Success Stories

(This article contains accounts from people who have had success with their out of body endeavours)

Vibrations & Exit Sensations by Kacper

"Robert! I just had an amazing experiance!!! For the first time I've been able to self induce vibrations and exit senstations!! :o) It's all thanks to your work! And you helping me with my questions - Thank You! I am so confident now that I can leave my body the next or few times I try this again...

Something I am really puzzeled and quite shocked about right now....

I lay down on my bed, and started meditating. I so wanted to feel vibrations, the least,.. I've never conciously left my body. As usual my brow chakra activated right away - I have developed it really well, and since I have, I have gotten quite psychic.. The brow chakra started to pulsate warmly, I really enjoy this, I can do it at any time :o) Sometimes it makes me a bit dizzy. The brow chakra has been the only center Iv'e been able to stimulate.... This time though, I figured I'd TRY again, to stimulate my heart center,... I channeled some energy from my elbows to right bellow my throat chakra... - and thats when everything went berserk!... My whole head started vibrating,.. it was a side , to side, up down up down vibration, it slowly filled my neck. and amazingly, I stayed very calm. ... I kept on thinking on what to do next, what to do next... The vibrations increased as I concentrated more on the brow chakra + My body felt HUGE, and the room made no sense to me. My heart center also started pulsating, it felt just like you described it, the thrumming on your chest. This lasted for about 2 minutes, -- my heart center was wailing.. so hard, that my body was shaking.. I stopped the OOB attempt, opened my eyes.... I put my hand on my chest and I noticed my HEART WAS POUNDING...

I dont understand this. You said that the heart rate does not increase while projecting.... Im not sure if it was my heart center that was doing the thrumming, or my actual physical heart. I am very certain I was experiancing Vibrations(why im so excited =) ). And that the Hear center thrumming felt like I was tapping myself on the chest. And that my concentration on my heart center triggered these, ... I've been trying to do this for a month.. Perhaps all I needed was an energy BOOST from my heart center..... I haven't really been all that happy recently, perhaps this is somehow connected to the emotional center? etc... it would make sense.

I am really puzzled by the heart thing... Perhaps I was on some level excited by all the virtigo sensations and every thing else. Can you shed some light on this?

I came [ ] THIS CLOSE, to projecting =)

Robert Bruce...

An excellent experience.

"I'd say you are correct in that your excitement caused your heartbeat to increase. The rapid heartbeat sensation associated with obe exit feels like your heart is beating 300 beats a minute or more.

Be careful, if you get such a heart chakra sensation, that you don't let if fool you into thinking its your real hear, as this may scare you out of the exit.

Next time you get vibrations, keeping your eyes closed, move your physical eyes so you are looking upwards. This will increase the vibrations instantly.

All the other strange sensations are associated with changes in your energy body, preparing for OBE and etc. These will reduce in intensity gradually. It would help if you spent a couple of weeks doing nothing but NEW Energy Ways, and trance meditation, before you try another OBE exit attempt."

I tried the NEW energy ways just a day before this experience... I think it's the main reason why I was successful at stimulating my heart center, I had worked on the secondary energy centers in my hand. When the heart center went active, I felt energy moving from my palms->elbows->shoulder area -> heart center.

I dont know why my heart keeps beating faster, it happens everytime I'm in trance. Im always very calm, - I've been in trance many times before. Could it be a subconcious reaction?

Robert Bruce...

"I think you are sensing your heart chakra and not your actual heart. Next time, take your pulse at your wrist or throat and check. If you place your hand over your heart, your hand will feel the chakra thrumming and this feels 'exactly' like a pounding or racing heartbeat."

I've come to the conclusion, that it was in fact my physical heart doing the beating, I did check my pulse, in my neck, and my wrist :o) The interesting thing is, my heart Chakra was too highly active, I know this now, after last morning's meditation - I did alot of experimentation in it, and to date, this was my most successful and wonderful meditation yet. It makes me feel warm just thinking about it.

I meditated sitting on my bed. And 10 minutes into the meditation I was very frustrated with the fact that I was not content or peacful in my mind. It was a perfect sunny mornig with sunlight beams coming into my window carresing my face and birds singing outside. I kept on thinking "There is peace all around me, yet Im frustrated." - Why is this so...

