Experiences in the Etheric and Astral Body

by Alfred Ballabene

OBE In The Etheric Body

Synonyms for the etheric body:

  • vital body or vehicle of vitality (Theosophs)
  • linga sharira (Theosophs)
  • etheric double, fluidic body (Occultists)
  • pranamaya kosha (Yoga)
Robert Crookall wrote in "The Techniques of Astral Projection" (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: The Aquarian Press, 1981, Paperback Ed., p.88):
"Mediumistic people have loose vehicles of vitality and always tend to extrude part of that along with the Astral Body - but this enveiling feature generally returns, along the "silver cord" to the physical body, so that originally composite "double" becomes simple."

In this article I want to demonstrate that there is a series of phenomena in OBE's, which are evidently in connection to etheric matter and which do not belong to astral body and astral plane. The "composite double" (composed of the etheric- and the astral-body, like shells one in the other), here called etheric body, is dissociated from the physical body by special techniques, which differ from pure astral projection techniques. Nevertheless OBE in the etheric body can develop to astral travelling. Due to this latter fact, very often the existence of an etheric body is ignored, which leads to confusion and to a lack of understanding for diverse reports of experiences. Some of the most common features are mentioned in this article on the basis of own experience.

Some Tips When Starting Trance Or Near-Sleep States

Balancing Between Sleep And Awakeness

  • Depending from the body position - lying flat or sitting more or less upright - I learned to trigger the degree of awareness. Naturally the more flat the position was, the stronger was the tendency to fall asleep.
  • A second parameter on the awake-sleep scale, I recognized, is the body temperature. Coolness is activating, but if I got cold feet or a hot head, I stayed awake and got stuck in a long thread of thoughts. If the body was kept too comfortably warm, I tended to fall asleep.
  • A shift towards sleep at day or a shift towards alertness at night, could be accomplished by the degree of brightness of light. This can be balanced by using a dim lamp at night (as it may be switched on in REM-sleep to support LD's, as I have read in some reports; see dreamgoggles" in the webpage of Charles Goodin (http://www.lava.net/~goodin/misc/), and by blindfolding, when trying OBE´s in daytime. The latter procedure is less important for me since I got independent from daylight by turning my eyeballs upwards.
  • The time of day plays a role as well. If I am called to start exercises by means of an alarmclock, in the initial hours of sleeptime, I tend to fall asleep immediately, whereas conditions are better in the early morning. My first OBE's I had by chance, when I extended sleeptime on Saturday or Sunday into the late morning. This favoured obviously the occurence of LD's and OBE's. "Professionals" try to increase the frequency of OBE's and therefore want to train throughout the week. In this case they are to start OBE's in night time. Since one tends to fall asleep at that time, it is useful to counteract by taking a seat in an armchair. I have had good results with this kind of arrangement and can better concentrate at night.
Exercises Which Might Help

My OBE-ing does not always turn out as well as I would like. Success is going up and down. There are some reasons for this frustrating unsteadiness. These reasons are found in distraction and energetic constitution, in times of slipshod inner discipline. I won't state that inner discipline is absolutely necessary, but it helps. Anyhow, if I have some kind of inner electricity, OBE's are facilitated. To follow some advices listed below might be useful to others as well.

  • Control and guide of thoughts and emotions. Even a partial control is of good influence.
  • Practicing a selfmade European version of Yoga, I have found, that quite a lot of Yoga-exercises were supporting LD's and OBE's. Among the best ones are body-energizing, body-awareness and visualization. For OBE's in the sense of "stepping out", the best exercises, I have found, are those in which you are concentrated on body processes. This prevents you to drift away by any dreamlike pictures. Pictures very easily tend to consume your attention and they let you drop into ordinary dreams, whereas there is nothing of interest, which would distract you from exercising, if your attention is directed on slow motions or vibrations in the range of deep sounds felt in abdomen or breast. At present I prefer this kind of exercise. Several years ago, my central exercise was concentration on warmth-feeling, starting from the feet and going upwards or circling through the whole body (except the head). Besides warmth a second possibility was the imagination of energy circling in the body.

