Through the Tunnel

A Traveler's Guide to Spiritual Rebirth

by Diane Goble

Do not stand by my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am a diamond glint of snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flights.
I am the soft star shine at night.
Do not stand by my grave and cry.
I am not there . . . I did not die.
--Author Unknown


My joy comes from sharing the Good News that 90% of the things people worry about are not worth the time or the energy they put into them. The Big Picture is that "life" as a Human Being is a learning experience that does not end when the physical body dies, and is only a brief episode in the infinite life of a much greater being who is both Human and Divine. Not God, but a great Spiritual Master. Human Beings are the physical manifestation of a Spiritual Being who is on a Path back to Ultimate Reality, the Godhead. Our personal life dramas are meaningless distractions from our higher purpose. This isn't to discount our personal lives as human beings, but to put them in logical perspective. Relationships and societies are our means to express ourselves. It is the way we chose to express ourselves that creates and solves problems.

The only thing that really matters in our physical lifetimes and personal lives is that we learn to reflect and express God's Love, or the Christ-Spirit, in our daily lives by balancing the Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual Nature of our Whole Being. It is the atomic balanced with the Cosmic. As it is above; so it is below! We are waves of light and we are particles of light. We are learning to simultaneously exist on all levels as fully-awakened, God-centered Beings. We have the Free Will not to reflect and express this unconditional love, this compassion for ourselves and each other, in our physical life-- either way it is a growth experience for our soul. But, if we don't also return to our soul having expressed some compassion, it matters to our soul's higher purpose.

It will take many "lifetimes" in the physical dimension for one of a Soul's human "children" to grasp the full meaning of the preceding concept and to accept that each of us is Divine and has equal rights in all earthly matters, before one of those children reaches that one final lifetime as a fully-realized Divine-Human Being. Not as a saint or a martyr, but as an ordinary person who loves and helps others and enjoys living, no matter what the circumstances of their physical life. And, when that physical life is over, the Spirit no longer needs or wants to project into the world of matter -- has graduated from the School of Life -- and seeks greater knowledge and wisdom in the higher dimension of God. It is our greater developmental process, and you and I are in the midst of ours!

Each of us is given the opportunity to accelerate our spiritual growth by expanding our consciousness to accept the down-pouring of God's Love (to accept a spiritual teacher to guide you, if that's what it takes for you) and by opening our hearts to that healing energy of unconditional Love and Acceptance. I wish I could find the words to convey what I felt during my near-death experience (NDE) to help you relate to the overwhelming feeling that swept over me after leaving my body and while traveling through spiritual dimensions at the speed of light. Try to imagine the most intense feeling of being loved that you can and multiply it by the National Debt, and you'd have some inkling of what it is like when you are able to let go of the physical world and experience higher states of consciousness in the less-dense spiritual worlds beyond the physical dimension.

Skeptics may call a description by an NDEr a hallucination brought on by oxygen deprivation, but, for the individual, the intense feeling of complete Love, the mind-expanding realizations of the multi-dimensional universe and the continuity of conscious-life, and the life-transforming effects on the person following an NDE, are less easily explained away . . . though Science may never find convincing evidence. The veil between the physical and the spiritual dimension cannot be penetrated by our limited physical senses. It is only when the Conscious Mind leaves the body-brain (during NDEs, out-of-body experiences, trance and dream states) and joins its ASTRAL body that we can perceive our environment in the spiritual realms-- and it is very much, and more, like the physical, at least as far as the ASTRAL plane.

At the time of my NDE I considered myself an atheist and had no expectations of anything beyond death. But, in an instant, my mind was changed for me! And I didn't just believe something, I "knew" it from first-hand experience. In fact, it felt more real and natural than this world ever has, before or since. Now that I know so many others have had a similar experience, I feel safe in coming out of the closet, even though many people around me don't want to hear about death or can't imagine looking forward to it.

The message I was given is that it is time to make death a part of life and not the end of life. We need to talk about it, get comfortable with it, and we need to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for our departure, as well as our reunion at the end of their physical lives . . . for we do meet again, many times, in many places.

And so, I offer this knowledge, which I brought back from my NDE and is corroborated by many others, as a contribution to world peace. It is my hope that, by recognizing we are all here to help each other along our spiritual paths, we will turn our attention away from our ego-centered desires and fears toward compassion and sharing and caring for each other. There are a lot of things to do on this planet that are meaningful and fun; why waste anymore lifetimes creating more KARMA by using physical aggression against others to gain control over them or get what they have or because they are different or don't give us what we want. The karmic lesson for Humanity is concern for the welfare of generations to come, as evidenced by the state of the world and the environment today. Each of us is presented with opportunities to perform unselfish acts of love in our daily lives and with choices between right and wrong. It requires a change of mind, of attitudes and intentions, to develop one's character and spiritual nature, to develop the Spiritual Nature of Humanity.

Each person will comprehend the information in this book at their own level of understanding and, hopefully, each time you read it over your understanding will increase. Many Souls in body at this time will have the opportunity to make the quantum leap to higher consciousness in their present lifetime and achieve spiritual heights at their deathtime. This book is offered as a tool for those who are ready and as something to get others to start thinking "what if . . ."

Use whatever information in it that fits into your current belief system. Use it to expand your consciousness. Use it to become a more loving being. Use it to improve the quality of your life, and the lives of others, and to find joy and fulfillment in living a meaningful existence on this beautiful planet.

Whatever you do . . . I wish you love.


What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor heart of man conceived,what God has prepared for those who love him, God has revealed to us through the Spirit. (I Cor. 2:9-10)

Up the Creek Without a Paddle

We come into this world blindly, without an instruction book or any guidelines, and simply have to muddle through a lifetime as a human being without knowing who or what we are or why we're here or even where here is! We have parents, relatives, friends, teachers and preachers to look to as role models; history books to show us how people have lived in the past; religions to teach us the rules of living morally; governments to help us learn to live together; and the Free Will to do anything we darn well please! Somehow, amid the bitter and the sweet, the sorrow and the joy, the tears and the laughter, we get through life only to come up against death. And, once again, there is no instruction manual.

We are as unprepared to die as we were to be born. That's why death scares most people and why some stubbornly cling to life or try to ignore death. They may be more secure with what they know, no matter how miserable it may be, than with death--that Great Unknown.

A great many people today are rushed to hospitals as death approaches, and their dying becomes lonely and impersonal. They are treated as a person with no right to an opinion, as a non-person. No one asks if they want the heroic measures the doctors and nurses are determined to perform. If they rebel, they are sedated. He may cry for rest, peace and dignity, but he will get infusions, transfusions, a heart machine, or tracheotomy... (11) Medical technology has replaced religion in the dying process and changed our attitudes about death. The dying are isolated and deathbed rituals have been abandoned. (18)

But times are changing. Science and religion are finding common ground and attitudes toward death are going back to acceptance of death as part of life.

That person is bound in the chains of death, his fears of his own death, and the grief over the death of others, who tries to ignore death. That person is freed from the fetters of death and all its attendant anxieties, who meets death as a companion to life, in the spirit of rational and tranquil acceptance, without clinging to or fleeing it. (12)

Don't waste your life fearing death! Death is simply a change in vibrations, a rearrangement of your atomic structure, a transformation of molecular substance, a shift in consciousness. We are energy and, as scientists proclaim, energy cannot be destroyed--it merely changes form. Are not water, ice and steam all the same thing? Your physical life and death and your spiritual rebirth are all parts of your experience. There is no separation. After you die, you are still you. Everything you experience after you leave your physical body is a continuation of your "whole" life experience. Consciousness is continuous, eternal. What you now see as the material world, the world of ordinary sensory reality, disappears and you vanish to it as the spiritual world, the fourth dimension, appears before you with you in it. And you are still you.

