TVOS Astral Projection Journal

David A Warner, 28 Feb 93

First of all I want to thank Gary S. Trujillo for helping me weaving out the mis-spelled words, and also a few other people that has been helping me currently....

Luis Alonso De La Vega Valladares
Quek Chin Chye
Matt Gerard

It's not a really easy task typing this information in, it's taking some serious hours, so I will hope this information I bring to you will help understand a little more about the astral world and whats it's like...

I'm no master of it by no means, I'm still learning everyday, but at least some of the battle is over... like learning how to leave the body... (not a tough task anymore).....

Thank you.

10/20/1987 7:30am-8:30am

I might have had a false awaking or just a lucid dream between the hours of 7:30am and 8:30am. The dream started out with me and this girl "Mary" I knew from work (Also had a boyfriend) which we were engaging in sexual intercourse. After I was done with Mary I heard my mom and dad saying to me "Dave, Your gonna be late for school and it's 1:00pm which you suppose to be at school at 9:00am".

To say the least, I hate when I miss school, being tardy for class or even hear my mom and dad whine about me being late. Anyways, the first thing that I looked at was a clock, the numbers on the clock seemed be mixed up, backwards and changing on me. I couldn't understand what was happening with the clock, so I looked closer and I saw that the numbers were definitely backwards. I didn't know if this was the real time or not that mom and dad were telling me. Once again everything around me diminished, turned black and then found myself awakening to the physical world. The first thing that came to mind was "look at the clock", the time was 8:30am and I'm not late. ( What A Relief! )

10/26/1987 Time Unknown

I was in a dream or possibly the astral plane where in the front yard of my mom and dads house, I saw this mirror on the lawn with a wooden body structure brownish dark color rim, it also was one of those mirrors where you could roll it around which had wheels and turn the mirror over on it's other side.

The weird thing about this is that people around that where lined up were being zapped into this mirror, (who knows)...I decided to experiment with the mirror myself ( Yes, I was a little nervous) by trying the following experiments.

Ex I: Placing my hand thru the mirror. (Nothing Happened)

Ex II: Checking out the reflection that the mirror casts. Making sure that it was reflecting the right light.

Well, the reflection of the mirror was correct but I couldn't see my astral body nor my face. The only thing I can remember is trying to put my hand thru the mirror and being able to see my hand.

11/04/1987 5:00am - 6:30am

Breakfast: Today I had a bowl of rice-crispies with the traditional milk and sugar.

Lunch: Didn't have lunch.

Dinner: I had fish, rice o roni, cower flower, and crazy bread with tomato sauce.

Misc.: Later that night I drank Pepsi-free, and mountain dew in a period of time before going to bed.

I was laying on my stomach in a comfortable position with the mental thoughts of leaving my body. For an aid, I had this pyramid that I would use my mental thoughts and focus my objectives into the pyramid that would let me retain memory while in change of conscious. The process of leaving the body for me was to think in physical terms of every day's second nature of getting up and leaving, but also by feeling the energy inside me letting me know when the time is right..

(No mysteries or and big secrets)

I. The first time I left the body, I found myself on the floor in the zone of quietude where everything around me was pure black as the night. At first, thinking I was back in my bed I should try to open my astral-eyes and sure enough I saw my room. I managed to get up from laying on the floor and decided to run for the door to get away from the physical body without being pulled back in.

I stopped to see if my physical body was on the bed by placing my hand over the bed, but nothing was there not even a face to touch. So I took off to the front living room and for some reason I started spinning out of control into objects that I don't know what they were, I couldn't feel any pain against my body but just felt the impact of the unknown objects around me.

The front door was in sight, while thinking about the last few times I've been out I've tried going thru the door and I was pulled back to the physical body. This time I opened the door with success "surprisingly" and saw that it was dark outside so I decided to turn the porchlight on so that I could see.

For some reason I started looking at my hands which I noticed a bluish, green vibrating color moving all around me. ( Could this be my aura?). This vibrating flickering of light all around me would glow bright and then diminish to a weak light then start glowing again. The longer I looked at my hands, the more aware of the environment I became, also I noticed that outside darkness that filled air instantly broke into daylight as if it had to do with my awareness. ( Who Knows?)

Next minute later my mom came up to me from no where and told me "Dave, goto bed", I was really baffled of what was happening, saying to myself "Am I in the astral-plane or the physical plane?. I asked my mom to pinch me so I could detect if I was out or not, when she did pinch me I didn't feel any pain at all but just the pinch itself. So right then and there I gave in then next minute later I'm awakened....

11/04/1987 7:00AM -8:00AM

I tried the same technique by the means of feelings, imagining myself lifting up and out of the body, but I was too excited which brought me back. The weird thing about this experience is that I had numerous false awakenings during the event of trying to awaken my physical body, but each time I would slide into another false awakening which seemed to never end.

False Awakenings In Order:

I. I was on my knees kneeling in front of my bed which I saw coins magically appear on the sheets, asking myself "What are these doing here?". I grabbed as many coins I could get my hands on then next minute later everything grew dark and I was in the next false awakening.

II. I was over my friends house "Mike Hasty" and saw him with short hair "his hair is down to his shoulders" that was styled. Once I started to realize that I was not in the physical body everything around me went into blur and distorted my view.

III. Now, I found myself talking to my sisters "Laurie and Lindy", and my brother "Brian". Trying to explain to them that we're in the astral plane and that they were dreaming. They just looked at me and said "Why don't you bother someone else!", after that the environment faded on me to the next awakening.

IV. This awakening dealt with an encounter that seemed nothing major at the time but sure made me think when I came back. Yesterday I was walking up to the school's gym "Schoolcraft" and I passed this girl who looked up at me and said "Hi" with a sentimental voice. No big deal, but the feeling of it kind of grabbed me, for reason why I don't know. Anyways, the same event repeated itself in my awakening as if I was acting out that scene again in the physical world.

V. After all these events occurred, I found myself in the basement of my mom & dads house. The basement structure looked a little different which I knew something wasn't right, then I realized I was in another false awakening.

Well, everything around me grew dark, vision was blurred and I could feel the transition of alignment of the two bodies consolidating. When I did get back, I pinched myself to make sure that I was back, and back I was (Finally!!) ...

11/10/1987 Time Unknown

Gained consciousness thru a dream by means of looking at my hands. I would look at my hands for about 15 seconds then look away and I realized that my awareness was awakening the clarity of my environment. Only problem is that I looked too long (1 minute) until they started to fade, I should have none to look away and focus on something else. I found myself surrounded by complete darkness ( The Zone Of Quietude ) which every where I looked darkness filled the air. I couldn't hang on to this consciousness of empty blackness so I was pulled back.

11/16/1987 8:00am-8:30am

Breakfast: Corn Flakes Cereal

I. After having a bowl of cereal I decided to cruise back to bed. I was laying on my stomach with the thoughts of lifting myself up and over the bed then softly landing to the ground on my stomach. Only problem is when I said "Open Eyes" it didn't work this time which I found myself wandering around in darkness inside my house. I decided to give up cause I couldn't see in darkness so I said "return" and all at once I felt the transition of the astral body consolidate with the physical body.

II. The second projection was like the first one but I couldn't hold my consciousness which I was zapped back into the physical body.