"This world is a reflection of reality". - When I remembered this, I instantly realized,... I was peacful, I'm in trance, my secondary energy centers are all purring softly gathering energy, I'm living a beautiful life, with people that really love me :o) This gave me such a content feeling - I wanted to stay in this state forever. I stayed in meditation for a whole Hour and 30 minutes - The longest yet for me. I was somewhere else, inside my mind, I watched my thoughts, I really realized I was alive, I could feel my conciousness live, not knowing why It keeps going and going - Figured I'd just enjoy the eternity :o) I could of stayed there for hours, silent, but I had chores to do...=P

I took your advice Robert, I'm going to use NEW system for a few weeks. I think the reason why my heart center went off like that, Is due to alot of energy blockages in my energy body, this creates a whole lot of problems, and just a day after trying the NEW system, I feel totaly refreshed, on different vibrations.

Another main reason why I failed so many times to OBE or meditate, is because, I couldn't free my mind. I was constantly confused with everything, - this confusion was my concious mind trying to make sense of all the sensations of trance and energy body expansion, while trying to put it all in order with What I have Read - and I've READ alot. I have to understand that this is my physical mind here on Earth, trying to deal with metaphysical sensations, that I have never conciously felt. When I freed my mind like I did in my meditation, I saw a whole different part of me I never knew existed. I noticed that all I had to do was "let things happen" and vibrations/sensations would pick up by themselves, if I just left the sensations go, and didn't think about them(with my physical sensed Egoistic mind) - They would let me do anything I wanted.

I didn't try to leave though, I wanted to stay in my happy place, working on my energy centers =)

Thank you for all your Help Robert. I wouldn't be able to reach that state without all your help on metaphysics, and your understanding of the world as you have shared with me in previous emails :o)


Double Mind Split by Conn

"I have been having some odd OBE-type experiences lately, and this morning has prompted me to write about it here on the forum in some more detail. I hope someone can explain this, although a similar experience I posted was described as a double mind-split, I'm not so sure it's simply mixed perceptions...

Anyway, this morning I decided to practice a little trance before getting up, so I just cleared my mind and waited for the sensations to come... soon enough, I found myself in trance (I always know I'm in trance, usually by hearing an intermittant noise which seems related to my state of consciousness - I can't explain it better).

Soon after noticing this noise, the projection reflex kicked in, without me trying. I decided to go along with it and project... and when I recieved my astral sight, I was looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom, exactly as I would if I opened my eyes. However, I could see my astral arms, only completely transparent. However, I noticed my left hand was completely orange, but after moving it, I realised it was just my lightshade on my ceiling, that was somehow reflecting onto my hand, as when I move my hand it went transparent. Anyway, that wasn't the important part.

I could see a strange face looking down at me, which was transparent much like my arms, but it looked inverted. It WAS me - I was looking at a transparent copy of my face from inside my body, as if my physical body was a glass mould of my body, and I (my projected double) was stuck inside! I tried to get out by climbing out with the rope technique, but all that happened was the face got bigger and clearer, but I could get no further than that... by the way, as I climbed, my astral arms moved like I was really climbing a rope... very cool :)

The next thing took me by utter surprise. I stopped climbing, and started thinking that I was possible just in control of my etheric body instead of the higher subtle copy - I attempted to turn myself, or twist myself, and it worked... I felt nausea coming on, probably from my physical body... then something really weird happened... somehow, I moved further down my body, and was, to my utter surprise, looking out through my stomach area! I couldnt see any internal organs or anything similar, only a layer superimposed over my sight that appeared to be my body, but was transparent yet at the very same time easy to make out the detail and texture.

