Assorted collection from various sources, some unreliable, some not.
  • Angelology - The study of the angels
  • Astrology - Some very interesting texts about astrology
  • Atheism - The religion of not believing in god
  • Christianity - What misterious ways we have on our path?
  • Eastern Spirituality - In another hesmisfere, other form of tought
  • Environment - Our world is where we evolve, let's take care of it
  • Esoteric - To understand the mysteries of existence and reality
  • Health - Your body is the vessel of your soul
  • Inspiration - Helping to keep going forward
  • Martinism - Concerned with the fall of the first man
  • Material World - We live in it, we must know it
  • Mysticism - The various levels of consciousness
  • Nutrition - How what you eat makes what you are
  • Occultism - General occultism texts, some very contradictory
  • Paranormal - Goind beyond the normality of the world
  • Psychic - Psychic Ability Information & Development
  • Quotes - They can say something to you, even now
  • Vegetarianism - Avoiding animal suffering in your diet
  • Witchcraft - Also known as The Craft or Wicca