In the fourth dimensional world, one can view everything from all angles simultaneously. The interior of a solid is as visible as its exterior. The eyes can magnify or reduce objects according to one's will power or desire. All objects seem to be enveloped by an aura, constantly shifting form and color. (5) In this realm, you will experience having all knowledge; all past, present and future will seem to coexist in a sort of timeless state. (16)

If death is no more than part of "growing up," then all the fighting amongst, and within, ourselves is, sadly, a waste of another brief opportunity to live a lifetime as a physical being to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Once you really understand that death is merely a stage in the developmental process of your whole life, for you are both a physical and a spiritual entity, you can shift the focus of your present attention to exploring the potentials and opportunities your current lifetime has to offer, even if you are terminally ill. Life will not be fraught with frustration, pain, sorrow, guilt, struggle and regret if you concentrate your energy on attaining spiritual awareness and put the material world in its proper perspective. Once you can accept that death is not the end, but merely a transition from one state of being to another, that you may face temporary unpleasantness but there is no eternal damnation, and that, no matter how badly you have bungled this life, you will have other opportunities to get it right, you can overcome the fear of that Great Unknown and get on with the important questions--such as, since you know you are going to die someday, is there a right way and a wrong way to go?

Henry Ford

The automotive inventor believed that genius, including his own, resulted from long experience gained in the course of many previous lives.

The Best Way to Travel

There are many wrong ways to die--wrong in the sense that you may remain stuck in the Cycle of Birth and Rebirth longer than need be. "Young" souls, in their first several incarnations, go through many short, brutal lifetimes in various physical bodies and spend many brief periods between resting unconsciously in lower spiritual dimensions because they haven't expanded their consciousness enough while in-body to realize that they are both human and divine. Each lifetime provides the opportunity for the human being to connect with their Spiritual Self, or Soul--to recognize that they are not merely a body, but a Soul wearing a temporary coat of skin in order to experience the physical world first hand. One cannot directly experience the physical world without a body. From this realization of your True Self and your spiritual nature comes the acceptance of the after-life as a spiritual being through knowing that your consciousness goes on after your physical body dies, in some less solid form, in some less dense dimension. It's like putting away you winter coat when Spring comes, you know that the coat is shabby and you don't want to wear it anymore. That's virtually what death is all about. (13)

Dying the right way is with full consciousness, knowing exactly where to go and what to do--before and after you leave your physical body behind to release your Soul to its highest potential. Once you know and incorporate the art of dying into your consciousness, you will be able to live your life more fully. You will be free of fear of death and this life will take on deeper meaning for you. The ultimate moment of your life is your death! Make the most of it!

Walt Whitman

The great American poet believed in the essential divinity of humankind, and that we would eventually become gods, having already risen through the ranks of creation from rocks and trees.

The Tour Guide

It is time to take the mystery and the fear out of dying by creating a position for an earthly transitional guide and writing a book of instructions that people of today can relate to on how to die well ... with joyful awareness!

The Ancient Egyptians called him Anubis, the god who led the dead to judgment. The Greeks gave the honor to Hermes, and the Romans, to Mercury. In many religions and belief systems, there is a concept of an Etheric world angel, guide or intelligence whose function is to assist the dying person during their transition from the physical to the spiritual plane. The Japanese have a name for the act of making one's transition with ease and comfort, anrakushi (1), which is possible if one has been given the proper instructions, amshi-jutsu (1), prior to death. In Latin, the craft of dying without pain and suffering in called ars moriendi (1). Eastern religions had their own Book of the Dead (8,25) containing instructions for departing earth life and journeying to the Etheric realms. Most of this information, however, was hoarded by their priests and lamas; kept secret from the general population who were not deemed worthy of receiving it nor capable of comprehending it. Native American tribes had Shamans who became channels, through their personal death-rite initiation, for healing as well as helping tribesmen make their transition to the Etheric world during their real death process. To Christians, Jesus is the Savior who promised to lead them to Heaven. Contemporary religions use rituals performed by priests, rabbis or ministers to prepare the dying for their transition while the more secular-minded simply rely on the local funeral director to send them off.

Over time. the concept of life after death has been bandied about by theologians and scientists, scholars and students, priests and lay people, TV talk show hosts and their guests, to no conclusion. It has not been a scientifically-provable thesis; therefore, it is left as a matter of faith. One either believes it or not. It seems that faith is necessary when we don't know. We may gather all the information and come to understand to a certain point, and then we have to make a leap of faith before we can accept something as fact. But when you have the experience, up close and personal, no leap of faith is required--you now know and you know you know. There is no question or doubt in your mind. Reverend Parrish-Harra wonders how many of those who say they believe in life after death have the courage of their convictions, or just hope? She calls this the true test of facing death. (20)

The only time one finds out for sure the true nature of reality is after death where the secret is safe from those who would abuse the knowledge. At least so thought the priests of ancient times. But times have changed and human beings have changed, and soon life after death will be proclaimed a scientific fact (by quantum physics) and instructions to prepare oneself for one's transition and life hereafter will become common knowledge. The majority of the life wave of human beings now on earth have evolved enough to truly comprehend the benefits of preparing for the transition to life after death as the precursor to living life on earth more peacefully--once they have the necessary information.

The real experience of life after death comes from those of us, especially children (17), who have died and come back to describe our experiences on the other side. In ages past, only the highest initiates of the temples or the initiated shamans, got to experience "near-death" and receive instructions for helping others make their transition easier. Now everyday people all over the world, millions of us, are being anointed as way-showers for those who are ready to achieve their highest developmental potential. The wonderful thing about having a near-death experience (NDE) is that you get another chance to change your life in the same lifetime; whereas final death requires a whole 'nother lifetime to get it. Once you have experienced the overwhelming Love of God during an NDE, you cannot go back to the mundane world you lived in before, or, at least, not take it so seriously!

This guidebook will not mean anything to those who are not yet ready to receive their heritage as divine-human beings, but many more will pay enough attention to be able to get it right in their next lifetime. Most important are those who are ready to prepare themselves now for the most significant event in their lives.

The reason I didn't "die" when I drowned in a white-water river accident 25 years ago was because I had a mission to accomplish on earth before I could remain permanently in spiritual realms, and my life up to that time was way off my path! This I was told by a Being of Light as it showed me about spiritual life after death during my NDE. I was given the Key to Life and sent back to become a teacher helping others prepare for their transition and guide them through the process until they meet their Etheric guide on the other side.

Core NDErs are people who know, but they do not merely have a certain knowledge of matters...they have become what they know, their knowledge lives and grows within them. It is as if the core of the NDE becomes a cherished memory that people may later take comfort in. It is not even just an experience that "changes one's life." It is one's life. And it becomes the source of one's true being in the world.

Unless this is understood about NDErs in general and core NDErs--that is, those that have experienced this spiritual radiance most deeply--in particular, what is most essential about them will not be grasped. And what they are capable of teaching the rest of us will then be lost. (22)

For lack of a modern term to describe a human being who functions as a guide on this side, I defer to Anubis and call us Anubisists.


This is not a sectarian religious book nor does it require belief in an after-life to be useful to you. Its significance will become clear to you only when you die. It is based on the real experience of a human being who died and came back in order to let others know what they will experience during their death, which is actually the process of spiritual rebirth. This is not being written by one who adheres to any particular religious philosophy, but by one who has considered the thought of many doctrines and teachers and found there is some truth in every religion. The information in this guidebook many be used by any person of any faith, or of no faith--anytime during your transition when you realize the real illusion and remember something of the instructions.

