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Operating As Source

by Louis Majors

In The Beginning There Was Us

Take a journey with me back into our collective past when we were just one limitless field of consciousness, how did creation happen? This is what I remember...

In the beginning there was just 'us'. Only there were no individuals yet, so it was more like....

In the beginning there was just 'consciousness' or 'spirit' or 'OurSelf', or if you like 'God'. There was nothing else - no divisions and no experiences, therefore no intelligence (the ability to choose between options). Since there was no intelligence and no differences; there was no personality. Only pure, undefined consciousness with an urge. A desire to 'move' within OurSelf. So part of OurSelf moved within OurSelf. It 'felt' good, so we did it again and again and again. And this first repetitious behavior became the first cycle, which created the first simple form, the beginning of physical reality and the first universe was born. This first cycle became the first sub sub atomic particle/wave. Thus we embarked on creating the first universe by BEING it.

The repetitious movement became boring, or lost it's strength as a new, original feeling, so parts of us moved on to new patterns and more and more complex movements, and thus, new forms were birthed. The ability to differentiate between movements and store these memories, or INTELLIGENCE was realized. The beginning of self-consciousness was born as we felt ourselves 'within' a larger self.

So form evolved, and intelligence evolved, and personality evolved, until there was a being who could think in concepts. A being or part of OurSelf who could conceive of being more than the part s/he was playing. A being who could imagine or think about and 'sense' the whole universe within him/herself and conceive of being it all, and then figure out how to combine 'feeling' with thought to move consciousness or parts of OurSelf within OurSelf and create their own universe. Thus multiverses were born.

And parts of OurSelf learned to create they're own universes based on their personalities, or personal desires, by fine tuning 'feeling' or 'desire' with thought.

OurSelf has moved from creating by 'being' to creating by 'thinking'.

As Homo Sapien Sapiens on earth, our race is now entering into this arena as conscious creators and man it feels good, and I AM SO THANKFUL AND FULL OF LOVE for OurSelf and the beautiful pattern that unfolded. Now it is truly possible to have a universe with no disease, no pain, no suffering, only happiness and joy and growing through experiencing changes without suffering; or create

A large group of us have moved into the new paradigm and are existing totally as the creators of our reality, if you feel a tug it may be your time to make the leap!

Operating As Source

You and I are all that is. We chose to individualize OurSelf in many perspectives, and we have a relationship with each other(all the other possibilities). We have the power to choose what we want to experience. We co-create through our relationship with the other parts of the multiverses or infinite possibilities. To co-create is to choose who you want to be and what you want to experience by adopting a perspective of yourself, creating expectations (consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously) about reality, and emitting a vibration and thoughts based on the two preceding decisions.

Co-creating with reality is seeming more and more to me like romance, or dating, rather than some mechanical process to push buttons and see results. I 'project' a vibration of who I think I am (my soul / self-image) and 'project' thoughts to signal the multiverses for experiences.

Man has taught us to divide portions of reality into animate and inanimate, dead and alive, being and non-being. This has definitely affected our view of reality. One of the first things they teach you in magic is 'there are no nouns, everything is a verb' (alive). We usually express this in metaphysical circles as 'everything is spirit' (science expresses the same idea when they say 'consciousness is a field' but then again it sounds depersonalized or dead). What is my point then? Out of the infinite multiverses, you have chosen a unique universe. The signals of your expectations have called a zillion members of infinity to create your reality. You tell yourSelf, "this is what I want to experience about myself". So it's You and You. The members of my universe that are not called 'Lou' are alive and interact with me every moment. I ask myself then, what is my relationship like with my universe? (my partner and my true soul mate) Do I see a mean, overbearing parent who is ready to kick my behind at every turn? Do I see an impersonal, dead machine that cranks out the goodies or baddies when I put in the proper ingredients? Do I see a mass of impersonal energy clawing and fighting amongst it's parts, each part vying for survival at the expense of another? Or, am I starting to see a loving, alive being that I am interacting with every moment? Since I am in a relationship, what does my partner want? What can I do for them? I believe they want the energy we create called love. That energy that automatically contains the energy of praise, appreciation, and joy. I believe we literally feed nourishing energy back to the multiverses via our feeling of love and joy.

The ABC's Of Creating

So you want to be a creator? You feel you have the 'stuff' creators are made of? Well, you're right of course!

The foundation for being a conscious creator is the truth. These are the facts:

  1. You, the real you, is 'consciousness' or 'awareness'.
  2. Consciousness has the innate ability to 'move' within itself.
  3. This ability has evolved into a complex ability to 'image' within OurSelf.
  4. In our civilization we have labeled this process with the word 'thinking'.
  5. The area within OurSelf where this takes place has been labeled 'mind' and sometimes, 'Imagination'.

So, the foundation for all you will create is who you are and the innate power you and every other living being possesses.

If you understand the reality of 'why' you are already a creator, and the primal power you already possess, then you are ready to use it.

You can create or alter your reality in at least two ways. You can 'attract' elements (events, objects, people, other beings) into your reality. And you can create 'new' or original elements.

One way you 'attract' elements is your self-identity, or the image you maintain or repeat within your being of yourSelf. This vibration, or repetition of image, 'attracts' the proper elements to support your projection. It also sets up the mega beliefs about what you can and cannot do.

After you realize yourself as a creator, you can consciously 'attract' reality by being in the energy of what you desire, specifically or in general. An example of general energy would be to walk in love or to continually live in a joyful energy. To specifically create something you can think about it, or feel the energy of it with you, or use creative speaking to speak it into your universe or act as if you already have it. Acting as though you already have it is not a lie because as consciousness, all creations are within you, and consciousness is a single field or one.

In the same manner you can dream up new images, new combinations of previous experiences, and imagine new experiences for yourSelf and bring them to physical reality by focusing energy through thought, feelings, words, and actions.

These are the ABC's of conscious creating but repetition is the creative action at the base of all these methods ( see article "Key To Our Creative Power" ), that is why it takes time to manifest. That is also why you can stave off disappointment if you do not manifest something instantly. Compare the process to learning to walk, you already had the tools at birth and the power but it took repetition and practice to establish your balance. The same idea holds true in your unfolding as a conscious creator.