III. The third time was like the first also by using the means of mental imaging. I opened my eyes this time and seeing that I was on the ground eating carpet, a tremendous force pulled me back again to the body. I opened my eyes expecting that I was back to the physical world but the sensation felt different and I knew that I still had it under control.

I looked from the floor with a motion of raising upward and out, then I cruised over to the bed post in slow motion. The chord was pulling me back into the physical body, I tried to hang onto the bed post to resist the pull but the force aligned me into the physical body, After that I experienced 3 more projections of the same nature along with false awakenings.

False Awaking:

Everything around me was black, distorted which I thought that I would be awakening to the physical world.. ( Not! ). Instead I was looking at my body shaking like I had epilepsy which I couldn't control for the life of me ( The Vibrations ). My brother suddenly popped out from no where and told me "Stop Shaking, I replied back to him " I don't know why I'm shaking", then a old friend from marching band Eric Bruce popped into my view telling my brother that it's normal. I should have noticed right away in this awakening that my mom's work stuff should have been in my room but it wasn't. This is the only awakening I can remember with detail, the others I can't recall....!!

In the physical world, we're getting new carpet layered on the floor and everything went into my room as a temp storage place making it impossible to move around.

11/17/1987 Time Unknown

I've been using the power of the pyramid on my third eye *Chakra* to use my thoughts objectively to leave the body. The first 10-15 minutes I was in the cationic state where I couldn't feel my physical body, just energy inside me. While in this state, I was falling into darkness, where I felt the energy all around me pulsating, then seconds later I landed into a dream.

Somehow I was able to quickly awaken from the dream which I descended into. Imagining how I would come out of the body this time from the last past oobe's. I was able to think for a minutes time of the plan of attack, but I waited too long and found myself again in another dream.

Last but not least I went with the dream to see where it would take me, and the scene was in this building, like a hotel or business office. I was in one room and across the hallway there was another room, but the weird thing is that the door kept opening up, then closing. The view I saw in this room were Girls that were naked, lined up in a circle as if there was some kind of dance. Each time the door would open I would see this one girl in particular that I really liked alot,.....and "YES" did I want her!!

The lady in the room that I wanted walked over to my room and was standing in front of me completely naked. Even though I wanted one thing from her, I was too bashful to actually make something out of it. Since I waited too long the environment shifted and my view was at my mom's house with my brother and mom there with me. I heard the phone ringing in the kitchen, decided to pick it up and listen.

Someone on the other end of the phone had a message for me, the message said " When you are in your dreams and you shift over to a person, place or event, picture your dreams as frames of a movie which you can rewind the whole dream to that frame, then re-start it back up!". Before I had time to say "Who is this?", the voice (Male's Voice For Sure) on the other end immediately hung up.

After I hanged the phone up there was a document of some sort, like a letter which was laying in my hands. When reading this letter, everything in the conversation on the phone with this guy was printed exactly word for word in this letter......

11/18/1987 10:30am-11:30am

Today I was up at 7:30am to take my car to the dealership to be worked on due to some problems. Once I was at the dealership I didn't want anyone to pick me up, so I decided to walk home which would be about 2.5 miles in distance. I can remember when I was younger (during jr. high school) my friends and I would make a big adventure out of walking home from school rather than take the bus home.

Goofing around, having fun, taking short cuts thru woods, taking our time, enjoying the long distant journey until we meet our destination (home). I guess you could say it was a feeling of being young again (by walking home on the same path), reminiscing the past, feeling the carefree stride of not worrying about the world around you.

Well, when I finally arrived home I decided to have a bowel of chex cereal with milk before going to sleep. I went down to the my brothers room (which is in the basement) to sleep which was around 9:30am, I didn't awake until 10:30am which was from a unconscious dream. After then, I concentrated on how it would feel like getting out of my body and if I could bring the feelings to me that would show me the signs. About a minute later I felt the energy flowing thru me and pushing me out which the signs were positive.

I opened my eyes just like on Monday's projection which I found a little tough but I knew they would eventually open. I moved towards the doorway out to my brothers room and started to feel the pull of the astral chord. Quickly I grabbed onto the pole to keep myself from coming back to the physical body and also I started to scream out with conviction "I'm not going back". The pole was black which I had my arms fastened/wrapped around (hanging on for dear life) which I was swinging around the pole with my body lifted up in the air on it's side. The detail of the pole itself was amazing, just like the way it feels in the physical world, cold, round, a dark feeling with a little rust etc...

Anyways while swinging around the pole something popped into my head "I remember what my brother was telling me about the pole and how real it felt in the astral world. If he was sleep walking or thinking he was in the astral world while someone watching him, he would of felt like a jerk that would make his day" which after that everything calmed itself down. Embracing myself against the pole then gliding over to the wall I saw the mirror in my brothers room. So I raised my hand up against the mirror and saw the reflection of the astral hand.

I glided over to the mirror to take a good look at my astral body for the first time. I was a little bit nervous to say the least but was very curious to meet my destiny. When I looked into the mirror all I saw was a physical body, face, arms, hands, feet, all were the same except one thing. I noticed that my eyes were different, the eyes were crystal clear which I could see from the front of the eyeball to the back. I must have stared for minutes, looking at my eyes with complete amazement. I couldn't get over the consciousness I was witnessing, I believe looking in the mirror really gripped my senses of reality for this astral projection state being real or not.

Deciding to move upstairs (floating upstairs that is) to the kitchen and to my surprise I saw my mom. I said "Hi Mom, Here I'm In The Astral World" which she replied "No, Your Not", after that she started to tell me about my car being fixed up at the dealership and that is was ready.

Geez, I was blown out, very disappointed that I wasn't out of the body and still in the physical world. All this effort down the drain, so much energy and time consumed into this matter which was for nothing.... I just couldn't believe it... After my mom was done talking with me, she approached me with her hand, drew two fingers and poked me in the eyes.. (HaHaHa) suddenly I awakened from the projection mad and laughing to myself.. I couldn't believe it what happened with me and my mom, but thought forms can be very tricky and sometimes comedians too....:)


The higher you raise your consciousness it can be a challenge trying to guess what world your really are in. As for the thought forms of my mom in the last few projections, I noticed that can be a trap also. Now if I can keep on my mind what world I'm in, then I can conduct more experiments....

11/20/1987 11:30am-12:00pm

The First Adventure From Home

The scene started out with me in a flying dream which I decided to look at my hands. Once I looked at my hands, a flash of bright light flickered in my eyes, I then began to loose control of flight and started to descend. It felt like I was being pulled back to my body so I acted quickly with imagining how it feels to leave. I could feel the separation of the bodies taking place and that I knew I was gonna have success again.

Well, to my surprise when I opened my astral eyes I didn't see anything that resembled my brothers room, but what I did see was a white bathroom with men's stalls (Okay!). I saw this mirror on the wall and decided to float over to it, and yes I saw myself physical self again. Looking at my eyes this time I saw a doubled pupil but the rest of the eyes seemed normal and just like the physical world. I looked into my nose, opened my mouth, played with the hair on my head with my hands. Everything felt so real except my body, all of me, inside of me felt so numb, like I was dead or something when I would look into the mirror, I felt as if I was one thousand miles away, but conscious at the same time.

