NDE OBE - My Story

Mark Jacoby, May 18 1995

I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, and have no point to make. I am simply relaying an experience which I think the group may find interesting. I cannot honestly say whether what I experienced was "real" or a dream, or some sort of hallucination. This is simply an account of what I remember from an accident which could easily have killed me.

Dec. 17, was a snowy day. Riding in a jeep, on very slick ice, my friend lost control. I wore no seatbelt, in the front passenger seat. We slid sideways into a telephone pole at approx 30mph. The driver was ejected out accross a snow bank, landing in deep snow. I went out the drivers side, my R rib cage bending the steering wheel in half, rupturing my sternem, and breaking and bruising ribs. The angle at which I was ejected sent my body into the telephone pole, left shoulder first. (we hit on the drivers side, just in front of the rear wheel) The impact shattered my left clavicle (collar bone), and dislocated my left shoulder to near the center of my chest. The jeep then bounced in some sort of recoil, and hit my R scapula (shoulder blade), which poked a jagged piece of bone through my R lung, puncturing it (pneumothorax). I remember waking up breifly, and dragging myself out from under the rear differential of the jeep, and staggering into the icy street, and collapsing. The jeeps stereo was still playing Pink Floyd "The Wall". Then the driver, and a neighbor came out and dragged me into a house. They put me on a sofa. At this point I remeber thinking I was suffocating (I had no idea of the severity at the time), and I think I passed out a couple of times. I remeber they called for an ambulance, and I waited what seemed a long time.

I was in serious pain. It was unbearable. I remeber trying to go to sleep sort of to make it go away. I remember some time later, a Highway Patrolman talking to me, but he kept asking me my name, and I thought I was answering him, but he couldn't hear me. Then I think I 'slept', for a while, until the paramedics came in. They stood close to me and were talking to me, and asking me questions, and I was answering them, but they could not hear me. They started to cut my clothing off, but I do remember that I could not feel this. I remeber looking at my shoulder now in my chest from a weird perspective. As if my eyes were centered just above and to the left of my left ear. As if I were looking over my own sholder. This is where it gets weird.

I remeber concentrating very heavily on breathing. I wasn't getting oxygen, and could not breath "enough". I remember looking at the paramedics eye to eye, and talking to them while looking at their face. The problem is that I knew that "I" was laying down, and they were standing and kneeling over me. As I realized this, I could still feal my body I think. Then I remember one breath in particular, I seemed to feel a "whoosh" as I exhaled, as if I were riding my own breath out of my body. I knew I had to look back, and I was not surprised to see my body lying on the sofa below me, in what seemed like about 10 ft. below. Then the color of the room or the air (??) seemed to look different, kind of fuzzy (purple fuzz). The room seemed to distort in shape, as I seem to remember seeing the whole living room, the cop, the driver, the neighbor, and the paramedics and me, all far below , and getting farther. It seemed that as the scene below me faded, I must have been 40 feet above it. I seem to remember leaving the house (floated through the roof?) and a breif encounter with the blizzard, and then all sensation just vanished. No sense of temperature, no sight, complete blank, I couldn't "feel" my limbs or flesh, and there was no sound now.

I remember feeling as if a tremendous burdon had been lifted from me, and remeber a sense of another presence. There was something familiar about this "place", as if I had been there before, but more like I had returned from whence I came. Then there was an intense sense of well being, a feeling like imersion in the emotions of love, surrounding from every point. And a sense of belonging, as in one in the same with some devine greatness which binds all matter in the universe. It is very difficult to try and describe the overwhelming feeling of this place. It is vast. I can't find the words, but there is a message which seems to give me the impression, that this place is always here, and is present in all things, and beings. This was the most tranquil and peaceful moment in all my life.

Then the question, it was not a voice as such, but more a "thought" which was not mine. It seemed to ask many things at the same time, and I remeber being quite overwhelmed. But I know it asked also if I wanted to stay. I remember thinking about my mom, and parts of my life, and all in a flash, I was asking the "voice" if it would always be like this, and if I could return again, if I went back now. The answer was yes.

I awoke screaming (the pain was back) into the oxygen mask which the paramedics had put on my face. I know they were planning to start CPR, and I had to wake up and stop them, as my chest was hurt.

Afterwards, I was very religious for a time, and became a born again christian type for awhile, but began to feel guilt, and sense hypocracy, so I backed off. But the experience changed me profoundly, and I attach deep religious significance to life, and death. I think all religion is good, but anything in excess is bad.I find I take religion much more seriously than most people, and am currently studying, (among others) Bhuddism and Hinduism, as well as Meditation, and see truths in many topics, even as diverse as literature of messages from Aliens. It was very emotional and for years, I did not discuss it, for fear of ridicule, and because it was so personal. But now, I don't care if somebody believes me or not, if somebody is interested, I might tell them about it.

I do think that I was to come back and do something, for some reason, but I don't think I know what the reason is yet.

For what it's worth.