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Psychokinesis and its Effects

Effects of Psychokinesis

Chance Variations

The most common effects of psychokinesis are small variations in chance, such as dice rolls, card shuffles, and influence on electronics. These can help a person win a board game. They can force variation in a random number generator. They sometimes cause electronic equipment malfunctions, and often happen without us realizing it.

Retro Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis can also work backward in time.

The experiment uses a random number generator to produce a set of 1's and 0's and records them on floppy disk. While it occurs, a person is trying to force the results using PK. Another person then looks at the numbers to see whether there are more of a number than expected. Like the flip of a fair coin, there should be about half of each result.

In one form of the experiment, a person with PK is told to force 1's before the generator runs. Then it runs, a person checks the results, and the person has successfully forced extra 1's. This is normal cause and effect, as we understand it.

In the second form of the experiment, the number generator runs first and the results are recorded on floppy disk. Then afterward, the person is told whether to force it to produce extra 1's or extra 0's. The person makes an effort, and then someone looks at the already recorded results to see if it worked. And, it does a scientifically significant amount of time. Since the floppy hasn't been touched, the results must have been there all along, in the direction asked for.

No one, including top scientists, has been able to explain how that works. All they can prove is that it does work a significant number of times. For more details, look for studies on retro-psychokinesis in scientific parapsychology journals.


Levitating objects is possible though rare. This can either be straight up, or moving the object across the room. For reasons probably tied to beliefs, this rarely happens when people are watching. Sometimes, though, a person will turn around just in time to see the object drop. It may account for some objects relocating across the room when no one moved them (this happens to a large number of people, in cases where it couldn't be just forgetfulness).

In my experience, objects spontaneously levitated or moved when I was daydreaming. Typically, I was relaxed, dreamy, unfocused, and mentally energetic. I don't know how long objects levitated. I only noticed them once they fell down with a bang. Other than general mood, I haven't discovered any details for causing movement on purpose.

Chimes rang indoors without wind, repeatedly (and just one chime at a time, not the whole set). A pan floated straight up and then dropped back down onto the same shelf. A cordless phone moved to a different corner of the room while I was awake in it but not watching. A spiral handset phone cord floated in the air in front of my eyes, until I thought, "That can't float!" at which point it promptly dropped to the floor. Some of these happened with friends in the room, and they agreed with my observations. I haven't learned to control them yet, though.


Teleportation, which means an object vanishes in one place and reappears somewhere else, is reported occasionally but is extremely rare. Since I don't have the ability, I can't teach it. I mention it here to help people research it.

Search carefully through parapsychology journals and publications. There are stories of psychic Chinese children who can cause flowers, pills, and other small objects to teleport on cue. There are stories of a Scottish man from hundreds of years ago showing up in Europe in the 1990s, very confused about what happened to his farm. There are stories of mediums who conjure small objects during seances.

Some of these have been researched in detail. Some are just reported as case studies. Because they aren't repeatable in a lab, they're difficult to verify and prove. Also, it's very difficult to get studies of such controversial topics published in the United States. Search for psychic studies from Europe, Australia, Canada, China, and Russia.

Causes of Psychokinesis

Random Manifestations of Micro Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis most often manifests spontaneously and accidentally as microPK. The person may not notice microPK. Strongly wanting a dice roll or a particular hand of cards, can cause microPK to happen. This may account for a person's good luck or bad luck.

Random manifestation comes from a strong emotional desire. The desire motivates the ability, which then works subconsciously to bring about the goal.

Random Manifestations of Macro Psychokinesis

The other emotional state that often causes psychokinesis is high adrenaline. This can be anger, fear/terror, frustration, excitement, or pleasure.

Adrenaline psychokinesis can manifest in a big way: objects moving around, electronic equipment breaking, or a glass shattering. While this is impressive, it's usually not repeatable. It usually scares the person involved, although it's unlikely to hurt anyone.

This is also the ability sometimes responsible for poltergeist effects in homes. The poltergeist effects center around one person with an undisciplined psychokinetic ability and usually a lot of emotional upset and stress. The psychokinetic activity may be a way of releasing some of the stress or making it more obvious so it gets solved.

This may not account for all such cases, but it is the reason behind some of them. People who have troublesome psychokinetic activity should contact an agency with a good reputation in parapsychology - ask for their history and references - and get assistance there.

Random psychokinesis shows that the person does have a natural ability towards psychokinesis. If the person wants to do so, she or he may work on gaining control of the ability, and causing it on purpose in the intended fashion. Even if a person has not had random psychokinesis before, if he or she is willing to let it happen, it may eventually do so.

Intentional Manifestations of Micro Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis can also manifest on purpose. The easiest to study is micro psychokinesis affecting random number generators (RNGs) because scientists can measure the effect. Psychic research labs have identified people who can consistently affect RNGs.

Computer programs are becoming a possibility for an at-home lab with as much or almost as much control as a scientific lab. The best of these programs use true random numbers, generated from special hardware. Simpler programs use pseudo-random numbers, which can have patterns or repetition in them, and are harder or impossible to affect.

A cheap route to practicing micro psychokinesis is to use a fair die. See the section Statistics and the Z-Score for detailed experiments and how to interpret the results.

Intentional Manifestations of Macro Psychokinesis

Some people can also manifest macro psychokinesis on purpose. Most will not demonstrate it, or even let anyone else know they can do it. They would be harassed about the ability if they did. Don't expect any demonstrations.

In many cases, these people had random macro psychokinesis manifestations, and eventually discovered how to control them. They may not understand the ability or be able to teach it. Some methods for learning macro psychokinesis are discussed later in this page. Since few people can learn it easily, they aren't as tried and practiced as the other skills in this book.

A very large part of learning macro psychokinesis is belief. If a person believes that it can't happen, it won't. If they believe it might happen, then it might. If they can fully believe that it will happen, it will.

This is covered and explained in more details in the belief section. Disbelief is why macro psychokinesis is one of the more rare psychic abilities. It takes a lot to overcome the initial disbelief enough to manifest the ability a few times. Just like any other psychic ability, it can be learned if approached correctly.