There are a number of concepts used in this book that are little understood and open to various interpretations. These terms are capitalized throughout the book and defined in the Appendix. Whether or not you are familiar with the concepts, you might want to read them over before going on to the next chapters to keep things in context, and then refer to them as needed later for clarification. These concepts are an integral part of the death-rebirth process and must be considered in order to begin to comprehend the experience before you die. What may not be clear to you now, will become very clear when you find yourself in the experience.

Giordano Bruno

This 16th Century Italian philosopher taught that a soul passed from one body to another and could ultimately attain perfection. He was burned at the stake as a heretic.

Plan Ahead

There are three important reasons for you to have knowledge of the death process beforehand, besides the obvious one that everyone, prepared or not, dies:

  1. Everyone is offered the opportunity for Salvation, or Liberation from the Cycle of Life and Death, at death;
  2. This opportunity may be missed due to ignorance or fear of death and the unknown; and
  3. The opportunity won't come again until after you incarnate and face death again. (3)

You have a choice (you always have a choice): This lifetime, or the next, or the next... Mastering the techniques of dying makes this death a certain opportunity for Salvation or, at the very least, valuable time in the higher spiritual realms rather than an extended Bardo journey and rebirth relatively quickly.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was originally a printer by trade. He said that he looked forward to a second edition of himself, in which he hoped that the errata of the first edition might be corrected.

Womb With a View

The death-rebirth experience will vary from individual to individual in specific details although, generally, it is a similar experience, one of only two shared by all human beings. Just as the embryo passes through evolutionary development in the womb and emerges the product of its inherited genes and Karma, consciousness goes through a similar evolutionary process during death. The physical body is the womb of consciousness. Death is the rebirth of the Soul from the womb of the body--like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon as it flexes its wings and flies away. The brain is the generative organ for the Soul at death. The Crown Chakra is the vagina which expands to allow the Soul rebirth into the spiritual body. (3) During this journey to rebirth, memories of its lifetime are relived and the Soul emerges with the attributes and Karma it acquired during that life experience. Although the Bardo experience is determined by your Karma, you still have Free Will. The choices you make will influence the end result. The more knowledge you have now, the better choices you will make then.

Victor Hugo

The French novelist wrote that when he died it would be as if he had merely finished a day's work--which he would resume the next morning.

Road Maps

What determines the course of your death experience?

For one thing, how you die.

If death follows a long illness or extreme old age, you may have established contact with the other side during this time. You may have visited or been visited by deceased loved ones in full consciousness. You may have spent some time preparing your spiritual house, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (2 Cor. 5:1) You may have made plans for your future life in the spiritual domain. As your physical body has deteriorated, you have been building your beautiful spiritual form. When your physical body dies, you may simply move from the material to the spiritual world with full awareness.

If you die suddenly, unexpectedly in an accident, you may be thrown out of your body into a world you cannot comprehend and it may take sometime for you to realize what has happened and to accept that you are dead. If you have a heart attack or are electrocuted or drown or are murdered, or have an accident for which you are hospitalized for a time before you die, you may linger over your body for a while, watching the scene of your death from above, before letting go.

Dante Gabriela Rossetti

The English painter, poet and member of the pre-Raphaelite movement, which revived a medieval style of painting, was a believer in reincarnation. In his poem Sudden Light, he wrote: I have been here before . . . You have been mine before. He also wrote: A light there is in the beyond which makes the creator visible to the creature, who only in beholding him finds peace.

Are We There Yet?

If you suddenly find there has been a drastic change from one moment to the next, as could happen with sudden death, but you still feel alive though everything around you seems familiar but different, try to touch something-- if your hand goes through it, you are dead-- or having an NDE! Immediately call out the name of someone close to you who has already died. . . if you see them before you, you will know. Everything around you may seem the same-- and it is, only that you're experiencing it in a different way. That's the main difference between life and death. One of the problems. . . in between lives is familiarity and the apparent ordinariness of the situation. (10)

When you notice you are observing your body from somewhere above your body, you realize that even though you are no longer part of that body, you can see and hear and are conscious of everything that is going in around it. You find that if you think about a loved one or about being some place special, you will suddenly be with that person or in that place. To your dismay, you find that people cannot hear you, do not even know you are present; that you are able to pass through solid walls; that the physical world no longer exists for you and you no longer exist for it. When you recognize that you are indeed dead, you may choose to say silent goodbyes to your loved ones-- if it occurs to you that you may do so. If you are unable to accept that you have died or to let go of emotional ties to the physical world, you may wander aimlessly between two worlds; unable to get back into one, unwilling to go into the next.

Robert Browning

The English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote in his poem "Evelyn Hope" that two lovers will be reunited after one has died, though "delayed it may be for more lives yet."

Letting Go

What enables most to release their attachment to the material world fairly quickly is the overwhelming sense of peace and love which pervades one's consciousness upon leaving the body. There is no sense of loss. All pain and fear, sorrow and guilt fall away. If you had any handicaps or disabilities or disease, they disappear and you become "whole." You feel free and completely alive. All your senses are heightened and sharpened. You see all that you were blind to before.

. . . but when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass away . . . now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall understand fully, even as I have been fully understood. (1 Cor. 13:10,12)

You feel drawn toward the love which manifests as a tiny brilliant light far in the distance. As you release your need to be back in your body, you find yourself rising higher and higher above the trees, above the earth, until you enter a black void. You feel yourself moving faster and faster as if reaching the speed of light, which gives you the sensation of speeding through a tunnel. Ahead you will see the Light, coming closer and closer.

Dame Edith Sitwell

The English poet often remarked on her striking resemblance to the Tudor English King Henry VII and his grand-daughter, Queen Elizabeth 1. Dame Edith suggested that she may have been Henry VII in a former life.

Through the Tunnel

Going "through the tunnel" is the interpretation of a mind which has never shifted from one state of consciousness to another, as can be experienced during deep meditation. The gap in time is experienced as movement, but is actually a change in frequency domain, or the movement of awareness from one level to another. What is thought to be a tunnel is a transitional zone between states of consciousness. (21) The Light is the opening to a new state of consciousness and when one breaks through to that level, it appears as an explosion of White Light breaking into all it rainbow colors. Once the consciousness becomes adjusted to the new frequency or accustomed to the Light, you begin to perceive your experience in a new way.


To the literal-minded we teach the Gospel in the historic way, preaching Jesus the Christ and him crucified. But to the proficient, fired with the love of divine wisdom, we impart the Logos (the Word).

Finding Your Gate

You will have three opportunities to go to the Light and ascend to higher spiritual dimensions, but you will encounter experiences along the way which may distract you. Failure to reach the Light after the third opportunity will result in immediate rebirth into the physical world. However, before that happens, you may find yourself meeting deceased relatives, a guardian angel or other spiritual guides, who come to assist you in your transition. There will be workers on the other side to help you get acclimated. You may find yourself in a strange, bewildering, but beautiful and somehow familiar environment in another dimension to which your guide has brought you for some learning purpose. You may find yourself in the Hall of the Akashic Records absorbed in your life review. You may experience bizarre or frightening images that appear and disappear from view. Or you may find yourself in the middle of your worst nightmare having a hellish experience. The life you just left behind and your reactions during your Bardo journey will determine your entrance into the next.