    Another helpful exercise, as I have heard from friends, is Eutonie, a train of feeling-imagination-exercises concerning body inspection. These friends had their first OBE's spontaneously, when performing these exercises, without ever having heard about OBE's before.

    As mentioned above, currently I prefer exercising on vibrations. In days I can´t feel vibrations, I try to produce body motions in the range of 0,5 to 4 Hz (cps). If I can´t produce them for any reason, I imagine rocking in the frequency of about 1 Hz. When using too slow body movements, I can´t keep up concentration and drift away very soon. Visualization helped to some extent to perform astral projection, but was of no use for etheric OBE's.

Theoretical Background

Bound to the physical world something exists, which forms a bridge between the physical and the astral plane. You can use smoke as analogon. Smoke is visible like solid matter and it is light as air; actually it consists of both elements. In the same way this subtle matter shifts in its characteristics between the physical and the astral world. The terms, which are used for it, are based on different philosophical and traditional backgrounds and therefore emphasize slightly different aspects: ether, chi, ki, prana, od, fluid, bioplasm, vital energy etc.

It is possible while OBEíng with the etheric body, that all etheric matter of your subtle body may be reintegrated into the physical body (see: H. Durville). Then your consciousness stays in the astral shell, which is left. Your etheric-OBE has changed to astral travelling. This is easily explained in theory, but practically veils the differences between etheric and astral OBE-íng. For this reason frequently no difference at all is pointed out; consequently considerable confusion arises.

Etheric Phenomena Registered While Still In Physical Body As Well As While OBE-ing

This state can be concerned as a prestage of OBE-ing, and the first hinderences occur; these are safely overcome when you are fearless and/or curious. After the first confrontations with the phenomena of the prestage, everyone becomes used to it. It is a very interesting field to learn about and there is no real danger except uncontrolled homemade fear.

Symptoms and Phenomena

  • Sensory perception, in general: Sensory perception is possible by astral awareness, occasionally simultaneously there are physical inputs.
  • Vision: There are 2 kinds of visual perception - astral vision and at some few occasions "physical vision". However, very often the astral visual perception is not yet established when starting etheric OBE. Therefore no vision exists. The lack of visual perception for me was very annoying. Wrapped in deepest darkness, I stepped forward into the black night, having nevertheless a good orientation by a kind of inner space sensing. In a certain distance from my physical body I always was able to see. This kind of vision was astral.

    As I suppose, there is etheric matter, but no etheric plane and therefore no etheric sight. When I saw, objects were not identical with those of the physical plane, even when it seemed so at the first glance. Therefore I did not see the etheric counterparts of the physical plane (structures of both should be identical, as theosophs say and as I believe as well). On the other hand, for instance, being in the etheric body I once saw my guardians (living on astral plane), whom I knew, because I have met them several times in the astral plane.

    "Physical vision" is often reported in NDE's. There are as well some rare OBE's where the physical environment was seen and heard, but they are rather an exception and difficult to explain.

