Astral Techniques?

by Roz Foster

Throughout this lifetime I have experienced hundreds, perhaps thousands of Out Of Body Experiences (OOBEs), but I cannot offer a black and white version of the secret to that success. One need not be 'chosen' to visit the astral planes nor enter in upon a strict disciplinary method. We have been visiting the astral planes since the beginning of self-reflective consciousness. These experiences are quite natural.

For those who have no experience in the astral realms, you need not be a master of Zen, nor the second coming of Christ; you need not don a monk's robe, nor be in the throes of a DMT induced state of ecstasy. You need only to have an open mind and accept that we do not yet know how the human mind/consciousness operates.


There are books on astral projection where the techniques utilized by the masters are cut and dry, perfectly straight forward 'How to fly' instructions. Yet, every time I laid on down to attempt one of these exercises, I fell asleep, bored with concentrating on my breathing, or ended up having a good meditation, but no astral wings did sprout forth. When I came close to the vibrational state within one of these exercises, my mind was too alert to ignore the ticking of a clock, the sensations of my physical body, and especially the sudden awareness that now I must forget that I have to breathe to stay alive. Essential, that breathing thing.

Each time, still, that I attempt one of these cut and dry methods, I end up frustrated with my abilities because I know I have been out and astral with the ease of the masters who use these darn 'techniques.' No technique had been thus far necessary, so why, I asked myself, was I attempting to alter what came naturally? I had already achieved conscious OOBEs without "picturing a pure white light hovering 'round my peaceful body." Yeah, oookay. Some of us just can't get to that pure, white glowy stage as of yet.

Let's go from the all-American capitalize on the world office environment of the day to "....visualize a plush garden with a marble bench at the center upon which you sit peacefully waiting for your spirit guide...." Mmm... nope. When I picture that garden, my boss sits down next to me on that marble bench and yells, "What, are you crazy? This garden isn't the Real World! Work, Work, Work... and you too can have a Mercedes and house in the hills!" As you may imagine, this was quite disruptive to my meditations.


A way has been worked out that bypasses such impolite intrusions. This is the method: 1) Fluff pillow. 2) Lie down. 3) Close eyes.

The ritual of going to sleep shuts down all physical fears, leaves the mind in a state of solitary self-reflection and allows you to disregard all conflicts of the day.

The success rate with this simplicity is due to a firm belief that I CAN experience an OOBE. If you do not believe you CAN have such an experience, then just as simply as is my method, you will not. Belief is an unignorable influence on the mind. Belief IS the method. If one realizes that OOBEs are as natural as the activity of shutting down the physical body in sleep, and that OOBEs are just as much a part of the Real World as my boss' Mercedes (well, perhaps OOBEs are a bit more within the Real World than the imagined value of a luxury car), then one can attain a conscious astral experience. Keep an open mind, research the subject, have a genuine interest along with even just a slight belief that an OOBE CAN occur and that will be enough to achieve your beginning results. Remember that it's natural.


I realized that I was leaving my body during the hours of sleep around the age of ten, if my memory serves me. 'Floaties' as I called them, happened infrequently to me as a child; perhaps two or three times a year. This involved merely floating up, hitting the ceiling and sometimes going through it, at which point I would wake from the excitement of the thought and sensation of passing through the roof.

When I was around fifteen, the OOBEs began to occur rather frequently; from once a month to once a week, and sometimes two or three nights in a row. This, however, was not being 'controlled' by me consciously. I would just fall asleep, and upon sleeping would find myself lucid and merely let myself fall out of my body (usually quite awkwardly onto the floor) or allow myself to rise through the roof. At this stage of my astral development, I did not know that sight was available, and so would just float peacefully about, enjoying the weightlessness, or go careening through empty space at speeds I knew were not possible in the physical world.

Opening my eyes was a new world, a world of sights that can barely be explained, just as the word 'infinity' explains a space that humanity cannot comprehend.


As to the frequency of my traveling astrally, I owe that gift to my innocence of the meaning of astral projection. I did not see that the idea of the astral planes left gaping holes in traditional religion, philosophy and science. In other words, OOBEs did not frighten me because they did not threaten my belief systems. This is the main obstacle for contemporary society to hurdle in trying to swallow the idea that the body is not necessary for consciousness.

