Being Stuck in the Physical Concepts

by Ed L'Esperance

"A common block for people trying to astral project is being stuck in the physical CONCEPTS, not the physical space. In _real_ reality, there is no place to get "out" to. YOU are already there. All we do in astral projection is to shift our awareness to that level where we are capable of being aware of the entire universe, past present and future. Our awareness will go where it is focussed - it's that simple! You don't need anything more than your mind, your awareness, your desire and your freedom. All techniques are just gimmicks (that work, BTW) to trick your stubborn "conscious" mind into believing in reality."

Fact is, we are spiritual beings that inhabit not only these physical bodies. Our spirits are aware mostly in our physical bodies right now because the biological imperative is quite distracting! When we sleep, we can shift our awareness to other parts of the universe, including the astral, including the future and the past. For spirit it is effortless. We are here because our spirits CHOOSE to be here, in these bodies.

When we talk of "getting out" some people get hung up on trying to "get out and go traveling." You are already out of your body, all you have to do is shift your awareness to that part of your spiritual consciousness. Then decide what the next shift will be, where to go next. Don't let our constructed concept of reality (actually only a very small sliver of reality) block you from what is a very natural state for all of us. The spirit is reality. The body is temporary.