Where I floated over from, trying to look for my astral chord for minutes I just couldn't find it and decided to give up. I cruised over to the bathroom door exit which I saw this lady at this desk with a calculator doing some math, she also had some books on her desk. I approached the lady behind the desk and gave her a big smooch on the lips ( Smack! ) and while I was kissing her the books/calculator dropped on the floor. I picked everything up for her and told her "Thanx For The Time And Convenience" then left the bathroom by passing thru the door.

Amazingly enough I found myself in a shopping mall with people all around me walking, talking, buying and minding their own business. I was flying around looking at people to see if they noticed me, looking into stores with open cash drawers for me to take the money, riding elevators, and with the thought on my mind "I want my classical guitar" which nothing happened.

Still floating around I noticed a teenager sitting down on this bench waiting from someone. Well, with me coming out from no where flying behind him telling him " if you wish to learn how to fly" immediately he interrupted me and said "prove it". I then tried showing him my abilities of flight but nothing was happening, I just couldn't understand why.

This guy was getting pissed at me because I was bothering him with my presence and coming out of no where trying to prove something that's impossible. The guy started bullying me around wanting to fight me along with his gang that showed up from no where that were surrounding me. His girlfriend was there also with their main leader wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans, tennis shoes, about medium height, blue-eyes, reddish hair along with golden pair of brass knuckles and a chain on his arm.

(I knew that I was up shit's creek without a paddle!)

The main leader warned me if I didn't teach him how to fly that he would literally kick my ass (what a nice feeling!) and would give me a minute to remember how to fly around then he would be back. I had asked him for five minutes instead and the leader said "okay", that was enough time for me to figure out how I was going to escape.

The five minutes were up and the gang were all around me with the leader walking up to me while I'm walking backwards. I tried jumping into the air kicking at the leader which back fired on me. The leader realized what I just tried doing and was even more pissed at me with fist clenched ready to fight. Yes, I started running my butt off with one thing in mind " I NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!". With all the love and joy I could feel for the freedom of flight I lifted up into the air (still with a little of uncertainty) looking down at the gang leader saying "ADIOS", he wanted me to come back but no chance.

From that point on I wanted to return back to my body so I said to myself "return" then instantly everything went dark on me and I found myself on my brothers bed in darkness.

Note: This projection and the last past 6 projections I've been using the pyramid to bring the energy to me for astral-projection.

11/23/1987 Time Unknown

Some how I was able to control my dream which is the hardest thing for me to do. Using the hypnotic state isn't hard, but dream consciousness is extremely hard for me to obtain.

I flew into my mom and dads bedroom, floating in the air sitting Indian style looking at my astral reflection in the mirror (Just Looked Like My Physical Body). I started to think about looking at my hands, when I did look at them everything around me became blurry and the scene faded out.

11/27/1987 Time Unknown

I was able to wake up into the hypnotic state imagining myself rolling off the bed and it worked..! I was on the floor trying to open my eyes but only one was open, the other I was struggling with. I started to feel the astral chord pulling me back to my body on a upward angle which felt like it was in a slow motion. When I was closer to the bed I believe I saw myself lying on my stomach sleeping, I also could see the clothes on my back and my shoulder.

It's too bad that I was brought back all of a sudden, I wished that I would have had a longer view to make sure that I saw my physical body for verification.

12/10/1987 Time Unknown

I awakened to the sound of my alarm clock then immediately went back to bed with using my imagination that I was on a Ferris wheel. I pictured the Ferris wheel spinning around quickly which would throw me like a catapult out of the car and into the air. What really was taking place is the projection of the astral where the energy was pushing me out quickly which produced this sensation. For some reason I felt real confused of my geographic environment but feelings inside of me told me that I was in my brothers room.

I could hear my brothers footsteps coming down the stairs, then I opened my eyes my brother was standing right in front of me. I said to my brother "Brian, I'm in the astral world" then he replied back to me "Your eyes are shut and you think that you're here!". I told him how I arrived here, then after that I lost consciousness with instant blackness and found myself waking up a half hour later.

Note: The nature of this experience was being fooled again by thought forms.

12/11/1987 6:30am-7:30am (I) 8:00am-9:00am (II)

I. I was looking at myself in a dream which my reflection was a little different then present physical. My ears were pierced, my hair was short, but the rest of my features were normal. This is the fifth time I've seen myself in a dream or projection.

II. I was in another dream which took place in a bathroom and with me was a girl. (I don't know, probably having sex!) Right off the bat out of no where I looked at my hands which everything around me became blurry instantly. I then felt my astral body coming back to the physical body, everything went dark and I was back.

12/13/1987 2:30am-3:00am

This is where I had the shakes ( vibrations ) that were very strong, powerful just like the one's I experienced over my friends house (Matt G). I was in the hypnotic state thinking about my hands thru visualization imagery that would bring me closer to the astral state.

I felt my head shaking quite a bit along with the body twitching, jerking, feeling like I had my hand in a electrical outlet. (Yes, I was scared and didn't want to project) After a few minuets the vibes calmed down which felt like little tingles of energy 've been used to, so I tried leaving the body again.

Once again the vibrations came on even stronger which was pretty painful. The one thing I did notice was the ability to look thru my eye-lids at my room that surrounds me. Still being scared I wanted to return the physical body and forget about this experience of happening....

(Only problem is that the vibes will always be there for me !! )

( What A Reassuring Feeling! )

12/20/1987 9:45am-10:30am

I awakened today at 9:30am to wash my hair then went right back to bed immediately. Somehow I was successful in creating my own dream with mental imagery from my physical mind. Once I had the dream established I was able to look at my hands to raise my consciousness. In the dream there was a girl with me that was playing whirley ball, so I pulled her to the side telling her "Look at your hands". She questioned me why I do what you say, my reply was "Your life will change". After waiting too long I was pulled back to the body then landed into another dream..

12/21/1987 Time Unknown

(I) I was in a dream which somehow I became conscious while flying above Middlebelt, looking down at mcdonalds and just flying around Garden City (my home town). I wanted to goto Hawaii but nothing happened, all I did is just kept flying around until I lost consciousness and landed back into a dream.

(II) The second Time I was out, my flying ability seemed to real lightning fast movement, almost like I was flying by the speed of light... I also did see where and what I was flying over, but bringing this back to the physical I don't recall much.

12/26/1987 Time Unknown

I was reading my pyramid book for awhile then started to drift off into a trance state, so I decided to lay the book down and close my eyes for a few minutes. It was very easy for me to slip into the projection, also I didn't notice any strong vibrations flowing thru my body. (Thank God!!) The direction I headed towards was into the wall of my room, I entered the wall then found myself on the floor. Once I opened my eyes my body was slammed back into the physical very hard which the vibrations took hold of me.

(Oh What A Joy!).

12/30/1987 Time Unknown

Found myself in a dream where I was geographically down the street that I live on which I talking with this girl. This girl was telling me that she believed me about the astral-world then went into this detail about this black guy I knew from work how his eyes were glowing. ( ? )

I guess rational came to me which I decided to jump into the air then I started to fly, but the weird thing was is that I could see two levels of the physical plane and the astral plane at the same time. I must have been viewing these levels for about a minute or two, but I lost control of my conscious and landed into a dream.