  • Voices: Usually I was accustomed to silence in OBE-prestage, in contrary to false awakening, in which state I was surrounded by noisy "people". When overtired I experienced another state, which happened in the first years of Yoga, when I was exercising late in the evening. At these occasions I very often heard unpolite words and curses of entities, which seemed to surround me. Once, when it became too molesting, I pushed them away like a foggy cloud, and disturbance was gone for ever. Hearing voices in the state of false awakening is a totally different kind of phenomenon. In false awakening I actually can see the persons, who are speaking to each other or to me and they are not harmful and mostly polite.
  • Partial body-separation: When consciousness is shifting more and more towards the etheric body, the etheric body gains increased liveliness and independence. Consciousness in etheric body in this state for me was always clear, I was alert as if I were awake; therefore I often thought to have become awake and to have fallen out of trance. Ignoring this pretended awakeness and continuing my exercises none-the-less, I usually was very amazed, when I became aware, that I could move my etheric limbs. Testing my freedom of movement, usually there were no difficulties to move legs, arms and head. In contrary to limbs and head the trunk mostly was stuck firm in the physical body. When frequently OBE-ing the difficulty of sticking to the body vanished and then stepping out became more and more easy.
  • Ectoplasm (Ektoplasma): Ectoplasmic emanations are not very common and consist of a denser ectoplasmic matter than all the other mentioned etheric phenomena. I have experienced ectoplasm only once. It's a curious thing to see ektoplasma flow slowely out of the mouth, in its viscosity like honey. It was a broad stream of greyish colour, with black, crystallike spots. At the edges it seemed to evaporate like steam. When starting trance in an armchair, I usually had considerable saliva production. After a while, when I drifted to a deeper relaxation, I felt something like cold wind or a cold liquid, which seemed to flow from the right edge of my mouth down to the chin. For a long time I could not distinguish, if it was cold saliva or cold wind. By the years I found out, that it was "cold wind", a feeling produced by skin contact with ectoplasm, as I suppose.
  • Touch: Sometimes I had the sensation of being touched by spirits (I usually was wrapped in darkness). When I felt a kind of pulsating knock at the footsoles or at the basis of the spine, this was a signal to me, that obsession spirits wanted to enter and incorporate in my body. When I felt bothered, I tried to get a grip on them and then threw them away. Except once they seemed to have nearly no weight. I was not afraid, and there was no real danger. It's not possible for a healthy person to be obsessed.
  • Silver cord: In all "stepping-out"-OBE's, which were induced in trance, I could feel the pull of the silver cord, which limited my excursions to a certain distance, which was too short to experience interesting adventures.
Figure (1): After having moved to a certain distance (50 - 70m) I usually felt the pull of the silver cord. Struggling against this fixation I had no chance and in next moment I was back again in my physical body.

  • Double consciousness: In etheric OBE's , although I felt myself bodily present in the subtle shell, I had accoustical inputs by my physical body. For instance I heard loud noise of cars and tram. I could suppress this interference for a short time and continue my travelling. If noise persisted, my attention was caught by it unwillingly and I was pulled back.
Out In The Etheric Field

Ways of Body Separation:

Stepping out of the physical body in trance.
Rolling out of the physical body.
Floating out of the physical body.
Stepping out of the physical body in the state of false awakening.
  • Stepping Out In Trance: This was the main method for me some years ago, which, however, I do not practice currently.

    Position: leaned back in an armchair, the head leaned comfortably on a pillow. Besides the fact of better concentration, as compared to lying in bed, sitting in an armchair has a further advantage: if you fall asleep, instead of getting into trance, the unusual sleep position somehow alarms the subconsciousness. The result is very often false awakening, a semi-conscious state promoting the start of OBE-ing.

    Method: pay attention to your body: feel warmth or vibrations. Try to keep your attention as long as possible. If you become aware of something unusual, like partial body separation, try to step out of your physical body as out of a coat.

    Sensations: Starting off I felt alert all the time, though sometimes I lost concentration. After a while (perhaps 1/2 hour), when awareness was shifting into the etheric body, I sometimes could feel the limbs of my subtle body separating from the physical ones and feel them floating in the air, as if I was sitting in very salty seawater. This feeling signalled to me to start OBE deliberately. Later on, after having gathered more experience, I started my OBE's when perceiving the slightly different consciousness indicative for the etheric body.

    When trying to dissociate from my physical body, I was hindered because my subtle body was stuck to the physical body, tied by many rubberlike strings. These strings were elastic but not easy to be torn. Therefore I tried to separate by rocking my subtle body forth and back. When I got rid of the strings there was still one kind of fixation to the physical body left, the silver cord.

    Figure (2): Fighting against the backward pull of many elastic cords I rocked forward, until I had the impression, that I could swing far enough to have a chance for separating by a final effort. To maintain the detachment I grabbed the arm-chair and pushed myself out of the physical body.

