OOBE Tips and Advice

(Addendum's to the Treatise on OOBE)

by Robert Bruce

Many people succeed at oobe but do not retain any memories of the astral side of the experience. Btw, my new book, "ASTRAL DYNAMICS" covers the below subjects in much more detail. Hopefully it'll be available soon, mail order from my www site.

The Mind Split:

Your mind splits during an oobe, one complete copy (original hard physical copy) staying in your body, capable of thinking and dreaming - and another, a perfect copy, also capable of thinking and dreaming and containing full memories, both conscious and subconscious, 'reflects' into the extruded real time vehicle. Both copies are capable of thinking independently during an oobe, and neither may be aware of the other's existence This is the mind split effect. During a conscious exit oobe, before actual separation, both copies of mind are meshed together, and thinking and recording memories together, in sync. At the moment of separation the mind splits, with both parts continuing to record memories, but separately from this moment onwards. Neither may be aware of the other's presence or existence. This 'separateness' will continue until reintegration occurs.

It is fairly common, with oobe'ers, to experience a perfect projection right up until the exit, where they feel all the vibrations, rapid heart beat, floating sensation, etc, and then it just 'goes away', leaving them, usually partially or fully paralysed, thinking they have failed. What really happens in this case is a normal and successful oobe, where consciousness has remained awake in the physical/energy body after the mind split, and the recorded memories after the entire experience have been from this copy of mind. The projected body has, usually, stayed out too long, eventually the physical/energy body has fallen asleep, and the projection side of memory has been lost. The physical/energy body side of the experience has left the only 'apparent' memories for the whole experience, and the projected double's memories have, for some reason, failed to make an impression on the physical brain upon reintegration.

Another mind split occurrs between the real time double and the astral body. This happens,usually within minutes, of a real time projection. During a real time projection, at some point reality will begin to fluctuate, which is a sign the real time body is running low on energy, and it is starting to shift it's energies into the astral vehicle. Soon, it will effectively fall asleep in real time, and will hover, as if asleep, above the physical body until it wakes and causes reintegration of it's multi-dimensional mind split.

The mind split is a part of the dynamics, a working part, of universal law, where the mind splits into many parts, each belonging to a different dimension. During the full multi mind split process, influential and conditional energies (consciousness seeds) are updated according to universal law, according to current thoughts and actions, and as modified by karmic law. These seeds affect and influence us all, causing the attraction and repulsion effect which guides us through life's path. See chapter 7 - "The Akashic Pulse" - in "Astral Dynamics" for more details on this.

If you read parts 4 and 5 of Volume 1 of the Treatise, you will see an example of the mind split, plus astral feedback. My new book, 'Astral Dynamics' deals with the mind split in minute detail.

Waking Paralysis:

Some degree of physical paralysis is a sure sign an OOBE is IN PROGRESS. It shows the mind split has already happened. The physical body has difficulty animating itself when the mind split effect is active. You may feel total physical paralysis, or some degree of lethargy and heaviness and disorientation. Any unusually strong sensation like this points to an OOBE being in progress. The degree of paralysis shows the 'strength' of the projection. A full powered Real Time OOBE will cause totall physical paralysis - while a normal astral projection will allow you to stumble to the bathroom if you have to...feeling like you are walking on pillows, body fairly numb and fuzzy...but ambulatory all the same.

Lost Focus:

It is also possibile you are not shifting your centre of awareness into the astral body AS it leaves. It is extremely important to keep your mind clear and focused on leaving your body, and not to lose touch with what you are doing. Heavy exit sensations make this difficult, I know, but you must 'totally' ignore everything and stay full focused on what you are doing. If your concentration and focus slips at the wrong time, your astral body will project and a reflection of your mind will transfer into it. A full copy of YOU will be left behind, feeling some degree of paralysis and weakness, and will fall asleep shortly after this.

Heavy exit sensations are partly caused by the attempt to shift your 'centre of conscious awareness' into the real time body as it projects - and not allowing the normal reflection of consciousness to occur, as would happen naturally. I know this sounds like the same thing - a natural transfer or reflection of consciousness as compared with a forced transfer, but there is a big difference. If you succeed in transfering your centre of awareness into the projected double there is more chance of retaining the oobe memories after reintegration.

Your centre of awareness is strongly linked to your body and it is difficult to exteriorize it successfuly into the astral body during an OOBE exit. This happens naturally, every time you fall asleep, but your centre of awareness stays firmly in the body. The astral you feels it has succeeded every time (if it is awake when it is reflected into the astral vehicle). If the astral copy is asleep, or does not realise it has projected, it will copy the sleeping physical body and float a couple of feet above it until you wake up.


One of the most important things to do when you do succeed at OOBE, especially the first time you consciously experience the full exit, is to keep the projection ultra short. Ten seconds and get straight back into your body. Ten seconds of real astral projection, experiencing the full exit and reentry are worth a thousand all nighters you forget!

A short oobe is, in all cases, the major contributing factor to a successful oobe.

If you stay out too long, and your physical/energy body falls into a deep sleep, the projected double may not be able to reanimate them when it returns, becoming effectively locked out for the duration, until natural waking occurs.