A person who lives a spiritually unawakened lifetime, indulging only in the physical sensation and pleasures of the material world, expressing selfishness, hatred and lust, will not recognize the Clear Light, will remain oblivious to the higher spiritual dimensions, and will probably choose to return quickly to the more familiar scene of their passion. The dying person who has failed during their life to attain any measure of spiritual awareness will think they are physically involved in a bizarre or frightening experience. This is what a young Soul goes through until, after many incarnations, it awakens to the spiritual world while still in a physical form. This unawakened Soul will go through many tumultuous after-death experiences (ADE) with no hope of any rest until it can get back to the physical world.

If you are one who expressed very little love in your physical lifetime, you cannot expect to be showered with it when you return to the spiritual world. Until you recognize the errors of your ways and demonstrate contrition, you will continue to have negative experiences. When you choose to repent, you may gain access to higher realms or you may choose to reincarnate quickly to compensate for the Karma you accumulated in your previous life.

If you were a good person who was always nice to others and never did anything terribly wrong, but never woke up to your spiritual nature, you will have a pleasant transition followed by a long period in a peaceful state. As Plato taught, the soul cannot fully come into human form if it has never seen the truth (5). Just living a "good" life and being a "nice" person isn't enough to life you to spiritual heights when you die. Although you will not suffer any punishment, without knowledge of the opportunity death offers, you will rest unconsciously in the spiritual realms as you lived your life on earth until you get restless and decide to reincarnate to get on with your spiritual progression (3).

If you were a person who actively participated in life, did some good and some not so good things, but found God and through forgiveness became loving, caring and compassionate toward all life, you will move quickly from your life review into the Secondary Light and experience spiritual rewards. You may choose to reincarnate for a brief time for a special reason at various times, but your focus will be on further development in a spiritual dimension.


This life is only a prelude to eternity for that which we call death is but a pause, in truth a progress into life.

The Pearly Gates

The Souls of average persons alive today are partially awakened and their ADEs will be less fear-filled, depending on level of awareness, than their previous ADEs. They will experience what they believe to be true at the time of their death. If it is pearly gates or streets paved with gold or happy hunting grounds, it will be so. If it is unconsciousness forever or until some expected event (e.g., Judgment Day), it will be so. The transition that takes place at death is in form only. Who you are is who you are. Once in the higher dimensions, the limitations of the mind constrained by the brain fall away and, when this is recognized, real spiritual progress begins. However, perceptions are limited by how limited your perceptions were while in body.

The Thought-Forms which dominate your deepest consciousness affect your spiritual form and experience. The power of thought becomes more evident to the awakened mind of the more advanced Soul when they realize in the spiritual dimensions that they have a great deal of mental power which they must quickly learn to control. Negative thoughts must be eliminated while in the physical form before a Soul is able to reach this state of consciousness. There are serious consequences in the form of destructive energies on the spiritual level if you don't forgive others and yourself while still in your body. The inability to forgive on earth will result in a limited spiritual existence and the desire to move higher will cause you to want to incarnate again to raise your consciousness during your next physical lifetime. You must descend again in order to ascend.

Carl Jung

The German psychoanalyst, who himself had a near-death experience, believed that one's life is prolonged in time by passing through different bodily existences.

The Goal

The person who has awakened to their spiritual nature, expressed love throughout their daily life, and overcome the need for material things and physical pleasures, becomes the highly advanced Soul who will pass peacefully into the higher vibratory dimensions upon physical death without experiencing the turmoil of the lower dimensions. For the Christ-like being, the special meaning of a life consists, aside from abstention from serious moral transgressions, in positive deeds of selfless love that nourish the world (23).

If you reconnected with your spiritual nature while in your physical body and dedicated your life to doing God's work on earth, whether through knowledge, meditation or service, you may intuitively know to go straight to the Clear Light at the moment of physical death. This foreknowledge enables one to achieve Salvation, break the Cycle of Birth and Rebirth and become an individualized Child of God in the highest dimension. This is the goal every Soul aspires to achieve through one of its incarnations.

Immanuel Kant

The German philosopher believed that souls existed prior to earthly life and that they traveled to other planets after inhabiting human bodies.

Going Through Customs

You cannot cheat the system nor strike a bargain-- your vibrations will give you away. Knowing ALL cannot help you of you still have hatred, resentment or darkness in your heart. You can only rise to the dimension or be attracted to the Light which closely matches your own frequency. Love in your heart and living a life filled with kindness and compassion raises your frequency rate. You can only tolerate being as close to the Light as you have been open to the Light during your physical lifetime. Your inner light or frequency must match the frequency of the Clear Light for you to go into it. The Clear Light is that which appears to everyone just prior to the moment of death, but few ever see it.


The Italian philosopher affirmed reincarnation to be neither absurd nor useless. . . it is no more surprising to be born twice than to be born once. . . everything in nature is resurrection.

It's a Jungle Out There

It is our choice to recognize that we are more than physical beings forced to survive in a hostile world. It is our purpose to understand that we are much more than our body, our emotions, our intellect and our ego. It is our quest to discover that we are highly evolved spiritual beings who projected a part of our consciousness into a physical form in the world of matter to learn more about existence in the physical dimension. It is our dilemma to experience physical sensations and pleasures without becoming attached to them. We need to become aware that we gave ourselves a limited amount of time in which to accomplish our mission after which we will return to our Soul, leaving our physical form behind, and that we must account for that lifetime.

Our Soul sends many aspects of ItSelf to experience many lifetimes on physical worlds in order to achieve its highest spiritual potential in the Kingdom of God. This means nothing to me, the incarnated human being, during my sojourn on earth. Our greatest concerns are a roof over our head, where our next meal is coming from, when we will find a job, whether we will find a mate. Our reality is the physical plane. The illusion is that it is all there is. The truth is that everything material decays over time. It is temporary. It is not real. We take none of it but the Love we expressed with us to the real world, the spiritual world, which is eternal. The solution lies in learning to enjoy living no matter what circumstances we are in at the moment.

Now isn't that an interesting challenge we set for ourselves?! We have all this karmic stuff to deal with and we're supposed to enjoy it! The key is to recognize problems as karmic circumstances and to figure out what they are trying to teach us. When we "get it," the circumstances will change (though not necessarily for the better, much to our dismay, as there may be further lessons to be learned on our path to Self-Discovery). Enter the Key to Life.

The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom should occupy our time-- learning how to in the physical world without becoming attached to its pleasures or caught up in its troubles. No matter what, it is only temporary. It will be over in a flash. If we become conscious of our reason for being while in a physical body, we retain what we learned after death and go on to higher planes of life. If not, our Soul will soon choose rebirth into the physical world to try again to reconnect while in body.

Deja Vu

Each time we return, we arrive without a clue as to why we are here or what we are supposed to do. We conveniently "forget" our reason for coming during our transition to physical birth. Some just take longer that others to wake up! It's not that each human being isn't special or that one's lifetime isn't important. It is for human beings that the physical universe exists. That makes each of us very significant and implies our higher purpose for existence.

It is trough our human experiences that we are eventually able to reunite with the Godhead as fully-developed, individualized Spiritual Beings. Each human lifetime is a step up the ladder toward Unity. Birth and rebirth are the process by which we progress toward Greater Self-Realization. Our dying to the physical world is simply letting go of material things and physical limitations in order to express ourselves as we really are in our true spiritual home. At death, we remember why we came and our life review accounts for our successes and failures, our strengths and our weaknesses, according to our incoming goals.

At physical death, the illusion about what is real falls away and we see clearly the true reality of the spiritual dimensions. Death is a transition from one state to another, or . . . an entry into a higher state of consciousness or of being. (15) It was there all the time, but our limited physical senses kept it from us and convinced us that the physical world was all there was.


