My Near-Death Experience

John Foreman

On 3 August 1963 I underwent 6.5 hours of major surgery to repair a large hole in my diaphragm. I had been cooked internally by microwave radiation from a RF (radio frequency) leak in a Radar that I worked with while in the Navy. This all took place at the US Naval Hospital at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. The NDE was on 9 August 1963.

On 9 August the entire surgical procedure broke open explosively because the tissue from so tender from having been cooked. I went through another 5.5 hours of major surgery.

I woke up??? I was in the same ICU where I had been moved six days earlier following the first surgery. But this time it was different. I was looking down on a body lying in bed with tubing coming out of every body opening. The body was blue/gray in color from lack of oxygen. I did not at first recognize that the body was me. I had never seen myself before in a full all dimensional view. It's appearance was not like looking through a single pair of eyes. But it was like I was seeing from a position while dispersed around the top of the room. I recognized a woman across the room from me that had attempted suicide before my first surgery. She was still in the same bed she had been in six days earlier. I recognized the Navy hospital corpsman that was at the nurses desk in the center of the ICU. He was busy talking to someone on the phone and having a good time. I was watching when he turned in my direction and realized that his patient had died. He immediately called a CODE BLU! E. I watched people appear from all directions as they came and started the resuscitation procedures. I saw my surgeon apply the paddles to my chest and watched my body jerk when the current was applied. I watched them stick large needles through my back into my lungs to extract the fluid that had filled my lungs. I watched the huge portable X-RAY machine being brought to my bedside so that I could be X-RAYED to determine what had happened. I saw Dr. Segal inject the shot of Adrenaline directly into my heart. I watched him leap up on my bed and straddle my body and pound on my chest while he was shouting breath you son of a bitch. I not only watched all of what was happening, I heard all of what was said. The view was actually indescribable in human terms, because my vantage point was still dispersed around the ceiling of the room. When I told some of these people what I had seen, they said you could not have seen or heard that! You were DEAD! This entire scene was timeless! to me. also saw my entire life pass before me from the womb to the experience of breaking open. I remember what happened right up to being moved into a green tiled room. I thought it was the operating room, but later learned that it was a men's dressing room where the Doctor's went to shower and dress for surgery. I was to contaminated to take directly into surgery. I had to have the gross cleanup done first. During the life regression, it was as though I were looking at myself and whoever or whatever was present when an event happened. The view was of me and everyone else. From outside of myself. I felt my feelings, but at the same time I felt the feelings of anyone that was involved in the scene. It was my entire life that passed before me. I saw things that I had never remembered happening. I saw my Christening in the Methodist Church in New Waterford, Ohio. I was probably only a few weeks old then, because I could not even crawl. I could see myself as this little baby screaming at the top of his lungs when the preacher put the cold water ! on it's head. I saw this same little boy crawl up to a screw in wall outlet and lift the brass flap and insert a tiny finger. I watched him jerk back and scream as he received his first electric shock. I watched him at four years old with some of his cousins in Barlow, Ohio go to watch the earth moving equipment while they were putting through the new road for route 50. I could see myself after I messed my pants and no one would let me near them because I smelled so bad. I was really screaming this time. It must have taken an hour for us to get back to my grandparents house. I was crying all the way. And the experiences went on. I was also aware of a loud rushing sound. I was being taken up through this dark tunnel like enclosure. But it was more like being caught up in the middle of a whirlwind or tornado. The walls were of an appearance that one would see on a foggy night in the vicinity of yellow or amber street lights. The walls were not a bright light, but made to take! on a golden or amber glow. As I approached the end I became aware of the brightest white light that I have ever seen. It was brighter than looking directly at the sun. As I approached closer the light took on human form. The light was coming from where the face should have been. I am attempting to describe three different distinct things here that all seemed to be happening at the same time. My view of all of this was from outside of myself, because everything was all dimensional. Not just three dimensional as we see with our human eyes. Communication seemed to be kind of like mental telepathy. As I would think a thought the answer was already present with total and complete understanding. There was no such thing as having to try to figure out what was being said. I was shown many things and met many different people while there. I was not permitted to return with those memories. But I can never forget the following.