12/31/1987 Time Unknown (I & II)

I. I was dreaming that I was over this friend's house "Mike Hasty" and with this girl "Beth" and "Jeff" which was from where I work. At one point I entered Beth's body and had complete control over what she said, or how she moved her body, etc. Also when the dream shifted I was at the dinner table with Mike and Jeff just talking like friends do. I noticed a mirror in front of me which I decided to meditate on my third eye (Actually I was still in Beth's Body while at the table) and saw my face emerge within hers at the same time while looking into the mirror..


Jeff and Mike knew all along it was me in Beth's body, but I kept on insisting that I was Beth. Jeff went over to the door to look outside to see if my car was there, that way they could prove it was me instead of Beth so I magically made the car vanish into thin air and it happened. I wasn't to sure if he realized I made the car disappear or not, but it was worth the try.

II. The dream took place in a airplane that was gonna crash in matter of minutes, my brother and I were together. Everyone else was scared about the whole matter, I knew it was a dream which I wasn't scared at all of the outcome.

Summary Of 1987 Astral-Projections (July 87 - December 87)

Starting to realize that I've been developing a solid technique for astral projection, I decided that with strong convictions that I would bring this into a daily practice. I was tired of waiting for projections to happen, I had to make this magic happen with my knowledge of the hypnotic state that I felt comfortable with.

The down falls I have come to notice when I'm out of the body is that I'm always having thought forms trick me into believing that I'm not in the astral world but in the physical only. Also, trying to understand the nature of the projections, if what I see is real or not (pertaining to environment or thought forms) or holding onto consciousness for long durations of time.

I must say that I'm lucky to be able to enter this world like I've been in the last year, but surely enough I've been busting my butt to make this happen also.. Some people I know haven't had much luck with it, maybe a projection here or there, but I wonder if they've been really working at it.... (Nothing Is For Free!)

Looking back at the first projection to the present, I can say "Yes" it did change my life around for good from bad. It has made me realize about life/death, working hard to obtain objectives, how I act towards people in my life apposed from the past, clear thinking, mental discipline and the list goes on and on....But I'm very glade what I've learned about astral-projection, also I must thank the following people too:

Matt Gerard, John Felicks, Joe Braun, Brian Warner (My Brother) & Grandma

There are many others right now I can't think off the top of my head so If I missed you, please let me know.

Thanx Very So Much

The Voice Of Silence

02/25/1993 11:15am-11:23am

I woke up today at 10:30am with headphones on from last night when I was watching tv, also I was burning up because of the heavy amount of blankets I had on my bed. So I decided to hop on my computer to check my internet account for email, do some downloading of macintosh programs, and possibly catch someone online Irc to talk to..

Around 11:00am I decided to take a light snooze, didn't want to goto school early so I could print my astral-projection 1987 notes on the laser printer. I felt in my body that I was sleepy and still awake which usually when I feel this way it's a great time to leave the body... ( It sure was a good time to leave )

I was able to imagine by feelings of the hypnotic state, once that was produced I felt light tingles of energy around me telling me it's time to leave. I rolled out of bed and onto the floor which I could feel the carpet, the side of the bed, and also the little pain from dropping onto the floor from the bed. Right then and there I lost it and came back to the body, when I started to feel the sensation slipping away I focused a little more and pretended I was spinning around in circles....

I was able to bring back the feelings of the hypnotic state so that I could leave again, and this time I would make sure to it. The same thing happened with me rolling over the bed and dropping to the floor, but once I was out I immediately used my thoughts to bring myself to the frontroom... When I looked at the frontroom, everything seemed to be the same and in it's place as it is in the physical world. I looked towards the windows which I could see the outside, so I quickly glided to and out the door.

The weather outside was rainy with cloud coverings surrounding the atmosphere, also there was no snow on the ground, but in the physical world in it's present, everywhere you look there is snow. I remember feeling mysticism, skepticism, freedom, and also enjoying the view around me. It's hard to bring into physical words whats it's like when your out, but just being there everything seems so graceful, peaceful, adventurous and so much to learn from.

I was trying to think what to do and decided that I wanted to enter someone's home across the street from where I live. I was running on the ground and passed over the approach that had rocks, puddles of water from the rain. I felt the reality of the water splash upon me, I could feel the cold damp wetness upon my legs, I felt the jagged rocks upon my soles of my feet " I wasn't wearing any shoes or socks " that was cutting into them. I can't seem to get over how real everything feels in this world, it's absolutely amazing... the only hang up with me is that when I do return to the physical I look at the experience as "was it real or not" but when I'm there, no doubt in my mind crosses me.

Well, I glided over to the Roe's house for some reason, why I'm not sure but I looked at the other houses on the blocks around me and decided this should be okey. Once I approached the doorway into the house I knocked on the door and entered, then I saw Mike's Dad "Mr.Roe", he was telling me something that I couldn't make out for the life of me His facial characteristics looked a little different from physical view. Under his eyes he had bags which didn't look to good, also I he was wearing a white t-shirt, and at the time he looked to be reading the newspaper cause he had it in his hands.

After that, everything ended and the scene faded on me which I found myself wakening up at 11:23am with loss of words of what just happened....

01/02/1988 Time Unknown

It all took place in a dream with my brother and I planning to goto Hawaii, but one thing kept holding me back which was work. After that I drove off in my car around the next block then stopped at this guy's house "Chuck Norris" but in the dream world it was another friends house "Jeff Borton".

I meet up with him and his brother, then we all started talking about school, other matters of events etc..etc. After awhile I noticed that Chuck was wearing a pyramid necklace around his head, the necklace itself was decorated with fine crystals of many colors, also his brother had a necklace on which he could wear around his head or a headband.

The whole story behind this is I asked the two brothers if they used these pyramids for the art of astral-projection? The then started to argue with me about the skepticism of astral projection which didn't exist for them, but it did for me. So I dropped everything after that and let go of the consciousness.

I also had a dream on 12/25/1987 were the same necklace was also in this dream. I didn't think it was important at the time, but when I saw this necklace appear again, I thought it should be added into my journal entries.

01/04/1988 Time Unknown (I & II)

I. I was over my friend's house "Matt Gerard" in which I was using my crystal pyramid to place my thoughts of what I wanted to achieve in the astral-world of the next experience. The geographic environment in my dream was at work, this lady I know from church "Mary Dolin" was taking place for the other two bosses that were not there. There was a break in at the place where I worked, also I met this girl that had blond silky hair, a really nice figure, and felt that she wanted me as I wanted her also. After that we went back to work to carry on the days event which everything was lost between her and I.

Thats when I became conscious and projected out of my body invisibly so no one could see me in the astral world. The only way they could see me is only at sleep and no way else, unless this was my imagination that I was invisible. Moving towards the blond lady I decided to enter her body using all the love, joy and happiness that I could bring her. I'm not to sure if it worked or not but I think she had felt that she wasn't alone..

About that time the boss walked over to where the body of mine was sleeping and thought that I was dead, so she checked my pulse to confirm. I knew that it was time for me to return back to my body, so when I came back my boss was telling me that I had no pulse, no indication of vital signs what so ever. ( I was dead!! ) I was really happy for what she had told me, I couldn't get over the fact that I left my body and someone thought I was dead...