    When I became free from physical body, I still could not see. This handicap did not prevent me to search my path in darkness. I always had a kind of inner "mind-sensing", which helped to find the right way. In a certain distance from my physical body I suddenly was able to see. I found myself in an altered surrounding of about the same quality as the physical world and I had my common state of mind and logic reasoning.

  • Rolling Out Of The Body: I have read about this method in the newsgroup and heard of it as well, but I have never tried it by myself. Following this procedure you are supposed to get out of the physical body by rolling aside, down the edge of the bed.
  • Floating Out Of The Body (Lift Out): Experiences of floating out of the body often are reported to have been occurred spontaneously and in NDE's (near-death-experiences). Some OB-professionals favour floating out by trance methods see: Bob Peterson: http://www.isl.net/users/puser/peterson/obebook.html Steve Ritter: ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/or/oran/oobe.html. I find this method much more difficult to induce OBE's than "stepping-out". In my past experiments I only could perform "floating-out" in daytime and in trance. I mostly did this on Sunday morning. Currently, having a profession and a family there is neither space nor time for undisturbed exercises at such time. Therefore I have to make my OBE exercises during the night and then "stepping-out" methods seemed to me to be significantly better.

    Position: lying on the back on the floor.

    Method: I used to stretch down on the floor, to relax and to intensify the imagination, that all blood was leaving my head, like fainting. (This method "all blood out of my head" I had trained many years before, when I suffered from frequent nose-bleed.) Some trance inducing methods for "floating out" procedure are a special category of imaginations belonging to the field of autohypnosis, in which you imagine to feel more and more light and to float up into the air, swaying there. Some examples:

    • "Water skiing method of projecting" (Matt Holmes in the "Astral Projection Home Page", tips may 1995).
    • Flying in an airplane or balloon
    • Lying in a boat and relax
    • Being carried away on a cloud
    • Sitting in a ski-lift or going upwards in a lift
    • Being a leaf and being carried away by the wind
    • Sliding up or down an escalator
    If you had already some OBE's, the best way to induce new ones is to reimagine the experienced stages step by step.

    Sensations: In the state of deep relaxation I first heard a rushing sound, then it vanished and I saw colours or mosaics or landscapes. This was very delightful for me and helped to stay alert. Then colours and pictures disappeared and it became dark.Now the body started to swing, as if lying in a boat. No sound, no picture, no thoughts - it was a very peaceful feeling. After a while I suddenly could see the room and move by will.

    As a second possibility the experiment could convert to astral travelling. Following the swinging sensation described above, I felt a wind or even storm blowing and carrying me away. There was darkness around me as before, except the fact, that sometimes I could see a sun, as a shining disc in the darkness. After a while, all of a sudden, my sight cleared up and I found myself flying or sliding in an unknown, very real seeming landscape, as if , after passing space, I had landed in another world. My feelings mostly were very euphoric.

    Figure (3): Above: The etheric body lifts from the physical body, keeping the same body-position. Like a balloon, held by a cord, the etheric body is suspended in mid-air and swaying there. Below: Sometimes OBE-ers report to have experienced rotation in horiziontal position (obviously around an axis given by the silver cord origin).
  • Stepping Out In False Awakening: Maybe usually false awakening is a special category of dream. In the case of an OBE-practician very often false awakenings are uncontrolled OBE´s at reduced consciousness, frequently following OBE exercises. In most cases you feel yourself awake, sitting in your easy-chair or whatever piece of furniture you prefer. If you get into the state of false awakening, you first don´t recognize. Perhaps you are somewhat disturbed, because you are not in trance but instead you have got awake, as you think. I have experienced this very often. Being awake, as I thought by error, I tried to make the best of it and continued exercising with forced concentration. But just in these tricky moments I usually heard (my eyes are closed for exercise) some people entering the room, speaking loudly in an obviously very reckless way, switching on radio and lamp (my visual field was brightened by the light passing the eyelids). I often got angry and protested.

    There are two possible ways of further development, I found out: If I ignore all the noise and continue exercising I slowly get aware of the situation and there is a great chance for me to have a successful OBE. Otherwise, if I open the eyes and leave the easy-chair to complain about the noise, and follow the imaginary people, who usually tend to go outside, my level of consciousness will drop even more and I fall into a dreamlike state.

