OOBE Book List

Bob Peterson's Book-List

Bob Peterson's book list on OBEs: 12/15/94 (Sorted by Author)
Revised list including Library of Congress list - 139 titles to date

Notes: This does NOT include books on Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Remove Viewing (RV) and other ASC's except when listed by Library of Congress (LOC) under 'Astral Projection'. All books in the list are 'non-fiction' unless noted. The fiction books won't tell you facts, but it's fun to read a story about people using or having OBEs anyway! Eventually I hope to add 'notes' by each of the books, to tell people (A) the book's approach (occult, science, psychology, etc.), (B) my quickie opinion of the book, (C) whether it offers "how to" instructions, etc. Also note, a '*' preceding the title means I don't own a copy, but want one. If you can help me locate one, send me email (thanks).

Send me email if you know of OBE books not on the list!

Trying to find OBE books in book stores is a joke, even in new age book stores (except for the usual few). Therefore, I'm thinking about starting a service to help people acquire copies of OBE books. I already have some contact with various distributers and publishers, and have ordered many of my books directly from them (I've had to--no book stores carry many of these books, especially where I live!). If anyone is looking for OBE books and is looking for help finding them, send me email. If several people respond, maybe I'll try to get something going.

1. Title: Surfers of the Zuvuya: tales of interdimensional...
Author: Arguelles, Jose C: 1988
Publ: Bear & Co. (Santa Fe, NM)

2.*Title: Highways of the mind: the art and history of...
Author: Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores C: 1987
Publ: The Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

3. Title: Out of the body experiences
Author: Avery, Robert C: 1975
Publ: Regency Press (London and New York)

4. Title: Practical Techniques of Astral Projection
Author: Baker, Dr. Douglas M. C: 1977
Publ: The Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

5.*Title: Meditation and astral projection
Author: Barton, Winifred G. C: 1974
Publ: Psi Science Productions (Ottawa, Canada)

6. Title: Man Outside Himself
Author: Battersby, H.F. Prevost C: 1979
Publ: Citadel Press (Secaucus, NJ)

7.*Title: They Travel outside their bodies: The phenomenon...
Author: Baumann, Elwood D. C: 1980
Publ: Watts (New York)

8.*Title: The Etheric Body of Man
Author: Bendit, L. and P. C: 1977
Publ: Theosophical Pub. House (Wheaton, IL)

9. Title: Ekstasy: Out of the Body Experiences
Author: Black, David C: 1975
Publ: Bobbs-Merrill Company (Indianapolis and New York)

10. Title: Beyond the Body
Author: Blackmore, Susan J. C: 1982
Publ: Academy Chicago Publishers (Chicago)

11. Title: Astral Projection
Author: Bord, Janet C: 1973
Publ: The Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

12.*Title: Le voyage astral: enquete sur les voyages hors du...
Author: Bourgine, Jerome C: 1993
Publ: Editions du Rocher (Monaco)

13. Title: The House Between the Worlds
Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer C: 1980, 1981
Publ: Ballantine Books / Doubleday
Notes: Fiction. Great fun. A parapsychologist has OBEs and
finds a madman transporting creatures between worlds!

14.*Title: Infinite Horizons: a psychic experience
Author: Brady, Michael J. C: 1982
Publ: Donning (Virginia Beach, VA)

15. Title: Astral Doorways
Author: Brennen, J.H. C: 1971
Publ: Samuel Weiser, Inc. (New York)

16. Title: The Astral Projection Workbook
Author: Brennen, J.H. C: 1990
Publ: Sterling Publishing Co. (New York)

17. Title: Kindred Spirits
Author: Brennert, Alan C: 1984
Publ: Tom Doherty Associates (New York)
Notes: Fiction. Boy meets Girl while both are OBE in a coma.
Pseudo romance from author of several 'Twilight zone's.