II. The second dream consisted me walking down the street to my friend's house Mike Hasty. I saw Mike and his friend's at his house also, while I was there I'd asked Mike if I could use his bathroom, his response was "sure, okey..".Once I was in the bathroom, I felt my penis while taking a leak into the toilet and at that point everything around me started to go out of focus which the projection was ready to end. I could feel the difference between the astral body and the physical. The astral seemed to portray an empty feeling that needed the physical body to revive it's emptiness. Once I was back in the physical body, I awakened to find that I was holding onto my penis while I was experiencing this projection of consciousness.

01/05/1988 10:30am-10:50am

I was in my brothers room sleeping which I was able to awaken myself into the hypnotic state and this time I used my imagination to leave my body. I can remember being half way out of the body looking up against the wall seeing my brothers picture he has on the wall of this se–orita that is drawn. I tried floating upwards but it wasn't working, and still I was fighting between the two bodies. I decided to ask God for help which to my surprise I found myself in a room that looked ancient with all kinds of antiques of some sort of collection, there also was a black piano in the room color.

My brother Brian was in the same room as I was but didn't even take notice of my existence. So I went over to the piano, started banging on the keys to grab his attention to let him know that I was in the astral world. I couldn't believe it that my brother started talking to me out of reconization, but he told me that he couldn't see me and to follow him into the frontroom.

(Maybe This Is The Big Verification I thought to myself???)

In the room that I was in, I saw a mirror in front of me, so I decided to look at my reflection. This time my face looked a little older and my eyes were pools of blue water with bubbles floating upward. I then f allowed my brother into the frontroom where I saw my dad was reading the Detroit newspaper. So I grabbed the paper from his hands waved it around then threw it back to my dad acting out as if I could give him proof of the astral world. At the time my brother not being able to see me gave me the idea to wave the news paper around to attract my dads attention hoping that would show verification.

After I was done my dad said to me "Nice Trick Dave" which kinda made me upset that the general purpose of was to obtain verification. My brother and I cruised to the kitchen were my mom was wearing a hat like a gypsy lady, an apron, also was cooking dinner at the present time. My brother was telling my mom that he had to show that he can prove that the astral-world does exist.

Slipping away from the environment I wanted so badly prove this verification to mom but I just couldn't hold the consciousness, then I found myself back in my body.

Note: I'm not sure if these people were my real folks or just thought forms or just someone trying to play tricks on me. But I hope one day I'll come close to the verification I search for.

01/06/1988 6:15am-6:30am

Once again I imagined myself leaving the body from the hypnotic state, finding myself on the floor, feeling the texture of carpet and looking around at the room. Once I was on my feet the first thing I thought of was to look at my body, but the only problem it was too dark so I continued on to the frontroom.

Once I was in the frontroom I went over to the tv to turn it on, what I saw was fuzzy distortion on all the channels. Deciding that this was a waste of time I glided over to the front door but the door itself didn't open for me like it usually does. So asking God to be with me, saying affirmations to ease my fears, right then the door flew open. I noticed that there was a key that was glowing bright white at the doorstep and when I glided over to the front lawn there was a stick that had words written on it. The words on the stick kept changing on me which was almost impossible to read, but nothing was obtained from the meaning.

A dog came up to me when I was blinking my eyes while I was losing consciousness. Either I was looking into the front-room or mom's tax room, looking in the window while trying to go thru the wall nothing seem to be happening so I decided to go back to the front lawn and just admire with the feelings all thru my body the warm summer night that surrounded.

False Awakening

After I came back, instantly I thought I was up in the physical body, so I found myself in the frontroom seeing my mom watching tv. I was getting mad at what I tried to achieve in my projection, just thinking about all that work for nothing. When I went to the kitchen I noticed that all the glasses were not there on shelves, also my brother was there too, he was asking me to bring him some wine coolers before he leaves for work. (Yeah..Sure)

01/07/1988 10:30am-10:a

First of all I was in a dream that there was four people among me that we were crowded together in a space compartment..(??). Somehow we needed to escape, I couldn't take it any longer due to crampness. This girl that I escaped with, her and I went flying together then the scenario changed and I found myself in a movie theater still with the same girl. I was trying to fly to the upper deck but the girl was getting pissed at me, so she started to squeeze my hand really tight to the point of pain. (Ouch)

Somehow I was able to get away from her then managed to fly up to the top of the roof and thats when I found my conscious. Immediately I awakened from the dream into pure awareness of time and space. I notice that I've been making progress on the ability of flight, at least to the extent of controlling the thought when I wish to fly or to float. I was somewhere around Schoolcraft college "I think" which is the school I presently attend, and before started the adventure I had a good ideal what I wanted to achieve in this projection.

While flying in the midnight sky nothing could stop me except for the tree I was ready to blast into. Yup, sure enough I crashed into the tree which I couldn't move due to being stuck it it's branches,limbs..etc.. I thought to myself "I'm Shirley Mcclain, and I'm out on a limb......literally...". I started to pray to my master but I still couldn't untangle myself from the branches until I asked God.. "please help me!!". Finding myself in the front-room sitting down in mom's purple chair, I was calling for my master, also I remember what my friend Joe was telling me, "Look At Your Hands In Your Dreams", no master came to me, but consciousness did.

From my observations, my consciousness was incredible clear, very precise, just pure as it could be. It would have been really easy to become mixed up between the astral and physical worlds due to what I was experiencing. I was looking at the time on the clock and saw "12:45pm" which meant I was late for school, but I thought to myself "It's worth it being able to live this type of experience". I spoke to soon then found myself waking up seconds later but the time between physical and what I saw in the astral were not correct......

01/15/1988 8:50am-9:10am

I used the same technique to leave the body with no hesitation of force of will. Once I was out, I turned the light on in my room to see if I could see my body sleeping on the bed. No luck, all I saw was my bed already made-up with no signs of any physical body. So I lifted the covers off the bed to see if my physical body was hiding underneath the covers, nope.. nothing wasn't there, only sheets for the bed, pillows (One Day I'll See My Physical Body!)

After giving up I decided to cruise into the front living room to exit the house thru the frontdoor. The consciousness was amazing once again, everything around me was pure, stable, it was like being in the physical world with no irregularities. For some reason I couldn't believe the reality I was facing, if I was in a dream or actually up, so I decided for some stupid reason said "Return", then next minute later I was on the edge of the bed fighting the pull back into my body. I tried resisting for about a minute but the pull was too strong so I gave in.....

01/16/1988 6:00am-8:00am

For the last past month I've been looking for verification in which I haven't found it at all. My verification is to meet with a friend, full conscious or look at my body for proof..

Well I was able to leave the body again by means of feeling energy move thru me which pushed me onto the floor. Once I was able to open my eyes to see the astral world immediately everything went crazy on me like blurred vision, my view spinning around, everything growing dark on me, etc..etc.. I lost consciousness and found myself awakening back up to the physical body.

01/17/1988 8:30am-8:40am (I,II & III) 9:30am-9:50am (Iv)

I had Iv projections this morning within a hours time using the same technique (the hypnotic state). Projections I & III were basically just getting out for a few seconds then pulled back to the physical body instantly.

(II) I was in my brothers room again sleeping on his bed using the same technique to leave the body. I headed over to the wall so I could flip the switch on to bring light to the room so that I could see what I was doing. I felt the sensation of being pulled back to the body and thats when I grabbed for the pole to live the experience outside of the body a little bit longer. I was swinging around the pole in circles with my body up in the air and on it's side, (wheee...). I could feel the texture of the pole, the coldness, black pant, dirt, grime, and rust, the touch was so accurate as how it feels in the physical world. (I was astonished!)