I tried unsuccessfully to get out of this "container", but could not, and just closed my eyes and waited until I thought I had snapped out of it... every time I "woke up", I tried again to initiate an OBE, and about 3-4 times I had this IBE (Inner Body Experience, as I would describe it), each time being able to move inside my transparent body (but not without difficulty). At the fifth attempt, instead of initiating my projection using rope, I just started imagining myself out-of-body, and then I realised I *was* out of body, flying out my house and onto the street. Success! :)

I posted a similar experience recently about this IBE-type phenonamen, and Robert Bruce stated that it was symptoms of a double mind split. Fair enough, but surely a double mind-split would have symptoms of mixed memories between an obe and dream? In this IBE, I was fully conscious, and my sight was crystal clear. Could there be another explanation?

I would be very happy if anyone who has heard or experienced anything even remotely similar to post it here, just to give me some peace of mind :)"

Regards Conn

Unexpected OBE

RB Comment on below OBE: "I suggest here that if the phone had not rang when it did, you would have probably lost the memory of the whole experience. Therein lies both the problem and the solution to such lost OBE memory problems."

"I was sitting on my bed reading...all of a sudden I got really really tired.. (I can't really explain I was up then the next minute I felt like I'd been drugged) I laid back and shut my eyes and next thing I know Im obe looking at myself! whoa.. so I try to move around only Im just kind of flailing and not getting any momentum (well I have been out of body several times but this was the most ....err..awake Ive ever the least cloudy..hard to explain but I seemed much more awake than real life..thinking on a much higher level..ususually my obes are really cloudy and murky) anyway I kinda flailed there and then I woke up..I shut my eyes again and I was out a gain.. I went through this same thing about 10 or 15 times ..of maybe....hmm...20 second obe's ...maybe 15..I dunno.. until the phone rang and I couldnt get back to it again."

OBE by Chris

I had a nice OBE this weekend... went flying around the carribean islands... visited a city and saw a cafe... flew over to it and looked at the name... "Zyre" cafe. It happened as I was doing energy raising through the feet and legs in the morning after waking up. My vision went to a grey color as I started feeling surges of energy. Then I relaxed into it and let it flow and I just floated out up to my ceiling... after a sec my vision became extremely crystal clear... I was so fascinated by the ability to zoom into things like grooves in wood or cracks in the ceiling paint. I could magnify them greater than my eye ever could. Then, happy to be out again, I floated over to my window and made for going through it. I felt it resist hard. I immediately realized I was still vibrating very close to the physical level so I focussed on raising my vibration and knowing I could pass through it. As I did that my hand went through the glass and I beg to go out the window... but about half way out I was siezed with a very strong tickling sensation in my gut as if someone's hand had literally reached inside me and grabbed an organ... it didn't hurt is was like somen suddently grabbing the side of your belly or rib cage... tickled intensly. I backed up and it went away. I tried again and the same thing happened. I backed up and it went away. I was dumb founded... so I decided to leave by the front door. Went there through that and down the stairs and outside with no probs. After my journeys and meeting with my guides was over I phased back into body. I opened my eyes and immediately looked at the window wondering what the problem was. Immediately I saw the culprit. On my window seal I have a big long flashlight I left in my room. I imagine that since I was still vibrating close to the physical that everytime I tried to pass through the window, the lower half of my energy body passed over or through the flashlight with batteries in it. The electromagnetic energy caused the intense tickling in much the same way putting 9 volt batteris on your tongue does. It was a nice little confirmation of for me that I was actually out of body and passing over a physical area that gave me stimulous feedback that could be verified afterward.

Anyone else had these sensations when encountering electrical lines etc?

Success With Rope by Zufo

I just had the most successful attempt at a conscious projection ever. I don't recall much in the way of sight but I do know that I was successful in exiting and regardless of it not being quite like expected, I am thoroughly confident that I now know what to do to project. I know that I can do this!! I am so happy.

The entire problem all along had been that I had not been thinking within my projected double's mind, but had kept my thoughts within the body's mind. When I realized this, everything started to work. I lay down and started climbing the rope. Immediately I found new force in my actions. I started to climb and move up. I kept thinking about my body lying further and further below. It is marvelous how powerful a thought can be. I started to notice a static resistance being caused by the effort I was putting into climbing. This static resistance was coming from my body as it excitedly climbed.

The effect was a glass ceiling, so to speak, where the climb was forcing me upward but the resistance from my body was stopping me. The result was a tense feeling of being squeezed.