18.*Title: Khomun prachak tai laeo koet
Author: Bun Ninket C: ????
Publ: Sun Khomun Prachak Tai Laeo (Chiang Mai)

19. Title: The Study and Practice of Astral Projection
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1960
Publ: The Citadel Press (Secaucus, NJ)

20. Title: The Techniques of Astral Projection
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1964
Publ: Samuel Weiser (New York)

21. Title: The Case-book of Astral Projection 545-746
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1972
Publ: The Citadel Press (Secaucus, NJ)

22. Title: Out-of-the-body Experiences - A Fourth Analysis
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1970
Publ: The Citadel Press (Secaucus, NJ)

23. Title: The Jung-Jaffe View of Out of the Body Experiences
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1970
Publ: The World Fellowship Press

24.*Title: "Dreams" of high significance
Aythor: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1974
Publ: Darshana International (Moradabad, India)

25.*Title: Life, 'a cheat' or 'a sacred burden'?
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1976
Publ: Darshana International (Moradabad, India)

26.*Title: Ecstasy: the release of the soul from the body
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1973
Publ: Darshana International (Moradabad, India)

27.*Title: Events on the threshold of the after-life;...
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1967
Publ: Darshana International (Moradabad, India)

28.*Title: The Mechanisms of astral projection: denouement...
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1968
Publ: Darshana International (Moradabad, India)

29. Title: Psychic Breathing
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1979
Publ: The Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

30. Title: More astral projections; analyses of case histories
Author: Crookall, Dr. Robert C: 1964
Publ: The Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

31.*Title: Out of this World: other-worldly journeys from...
Author: Culianu, Ioan P. C: 1991
Publ: Shambhala (Boston, MA)

32. Title: Realms of the Living Dead
Author: Curtiss, H. and F. C: 1926
Publ: The Curtiss Philosophic Book Co (Washington DC)

33. Title: Psychic Travel
Author: Dane, Christopher(Eugene Olson) C: 1974
Publ: Popular Library (New York)

34.*Title: Double Trouble
Author: DeClements, Barthe C: 1987
Publ: Viking Kestrel (New York)

35. Title: The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection
Author: Denning, M. and Phillips, O. C: 1979
Publ: Llewellyn Publications (St. Paul, MN)

36. Title: Shamanism and the Mystery Lines
Author: Devereux, Paul C: 1993
Publ: Llewellyn Publications (St. Paul, MN)

37.*Title: Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting and out of body Travel
Author: Devereux, Paul C: 1993
Publ: Llewellyn Publications (St. Paul, MN)

38. Title: Astral Projection and How to Accomplish It
Author: Doreal, Dr. M. C: ????
Publ: Brotherhood of the White Temple (Sedalia, CO)

39.*Title: Stranger with my face
Author: Duncan, Lois C: 1981
Publ: Little, Brown (Boston, MA)

40.*Title: Dodsoplevelsens psykologi
Author: Fabricius, Johannes C: 1972
Publ: Rhodos (Kobenhavn)

41. Title: Exploring the Great Beyond
Author: Farthing, Geoffrey C: 1978
Publ: The Theosophical Publishing House (Wheaton, IL)

42. Title: Nightflyer
Author: Fahy, Christopher C: 1982
Publ: Jove Publications (New York)
Notes: Fiction. A small boy uses OBEs to give bullies payback.

43. Title: Raumfahrt der Seele
Author: Fischer, Reinhard C: 1975
Publ: Verlag Hermann Bauer (Freiburg, Germany)

44.*Title: American mystic: a journey of crossing the border...
Author: Fitzell, William C: 1992
Publ: Lone Pine Press (New York)