Whatsoever be within us that feels, thinks, desires and animates is something celestial, divine . . . and consequently imperishable.

On the Road Again

In the Bardo, we find not unilateral judgment, but rather cooperative development towards the ultimate end of self-realization (15). It doesn't take long to remember that Love was the only thing that really mattered and to regret that we didn't know then what we know now. However, one of the worst things a dying person can do it to hold the thought of all their perceived "sins" in their mind as they are dying (3). Repentance and forgiveness must be dealt with long before death occurs (4). Throughout life, the soul feels at least faintly that each time it passes a judgment on others that should rightly have been reserved for itself, it becomes a stranger to itself. Even the satisfaction of righteous anger and just punishment of others for their misdeeds is shallow and empty; they inevitably distort the true face of the soul (23). It is by learning these things now, while still in a physical form that our death becomes an integral part of our life cycle and may be looked forward to with great anticipation and renewed respect.

None of this is intended to imply that death is to be rushed into frivolously, for there is Karma to be considered in suicide, such as the selfishness of it, the lack of consideration by abandoning others, and for attempting to interrupt cosmic timing; compensation will have to be extracted in subsequent lifetimes.

Your experience following physical death will depend upon the way you lived your life-- your intentions, the motives behind your behaviors, the love you expressed, how you treated others, whether you came to know God and to recognize who you truly are. You will be the judge of your lower consciousness actions. As many NDErs report, judgment comes from within themselves, not from any outside source (15). No one is more critical than your Soul and no one is more loving and patient and willing to give you another lifetime to do better. The more love you express in your daily life, the more pleasant will be your death experience and subsequent lifetimes.

To Plan Or Not To Plan

You can choose to use this information, whether or not you believe in life after death, or you can choose to take your chances. In the case of the latter, you are likely to experience a breech (9) death and spend more time that you want in lower spiritual dimensions and reincarnate with appropriate disabilities. It is important to KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON at your death, no matter how or when you die. Without the knowledge, you will be faced with your greatest fears at the time when you should be free of fear. Even if the stages leading up to your death are painful or terrifying, the moment of death, especially when you have properly prepared yourself in advance, is an incredibly wonderful, mind-boggling experience.

With all of this in mind, the following guidebook will describe the physical death-spiritual rebirth experience for those who are ready to receive this teaching.

. . . the interior view of death does not deny or seek to romanticize the process of dying. That, of course, is often painful, both for the dying person and those near. And near-death experiencers rarely say they lose their fear of dying; it is only of death itself that fear is dissolved . . . It is in that moment-- from the standpoint of inner experience-- that, metaphorically, the grim reaper is transmuted into the being of light, and pain gives way to inner peace (22).

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The German writer and artist was certain "that I have been here, as I am now, a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times more."

Things To Do Before You Go

If you are a highly advanced Soul (one who has experienced numerous lifetimes and reconnected with your Divine Self along the way), who desires to make this lifetime your last necessary incarnation, you will want to begin training for your final journey now, even if you expect to live many more years in your present body. The sooner you plan to embark upon your death-rebirth journey, the more intense must be your practice, especially if you have not done so until now. Even if you are only a beginner on your spiritual path and have chosen to get the most spiritual opportunity you can out of this life, knowing you probably have too much Karma to overcome and will have to reincarnate for at least one more physical lifetime, you will do your Soul immense good by practicing to the best of your ability for the remainder of this one.

In order to be able to recognize the Clear Light at the moment of death and hold on to it:

1. Learn to meditate to the point of being able to shut out all distractions and maintain your attention on seeing the Clear Light. The practice of Kundalini meditation, no matter what level you attain, will activate this spiritual energy, which has the potential to transmute your sexual energy into creativity and bring about illumination (a vision of the Clear Light). You may not get to see it in this life, but it may help you considerably during your death journey.

If you have become dependent on prescription drugs, meditation practice may also help you manage chronic pain and the pain of terminal illness. Medications should be continued while you are learning, but, in many cases and under the direction of your physician, you may be able to lower your dosages and overcome your dependency.

2. Spend some time each day connecting with your spiritual self, your Soul. Attain a deep devotion and reverence toward the Savior or Master you love most. That connection established before death will aid you greatly during your journey. This devotion will stir up the gift of God within (sometimes before death, often at death) and open you to Salvation.

3. Attempt to dissolve all the karmic bonds you have accumulated in this lifetime and to uncover the unknown Karma carried over from previous lives in order to right all your wrongs. Seek forgiveness from those whom you have hurt and forgive those who have wronged you-- no matter how difficult it is for you to do that. Pay back your debts and forgive those debts owed to you. Replace any monstrous Thought-Forms you have created by thinking the most extraordinarily beautiful thoughts you can to overcome them-- otherwise you will get to meet some ugly stuff in the shadows of the Bardo-- guaranteed! Replace violence with understanding, greed with giving, hate with compassion, guilt with forgiveness, lust with creativity. Overcome evil with good to the best of your ability.

4. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to die in full consciousness, anticipating merging with the Clear Light. If you are drugged, no matter how prepared you are otherwise, you may miss it because it comes in a flash BEFORE you die.

5. Avoid accumulating any more karmic attachments. Recognize that you are building your Astral form and spiritual home out of your thoughts and emotions, as recorded in your Heart Seed Atom. Giving into temptations of wrongdoing is unpleasant material you will have to deal with during your Bardo journey. Knowing to expect the Clear Light and what you will have to go through if you miss it, or the Secondary Light, because of you karmic baggage will help you subconsciously avoid karmic-producing choices.

There are many books and classes and teachers and techniques available today, but you must learn to discern, to trust your intuition, to find those which are "right" for you. To integrate these practices into your life will take more than reading a single book or attending a single class or practicing a single technique, and takes more time than you might think. You must be diligent and persistence in your pursuit of right knowledge. The more you come to know, the more questions you will have. Never stop learning-- all of your life is school, including your dying experience. In discerning truth from falsity, you must learn to tune-in to your inner spiritual guide. Do not fall victim to those who tell you they know the right way for you or who use flattery or other subtle manipulation to get you to follow them. Pay attention to your gut feeling and check the facts-- keep asking questions. Keep the focus of your life on your spiritual future and enjoy this life to the fullest in the meantime.

Preparing For D-Day

This process (Reincarnation) is not interrupted by death. Change continues in the constituents of the organism other than the gross body which has been cast off and which undergoes changes of its own. But there is a difference: the after-death change is merely the result of the action of accumulated past Karma and does not, as in earthly life, create new Karma, for which a physical body is necessary. There is no breach of consciousness, but a continuity of transformation. Death consciousness is the starting point, followed by the other states of consciousness . . . (25)

While some people enjoy the spontaneity of taking off on a trip with no map and no itinerary, most people prefer to do some amount of pre-planning for a journey-- and this most important journey of your life is no exception. It's not that you won't get through it without planning-- you've probably done it hundreds of times already-- but that the goal of the Soul is freedom from the Cycle of Life and Death; and, until you are able to recognize the Clear Light when it first dawns and hold onto it at one of your deaths, you keep yourself tied to the earth. To gain that freedom, you must be able to die in full consciousness, with your mind wide open to the Light of God. If you want more than just a glimpse of this overwhelming Light and ecstatic feeling of God's Love, if you want to be able to hold onto that experience and merge with it to experience Oneness with God for the rest of eternity, then you must have enough Love in your Heart Seed Atom to vibrate at the same frequency as the Clear Light by the time of your death.

You may not be ready to let go of the need for the pleasures and sensations of physical life at the end of your present life and prefer to be able to come back as soon as possible to enjoy it further. But keep this book around-- you may feel the urge to read it again some day, perhaps in some other lifetime!

