Out Of This World

M. C. 27 Sep 1994 writes:

Something very unusual happened to me over 20 years ago. It is still crystal clear to me, and even to this day, I will NEVER forget it. For 10 years I never told anyone about it, because I felt they'd think I was crazy, and finally when I started hearing about OBE's, astral travel, etc. in the 80's, I told a few people, thinking that's probably what happened to me. I must preface this with saying that even though it was the 70's, I was NOT taking any kind of hallucinogenic drugs at the time. During this experience, I did NOT feel I was 'dreaming.' I felt totally 'present' and fully conscious.

It was 1973: I was home from college for the weekend, taking a nap on my bed, lying face down. As I drifted off to sleep, I suddenly became aware of a low, buzzing/humming sound INSIDE my head and body; it felt like my whole body was a motor, vibrating and buzzing. Next thing I know, I was flipped over (on my back), and speeding forward through some sort of a narrow tunnel. I had the perception of traveling at a very high speed, but I could not see where I was heading, except I 'felt' that I was moving through a tunnel. I could 'see/sense' a wall or something whooshing by, like when you look out the window on a ride through the subway. I could not turn my head, but could see my feet ahead of me. My arms and legs were at my side. While this was happening I was a bit frightened, as well as puzzled and astonished at what was happening. I recall thinking 'Wow! I am zooming somewhere fast... I wonder where I'm going...?' Moving faster and faster, I felt like soon I was going to 'pop' out somewhere... I could sense an opening...

As I popped out, I will NEVER forget what I saw below me ... I saw the EARTH moving farther and farther away, as if I was shooting out of it! It looked just like the space shots, with blackness and stars all around me. I continued to zoom backwards, but now the tunnel had no 'visible edge', and I felt like I was in an 'invisible' tube, still not able to turn my head, just looking straight ahead... (Every time I see the StarTrek TV intro, or a starry screen-saver with stars moving really fast, I am reminded of my astral trip!) As SOON as I realized I was out in space, and the earth was getting smaller and smaller, I remember SCREAMING really loud, as I was terrified at that point!

I kept zooming backwards, really fast. The earth was just a speck! At some point (I don't know how much time passed), I found myself at some other 'place.' THIS IS SO WEIRD, BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME, I'M NOT MAKING IT UP... I don't know if I was on another planet, or what-- all I know is that I was NOT zooming around on my back anymore... but I was standing somewhere. The first thing I was aware of at this new 'place' was that there was a male person (being) there with me. I felt TOTALLY at safe and at ease with him, and was no longer terrified; I felt like he was very holy and pure, and I KNEW that he loved me very much; I did NOT think: 'Oh, this must be Jesus.' He felt more like a life-long friend ... he had a long white robe, flowing white hair, and he was glowing internally with a bright light. Looking back now, I think he was some kind of guardian angel or spirit-guide or something..... (Nowadays, you've probably heard alot about this sort of thing... but when this happened to me in 1973, all this 'New Age' and 'angel' stuff was NOT common conversation!! Thus, I kept this a secret for over 10 years!) This angel/being spoke to me without words -telepathically - and I could do the same. He told me not to worry - -- and I did not.

Sorry, but the next part of this is sort of blurry... these are my best recollections based on notes in my journal. The angel being was giving me some sort of a 'tour' of this new place we were at. I saw all types of people/beings doing different things .. some were building things, some were in group discussions, others were writing... I have a really hard time remembering explicit details of this new place, but I do remember thinking I had never seen or been in such a beautiful place... the 'buildings' (or structures) were perfect, the light was perfect, the colors were perfect, etc. I cannot recall too much and even to this day, I don't know WHY the angel/being was showing me around. BUT AT THE TIME, it made perfect sense to me, and he was 'communicating' with me about the various rooms. At some point, I was told I had to return.

My return trip was not as 'dramatic'as my arrival. There was no whooshing back into the tunnel, no whooshing back towards Earth, back into my body. I just woke up in my bed, still lying face down. I recall that my pulse was extremely fast, I sat up and just sat there for about 1/2 hour, afraid to say anything about it to anyone. I wrote everything down later that night. I have no idea why this happened, or what 'messages' I rece ived. I've never had the experience again, though it did get me started on reading many books about life after death and OBEs.

About 6 years later, at the dentist, I had another weird OBE. While under anesthesia for oral surgery, I felt myself lifting out of the chair and floating above my body. I could see the dentist and his assistants below me, and the top of my head and body. I saw the people below me scrambling around, very excited, and I saw them go out and get my husband to come in the room (he worked at the office). After a brief period, I floated higher, going THROUGH the ceiling and roof!! I remember seeing the rooftop of the dental building, and being amazed at all the air vents, birds nests, gravel, etc., I could see from the top.

My attitude at first was wonder and amazement, then I realized that there had probably been an 'accident' and I was leaving ... dying !! I became EXTREMELY ANGRY AND ENRAGED that somebody was incompetent enough to screw up the anesthesiology enough to kill me !! I remember thinking : 'What an idiot!! Some stupid jerk screwed up, and now I won't see my kids anymore! I am REALLY angry!! I am NOT ready to die yet!!' I also remember thinking: 'Oh great! What a way to go! In the dentist's chair! What's my obituary going to say about how I died?!!' I was sure I had died! I WAS SO MAD!!

The angrier I got, the more I started to float DOWN again, towards the dental building. I went DOWN through the roof again, and down into the room where my physical body was. At this time, still floating above, I could see 4-5 people all around my body, including my husband... they were all yelling at me, shaking me, and slapping my face. I was SO MAD that this had happened, yet at the same time, was amazed that I was watching this scenario! All of a sudden I felt a pulling sensation, like those spinning gravity wheels I used to ride as a kid... I felt sucked back into my body. I opened my eyes, and saw all these faces staring at me .... just as I had from above, except now I was back in my body. I could not talk, because my mouth was full of bloody cotton balls, and my lips and tongue were all numbed out. They gave me more oxygen, and I got up weakly, and my husband drove me home. I remember feeling SO FRUSTRATED, because I could not let them know right then and there how UPSET I was!! I wanted to yell at someone: 'Do you know that you almost killed me??!!' I was very groggy from the surgery/pain killers, etc. , and looked very out-of-it, though I was VERY aware of what had happened!

After a long nap at home, I told my husband what had happened to me. I asked him what went wrong. He was amazed at my description of the scenario going on in the room, and confirmed everything I saw. I told him I NEVER wanted that doctor to work on me again! He said that they miscalculated, and gave me too much nitrous oxide, and I went too DEEP, 'way under' were his exact words. He said my pulse had dropped and they could not bring me 'back' for about 30 seconds... He was also extremely upset, as for a few moments there, he also thought I had died!

That's it for my OBE's ! Sorry these are so long. They are just so amazing to me. I still think about them frequently, and am happy and grateful to be alive and have survived that trip to the dentist! One thing that resulted from these 'trips' is that I do not have a fear of death. I don't know if I actually died, but I truly believe that your 'spirit' or 'soul' or 'mind' does CONTINUE on, after we leave our physical body. Both times I had OBE's my mind was thinking clearly , and I felt that 'I' was really there. I felt that 'I' was the one floating, I realized that 'I' was NOT my body. 'I' am a spirit-being that is temporarily housed in my body. I am like the 'hand' and the body is like a 'glove' I am wearing while I'm alive.