45. Title: Astral Projection
Author: Fox, Oliver (Hugh Callaway) C: 1962
Publ: The Citadel Press (Secaucus, NJ)

46. Title: The Pineal Doorway (Magazine Article)
Author: Fox, Oliver (Hugh Callaway) C: ????
Publ: The Occult Review

47. Title: Astral Travel
Author: Frost, Gavin and Yvonne C: 1982
Publ: Granada Publishing (New York)

48. Title: With the Eyes of the Mind
Author: Gabbard, G. and Twemlow, S. C: 1984
Publ: Praeger Publishers (New York)

49. Title: Beyond the Mind
Author: Gibson, Sandra C: 1981
Publ: Tower Publications (New York)

50. Title: Identity, Pain, Astral Projection
Author: Giletto, Michael J. C: 1972
Publ: M. Giletto, (Richmond, VA)

51. Title: A Door to Infinity: Proving the Cristos Experience
Author: Glaskin, G.M. C: 1979
Publ: Avery Publishing Group (New York)

52. Title: Where the Spirits Rind the Wind
Author: Goodman, Felicitas D. C: 1990
Publ: Indiana University Press

53.*Title: Return from Death: an exploration of the near-death...
Author: Grey, Margot C: 1985
Publ: Arkana (Boston, MA)

54.*Title: Out-of-body experiences
Author: Green, Carl R. C: 1993
Publ: Enslow (Hillside, NJ)

55.*Title: Out-of-the-Body Experiences
Author: Green, Celia C: ????
Publ: (unknown)

56. Title: The Handbook of Astral Projection
Author: Greene, Richard A. C: 1979
Publ: Next Step Publications (Cambridge, MA)

57. Title: The Handbook of Astral Power (Revised from above)
Author: Greene, Richard A. C: 1979, 1987
Publ: Next Step Publications (Nashua, NH)

58. Title: The Astral Journey
Author: Greenhouse, Herbert B. C: 1974
Publ: Avon Books (New York)

59.*Title: Le grand passage: mes experiences de dedoublement
Author: Guesne, Jeanne C: 1978
Publ: Courrier du livre (Paris, France)

60. Title: Phantasms of the Living
Author: Gurney, Myers, Podmore C: 1886
Publ: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & CO (New York)

61. Title: Have an Out-of-Body Experience in 30 Days
Author: Harary, Keith and Weintraub, P. C: 1989
Publ: St. Martin's Press (New York)

62. Title: The Mind Race
Author: Harary, Keith and Targ, Russell C: 1984
Publ: Villard Books (New York)
Notes: More geared toward Remote Viewing (RV) than OBE

63.*Title: Psychic Voyages
Author: Holroyd, Stuart C: 1976
Publ: Aldus Books (London)

64.*Title: Mysteries of the Inner Self
Author: Holroyd, Stuart C: 1978
Publ: Aldus Books (London)

65. Title: Odysseys of Light
Author: Hughes, Marilynn C: 1991
Publ: Hampton Books (Norfolk, VA)

66. Title: The Invisibles
Author: Hurwood, Bernhardt J. C: 1971
Publ: Fawcett (Greenwich, Conn)
Notes: Fiction.

67. Title: Flight of Mind: a psychological study...
Author: Irwin, H.J. C: 1985
Publ: Scarecrow Press (Metuchen, NJ)
Notes: Great info, but hard to read unless you're a
professional psychologist or psychiatrist.

68. Title: Astral Projection, Magic and Alchemy
Author King, Francis C: 1991
Publ: Destiny Books (Rochester, VT)

69. Title: Techniques of High Magic: a guide to...
Author King, Francis C: 1991
Publ: Destiny Books (Rochester, VT)

70. Title: Experience of the Inner Worlds
Author: Knight, Gareth C: 1975
Publ: Helios Book Service (Cheltenham, Glos)

71.*Title: Life in the Afterlife
Author: LaHaye, Tim F. C: 1980
Publ: Tyndale House (Wheaton, IL)
Notes: Out of print--Tyndale now a Christian book publisher

72. Title: Methode de Dedoublement personnel
Author: Lancelin, Charles C: 192?
Publ: Henri Durville (Paris, France)

73. Title: La vie posthume; recherches experimentales d'apres...
Author: Lancelin, Charles C: 1922
Publ: Henri Durville (Paris, France)