    If I succeed to get false awakening under control I can choose one of two possibilities: stepping out of the body or projecting by a kind of zooming my sight. When "stepping out in false awakening", this differs in experience from leaving the physical body by "stepping out in trance". As opposed to the latter technique I am not likely to feel a silver cord, my distance of travelling is not limited and I have no sensory inputs from the physical body simultaneously (perhaps merely, because there is less disturbance in night). Controlled false awakening turns into a sort of astral travelling in a near-physical astral plane. Uncontrolled false awakening turns to a dreamlike state. As I suppose, OBE in false awakening is no etheric OBE. As it is initiated by a similar procedure as stepping out in trance and because it may develop to an etheric OBE as well, I have described OBE-ing out of false awakening in this chapter.

  • Some examples:
    • 14.2.1995: I was exercising "swinging" to get out of the body. After some time I felt disturbed in my intentions by An., who turned on radio, playing music very loudly. Leaving my eyes closed, to prevent to fall out of deep relaxation, I protested verbally. She argued:" why not, last time I was playing radio as well and you should go to sleep in your bed". I ignored her. Music stopped. I tried to leave my body but was drawn back. In my second attempt I grabbed the armchair to push myself out of physical body. It was not easy because my arms felt pasty. At last, when I was out I looked around in the room, which was somewhat different from the physical one. Then I passed the bathroom, touching the towels and feeling by will the texture of the carpet on the soles of my feet, in order to get a good bodyfeeling, which really increased, and concomitantly my awareness increased. I went down the stairs and out the door. But there was no garden, but instead of it a just ploughed field, which I crossed to a distant street I almost could not see, because it was very dark. In the street I had a look around. It was dark night without stars or moon, but with intimidating flash-light on the horizon. Sensing in all directions I could feel no danger, but for security returned home into my physical body.
    • 18.2.1995: Sitting in my armchair I had the impression of a very crowded room. For a short time I opened my eyes and saw several persons feeling at home, lying in the bed, coming and going and being very noisy. I continued exercising with high concentration to shield off the disturbance. At last I was successful, having a wonderful walk through an unknown, lovely countryside with meadows, rocks and waterfalls.
    • 20.2.1995: Being in the state of false awakening, but thinking to be awake, I tried to continue my exercises. My wife seemed to go to and fro the room, which I felt disturbing, but I did not stop my attempts. She turned on the light and the brightness was filtering through my eyelids. I continued my exercises. My wife came close to my armchair, bent down over my feet to turn on the heating. I became fully awake, as I thought, and dropped the hope to come to a good end in my intentions. I gave up and decided to have a rest which turned to a common dream. The quoted sensations seemed to be realistic to such extent, that I actually was somewhat hesitating about what to think of them and later on questioned my wife about this event.

    PART 2: Astral Travelling

    What You Can Expect, When Astral Travelling:

    • In astral travelling you mostly enter an environment quite different from physical plane. Even if you stay in your own room and you have the impression to see the physical surrounding or a correct astral counterpart, by detailed inspection you will be able to realize slight differences (books and little objects for instance). Though objects seem physical, they are not.
    • A typical astral aspect is the experience of intense and deep emotions.
    • On astral plane you are capable of empathy and telepathy as a new kind of perception.
    • In astral locations you can meet deceased relatives, guardians and friends living in transcendental planes, who seem to have known you for a long time, although you can´t remember to have seen them before.
    • In astral plane there are different rules how matter is composed, shaped and handled. Materialisation and variability of forms are common there.
    • In these subtle worlds zoomlike seeing despite of distance and transparency is possible.
    • What people look like is determined by psychological rules.
    It needs some experience to get used to these special conditions and to be able to manipulate objects, as well as to handle the way of your own movement.

    In the morning after astral travelling I mostly felt strengthened by accumulated inner energies. I had no sleep-shortage, although I had been fully alert during my astral travellings. Even in those few events, when astral travelling lasted all night I was not tired. In a typical astral travelling my subtle body was vibrating with energy and I had a telepathic awareness for any objectives towards which I directed my attention.

