Experiences with OOBE's

Patrick Briggs

I've been wanting to write about some of my own experiences but have put it off. Fortunately, maybe that has come to an end. I want to write about them and compare notes with others on here and welcome any questions and answers.

I've been having OOBE's since age five when I started Kindergarten (I'm now 21 years old). When I was five, the sensation and experiences was very freightening. So much so that I had to sleep with the light on for years afterwards. To the best of my recollection at the time, I would go to sleep normally but would suddenly experience the sensation that I was sinking down into my bed and my conciousness felt like it was changing. The sensation was very strange to say the least at the time. I usually had the sensation with the sound of my heartbeat which was magnified considerably as well as a ringing in my ear or tone.

As the years went on, the experiences became sleep paralysis. Just about everything then on was just paralysis and nothing else until I decided to try to let the experience of being paralized run its course just to see what would happen (a major feat of courage indeed). If you've never had sleep paralysis, you probably wouldn't want to. The feeling is nasty if your not used to it. You suddenly become aware that you seem awake except you can't move at all no matter how hard you try. Its usually accompianied by the sensation of electrical shock or a loud ringing noise or tone depending on what kind of person you are. I usually get the loud ringing in the ears. In one paticular instance of sleep paralysis that happened about five times one after another, I could have swore someone was grabbing my bedroom door and just slamming it as hard as they could. This was probably my heartbeat magnified way out of proportion.

One night I decided that I was going to have to get to the bottom of this because I had no way to know what it was and I was under the impression that perhaps I should just relax instead of trying to move when I'm paralized just to see what would happen and maybe get some answers to it all. The first time I did this, nothing happened significant. I stayed in the state for about 10 seconds and just fell out of it. However, the next time it happened, when I was sick in bed, I floated for about 10 seconds which was a really amazing experience. It sure didn't last long and none of my OOBE's since last more than a few seconds to maybe 10 or 15 seconds at a time before I just end up popping out of it somehow. I also don't go very far, usually no more than a few feet, although its possible I've been farther in some of my other experiences which I'm not sure was an OOBE or just a dream. An OOBE is quite definately different from a dream.

My most "educational" experiences with OOBE's happened in February of 1991. I wrote those down in a journal and shall put an excerpt of it here:

Feb 25, 1991 4:05 AM -

Astral Projection occured with a sensation of tingling across my chest. As it continued, I started pushing away from my body with my feet. I managed to traverse out of the bed's parimeter from what I could tell, but it was very dark and nothing could be seen.

January 13, 1991

I was able to actually see my astral body and my hands had the appearance of a transparent quality to it. I experimented with it and managed to raise both hands and clasp them together. I could clearly hear a sound made when I did this. The hands and arms are capable of remarkable flexibility beyond imagination. They are also lightening fast. I was able to penetrate physical objects. The senstation was just strange. I could feel the object being penetrated (this case a wall and also the bed springs). The wall felt as though I could feel the insides of it, the nails, insulation. The bed springs also felt interesting and I could hear noises like the springs themselves were being manipulated and were tinking under me as I did this. There was a light against the wall of the bedroom and I was able to lift my leg up and look straight through it to the light beyond on the wall. It looked as though the light was being distorted just a tad like what you would expect from looking at it through water (slightly magnified). I was also able to decern what I thought was my physical body (it was still pretty dark). I also felt what might have been the cord which I've known about in other experiences. The cord is very elastic, seems to contain four strands and proceeds from the forehead of the physical body to the center of my own astral body at the time of the OOBE.

Anyway, there is pretty much what I have experience in a nutshell if you want to call it that. I havn't had any more experiences since a few months ago at least. Certainly not in the scale of detail as I documented on January of 1991. Most likely the OOBE's are triggered during stress in my case and I have not been employed since March, however, I have started a new job that will commence on the 24th which could cause more of them depending on the circumstances. Coffee is a good cause of these things if you drink it before going to bed. Something I avoid altogether when I can.