74. Title: The Astral Plane
Author: Leadbeater, Charles W. C: 1933
Publ: Theosophical Publishing House (Wheaton, IL)

75. Title: Astral Projection
Author: Lewis, David H. C: 1980
Publ: Published by the author

76. Title: The Truth about Astral Projection
Author: Llewellyn Editorial staff C: 1983
Publ: Llewellyn Publications (St. Paul, MN)

77.*Title: Astral Projection and Alchemy
Author: MacGregor-Mathers, S.L. C: 19??
Publ: Don't know

78. Title: Astral Projection, Ritual Magic, and Alchemy
Author: MacGregor-Mathers, S.L. C: 1987
Publ: Destiny Books (Rochester, VT)

79. Title: Understanding Astral Projection
Author: Martin, Anthony C: 1980
Publ: The Aquarian Press

80. Title: The Theory and Practice of Astral Projection
Author: Martin, Anthony C: 1980
Publ: The Aquarian Press

81.*Title: The Waiting World: or, What happens at death
Author: Matson, Archie C: 1975
Publ: Turnstone Books (London) and Harper & Row (New York)

82. Title: Mind Trek
Author: McMoneagle, Joseph C: 1993
Publ: Hampton Roads
Notes: More on Remote Viewing (RV) than OBE

83.*Title: Earth refugees of the Aquarian age
Author: Mendoza, Carlos (Carlos Romolu) C: 1982
Publ: Unknown

84. Title: Out-of-Body Experiences
Author: Mitchell, Janet Lee C: 1981
Publ: Turnstone Press (Willingborough, Northamptonshire)

85. Title: Journeys Out of the Body
Author: Monroe, Robert A. C: 1971
Publ: Anchor Press/Doubleday (Garden City, NY)
Notes: Excellent. Entertaining, scientific, w/instructions.

86. Title: Far Journeys
Author: Monroe, Robert A. C: 1985
Publ: Doubleday (Garden City, NY)

87. Title: Ultimate Journey
Author: Monroe, Robert A. C: 1994
Publ: Doubleday (New York)

88.*Title: The Seeker
Author: Morimutsu, Phil C: 1992
Publ: Eckankar (Minneapolis, MN)

89. Title: Mental and Astral Projection
Author: Moser, Robert (Bob) C: 1974
Publ: Esoteric Publications (Cottonwood, AZ)

90. Title: The Case for Astral Projection
Author: Muldoon, Sylvan C: 1936
Publ: The Aries Press (Chicago, IL)

91. Title: The Projection of the Astral Body
Author: Muldoon, Sylvan & Carrington,H. C: 1929
Publ: Samuel Weiser (New York)

92. Title: The Phenomena of Astral Projection
Author: Muldoon, Sylvan & Carrington,H. C: 1951
Publ: Samuel Weiser (New York)

93. Title: Out-of-Body Exploration
Author: Mulvin, Jerry C: 1986
Publ: Divine Science of Light and Sound (Marina del Rey, CA)

94. Title: Thru the Vortex
Author: Mulvin, Jerry C: 1991
Publ: Divine Science of Light and Sound (Marina del Rey, CA)

95.*Title: Kilephetsz testedbol: a spiritisztak titkai
Author: Nemere, Istvan C: 1991
Publ: Libroservo (Budapest)

96. Title: The Art and Practice of Astral Projection
Author: Ophiel (Edward Peach) C: 1961
Publ: Samuel Weiser (New York)

97. Title: Flying in Place
Author: Palwick, Susan C: 1992
Publ: TOR (Tom Doherty Associates) (New York)
Notes: Fiction. A girl uses OBE to escape sexual abuse and
meets her dead sister. Powerful and emotional.