While I was swinging around the pole, for some reason I decided to look at my hands on and off for a few minutes time, I learned this technique from a friend "Joe Braun" which the story behind it deals with raising your consciousness. You would look at your hands for five seconds then look away at the environment then look at the hands again.

(This technique was also used in Carlos Castenada )

(that was taught by Don Juan).

There was no way that I could have been dreaming all of this, the perception was so vividly clear I started to wonder (once again) what world I was in. I somehow managed to calm myself down from being pulled back into the physical body, how I don't know, but I think the hand technique and hanging onto the pull really did help me maintain the level of control that I needed to prolong the experiences. From the point on, I cruised over to the mirror once again to take a good look into the mirror to see what reflection that the mirror would cast. Same thing, I saw little old me, only thing that was different is that my pupils in my eyes were at the sides of the eye. On and off I would look at the mirror with full consciousness, the longer I would stare the brighter my awareness became, this projection was the ultimate in awakening into the astral world......

I looked around my brothers room in which I saw his stereo right by his bed, but in the present of the physical world that stereo does not exist in that area of his room. I decided to turn the stereo on and I heard garbage noise along with faint music in the background, I couldn't make out any melodies what so ever. I was closer to the bed, I tried looking for my body again, but the physical body wasn't present *Fudge Cakes*. I cruised out of my brothers room and to the basement steps, floating upward while still looking at my hands. I started to feel that pull again, everything around me started to fade out like a end of a song, I kept on fighting it but this time I couldn't hold on and I was brought back to the physical body.

This projection was very good, I could make wise choices logically with rationale, the only problem I still face is trying to distinguish between the two worlds when dealing with raised consciousness.

(Iv) I basically did the same thing with this projection, I went over the turn the lights on, cruised over to the stereo and turned that on also, but still the same garbage noise persisted with the faint music in the background. I saw some writing paper and a ink pen which I had an idea, so I started writing a letter to my brother, it said "I'm In The Astral-World". After I was done writing my msg down to paper I saw scribblings on the paper underneath my words. (Weird) I placed it on my brother's desk hoping that he would find it in the physical world so that I could obtain my verification.

Walking up the steps I noticed that I wasn't floating this time but actually using my feet. Finally upstairs in the frontroom I looked out the front window across the street to the neighbors house and instantly my sight brought the neighbor's window to me like I was there without being mobile. I made sure I was seeing properly so I shook it off and tried it 2 more times, the same effect occurred.

((This Is Way To Cool!!)).

Example: Imagine your looking thru a camera eye lens then you see a object that is distant from view. You then use he zoom button to bring the object closer to your view.

Trying this technique once again, this time I was looking into the window and saw a reflection of someone wearing a jersey that had numbers which read "03" or something like that. Once I broke my gaze I called out for a good master to teach me, but no one came to aid me, then I asked for a Nirmanakaya, still no luck. (sigh!)

I still was in the front room looking around then I heard footsteps coming from the basement "My Brother Brian" I said to myself. I saw my brother as he is in everyday life, the way he looks, acts, moves etc. My brother said to me "Well, How Are We Gonna Help?", well I thought it was another trick of a thought form trying to bring me back to my body so I told him "We're In The Astral World", I also wanted to tell him to look at his hands but it was too late then felt the sensation of alignment back into my body..

Note: I don't know if it was really a guide or if it was a thought form, but getting pulled back really didn't help matters. I still wanted to ask my brother more questions but luck wasn't in my favor......

01/21/1988 8:30am-9:00am (I & II)

(I) Same technique of leaving the body ( Hypnotic ) and also meditative thoughts into the pyramid. When I was out of the body looking around my room everything in the environment seemed so real but I realize that my awareness could improve by looking at my hands. The thought that was on my mind at the time was to experiment with the telephone upstairs and the answer machine that is downstairs in my brother's room. I decided to cruise into the kitchen where the phone is and dial the second phone line that is in our house, when I picked the phone up I heard the deal tone, so I dialed the second phone in the house. Listening to the intro of my answer machine I was very determined that this would be the verification and was anxious to come back to the physical body to verify this experiment.

Hearing the whole answer machine then the final "Leave Your Name And....Etc" I begin talking with my mouth. The weird thing was when I would talk the speech would come out like a moaning sound or someone talking in slow motion where the words sounded funny. I started then to lose my grip of awareness and was then pulled back to the physical body which leads me to the next projection (false awakening)

(II) Well, I went downstairs to my brothers room and flipped on the light switch so that I could see. I didn't realize that my brother was down there so he started becoming upset with me and telling me "Turn Off The Light" and in reply I said to my brother "I Was Out Of My Body Then I Dialed The Downstairs Phone Line From The Kitchen And Heard The Answer Machine". Even though I didn't leave a message on the answer machine at least the red light would indicate that there was a message on the machine.

After I explained to him about the answer machine, I noticed right then and there the little red light started to blink on and off. What a give away which I didn't become aware of it at the time that something like this couldn't happen.. (One Of These Days)

01/24/1988 2:30am-2:45am

This time I tried something different for gaining cosmic energy which is called "Fasting" that a friend of mine "Joe" was telling me about. I used the same technique "Hypnotic" and was able to leave quicker then I usually do from past experiences. I felt the coldness of the floor and heard the radio the radio playing a song from Steve Miller "Keep Rockin Me Baby". I got off my feet floated over to the pole and felt the pull back into the body, quickly grabbing for the pole I started to think " I don't have time for this", then instantly I broke free.

Cruising over to the mirror which I saw four eyes that were distorted as my reflection. I do remember John Felicks telling me to look into the mirror and verify the reflection of the background opposed to what is really behind me... it just might be the possibility that I'm thought forming the mirror. The mirror casted the same reflection so there was no problems there what so ever, although would have been neat if it was another entrance into another world....

Floating upstairs still I could feel the physical body wanting me back, again I quickly grabbed for something I could hold onto and that was the railing going up the steps. Finally I made it into the kitchen and saw my mom, avoiding my mom I went straight to the frontroom. This time I saw my dad and he was telling me "What Kind Of Tranquilizers Do You Take To Get Yourself To The Astral-World?" I completely ignored him and headed for my bedroom, once I was there some things were changed..

Starting to think of coming back to the body I was by my mom and dads bedroom laying on the floor outside there door. I was being tricked again and didn't even see it coming, so I started to hear my dad telling me "How Did You Come Up From The Basement So Quickly?", my response was "I Materialized From The Astral To The Physical World" which my I could he agreed about the matter.

So here I'm thinking that I'm actually in the physical world not even realizing that I'm out of the body. I went back into the kitchen that my sister Lindy was present and she was asking me " Are You And Frank Still Friends?" my reply was "No, I'm Hungry So I Want Something to Eat!!". Finding my wall to the hole in the wall " Cupboard" I opened the door then instantly everything turned black on me then I was brought back into the physical world.

01/30/1988 Time Unknown (I & II)

For the last past eighty-six times I have been leaving the body I've noticed that how remarkable it has been for me to do such a thing within a half years time. Most of the projections have been taking place in my house, maybe it's the environment I'm being protected against by going outside or maybe it's just me not ready to take on the mystery that lies behind the frontdoor. My guitar instructor "John" was telling me the only way you're gonna learn more is to leave the house and explore the world for yourself, don't use all time just to experiment in your house, reach out a little further, with these two next projections I'll write about will be my final step.