Those who have recognized the Light in this life and feel ready to progress further in the next world have already started the process of dissolving their Karma and preparing themselves, by raising their vibrational frequency, to recognize the Clear Light at the end of this lifetime. Some of these will still need to come back again for karmic reasons or want to come back to visit for a while for higher reasons, and others are ready to develop their greater potential on higher planes.

Most people fall somewhere in between and aren't sure what they believe. But many will, at the urging of their inner voice, realize they might as well prepare themselves somewhat, just in case it is true! As someone once said, Why not believe in God or accept Christ in your life? If it turns out to be true, it'll be a good thing. If it turns out not to be true, it certainly won't do you any harm. The value of pre-planning will hit them when they die and they'll remember something about what to expect.

With terminal illness or old age, there is time before you are confined to bed:

  • to right wrongs
  • to practice forgiveness
  • to release your attachments to material things and physical pleasures
  • to re-establish your connection to your God-Self (whatever that means to you)
  • to prepare yourself with relaxation and meditation exercises and practice raising your Kundalini energy in order to die in full consciousness so you will recognize the Clear Light when it dawns
  • to write your final instructions in your own words and practice with a Reader or Anubisist, who will guide you through your dying experience by keeping you on track
  • to prepare your death room, according to your beliefs and desires. As Dr. Kubler-Ross says, Dying is hard under any circumstances, but dying in the familiar surroundings of one's home, with those you love and who love you, can take away much of the fear. (12)

We will each have our own spiritual karmic path to travel, which we designed by the way we conducted the physical life-opportunity we are leaving behind. While there are many similarities during the early stages of the physical death-spiritual rebirth experience, each of us is the author of our own book and most of what we experience after death will be a very, very personal experience; indeed, adventure!

If your death is sudden or unexpected, as in an accident or a heart attack, you can still be prepared (at least for your death experience itself; compassion, forgiveness and spiritual enlightenment must be practiced daily throughout your life to be fully prepared to die, unexpectedly) if you have read this book, written your instructions and arranged to have them read upon news of your death. You will have prepared yourself in that you will know what is happening, recall your instructions and tune-in to your Reader without delay.

In the case of sudden death, you will leave your body before impact and view the scene of its demise from a point above the scene. The quicker you turn your attention away from the physical world and your physical form, by recognizing that you are dead and immediately need to know what is happening to you, the better will be your opportunity to merge with the Clear Light when it first dawns, or the Secondary Light as soon as it appears. If you have practiced with a Reader, you will be able to tune-in to the Reader's voice (frequency) no matter how far apart the two of you are. Previous contact with a guide (Savior, Angel, Teacher or Loved One) on the other side will assure you won't stay long in this stage through ignorance and confusion. Wandering around the spiritual world without a map or a plan will lose you many opportunities for spiritual growth.

As to whether a person should be told death is imminent in the case of a medical diagnosis, that is of course up to the individuals involved; however, depriving a person of the opportunity to take full advantage of their dying experience is not going to benefit this person and, in all likelihood, will hinder their transition because they may feel resentment or bitterness after death at not being told. The last thoughts at death are important to the departing Soul. Our last earth memory should be of the joyful faces of our loved ones. If you can't bring yourself to tell the person, find someone who can. Many people learn the truth anyway, especially near the end when they begin experiencing consciousness shifts in the early stages of their death process. It would be so much better for the dying person to know what to expect than be frightened by it. A conspiracy of silence should not be built around a dying person. This is a time when compassion, truthfulness, trust and love should be expressed so dying persons will not feel lonely and abandoned at this important time in their lives.

Two Hospice nurses, Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley, wrote a wonderful book called Final Gifts (2) describing what they learned about the dying experience from their patients' messages as they drifted in and out of awareness of this life and the next. They have called the period preceding death from old age or terminal illness Nearing Death Awareness and describe what the dying person and their loved ones go through during the last months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before the heart stops beating. They compare Nearing Death Awareness similarly to a Near-Death Experience except that the NDE is usually sudden while the former occurs gradually over time.

Again, knowing what to expect and what needs to be done gives everyone involved greater peace of mind. Trying to understand what the dying person is trying to communicate instead of drugging them or brushing off their attempts to communicate allows them a more peaceful death. Callanan and Kelley (2) point out the importance of "reconciliation" before a peaceful death may come. There is often a need for completion, to settle things, to make things right, to finish some business. They observed that people seem to prolong their dying until there is closure or healing and often suffer intense emotional and spiritual pain until it is resolved. Sometimes the healing is needed between the dying person and other people, sometimes it is something within themselves (guilt, shame, regrets, hatred, anger) and sometimes it is between them and their belief system.

All this is a prelude to the life review experienced in the Bardo journey. If reconciliation and forgiveness can be accomplished before death, it won't need to be experienced later. If the family around the dying person is aware they are Nearing Death Awareness and listen for the clues (because they are not usually direct), they can help the person overcome the obstacles to a peaceful dying experience. Callanan and Kelley suggest . . . When someone you love is dying, you may not see the gifts, but only grief, pain and loss. However, a dying person offers enlightening information and comfort, and in return those close at hand can help bring that person peace and recognition of life's meaning. (2)

What to Pack

The following are offered as guidelines for preparation. These are only suggestions to start you thinking about which preparations you want to make for your journey. They may be adapted to meet your religious beliefs, cultural traditions or your lifestyle.


The importance of having a Reader cannot be expressed strongly enough. No matter how spiritual you are or how prepared you think you are, finding yourself in another dimension is such an awesome change that you can be easily distracted by the wonder of it all.

Without a Reader to constantly remind you to go to the Light, you might be tempted to hang around your body, your home or your loved ones until opportunities have been lost.

Without a Reader to constantly remind you that the images you are experiencing are merely mental reflections of your predominant thoughts in life and cannot (physically) harm you, you might linger in a frightening dimension longer than need be.

Without a Reader to remind you to call out to your Savior, you may not remember that help is at hand; to let go of the material world and physical desires; and to repent and forgive, you may not get to experience the higher dimensions before you must incarnate again.

This is the one journey on which you do not want to carry any excess baggage, especially emotional baggage, and working with an Anubisist will help clear you for a smooth take-off into the spiritual dimension.

If you are a highly evolved spiritual seeker, you may not need a Reader, but you may want one just to be sure you stay on track. It is likely that you will merge directly with the Clear Light and may only want the first part of the instructions read. Most people, however, will need the Reader to continue for three or more days after death with Part III, and only the most depraved person will require the last section to be read for quite some time (after death).

As to whom to chose as a Reader, a close friend or family member would be ideal-- if they can keep their emotions in check. Their crying and lamenting will only be another distraction for you, keeping you from merging with the Light. You might want to read your own instructions into a tape recorder, although even hearing your own voice might distract you from your course (the habit of attraction), and arrange for someone you trust to play the tape according to your instructions. A minister or priest may come to your bedside and administer any last rites you deem necessary, but they then leave. They do not sit at your bedside until you die or read over your body for hours and continue, if it is necessary, to read for you for days or months afterward. Therefore, you may want to make arrangements with an Anubisist. This professional will help you write your personalized instructions, practice with you beforehand, be on call when your death becomes imminent and at your side when you depart or begin reading for you (to a prepared effigy) as soon as news of your sudden death arrives; and continue reading for you, intuitively, as long as necessary. With prearrangement, you will be tuned-in to his or her voice and easily follow that guidance until you meet your spiritual guide on the other side who will take you the rest of the way.