Contemporary society in the western world has, as of the latest couple of millennia, been trained rigorously to believe solely in the physical world. With that firmly set belief system, OOBEs became the products of the overactive imaginations of derivative, warped minds. When children spot the 'different child,' they call him names, as well. Well, sticks and stones may break my bones, but on the astral planes they go right through me.

While I did have the same 'training' as the rest of society, I had a little extra course on the side. I experienced what I thought were reoccurring vivid dreams that allowed me to 'fly.' Society spoke nothing of what dreams I was supposed to have, and so that realm of experience was left free of preconception. I was not told there was anything wrong with these dreams. As long as I called them 'dreams,' no one questioned me. It was, however, when I insisted that these were not 'dreams' that I ran into the opposition of our frightened, misinformed society who were so versed in the physical laws that it was as if they were religious fanatics quoting verses from their newfound holy book of hard, material science.

I did not know others could not 'fly' in their 'dreams.' I learned very quickly that they could not, and mastered the art of keeping my trap shut in the face of the closed minds of my surrounding world.

The frequency of my experiences are a result of having OOBEs at such a young age, innocent of what society tells us is possible at the adult level. The OOBEs were, therefore, integrated as an essential part of my core belief system. When the OOBEs began, I was too young to have had constructed any belief systems that were susceptible to being shattered by the possibility of alter planes of existence besides the present physical plane. The OOBEs were interwoven with my outlook on life, and therefore, when they occurred, they were a welcome and refreshing experience. I was not a derivative warped mind. I was, rather, an open mind.


Currently, I get out astrally virtually every other night. That is, I recall getting out virtually ever other night. I am certain that I do travel astrally every night, but the recollection of such travel depends upon what my activities of the day were, and what topics within social realms were dominating my thoughts. If I am involved in strenuous or exhausting physical activities, I will not recall the OOBEs. Likewise, if I am involved with stressful family conflicts, mind engaging social events, or professional conflicts and the like, I will not recall the OOBEs. It seems that the more interwoven I am with the physical/social world, the less I can recall the astral world.

When I say 'virtually every other night,' I should include that the majority of those OOBEs are just flashes or short recollections of 'falling out of my body' or feeling the high pitched vibration in my mind (which I call a 'brain implosion' due to the like sensation to that term) accompanied by a brief recollection, almost just a vague and fuzzy feeling of the journey. This is intensely frustrating because I cannot get a secure handle on exactly where my double (the second body) has been and what she's been doing without my knowledge.

The vivid OOBEs, which are most detailed and satisfying, occur anywhere from one day, to three, to all seven days of the week depending upon how involved I am, as mentioned above, in the physical/social world.


In the end of this still lies the astounding number of people who would find this small article a piece of rubbish, but this, I must point out, is only because they have not experienced the freedom of the astral plane. Imagine if someone claimed they could fly and they knew others that could as well, but the idea had not crossed your mind that such a feat was possible. Would you not be a little frightened of them? Would you not be a bit envious? Would you not feel angry that you might be missing an essential part of life? Would you not believe these strange, easy going people with a sparkle in their eyes had one up on you? And would you not be curious?

It is the curiosity that will force the astral planes into the realm of those who cannot yet 'fly'. If those who have had such experiences do not suppress them (as I did not in the innocence of my childhood) and feel free to speak openly about what is quite natural to them, then OOBEs will no longer be seen as some sort of mass hallucination. It is mass hallucination to say that there is no such realm as the astral. Communication, such as the feedback you've found on this web page, by real people, not necessarily Zen gurus, is the key to spreading that curiosity to the untouched 'norm' who have no notion of OOBEs, and who are, presently, the majority of the population of the world.

It is an exciting glimpse that those with OOBE experience have into the future evolution of humanity, and we have, also, the ability and somewhat of a moral duty to inform the rest of the world of this fantastic evolution. Keep talking, hide no truth and know that you are not an abnormal mind, but an open one-- and with the last few comments, a highly evolved mind, as well. The movement of our minds into the astral planes is the next evolution and I, for one, do not desire to be left behind, nor, if I may assume so, would the rest of humanity.