Astral Double Contact:

Another way of cementing astral memories is to make contact with yourself during an OOBE. Keeping in mind the nature of the mind split, agree with yourself to make contact, both ways, when you find yourself in the astral. Agree for your astral to be in a particular place, say the foot of the bed, and that it will look and think at where your physical head is or should be (even if the astral double cannot clearly see its physical body - which often happens). The physical body should trust its astral body is doing this and should try to do the same, by thinking and concentrating and 'feeling' for its astral body where it is supposed to be. Once contact is made, memories will flood both ways and become cemented - make a wrinkle in the physical brain. Once contact is made, the astral body should move away quickly, to avoid nauseating astral feedback - not nice and possibly damaging.

In Astral Energy Raising:

To increase astral vitality and ability it is important to have enough energy. This can be done in the astral quite simple. Feel yourself sucking energy into your astral body, feel if rushing into you from your physical body. This awareness action creates a strong energy demand in the astral body, which causes a flow of energy from the physical body to meet this demand. The increase in astral clarity and ability can be quite amazing, and happens very quickly. This is expecially useful if you have astral vision problems or blindness. The astral around you will noticeably brighten and you will find a light coming from you and from around you, lighting up the darkness and following you wherever you go.

Calling For Help:

It is possible to call for help from another projector when attempting to project, or to call someone to meet you in the astral. When you hit trance, mentally call out the person's name several times as loudly (mentally) as you can. If they are in the astral they will definitely hear you, no matter where they are or how far away, and be drawn to come visit you. If this person is an experienced projector they may be able to help you out of your body. If you call out to me, and if I am in the astral, I will definitely hear the call and come visit you, and will help all I can. And, no, I do NOT mind people calling me from the astral to come help them out - I love to help. Sometimes I remember helping people out like this, but I am usually unaware of doing it.


Sorry, but I do NOT advise calling to spirits or guides to help you project your subtle body, unless you know 'exactly' who you are calling, and can verify their credentials, as to exactly who and what they are.

OOBE has to be mastered by the projector wishing to OOBE at will. There are no safe shortcuts. If there is a friendly spirit or guide attached to you, and interested in helping you, they will know exactly what you are doing and may help - but it is very unsafe to consciously solicit the help of an 'unknown' spirit - as an open invite or request for help may invite a negative entity to trouble you.

Fear in all its many forms has to be overcome.

  1. Fear of the 'idea' of OOBE.
  2. Fear of OOBE exit sensations.
  3. Fear of the unknown.
  4. Fear of the astral environment.
  5. Fear of astral entities.
  6. Religion - instilled fear of doing the wrong thing.

All of these can be overcome by understanding the mechanics of OOBE and by experiencing the astral first hand.

Fear of OOBE Sensations:

Fear of oobe sensations is the very first of the natural barriers to oobe you have to overcome. It is not easy and takes a lot of control, as well as a lot of faith these heavy physical sensations will not actually hurt you. The sensations can be extremely physical during the first few conscious attempts, but will reduce gradually as you get used to projection.

The heartbeat does 'not' actually increase during the attempt and is not 'caused' to physically race by the OOBE exercise - although it can often feel like it is racing and pounding and about to explode. This is the heart chakra working overtime to provide the energy needed to form a Real Time astral vehicle, ready to receive a reflected copy of consciousness - while you are fully conscious - which is something like an unnatural act, really, and therefore causes some quite extreme sensations which are felt as physical sensations.

The heart may, indeed, increase in speed after the heart chakra becomes fully active 'if' the projector becomes extremely frightened and panics - fear and panic causing rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, etc.

The best way to get over this is to concentrate everything on climbing ROPE and getting out as quickly as possible - while totally ignoring the heart sensations and massive bodily vibrations. The sooner you are out the sooner they'll stop.

The heavy physical sensations can be, to a great extent, avoided by a smooth and rapid exit from the physical body.

Fear of astral environment:

Fear of the astral environment itself is not easy to get over. it is caused by simple fear of the unknown and everyone gets this the first few times they try it. Fear goes away gradually, as you become accustomed to the oobe sensations and astral environment.

You must be brave and ignore the fear. Even if you still feel feelings of fear, you can and must ignore them and go on with the oobe attempt.

Once you get out, you'll have overcome the first great barrier and this fear will be greatly reduced the next time out.

Getting out, if only for a brief time, for the first time, is the most important goal at this stage. This will make the astral much more real and it will feel even more achievable, and fear will be reduced the next time out.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

Rapid Eye Movement, commonly called the 'REM' state, often happens during an oobe attempt - often, but not always. This is a natural event triggered by the trance state - when the body is fully asleep with the mind being awake. The REM condition signposts the ideal time to have a lucid dream or an astral projection. If fear or other difficulties make OOBE difficult I suggest the projector focus on having a lucid dream at this time, as this will give some out of body experience which will help prepare them for a full blown OOBE. At this time, a lucid dream becomes a viable alternative to an OOBE. Keep in mind here that a lucid dream can be converted to a Real Time or astral projection if the projector focuses on and 'feels' for their body. They will then either project back to their body, or near to it, and a full OOBE is then much easier to do.

And, above all.....

Relax, relax, relax (the real secret of conscious OOBE)
Lots of mental/awareness effort for the conscious exit.
Stay focussed on your mission goal - OOBE
Ignore all physical sensations
Just let it all happen
Be brave and calm
Good luck!

Take care, Robert.