I then went back down through the tunnel or whirlwind to my body. They were finishing all of what ever they do before moving me to the morgue. The only place around the body that was clear of people was my feet. I re-entered my body through my toes. My feet hurt for months after that. Everyone was totally shocked when I opened my eyes and spoke to them.

Dr. Segal told me that I had aspiration pneumonia as a result of getting stomach acid in my lungs when the entire repair broke. I was placed in an oxygen tent and had tubing in every body opening. I had IV's plugged into both arms and both legs. I was really pretty much of a vegetable. My body temperature was at 107 degrees F. It took 11 days before the fever broke. They would take me with all of the plumbing still attached and put me in a bath tub filled with pink alcohol. Then they would drop ice into the alcohol and lower my body temperature to about 96 degree. This procedure continued about every hour for 11 days. Everytime they would take me from my bed they would have to change the sheets. They were covered with a layer of gray greasy dust where my body had been. It was the dead cells that had sloughed off of me.

I weighed 165 pounds prior to my surgery. I dropped to 78 pounds before my condition turned and I started to gain weight. I was 11 days with the 107 temperature. I was 31 days on the critical list. In all I was in the hospital for 101 days.

It was hard living with the memory of this when no one would believe me. My experience happened 12 years before Dr. Moody wrote "LIFE AFTER LIFE" and made these experiences almost acceptable. I went deep into alcoholism trying to forget what happened. The memory is as strong today, as if it had just happened yesterday. It just will not go away. It is now more than 33 years ago.

I would tell people that when we die that our spirit continues to live. Everyone treated me like I was nuts. I went through three marriages as a result of this unbelief. Strange things would happen sometimes which I could not explain. My second wife would go into deep depression. I would hug her to comfort her, just because I loved her. She would end up lying on the floor almost in a passed out or fainting condition. Then she left me shouting! "YOU THINK YOU ARE JESUS. ALL YOU EVER HAVE TO DO IS TOUCH ME AND I AM HEALED! I CAN'T TAKE ANT MORE OF THUS!" Well I didn't have a clue of what she was talking about. It took many years for me to finally understand what was really going on.

On 10 June 1989, I drank, drove and crashed. My entire body was scanned with an MRI. Apparently they did not know what they were looking at, because they missed three green twig type fractures of my right leg, and a severe brain concussion. These all showed up later when I did not heal properly. Anyhow I checked myself into an alcohol rehab hospital to have someone to take care of me. While there I attended all of the meetings and was hearing them talk about praying to God or a Higher Power. Well I started to pray every night, but had no results that I wanted to see. Finally at about 11:00 PM on 23 June, I lay in my bed listening to a meditation tape on Building a Positive Self Image. I got the brainstorm that "I wonder what would happen if I pray to God while in such a relaxed state. Well I figured out what I was going to say, put the tape on, and when it was time I said: "GOD! I CAN'T DO IT MYSELF ANYMORE. PLEASE SHOW ME THE WAY?"

Well one more time I got to see me entire life pass before me. It was a repeat of what had happened on 9 August 1963. Except that this time it did not stop with my NDE in 1963. It continued on to that very instant. I had been having horrible dreams of falling into a BLACK HOLE or BOTTOMLESS PIT for the last four years that I drank. Well this VISION came to an end with my falling into this PIT at a very high rate of speed. I knew I was getting ready to hit bottom, when suddenly I heard the same voice that I had heard in 1963. It said: "JACK! TURN AROUND!" When I did, there was the exact same light at the end of the same tunnel that I remembered from 1963. I turned my life around and started to climb God's Holy Mountain. I have never looked back.

My entire life suddenly and completely changed. The obsession to drink alcohol was completely removed from me. The filthy Navy language that I had always spoke with was taken from my vocabulary. I stopped womanizing and my entire life turned around.

I began to become aware of some very strange things happening when I would touch people. I would feel like an electric current flow through my hands into other people. Miracles started to happen. I was seeing the Hand of God reach out through my hands and touch people that He chose, and some times they recovered from serious illness. i.e.,., Cancer, broken bones and you name it. At first it frightened me, because I did not understand what was really happening. But now I understand that I have been gifted with Gifts of Healing as God Wills. I finally answered the call, and in April of this year I was ordained as a minister with the Association of Pentecostal Ministers,

That is briefly my testimony.