NDE - Some Experiences

Marc, Dec 2, 1995:

My near-death or related experiences were two definites and one maybe. In the first, I "went out" while driving my van down the main thoroughfare in Daytona Beach. One millisecond I was totally awake and in full control of my faculties and the next I was out, dead, comatose, narcoleptic (I'm not) for a moment, or some variation of unconsciencious. This happened without warning or without any pre-symptoms.

My van took out two cars and wound up on the top of a new car at the Hertz lot. The police officer told me later that he thought that I was dead and after looking at me went to tend to the other people in the other vehicles. I came out of my "unlinked" state (once again according to the officer) after about ten to fifteen minutes. I walked up to him and while I do not remember much in detail, I do remember that he looked at me with a stunned gaze. I could not remember my full name or anyone elses name for an undetermined period of time but finally did remember the phone number of a friend who came and got me. The officer filled out the cause of the accident as an "Act of God" something he said he had never done before and had never heard of unless it involved a weather-related thing.

My wife took me to the hospital where I stayed for about ten days to two weeks. I was in a state of total total total euphoria that words can never describe fully. I did not care for my own well-being or safety. I did not care if I lived or died. I did not care if anything happened to my wife or children. I did not care about my business (which was substantial).

I felt this way because I knew from whatever had happened to me, at wherever I had been that when you die everything is resolved. We are all truly one and there is no physical plane that limits our capacity to exist or love. We become love. In death presidents and paupers are the same. Gates and Gotti are the same. Jeffrey Dahlmer and Mother Theresa are one. It is as if our physical life was totally discounted as though it were an accident that we had one. There is no link between what you do on earth and your "existance" after you cross over - There is no link because there is no differentiation on the other side. We all become part of a mass of what so many of us did not find on earth - total love, total understanding within and without. The only thing I can compare the feeling to is a parent's love for their child times a billion. I guess we meld or blend with the force we call God.

I did not care about my family because time became irrelevant. I knew for a fact that if I died, if one of them died, that it would be only the snap of two fingers before we were all united again on the other side in total peace, bliss, and harmony. Once you die, the time span to you is non-existance because there is no time - You die, you go over, and presto! every one is there with you - children, grandchildren, all generations before and after united but still with somekind of separate identity in this wonderful wonderful place.

This feeling stayed with me for a total of about three weeks after which I became very depressed and cried and was generally immobile. I wanted to be back "there." My wife has a much more detailed memory about all of my moods and manifestations and statements and I have filled in the "non-spititual" details with her assistance. Thanks Caprice..

I will send experience number two later. You have my permission to reproduce this and share it with anyone that you think might benefit by it. Thank you...

other two experiences will added later ...