I tried to force my way through by carrying on, but noticed that I was weakening and at times started to drift off. Each time I came back I was a little refreshed and then suddenly, I realized that I should be focusing my consciousness right at my brow chakra. As I moved into that region, I immediately sensed not only freedom from the squeeze, but the vibrations went wild. I soon escalated to a very high vibration, and my heart chakra was racing madly. But the sensations were a blessing of a long time frustration relieved, and they served to give me focus and intent rather than distraction. But it was a challenge near the end. I got no sense of any immediate negative energies, but I did get a weird thought go through my mind like a flood of doubt, right as the apex was in process. The thought that maybe everything I had read was a trick after all and I was going to go mad or somehow seriously damage my mind, body, or soul (or all). Even the preparation for this was suspect as being a clever part of an elaborate plan to 'get' me.

It was a cross between faith and sheer stubbornness over the time already invested that kept me on. The maelstrom of sensations reached a shrill peak and then subsided. I was floating blind and paralyzed in total peace. I felt that maybe I had stopped too soon and caused the process to roll back down hill, but this was different from all the failures. I am quite familiar with how they feel. My heart centre was purring sweetly, and I felt fluid. Although I couldn't see anything, or move about as I had expected to, I recalled the instructions to direct my paths by my imagination. So I did. I directed myself through my apartment, out into the hallway and downstairs into the laundry room. I felt this to be distinctly different from usual imagination of the same exercise in that I felt I could perceive sensations of actually being there, although somewhat vague. I proceeded to go out the door to go outside, to float down the street. As I was in the process, my girlfriend came to my sleeping physical body and attempted to wake me. She literally scared the hell out of me (and consequently herself as I startled with quite a bolt!).

I wondered what the consequences of this would be as I settled back down as I had read nothing of this anywhere. I started to feel like my body was being dragged by my feet by an unseen force, and that I was also being held down by something. This didn't last long and I reluctantly came back to the waking world.

That is my experience.

Thank you Robert, for the book (which has become somewhat of a bible) and the personal advice. I am on my way.

Sincerely, ZUFO

First OBE by Rich

After getting a bit despondent at my lack of progress lately, I had decided after some advice (see earlier forum posts) to go back to basics. I have also been praying to my "Higher Self" to help me have an OBE and become more Psychic.

This is last nights experience:

Woken by a very loud buzzing (Is my neighbour DIYing again? was my first thought), then I realised it was me! I was vibrating all over, very violently, I thought that I might wake everyone in the house. (This was exactly the same buzzing that I had about 10 years ago that frightened me so much) But this time I knew what they were and relaxed into it. I also became aware that I was seeing very clearly yet my eyes were still closed.(Very clear, sharp sight).

I lifted off the bed a bit shakily and headed towards the dresser. I then swung around and started heading for the wall over the bed that joins us to our neighbours. "Woooahh! I don't want to scare them" I thought, so I swung round and headed for the window. As I got closer to it, I braced myself for impact but just felt a slight resistance as I passed through into the garden. Absolutely amazing! Up there above the ground, it felt so good, so natural?

Then BAM! Back into my body, but it was still vibrating very loudly. So I tried it again. Up and out of the window. I was having a real blast.Then, once again, as I got out, I was put back into my body and the window changed into a larger room where some young people approached the bed. This made me a little nervous (but I did ask to become more Psychic) so I welcomed them. They just smiled slightly and then left.

The scene changed again into a large Hall? Filled with soldiers (WW2 type uniform, Polish / American?)( I have Polish parents). They were just sitting around, chatting and some of them were aware of my presence but did not speak. What was the significance of this? I don't know but they seemed vaguely familiar.

Then it ended, I looked at the clock, it was 2:30. This just blew me away. I know that this was not a lucid dream as I have had a few, this was as clear as if it had happened Midday.

I just had to share this with you all on here as soon as I got up.

Cheers, Rich

NB: I found out later that my mother had spent the day with a friend who was an Airborne soldier at Arnhem in WW2. This had been on her mind that night. (I was unaware of this). Anyway, it seems I connected with my mother somehow and this affected my OBE.