Near Death Experience

Its Meaning To Spirituality

The biggest surprise for for most people in dying is to realize that dying does not end life. It's definitly a gift to look beyond the veil for a moment, and realize the opportunity of physical life, which many, also spiritual interested people, deny. About those people who came back ...

You are not your body. It is just something you wear for a while, because living in the earthplane is infinitly more meaningful and more involved if you are encased in its trappings and subject to its rules.
--- "Coming Back to Life" by P. M. H. Atwater

Maybe to add, those who experienced NDE perceive the Life as great opportunity to grow, and even do not long to leave but try to give their life a greater meaning than before. Some people mean, that human has to care of life not of death or near-death-experiences or other "other side" things. That's right, but many people do not realize the importance of physical life and its preserve, then such experiences may give signals for those who experienced NDE, and you who are reading these experiences.

We add here some parts of The Complete Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone (available in bookstores or from the author himself) for some further explanation of the death or bardo experience:

The First Phase of the Bardo --- In the first phase of the bardo just prior to the moment of death, the soul extension will see before himself or herself the dazzling, blinding, clear Light of God. The soul extension will see it regardless of its level of spiritual evolution. It is of the utmost importance in this moment to allow oneself to merge with this Light. To merge with this Light is to allow oneself to merge with God. The merging with this Light is very similar to that of ascension, at the sixth initiation, the only difference being that during ascension one merges with this Light while still in the physical body. During the bardo one merges without the physical body. Remember what we said earlier about the famous statement of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita: where we go when we die is determined by the last thought in the mind before we die. We must let the last thought in our minds be only to merge with the Light, to merge with God. For some, this can be a death-bed salvation and liberation.

[...] The moment just prior to death is the ultimate moment of the soul extension's entire incarnation. Now here comes the problem. The problem is that most people in the world are not educated about the art and science of death and dying and do not know about the clear Light of God; hence they miss this momentous opportunity. Why do they miss this opportunity? For many reasons. The first is that they don't know they are supposed to merge with the Light, so they don't do it. The second reason is preconceived religious notions or fear of the Light. Third, many people, when they die, are too drugged by medical doctors. Other people are so materialistically identified that God is the furthest thing form their minds. Other people are too preoccupied with their families or matters of easte and other assorted worries and concerns. They are probaly infinite numbers of reasons, but the biggest one is lack of education about this most important science. [...] The merging with the Light can possibly mean liberation from the wheel of birth (reincarnation). [...]

The Mechanics of Death --- As the death process begins, a number of things take place, not necessarily in this exact order:

  1. The removal of the life thread, or silver cord.
  2. The removal of the consciousness thread;
  3. The exit of the three permanent atoms. They are the recording devices in the solar plexus, pineal gland, and heart. They are called the astral seed atom, the mental seed atom, and the heart seed atom;
  4. The exit of the etheric, astral, and mental bodies;
  5. The rising of the kundalini, and the exit of the soul extension, or personality.
This last occurence is absolutly fascinating in that the soul extension and kundalini exist from the chakra that the person focused on the most in that lifetime. The ideal would be to leave out of the crown chakra or at minimum, the third eye. However, the soul extensions, or personalities, that were very astrally focused in that lifetime will leave out of the soul plexus chakra. If they were love-focused they will leave out of the heart chakra. If they were will- and communication- focused in that lifetime they will leave out of the throat chakra. If they were focused on spiritual sight as their main interest they will leave out of the third eye. If they were God-focused they will leave out of crown.

Which chakra the personality leaves out of will also affect the bardo experience and possibly which plane it will magnetized toward after the bardo. [...]

Everything that has happened in one's entire life is really a preparation for this moment [death].

Death is Very Similar to Birth --- When a person is physically born, the physical body travels through the birth canal and out into the world. During death the soul extension and kundalini rise up through the sushumna (the chakra column, or silver cord) out through the "birth canal" opening which is the crown chakra, it strikes the pituitary and pineal centers in the brain, which causes the third eye to open. (This is also what happens when the kundalini is raised during meditation.) It is at this moment that the first phase of bardo is experience, and the clear Light of God is seen and, it is hoped, merged with. It is usually the astral seed atom that leaves first, then the mental seed atom, and lastly the the head seed atom. When the emotional and mental seed atoms leave, one is no longer conscious of the Earth plane. When the head seed atom leaves, the silver cord then breaks, releasing the soul extension completely. The hear seed atom will leave rather quickly in an initiate, but may ramain in the physical body for three days in the case of a less evolved soul extension.

If the first phase of the bardo has been missed then there still is the opportunity to merge with the clear Light of God in the second phase of the bardo. There are some things that the soul extension needs to be aware of, however, so as not to get confused. Since the kundalini has risen, the third eye will be open. This will cause a person to be psychic and possibly to see all kinds of images and figures and possibly to hear music. The most important thing is to keep one's focus on achieving the highest level of God-realization possible and the most concerned with merging with the Light. Many of the images and people one may see, although seeming totally real, are really just thought forms. Dreams seem totally real; in a sense, the second phase of the bardo is a phase of dreaming. The bardo experience is a spiritual test and an opportunity for greater spiritual initiation. More enlightened soul extensions may see Ascended Masters, or angels or dieties of some kind. A less evolved soul extension who left out the solar plexus chakra or even the second chakra may see [sexual] images of naked woman dancing. It is possible, in this bardo state, to interact with these images and become involved with them.

It is of highest importance to avoid being seduced by "false gods", so to speak. What a person puts first in life is in reality the god that is worshiped. Anyone who truly wants liberation, initiation and God realization, must not get seduced by any images or thought forms of real or imagined people other than God and the clear Light. As Jesus said, "Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life".

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