If you know your death is imminent, you will likely want to arrange to die in your own home, surrounded by your loved ones, but this isn't always possible. If you are hospitalized, you may still be able to arrange for some of the following suggestions if the hospital staff is amenable.

Orange Light

The orange light stimulates the head centers. As Kundalini rises, it will exit the body with the life force at the Chakra most habitually expressed during life, but it will be attracted to orange light and it is possible that the person may experience spiritual illumination for the first time if their energy can reach the head centers-- even if only for a moment. This will provide a great spiritual boost for the dying person.(3)

Room Arrangements

Whenever possible, the dying person should be placed facing East. If candles and incense (preferably Sandlewood) are desired and not prohibited (as they might be in a hospital), they may be placed in the room. As for music, it is up to you, but it may be a distraction during transition. Mantrums or chanting, soothing classical or New Age music may be desirable in the earlier stages leading up to death, but it may be better for the dying person if it is turned off or down very low as symptoms advance. Doors and windows may be closed to maintain silence, especially if in a noisy environment.

Personal Objects

You may want to arrange or, if bed-ridden, have a caregiver arrange to have things meaningful to you placed around your bedside-- family pictures, personal objects, flowers, religious symbols.

Preparing an Effigy

In case your death occurs away from home, you may want to arrange a table with a picture of yourself and several personal objects to be used in place of your body for the Reader to focus on.


You may want to have your loved ones around you while you are making your transition, but they should be advised of your arrangements and your desire to die in full consciousness. It would be most helpful to you if those who are likely to have an outburst of emotion upon your death or if a family argument is likely to break out, that they be asked to leave the room and express themselves outside where you will not be distracted from your journey.

As to a person's decision about being present at the side of a dying loved one, no one can understand the true spiritual experience of the death journey until he or she experiences it him or herself. And regardless of your personal beliefs, it will be to the dying person's benefit if you are there for them at this time. Read Final Gifts (2) to find out what to expect as your loved one approaches death so you can be of help to them.

Relatives attending should be asked to direct their mental energies toward helping the dying person recognize the Light and move into it-- either by joining with the Reader or repeating religious prayers or biblical passages you preselected; however, noise should be kept to a minimum so the departing consciousness can hear the Reader and listen for the Sound of Silence.

General George S. Patton Jr.

The most forceful commander of the second World War believed that he had been a Greek warrior who fought Cyrus the Persian. He also thought he had been a follower of Alexander the Great, and that he was present at the Battle of Crecy in 1346 during the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

What To Expect


The place for the Reader is at your side, near your head, so you can hear the early instructions clearly. The Reader will watch for the signs of approaching death and keep you aware that the Clear Light will be dawning shortly. Signs for the Reader to watch for are:

sagging facial muscles,

labored breathing,

glazed eyes,

blueness beneath the fingernails,

extreme coldness in the feet which gradually creeps upward. (3)

The dying person should be roused if he or she drifts off to sleep until breathing ceases to assure that the person will die in full consciousness. When the Reader begins, others in the room should concentrate on helping the dying person recognize the Clear Light the moment the breath ceases. The person may be turned on his or her right side and the arteries in the throat may be pressed to keep them conscious as long as possible. When pain ceases and consciousness begins to expand, the Emotional Seed Atom has departed the body. To those in attendance, it may appear the person has entered a coma, however they are not unconscious. Rather the consciousness has expanded to include the unseen fourth dimension. It is at this moment of expansion that the Clear Light dawns and the heart beat ceases. The heart will still be beating as the Clear Light dawns and the words of the Reader will help them hold to the Light as they leave their physical body. Coldness around the heart signifies cessation of the heartbeat, departure of the Heart Seed Atom and, in most cases, the breaking of the Silver Cord. (3) Reading should begin in the early stages to direct the dying person's attention to recognizing the Clear Light and move on to Part II when the heart stops beating. The Reader should maintain calmness, serenity and detached concern, and gently urge the consciousness toward its spiritual rebirth. Read as if you were reading it to yourself.


As death approaches, your Emotional Seed Atom begins to loosen, any pain you have been experiencing disappears and you find yourself letting go of the physical world (the room you are in, the loved ones around you) and becoming more involved with the wonder of your dying experience. Though your awareness shifts back and forth, you continue to "hear" what goes on around your body, and even after you cross over.

The first sensation called by the Tibetans(25) "earth sinking into water" will be of becoming smaller and smaller-- a mental experience of shrinking into the depths of a dark void. At the same time, you will lose control of your body's muscle tension and feel yourself sinking into the bed. You will experience difficulty swallowing and not want food or water. You will appear to relax and become peaceful to observers. At any time, you may begin to hear snapping or popping noises. These are the sounds of the Etheric threads of your Silver Cord breaking.

The next stage, the Tibetans call "water sinking into fire." You will feel alternating sensations of cold and heat. You may experience chills, chattering teeth and shivering followed by extreme irritability or agitation. These are the affects of Kundalini energy rising up the spinal column. If you have prepared yourself for this moment, you will be working with the energy to direct it to the Crown Chakra; if not, it may be frightening or, at least, uncomfortable.

The next sensation, the Tibetans call "fire sinking into air," will feel as if you are expanding and about to explode. Your breathing may become very labored. You may be hearing buzzing noises, high-pitched whistling, low rolling thunder. You may feel a band of pressure around your head as if your mind is about to blow. Your feet and hands may feel tingly, as if they have gone to sleep. You body may feel fluid, like melting wax. You will begin to experience hallucinations, distorted images that rise and fade away. Lastly, you feel a vibration starting at your Root Chakra, rising upward along the spinal column, reaching toward your head. Then, suddenly, you burst into full consciousness at your last breath as the Clear Light dawns. The Clear Light is the reflection of your consciousness without any limitations or darkness. You will probably smile and may even sit up in bed and try to tell those in attendance that you have just seen God or your Savior or heaven or deceased relatives. And then your body will fall back onto the bed, your heart will stop beating and your wondrous rebirth journey into the spiritual world will commence . . . according to your Karma. In this state between life and death, there is no space or time, no emotions or actions. There is only Being in Bliss. To remain at One with the Light is to receive Salvation. Merging with the Light does not mean annihilation. It does mean surrendering control of who you thought you were, to become your Real Self. If you find yourself resisting or fear creeping in, relax and let go to the Light.

Death is itself only an initiation into another form of life than that of which it is the ending.(25)
The Journey's End

If your desire to again be in body and return to earth still dominates your consciousness, you are likely to seek immediate rebirth and forfeit any time on higher spiritual planes. Following your Bardo journey, you enter a trance state to prepare for your Reincarnation process (deciding how to play out your Karma in another physical body). This desire arises in those who spent their lives immersed in the lower impulses of earth life and want to return to their old habits-- even though they subconsciously realize they will inherit a life filled with the same conditions they inflicted on others. They may even chose a form which reflects that torment to ease their previous karmic debts, and suffering may be the only way for them to evolve spiritually. Evil is a deliberate move away from God, with full awareness of selfish intent and no thought of repentance or spiritual progression. Suffering is merely the result of necessary purification, not punishment-- made necessary by one's selfish actions, habits and thoughts.