98. Title: The Astral World: It's Scenes, Dwellers, and Phenomena
Author: Panchadasi, Swami C: ????
Publ: Unknown

99. Title: Psychonavigation: Techniques for travel beyond...
Author: Perkins, John M. C: 1990
Publ: Destiny Books (Rochester, VT)

100. Title: Somewhere Within
Author: Pinto, Russ C: 1991
Publ: A-1 Publishing (Sherman Oaks, CA)

101. Title: The Astral Body
Author: Powell, Arthur Edward C: 1927
Publ: Theosophical Publishing House (Wheaton, IL)

102.*Title: The Etheric Double
Author: Powell, Arthur Edward C: 1927
Publ: Theosophical Publishing House (Wheaton, IL)

103.*Title: Easy Journey to Other Planets
Author: Prabhupada, Swami C: 1970

104. Title: My Visit to Venus
Author: Rampa, T. Lobsang C: 1988
Publ: Inner Light Publications (New Brunswick, NJ)

105. Title: The Traveller's Guide to the Astral Plane
Author: Richards, Steve C: 1983
Publ: Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

106. Title: A Soul's Journey
Author: Richelieu, Peter C: 1953
Publ: Aquarian Press (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire)

107. Title: Journey Into Oneness
Author: Roads, Michael J. C: 1994
Publ: H. J. Kramer, Inc. (Tiburon, CA)
Notes: Author of 'Talking to Nature' book(s) starts having
OBEs! Meets entities, learns lessons. Good material.

108.*Title: Viaje al antiuniverso: el viaje astral:...
Author: Roca, Muntanola J. C: 1974
Publ: Editorial Alas (Barcelona, Spain)

109. Title: Leaving the Body
Author: Rogo, D. Scott C: 1983
Publ: Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
Notes: Excellent. Several techniques.

110. Title: Mind Beyond the Body
Author: Edited by Rogo, D. Scott C: 1978
Publ: Penguin (New York)
Notes: Excellent. Scientific research on OBEs.

111.*Title: Science & Subtle Bodies: towards a clarification...
Author: Scott, Mary C: 1975
Publ: College of Psychic Studies (London)

112. Title: More about the Spirit World
Author: Sculthorp, Fredrick C. C: 1975
Publ: The Greater World Assn (London)

113.*Title: Out of Body Consciousness
Author: Shay, J.M. C: 1972
Publ: Unknown

114.*Title: The Mystery of the Human Double; the case for...
Author: Shirley, Ralph C: 1965
Publ: University Books (New York)

115. Title: The Enigma of Out-of-body Travel
Author: Smith, Suzy C: 1965
Publ: Signet (New York)

116.*Title: Out-of-body experiences for the millions
Author: Smith, Suzy C: 1968
Publ: Sherbourne Press (Los Angeles, CA)

117.*Title: An Introduction to the study of astral projection
Author: Society of Metaphysicians C: 1977
Publ: Society of Metaphysicians (Hastings, England)

118. Title: Out-of-Body Adventures
Author: Stack, Rick C: 1988
Publ: Contemporary Books (Chicago/New York)

119. Title: Astral Projection
Author: Steiger, Brad C: 1982
Publ: Para Research, Inc. (Rockport, MA)

120.*Title: Other Worlds, other Universes: Playing the reality...
Author: Steiger, Brad C: 1975
Publ: Doubleday (Garden City, NY)

121.*Title: In My Soul I am free
Author: Steiger, Brad C: 19??
Notes: Related to 'Eckankar' material.

122. Title: The Mind Travellers
Author: Steiger, Brad C: 1968
Publ: Award Books (New York)

123. Title: Treasures of the Psychic Realm
Author: Studer, Jack J. C: 1976
Publ: DeVorss & Company (Marina del Rey, CA)

124. Title: Astral Projection: Hypnosis album (Cassettes)
Author: Sutphen, Dick and Trenna
Publ: Valley of the Sun (Scottsdale AZ)

125. Title: To Kiss Earth Goodbye
Author: Swann, Ingo C: 1975
Publ: Dell Publishing (New York)
Notes: Great parapsychology work. Scientific.

126. Title: Psychic Voyages
Author: Editors of Time-Life C: 1987
Publ: Time-Life Books (Richmond, VA)
Notes: Good for people who have never read other OBE books.

