Techno Shamanism

The Power of Sound and Rhythm

A discussion fragment between
- Mike Adamzek "Techno-Shaman" and
- René K. Müller "Spirit-WWW Dude":

Can you give me some insights on Techno-Shamanism?
Shamanistic trance is a good manner to try and learn to contact with other realities and entities. I'm started to practice these shaministic methodes on a way influenced by technology. Using drumcomputers to create drumming paterns for the voyage, the use of brainmachines or other modern methodes like hemisync sounds who improve your state of mind and connect it with the heart. And recently I bought a didgeridoo who give a radiant glow in- and outside my body. And the sound rolling through the pipe you can use to visualise your light body going through a gateway (also a pipe between different spheres)

Sometimes I'm wandering around somewhere in other dimensions. I feel not always to strong to make contact with entities, but the never are violent. They accept me wandering around to feel vibrational patterns. Sometimes contact with light bodies who give me insights of myself to decode the programs that society created.

Short question, did you heared about a channeling of 'Internet'?
No missed it, sometimes it depents on the pressure of my work how much I'm using internet. Internet is rapidly changing into a mirrored picture of our society. You see also wars (flame), pollution, traffic problems and lately to much ego. That's why I'm not so frequently reading newsnet, I think you found it there. When I see something interested I'll mail it to you.

At the moment there is an Ezine Sarsen (Magazine of Technology and the Spirit). Started last december (1994). It's about cybershamanism, "religion"- technology- science. It's interesting but have to grow up like every child.

I see myself not as a ritual worker, use ritual techniques. But what is a ritual, it's only a focused energy. And thats you've to learn in this world to focus your energy. So life is my ritual instead of scattering energy around.

Hm, are you in techno-movement (rave), or more into direction of minimal music, or in real meditation (spheric) music?
For me a fusion between these 3. Rave culture was the biggest influence. I've learned a lot about myself and goals through the raveculture years ago. Started to feel energy pattern at raves, feeling connected with not known people, getting strange insights who made me confused. And later when I'm sorted them out they paved my path. These things happened to me not only with drugs. Also without, they gave me somekind of key, and wanted to learn to use this key without the chemical or natural high.

Mostly of the time I play at raves, but also in some muziq art combination. For excample multimedia exposition. If I'm playing at a rave, mostly rave oriented ambient. Ambient is such a big name. Ambient is for me muziq which can take you to other realms. So it can be the previous mentioned styles but also classical /world /nature.

How many people of the DJ's in rave-culture know about the 'role' as techno-shamans?
I think a lot of dj knows that they're are trance inducers. But not too many see themself (conscious) as techno shamans. There are some musicians/dj's who are working with tones( frequencies) that stimulate the chakra's. There are a lot off ravers/dj's/musicians in growing their consciousness. They changed by the musical bombardement of tones. And I think a lot of rave music is channeled down by a creative force.
Mike, direct question, do certain Rave-DJ's invoke beings from other dimensions when having a rave-happening?
There is a group SPIRAL TRIBE who say there working with energy from SIRIUS. The music is very loud and hard. For me real techno shamanistic sounds. The purpose of the music is to knock out the ego and open up the people for non earthly energies. At their parties there always a good positive vibe. The Spiral Tribe is an self supplying community who travels around europe and give free parties for the people. The design of flyers and decoration is astonishing, very alien oriented I think. And they love the Dogon mythology/mystery.
I had some experiences with sacred music, ie. ancient Indian Ragas and felt how it touched me, as also some music-pieces performed with modern technology (synthesizer) with an spiritual intention.
It's just the right frequency (Tone). It's been used for ages/eons. Sounds are a direct way of communicating. And with the cheapness and easiness of electronic music more people can evolute and experiment with creativity. Creativity is for me a spiritual energy. Creativity is the source of cosmic energy. Just plug-in and use it on your manner. Downpouring from the houses of the gods. For the people who like it. I can make an article about tones/chakra's and colors, and how they work on the chakra's. Sounds are magic.
Thank You for the information. Light and Peace!
Thanx & Greetings & light