Those Souls who move on to higher spiritual dimensions, those who raised their consciousness or frequency to the rate of the Secondary Clear Light and were able to merge with it, will feel enfolded by a great silence, a peaceful ocean of light. As their superconscious awareness opens, they may be inclined to break into laughter at their blindness and dumbness of even thinking that earth life was reality when, here, just beyond the confines of the brain and body is the True Reality. All the teaching and training that they took for granted or did half-heartedly on earth now becomes most important and they will wish they had done more while still in body. If they tuned-in to their Reader, hopefully, they remembered that the reflections they saw in the Bardo were their own thoughts and memories and were able to pass through them quickly. Once through the Bardo, they will find themselves clothed in their Astral bodies and guided by loved ones and spiritual guides to their new homes and lives that match their level of spiritual awareness. Their Astral bodies will be either beautiful or have defects (not in the same sense as physical handicaps), depending on the quality of their thoughts during their earth lives and during their Bardo experiences. A person may have had a good Soul, but practiced some unwise habits during earth life. Their Astral form will reflect these defects and they may be temporarily detained on a lower Astral plane until they are purged-- which is why it is better to overcome bad habits (e.g., smoking, drinking, drugs) while in body. You will ascend as rapidly as you overcome and rise as high as your inner light will allow you.

For those who arrive bewildered, there are guides to convince those who don't believe they are dead. They will take these Souls to visit their dead friends and relatives and even take then back to their earth homes to see those who are mourning their deaths or to the scene of their demise and show them that no one can see or hear them. They will lead them past incredible landscapes, beautiful cities of light with magnificent gleaming buildings (15) and show them their spiritual homes where everything they loved and lost is waiting for them. There they will be reunited with the ones they loved most while on earth. Their early experiences will reflect their beliefs about the after-life while on earth (e.g., streets of gold, happy hunting grounds, etc.), but they will gradually discover that it is more than they ever dreamed possible.

One of the things you will notice about the spiritual dimensions is that you still have the same senses you had before only they are a thousand times keener-- not only that, but you will find you now have higher senses than even the psychic senses you may have developed while in your last body. With practice, you will be able to think things into being-- the more you learned about the physical world, the better you will be able to recreate them in the spiritual dimension. It is merely rearranging atoms by mind force. You will be able to communicate telepathically with others and zip around your universe via instant thought-wave transportation. As you grow accustomed to your new life and let go of your false beliefs, you may find yourself seeking higher dimensions of God's universe, but you can only rise as high as the rate your vibration allows. If you want to ascend further, you will have to descend again into matter and will begin to prepare yourself for Reincarnation in a physical form according to your remaining Karma.

The highly-evolved Soul, who was able to merge with the Clear Light at death, does not experience another Bardo journey or spend any time on the lower planes. As you melt into the Clear Light, you become aware that you still have a body but you are Total Consciousness. As the crystallized structures of the earth dissolve away, your consciousness absorbs the in pouring of Divine Wisdom-- Christ Consciousness. You will become aware of Light Beings all around you and of one special guide whose voice soothes your fears and guides you to higher planes. As you soar to blissful regions of light, you will hear glorious music. Out of the mist will emerge one solitary figure--the great Master or Savior to whom you prayed and meditated while on earth. This day you are with them in "paradise" and have achieved Salvation from the Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth (3). Of your life on the higher planes, not much can be told because our language is inadequate to describe spiritual existence. What could be described is more wondrous and meaningful than mere words can convey. But you will be involved with your higher spiritual development, existing in a refined spiritual body, living in glorious surroundings similar to earth's, but less dense), still going to school and learning about "life," and, occasionally, returning to earth in a human body as a teacher to raise the consciousness of Humanity.

The Countdown


If the dying person is being monitored and the approach of death becomes evident, the Reader should be called to the bedside as final preparations are being made. If death occurs without warning, the Reader should be notified immediately and begin reading as soon as possible. The Reader should try to stay with the body for forty minutes to an hour after death; two hours, if possible, and reading should continue even if the body has to be removed.

If possible the reading of Part I should begin just prior to death and for twenty minutes after breathing stops as the Soul withdraws from the body. Part II follows for another twenty minutes as the Soul becomes aware it has left the body, and Part III continues for another hour after as the Soul moves into its Bardo journey. If it is considered necessary, Part IV may follow for the next hour and then be read twice daily for a predetermined time span.

Those in the room with a dying person, when they become aware that death is imminent, must remain absolutely quiet so the dying person may hear the Sound of the Clear Light. Crying and wailing are distractions during the death experience. Silent whispers of encouragement to let go to the Light are most helpful. During this first phase of the Bardo, it is time to think of the departing Soul, not of your loss. It is best you leave the room if you cannot control your emotions. During the first few minutes following cessation of breathing, the person may temporarily regain consciousness and describe visions and deceased relatives. This may last up to half an hour. Relatives at the bedside should be loving and supportive, not doubting or patronizing.


While the dying person may be experiencing pain leading up to the moment of death, just prior to death, all pain will cease as the Emotional Seed Atom withdraws; therefore, drugs which block consciousness should not be administered in the last moments so the person may try to go consciously into the Light. There are two drugs available which will block pain but not affect consciousness: Zeneperin and the Brompton cocktail (3) and one should discuss them with their physician.

If consciousness blocking drugs or gas are used, the person will miss the Clear Light and awaken to the Secondary Light. In this case, the Reader will help the Soul understand what has happened.

Departure Time

The first phase of the journey begins for the dying person before breath ceases and continues about twenty minutes after for the average person-- with little-to-some spiritual awareness. It will be over an a flash for the highly evolved spiritual mind, and last much longer than twenty minutes for those who are spiritually unconscious-- with little-to-no belief in God-- at the time of their deaths.

If the dying person is using relaxation exercises and meditation prior to death, the Reader may encourage them according to prearrangements. If the person is working with Kundalini energy, the Reader may assist and, watching for physical signs of the rising energy, encourage him or her toward spiritual illumination at the same moment that the Clear Light dawns. These activities are specialties of an Anubisist.

As the time of death approaches, begin to repeat the signals of the approaching Clear Light to keep the person focused and remind them that the sensations they are experiencing are normal and there is nothing to fear. Those who have achieved acceptance of their death are likely to be more peaceful at this stage. The voice of the Reader is a gentle guide in the background. Listen to what the dying person is able to tell you about what they are experiencing and be supportive. They are not confused-- they are amazed! Allow the dying person periods of silence (between read paragraphs) so they can go with the experience as their consciousness shifts back and forth. Try to read to them and express love to them when they are lucid in the physical world. Use your mental energy to direct them to the Light when they appear to go unconscious.

These stages and sensations are documented in many of the books in my Bibliography.

Earth sinking into water-- you may be feeling pressure around you, that you are shrinking and falling inward.

Water sinking into fire-- you may experience being very cold and then very hot.

Fire sinking into air-- your may feel as if you are expanding upward and outward; you may feel pressure around your head as your consciousness prepares to expand; you may be feeling tingling sensations in your hands and feet; your body may be feeling fluid, as if you are melting into the bed; you may be experiencing the spiritual energy vibrations rising in your body towards your head.

Concentrate on the rising energy, move it up to the inner chambers of your brain and allow your consciousness to expand to meet the Clear Light when it dawns (3).

The dying person experiences momentary blackouts as consciousness is suspended during the transition of the Soul from one frequency to another in order to adjust to the new frequency, which is why this section is repeated several times. The experience in consciousness is to appear to jump from one state to another without memory of a passage. As many NDErs report, they suddenly find themselves above their bodies looking down at their bodies or they are suddenly whisked away to another place (19). Some of these shifts may take place before breathing ceases and the dying person may suddenly sit up and indicate something about what they are experiencing. When such signals appear, it is time to begin reading Part I, calling their attention to the approaching Clear Light. The actual death "moment" covers the first six minutes of death, therefore reading should be continuous. Always address the Soul of the dying person to whom you are reading. The following are examples of the kinds of words that are appropriate and may be adapted to your personal values and beliefs.