(I) I was down in the basement with my friend Matt but when I left the body thru the hypnotic state I found myself in my bedroom upstairs. I had the crystal pyramid to help me as always, but this time I used the pyramid to help me out of the house and out on the front lawn. Well miracles never cease to amaze me, here I'm on the front lawn and the first thing I wanted to do was to fly. So I jumped into the air and immediately lost control of flight and my awareness finding myself back into the physical body again.

(II) I came back again with still having the energy to go further this time when I project. I was looking at the light like I was in some kind of daze or a trance you could say. Somehow I snapped out of it then began to transcend down the hallway to the front door. At the time I drew closer to the front door I was praying to God, believing that he was with me and nothing could possibly hurt me while exploring the outside environment of the astral-world.

Well the front door opened for me then I went outside, I could feel the breeze of a warm summer's night upon my body, just like Florida weather I could reminisce the sensation of almost like being there. So I took off flying into the night but wasn't use to the darkness around me, it was very hard to see my direction of travel. I lost consciousness then awakened back into the physical body with the thought on my mind....

Somehow I feel deep inside of me that someone was with me flying which it was their intention of me trying to comfort someone. I don't know who this person was but the feelings are very deep which I can't deny the meaning of this last projection but it's burns inside of me.

01/31/1988 Time Unknown

I became consciousness in a dream where I was flying around at work looking thru the walls etc,etc.. Really no big achievement but I was able to become alert at least thru the dream state and after that I lost my awareness landing into another dream.

The next dream that took place was that I had helped someone that took me between heaven and hell. He or she told me "You Have To Wear Something To Pass Thru The Hells To Reach The Heavens" This is all I can make out of the dream, I don't know exactly what it means but maybe one day I'll know the answer.....

02/03/1988 1:50am-2:00am (I)

(I) I skipped dinner tonight also ate really light towards the midnight hours and drank a cup of coffee staying up till 1:50am studying material for school. I was very tired but still awake in a sense, so I closed my eyes for a few then found myself waking up in the front room where instantly I could feel the physical body trying to pull me back. Quickly I lunged myself and grabbed the shelves to embrace myself against the pull of coming back, screaming out "Not This Time!!", so I was able to manage the resistance. Cruising towards the front door once again I started to feel the pull back to the body, finding myself between the house and the outside I embraced myself in the doorway which seemed to calm matters down once again, the door I was standing in shut behind me.

Looking around me the environment was very warm, like a summer night and was just right for the projection, but everything around me instantly turned from summer to winter with snow on the ground and heavy snow fall from the skies. ( Talk About Strange!! ) I went over to the front lawn where I laid my body on the ground then looked up into the heavens of the stars. Looking at the full moon it appeared that the moon was coming close to me, but how?.. it was the astral vision bringing the moon closer to me without me moving towards it... I felt scared inside that I wasn't ready to view the moon up close or even to go there, I was just learning the outside environment, I needed to land my feet on the ground before taking off.

So I closed my eyes wishing that I was back into my physical body but nothing happened, I was still laying on the grass looking up at the moon. I tried moving my hands out in front of me to see if they would be glowing due to my awareness but nothing happened. As I started to become equip of what was happening, bang zoom I found myself in complete darkness back into the physical body realigning itself.

02/03/1988 9:00am-9:30am (II)

(II) I was in a dream where the story begins with someone telling me that I was dead "You're Dead!!" and that I'd past on. Quickly I was able to gain consciousness of what was going on, I found myself at 7-11 party store and the guy who was working there "Scott Who Actually Works At Mid-Warren Party Store" was asking me if I wanted some goulash and a piece of bread to go with it. I replied back to him "Okay" then out of no where I found myself in looking at my hands then in front of a mirror in the 7-11 store..

Looking at the third eye I thought I'd seen a skeleton for a brief few seconds, then my face turned into a blur but I did manage to catch in the reflection of the mirror my pyramid necklace. Looking back at Scott I told him "I'll Be Back To Eat" which I decided to cruise outside into the parking lot. Running quickly, hoping that I would raise myself off the ground I failed the first time but landed on the back of one foot. Finding myself running out of parking lot and coming very close to warren (a very busy street) I started to think "what if I can't fly? I'll then crash into a car and die"....

I rested my fright then use my imagination of what it's like to fly, to feel the joy and love of all. I quickly arose into the air passing the cars, the streets below me but my flying position was standing up....(Nothing Like Superman Or With The Body Laying Into The Air"... I decided that I didn't like the direction of travel so I decided to use my hands as the guide of travel. If I move my hands to the right then I move to the right,, or if I move my hands up then I incline upwards, etc... Moving my hands towards the west I felt that my body was moving alot quicker (And It Was).

Looking down below me I could see the cars, streets, houses and the environment that I'm familiar with as my hometown. Feeling the wind pass thru me, shifting thru my hair, smelling the air thru my lungs and having a clear view with my perception. This flight must have lasted for about 2-3 minutes and when I could definitely tell when it's time to return back to the body.. I wanted no part of it, I just wanted to be there feeling free but I had no choice and everything ended with awakening to the physical body.

02/06/1988 5:00am-5:30am (I & II)

(I) Awakening at 5:00am in the morning I went to the kitchen refrigerator to grab myself a pepsi cola to quench my dry mouth, after that I went back to bed, slipped back into the hypnotic state with matters of minutes. Finding myself instantly in the frontroom I saw the tv set then tried turning it on but didn't seem to work for me. My main objective was to spread my wings above the clouds and fly to the moon like an eagle.

As I was exiting the frontdoor I felt the physical body calling me back, I slammed the door behind me then braced myself against the door holding on until I could break free from the pull. Once everything calmed down I floated over to front lawn then laid down to observe the sky and the stars above me. Once I homed in on the moon my telescopic vision came to me again, the moon started to come closer, blinding my vision with the light it gives off. I turned my body in a clockwise position but once I tried again focusing on the moon there was nothing there, just empty space all around me, so I decided it was useless wasting my time laying on the grass.

Running into the direction east I jumped into the air and flight was successful. The only problem I experienced was that when I ascended higher I started to lose touch with the ground and consciousness started to blacken out on me. So I descended closer to the ground focusing on the street lights to keep my consciousness in tact. While flying towards the end of the street I noticed a lady below me who had brown hair, brown eyes, around mid 30's possible early 40's. Down the road from me (Middlebelt Rd) was a ambulance with it's emergency lights and sirens on, I could feel that someone was in trouble and that I wanted to help if I could.

Flying away from this woman I lifted up in the air just missing the telephone wires which I could hear vibrations of energy coming from them. I looked down where the ambulance lights where and used my vision to get there faster but finding myself with friends Roy Ball & Mike Hasty which I wasn't expecting. We were by little Caesar's pizza which was about 1/2 mile south down the road from where I was flying. Mike Hasty for some reason punched me in the jaw in which I'd asked him "Why" and his reply was "No Reason". The weird thing though is that I lost consciousness but found myself in the house but not back into my body.

