Astral Projection/Oobe Class

by Donald J. DeGracia


This class contain relatively comprehensive lessons on how to achieve astral projections/OOBEs.
These texts were written as notes for an on-line class I gave in the New Age forum on CompuServe during May and June of 1994.
I hope you will find this material useful and enjoyable. I have stressed a practical approach to inducing astral projections/OOBEs while at the same time trying to provide a reasonable balance between differing views of this phenomena.


Since 1987, Donald DeGracia has had numerous out-of-body experiences.
He is an avid student of occultism, science, history, social science, and philosophy. His whole orientation towards the OOBE involves a point of view that seeks to synthesize scientific and occult knowledge. Donald has a Bachelors of Science degree in chemistry, and is currently obtaining a Ph.D. in physiology. He presently works as a biochemical researcher in the field of cerebral ischemia and reperfusion, and has published a number of papers in this area. Donald and his lovely wife Kathy are currently situated in Detroit, MI.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to my wonderful wife Kathy, who had the patience and excellent grammar skills to proof and edit these notes.
Thanks also goes out to Jeff Wiley, a fellow traveler/dreamer for his helpful suggestions, and to Rilla Muldon for giving me the impetus to write these notes.


  • Introduction
  • 1. What Is Astral Projection?
  • 2. Different views of astral projections.
  • A. Occult views
  • A. Occult Views (continued from Chapter 1)
  • i. Occult Anatomy
  • B. Scientific Views
  • i. Parapsychology - OOBEs
  • ii. Psychology - Lucid Dreaming
  • 3. Tying It All Together
  • 4. Radio Station theory of consciousness - The Subplanes
  • 5. Mystical view of consciousness
  • 1. Using Dreams As A Springboard For Astral Projecting
  • 2. Trance Methods
  • A. Putting Yourself Into A Trance
  • i. Hypnogogic Imagery
  • ii. Kinesthetic Sensation
  • 3. Don's Actual Experiences On The Border Between Waking And Projecting
  • 4. Other Techniques For Getting Out Of Body
  • A. Visualization Methods
  • B. Drugs, Tapes And Other Devices
  • 1. Describing OOBEs with words
  • 2. The State Of Your Mind In The OOBE State
  • 3. The OOBE world: objective or subjective?
  • 4. The Dweller at the Threshold
  • 5. Things You Can Do There That You Can't Do Here
  • A. Moving, Flying and the "Wind"
  • B. Moving through walls
  • C. Exercising psychic powers
  • C. Exercising psychic powers (continued from Chapter 8)
  • 6. Places you can go: Sights and vistas
  • A. Life in the void
  • B. Life on the planes
  • i. The Lower Realms
  • ii. The Middle Realms
  • ii. The Middle Realms (continued from Chapter 9)
  • iii. The Higher Realms
  • iv. The Surreal Regions
  • 7. Things And People You Meet
  • A. Nonhuman Denizens Of The Planes
  • B. Meeting People: Dead Verses Dreamers
  • i. The Character of People In OOBEs
  • B. Meeting People (continued from Chapter 12)
  • 8. Getting into trouble
  • 9. Waking up - Returning Back To The Physical Realm
  • 10. Astrology and OOBEs
  • 11. Wrapping it all up
  • A. Review.
  • B. OOBEs: Subjective Or Objective?
  • C. Maya and Buddhi
  • Recommended Reading List