127.*Title: From out of the blue: a spiritual adventure
Author: Travis, Steve C: 1990
Publ: Whitford Press (Wesy Chester, PA)

128.*Title: Tai laeo pai nai
Author: Thonhthiu Suwannathat C: 1988
Publ: Kongthun Lok Thip... (Kotho)

129.*Title: Out of the body experience [sound recording]
Author: Tart, Charles T. C: 1968
Publ: Big Sur Recordings

130. Title: The Beginnings of Seership
Author: Turvey, Vincent C: 1969
Publ: University Books (New Hyde Park, NY)

131. Title: Eckankar
Author: Twitchell, Paul C: 1969
Publ: Lancer Books (New York)
Note: Eckankar claims 'soul travel', not astral projection.
Personally, I disagree with much of their stuff.

132.*Title: Tiger's Fang
Author: Twitchell, Paul C: 19??
Publ: Eckankar (Minneapolis)

133.*Title: Zawahir al-khuruj min al-jasad, adillatuha, dalala...
Author: 'Ubayd, Ra'uf Sadiq C: 1974
Publ: Unknown

134. Title: The Psychic Explorer
Author: VanDam, Vee A.K. C: 1986
Publ: Skoob Books (London)

135.*Title: Der dritte Kreis des Wissens: Ausserkorperliche...
Author: Waelti, Ernst R. C: 1983
Publ: Ansata-Verlag (Interlaken, Germany)

136. Title: Beyond the Body
Author: Walker, Benjamin C: 1974
Publ: Routledge & Kegan Paul (Boston)

137. Title: Beyond the Body
Author: Wake, Wilma, Ph.D. C: 1979
Publ: Dorchester Publishing (New York)

138.*Title: How I Learned Soul Travel
Author: Willson, Terrill C: 1987
Publ: Eckankar (Minneapolis, MN)

139. Title: Practical Astral Projection
Author: YRAM (Marcel Louis Forhan) C: 19??
Publ: Samuel Weiser (New York)

B. Parrette's Book-List

Bill Parrette, 25 Sep 1994 writes:

Here are the titles from my personal library. Some of these I would (and others have) recommended heartily; Others, after reading, I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy! :-) Anyway, here is my list:

Out of the Body Experiences
Robert Crookall
Citadel Press, ISBN 0-8065-1383-7

Astral Projection
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips
Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 0-87542-181-4

Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-the-Body Experiences
Oliver Fox
Citadel Press, ISBN 0-8065-0463-3

Have an Out-of-Body Experience in 30 Days
Keith Harary, Ph.D. and Pamela Weintraub
St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-03355-9
or ISBN 0-312-92538-7 (smaller paperback)

Odysseys of Light: Adventures in Out-of-Body Travel
Marilynn Hughes
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, ISBN 1-878901-11-7

The Theory and Practice of Astral Projection
Anthony Martin
The Aquarian Press, ISBN 0-85030-212-9

Out-of-Body Experiences: A Handbook
Janet Lee Mitchell, Ph.D.
Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-34119-8

Journeys Out of the Body
Robert A. Monroe
Main Street Books (Doubleday), ISBN 0-385-00861-9

Far Journeys
Robert A. Monroe
Main Street Books (Doubleday), ISBN 0-385-23182-2

Ultimate Journey
Robert A. Monroe
Doubleday Books, ISBN 0-385-47207-2

The Projection of the Astral Body
Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington
Samuel Weiser, Inc., ISBN 0-87728-069-X

Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection
D. Scott Rogo
Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-528026-5

Out-of-Body Adventures: 30 Days to the Most Exciting Experience of ...
Rick Stack
Contemporary Books, ISBN 0-8092-4560-4

Astral Projection
Brad Steiger
Para Research/Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-914918-36-2

Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe
Bayard Stockton
Donning Company, ISBN 0-89865-756-3

How I Learned to Soul Travel
Terrill Willson
Illuminated Way Publishing Company, ISBN 0-88155-052-3

There are, of course, some on-line materials that have been posted here as well. I hope this helps in your explorations. May you grok in fullness ...