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by Dora Birkhead
The story I am now going to tell you is about a cloud. A cloud which had floated high in the sky for a very long time, until suddenly, it felt itself moving in a different direction.

Consternation set in the cloud, for it was only a tiny cloud, and was not used to going very far alone.

But on and on it went, unable to do anything about it. So, instead of feeling afraid, it settled comfortably and began to enjoy its journey.

Down below, the cloud saw many different scenes – towns, villages, fields, rivers, until it came over a large expanse of water. This made it sit up and think.

"Oh dear. My mother told me about seas and oceans. Now I know what she means. Can I hold up here, long enough to reach the other side, I wonder?"

It did, and what a relief it was to find itself once again over familiar land.

But the thought of the sea stayed with the tiny cloud, day in, day out. No matter where it floated, always remained the pull of the water it had seen that day.

Finally, Tiny Cloud could stand it no longer, and as it came close to a very large cloud, it asked it about the sea, the great big sea.

Oh yes, large cloud knew about the great big sea. It was going that way now.

"Take me with you" pleaded Tiny Cloud, "Please take me with you." So Tiny Cloud joined on to large cloud, and together they floated slowly but surely out to sea.

Tiny Cloud felt calm and contented. Tiny Cloud was HOME.