My First OBE!

Jim Lagerkvist

Hi There -

I'm going to share this with all of you in the hope you find some value in my experience. First of all, I want to say that while I enjoy reading about OBEs, I never had a serious desire to have one myself. This now seems ironic after reading posts from those who are knocking themselves out trying to do it.

Last Thursday night, I went to bed feeling really stressed and hoping to have interesting dreams as sort of a "poor man's vacation". I think my desire to escape the events of the day may have been the catalyst for what happened next.

I must have drifted off for awhile, but then awoke suddenly. My entire body was vibrating intensely. I layed there awake while the vibrations increased. From reading about OBEs I recognized the sensations and wasn't scared. I had full choice to either stop it or let it continue. The vibrations escalated until I felt I could leave my body if I wanted to. In my eyes, I saw flashes of blue light the color of static electricity. As I was laying on my left side, I rotated clockwise and gave myself a mental "push" out.

I floated up and looked down to see my body on the bed and my dog still sound asleep next to it. I wouldn't have recognized the body as mine... it was white and featureless. The 'me' that was out of my body was everything I identified as myself, but no vibrations. I don't remember trying to look at my new form, but was puzzled as how I could see without physical eyes.

I recalled I should have the ability to pass thru the bedroom to go outside the house. The thought of safely trying to go thru the glass window concerned me, so I went up to the solid wall. I felt a slight resistance but pushed and went thru with the sensation of wet soft cardboard. I floated to roof level and traveled about a 1/2 mile to the house I grew up in. Travel time seemed instantaneous.

I entered thru the garage roof and exited out the front wall with the same sensations of soft wet cardboard. I headed home and the next I knew I was back in my body. Another OBE happened that same night and I don't remember where I went. But the initial "launch" was identical.

For the next couple days I was excited at the privilege of the experience, but now I'm not sure what it's really useful for. For those of you who have been having these, what value do you find that I may be missing. And for those who are trying so hard, what is it you are hoping for. I'm not ungrateful for having experienced it, just curious what's beyond the entertainment of it.

Jim Lagerkvist