    Methods To Induce Astral Travelling

    General Considerations: Most astral travellings I had, came by chance. I don´t know a really successful method easy to perform. I have used some techniques, I shall list. My best way to induce astral travelling however is indirect and includes meditation, visualization and emotionalization with respect to desire or to a kind of "soul-homesickness".

    Relaxation: In the morning relaxation methods accompanying falling asleep promote the occurrence of inner states with higher awareness. In literature you find different techniques for relaxation. Principally, however, they are very similar. Well known are "autogenic training" and "savasana" in Yoga).

    Savasana: Lay backwards down on the floor, your hands aside your body. Put a flat pillow underneath your head and bend your head somewhat sidewards, in order to prevent that your tongue in relaxed state will impede your respiration. Tighten your muscles and clenche your fists for some seconds. Subsequently relax. Check your relaxation, starting from the feet, ending with neck and face. After muscle relaxation direct your attention to blood-circulation and afterwards to body-warmth. In a next step turn your attention inwards and just wait what is going to happen. Wait and don´t loose your inward directed attention by thinking and drifting away in fantasies.

    Projection: The projection method described below worked for me only in the morning between brief sleep sequences. As I don´t rest in bed on Sunday mornings until 9 or 10 o´clock nowadays, I have dropped this method. The method was easy to start, but difficult to develop to the desired degree of bodyawareness in a 3D-world.

    Method: For better understanding let us consider "tiredness-pictures":

    There is a special kind of inner pictures, called "tiredness-pictures", which you certainly have experienced. An example: You have gone many miles for many hours. At home you fall into a comfortable chair to have a nap. But at the moment you close your eyes, you have the movielike sight of roads, and you seem to glide along. Perhaps, if you are explorative, you try to manipulate these pictures. With some attention and concentration you are able to extend the duration of the inner movie and simultaneuously you can focus details and gain three-dimensionality.

    The same kind of inward directed concentration you can use as method for astral projection when awaking between brief sleep sequences in the morning. At this time you are refreshed enough to have good concentration and you still have a remainder of ability to produce inner pictures. Try to visualize an inner movie, like sliding through a landscape or along a road. Everything now resembles a flying dream. If you have succeeded so far, try to stop the impression of being moved and try to stand on your feet. If you do this, the "movie" converts to a 3D-space world. Hold an object with a fixed gaze, until you perceive every detail of it. Then grasp any object and try to feel roughness and structure, to become aware of full touch-perception.

    Tunnel Method: If I performed tunneling in a shamanistic way, it mostly had dreamlike character (LD). Tunneling in my own way rather was transcendental, perhaps because of deeper relaxation.

    Shamanistic (New Age) method, as I have experienced in a shamanistic circle: Following different rituals, lasting about one hour approximately, we stretched down on the floor, backside down. Some members of the circle had a thin pillow underneath their heads. One member started a monotonous rythm with his drum, to support autohypnotic trance process. The others recalled the imagination of their personal holy places and entered the path "through earth" towards underworld. The path they followed, always was a kind of tunnel. While sliding through the tunnel I experienced, as well as the others, an increasing bodyfeeling. Imagination changed gradually to an inner reality. At last I saw a light, which signalled the end of the tunnel. After I had left the tunnel I stood in a landscape, which looked vital, uncultivated and natural. The shamanistic goal now was to encounter the animal-guide and to get advice.

    The ritual had a typical aspect I knew form Yoga: by means of sacralisation and anticipation you can determine destination and quality of your inner journey. It´s like adjusting an inner antenna. This is a typical method to promote spontaneous astral travelling. Invited by friends I tried tunneling in a shamanistic circle for several times more or less successfully. But I did not like to deal with magic animal powers. The religion was far away from my form of understanding the universe. Furthermore, the time of 1/2 an hour frequently did not do; I was still in the tunnel when the session was terminated. The third reason to drop this method was, that I could not do it alone. Therefore I changed to my own method:

    At the border of awaking I often had dreams in which I went by train or bus. This border-symbol I reimagined and used to enter astral-like states. While in imagined train, which became more and more realistic to me and while I was on journey I could increase intensity of my wishes and my desire for a special destination and sometimes when I left the train, I had stopped right at the desired place.

    Flying Dream: From the aspect of awareness a flying dream is no common dream. There is no action in which you are involved; you are only looking and enjoying the view and the freedom of movement. Instinctive emotions belonging to a lower sphere of subconsciousness and causing dream action are inactive. Consciousness in flying dreams has a high level. I often have changed flying dreams, which seemed to be a kind of unconscious astral travelling, to fully aware astral travelling by the following technique:

    First I tried to change the linear fly to a curve and then I tried to land. The following procedure was identical to what I described in "projecting". I intended to get hold of something and to walk in full awareness of movements. After I had succeeded I had a good body-awareness and felt integrated in landscape.

    Figure (4): Sliding along the way, by chance I looked down on my body and saw my feet rudimentarily developed and hanging down unusually shaped like made of dough.

    Spontaneous Astral Travelling:

    There are additional positive aspects in spontaneous astral travelling as compared to other methods:

    In my experience actions in spontaneous astral travelling often were not guided by an earth bound will and I could fulfil tasks given by my guardians, while I was led by an inner sense. The duration of spontaneous astral travelling was significantly longer than of those induced by will.

    Spontaneous astral travelling can be promoted by indirect methods with a relatively high rate of probability to occur, if desire and emotions are strong enough. Some further aspects, which might help for induction:

    • "To have a look like a tourist". This is a special exercise, I have never seen in literature, but which proved very efficient. It is an intentionally created, highly emotional, visual perception of beautiful things and the training of strongly perceiving colour and intensifying contours and shadows (the sight of an artist). This has an effect on quality of dreaming. Furthermore - as an effect of remembering this exercise - I tend to get this kind of sight spontaneously in dream and then I become lucid.
    • After-effect of "stepping-out methods": Following my OBE-exercises in the armchair in the sense of "stepping out of the body" I usually go to bed. As result of the exercises or the meditations I had done before, my inner astral sense was vivified. Perhaps you may consider the intentions, which I had in relaxed state to induce OBE, as a kind of posthypnotic order which was activated afterwards in sleep. Whatever, due to this fact spontaneous astral travelling occurred at a higher rate than usually.
    False Awakening: This issue is dealt with for better orientation, because false awakening to me seems to be an unconscious astral existence on a near-earth astral plane. This kind of false awakening I am writing about is not identical with common dream-false-awakening, in which subconsciousness is dealing already with actions you intend to do when out of bed (like brushing teeth, dressing etc.). The way how to induce false awakening was described in "etheric OBE-ing" because of similarities of both procedures.

    What's Special On Astral Plane:

    • Astral sight: Astral sight is an inner sight, not depending on light or on an eventual astral pendant of it. Therefore astral sight is independent from distance, and "visual perception" can be superimposed by psychic inputs. Light and darkness are caused by the inner level of awareness and not by the environment. In certain energetic (kundalini) states everything presents itself in golden or silver light quality. The perception of world formed of pure light is overwhelming.
    • Astral awareness: Consciousness on astral plane can be unstable - quite opposed to that in etheric body. If consciousness is unstable on astral plane, your awareness may shift from astral to dream state and go back to astral state again. It's like you would turn a switch in your head. When I had experienced this several times, I was amazed to realize, that my astral body existed furtheron, unconscious and independent from my awareness, maintaining its activities.
    • The shape of astral body: On astral plane there is no need for a shaped body. The astral body can arise from habit and from selfreflection, furthermore it can be a medium for communication (for higher entities, who take into account our sensory way of communication). If you are semi-conscious your body can be rudimentary developed.
    Figure (5): Once, in astral travelling, motivated by curiosity, I sat down at the roadside and successfully tried to elongate my arm in order to get hold of a stone on the opposite site of the street.