(II) Surprisingly enough I wasn't pulled back to the body, but instead I was looking out the window from the kitchen's sliding door window. I looked into the distance as far that I could see for miles and miles, what I was looking for I don't know, maybe just enjoying the scenery. The picture itself came to me, like it started moving inward to me all at once, like a camera with zoom lens. After all I can recall was that everything that I was able to view words can't describe how peaceful and beautiful the astral world can really be.

02/11/1988 5:00am-5:40am

For the last past 5 days I haven't projected until up to now, the same technique is used which is the "The Hypnotic State". The techniques that I didn't do were eating light, using the pyramid, and meditation etc, etc..

I found myself outside in front of the house with negative feelings flowing thru me, for some reason I felt that something was wrong and Yes I was scared. I could feel somone's presence which gave me the sensation that the person was evil, also I heard his voice telling me "Don't Go Into The House Or Outside". If this person was to hurt me I probably would have been long gone but there was no harm against me except the reality it gripped me with once I returned back to the physical body. I can't really tell if was any meaning to it but at least I'm here in one piece and still standing..

02/13/1988 6:00am-6:24am (I,II,III & Iv)

(I,II & Iv) The first two and fourth projections were false awakenings which took place in the vicinity of 6:00am-6:24am. The first two projections took place at night which the only accomplishment that I made was going to the front door then being pulled back. I tried to place my fingers around my eye-lids trying to hold them open but no chance the pull was still too strong and I lost conscience.

(III) When I awakened, the first thought that came to my mind was to write these experiences down a.s.p before I would lose memory of what occurred. I went over to my desk, sat down then grabbed a pen and paper to start writing, so I turned the lights on to shed some light on the paper, but no light was coming out of the bulbs. Thinking that there must be a burned out bulb in the lights I cruised to the kitchen and thats where this lady came up to me asking "How Do You Project?". It didn't even strike me that I was actually out of the body, but I kept on explaining to her how I would leave my body. After that I went back to my writing my notes then instantly found myself waking up in the physical body. I could have kicked myself in the butt for that one, but at least I'm getting out of the body....can't argue with that...!!

7:00am-7:30am (V)

(V) (A Guardian Angel Possibility?)

Note: The same technique was applied when leaving the body which is the famous hypnotic state. This was a really special projection that was my first strongest that I've ever felt and the prolongtivity was a result of my hard work in this science.

I found myself at the front door opening my astral eyes knowing that I was far away from the physical body. Almost losing conscience I decided to step outside the door to view the lighted world around me, as I stopped to look in front of me there was a ape riding a bike (???) around in circles then the ape regurgitated some white stuff that came out of it's mouth in lumps (Sick!).... So I jumped into the air looking down at the ape about 15 ft below and I wanted to regurgitate over the ape, but I heard voice in my head saying "You Don't Want To Do That To The Ape". So I took it as a sign not to but I threw up anyways with white chunks missing the ape by far.

Gliding down the street lightly in the air "Almost Like Swimming In The Water" I wanted to speed up the travel tremendously so I could move further away from my physical body. All at once I felt a tremendous amount of power inside my body, looking at the trees at the end of the street as they blew right past me along with the telephone wires too. The way the images blew past me as I burned into the wind was incredible, almost like the movie "Star Wars" seeing how the millennium falcon would travel thru space with the stars lit up then streaking past you. I could see houses,trees also unfamiliar land pass by me so quickly I couldn't believe it, I could even feel the air ripping thru my body bringing me cold chills up and down my spine.

Judging from the distance I was up in the air, it must have been around 20,000 feet because I could see clouds below me around 3,000 feet. I wanted to go one step higher and that was into the heavens of the clouds, but I was really scared of losing course of my flight out of the earth's atmosphere. ( I Wasn't Ready For That) I decided to call upon a guardian angel to assist my fear of reaching the higher clouds but nothing happened. As I was flying underneath the clouds my brother Brian flew right up to me and said "Take My Hand, There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of!".

Taking my brother's hand I closed my eyes while we risked thru the clouds so that I wouldn't lose my consciousness. Once we hit the heavens (Above The Clouds) my site was blinded by the light rays of the sun. For miles and miles of beauty it was so peaceful, joyful breathtaking being able to soar like a eagle thru these fluffy clouds where nothing could possibly could go wrong!!

Separating hands I was flying by myself with complete confidence with the aid of my brother next to me, I did mention to my brother what happens if we bump into a airplane? Next second later I saw a airplane that was in the clouds, like I was stuck, so I made a suggestion that we should cruise over to the airplane. Within seconds I found myself inside of the airplane along with my brother and we're talking about traveling, he said "We Could Goto California,Hawaii,Japan, etc..etc". Right when my brother started to mention these states and countries his face started changing with the nationality of these places, but stupid me didn't even think nothing about it.

Example: If my brother said "Japan" then his face would turn Japanese, or if he said "California" his would turn American.

After my brother got done telling me about these places we could go visit I told him "Brian, I hope you remember this projection when we get back!!", we then decided to leave the plane because we're getting no where. While I was watching my brother exit the door a gust of strong wind along with snow came in which I could feel the coldness on my breath, skin which the sensation of feel was definitely there. I was having a hard time leaving this airplane due to a board blocking my path, so I had to crawl underneath the board to exit the plane. While I was crawling my hands touched the dirty wood floor, the floor was real cold, very dusty. The sensation hit me again about how I could feel something like coldness, dust on the wooden floor, using my knuckles knocking on the wooden floor to test the consciousness what I was experiencing..

(It Basically Floored Me That Something Like)

(This Was So Dam Real, I Just Can't Get Over It.....!!)

I finally made it to the door, so I jumped outside into the white cold fluffy clouds and lost consciousness then landed back into a dream. The dream was with me as I was driving my brother's car, then I was on a bike riding down a hill.

Note: Later that day I was talking with a friend of mine "Joe Braun" explaining the projection that occurred this morning. He said that your brother in the projection could have been a guardian angel but someone you could recognize and trust. If the guardian angel was to appear in it's a original form you could have been scared to death or could have done damage to yourself spiritually. I did ask my brother Brian if he did remember anything about the projection and his reply was "No, I Don't Recollect Anything Of That Nature".

Also to add in the notes, my friend Matt Gerard projected & Joe Braun hasn't projected since 3-4yrs ago up until today. I don't know if something is there but I thought I should write this down for the record due to all three of us leaving our bodies on the same day......

02/16/1988 7:20am-7:45am

(:....Some technique this hypnotic state is.....:)

This time when I awakened from the hypnotic state I wasn't in my house, I was at my church that I attend every Sunday. I found myself down the basement where there was a party or some kind of get together being held. I remember talking to a friend of mine "Paul Gilmore" which he offered me some cookie, so I took them, also I noticed that there was music playing coming from the organ upstairs, Right then Paul told me that he was late for choir practice so he blew out of the room then disappeared on me.

There was one person in the room that looked different from the others and for some reason we started fighting with one another, so somehow I managed to run outside the church and fly up into this tree. I don't remember but someone was around me which I don't recollect what the person looked like or if it was a male or female, but anyways I'd asked if that person chasing me was gone. The person said "No", then for some reason inside of me, I decided to go back into the church because I could feel that this person was hurting someone else. So I finally meet up with this person, this person took a good couple of shots at me and was also cornering me..There was no way for me to get out of this one, so I said "Return" and seconds later I found myself awake in my bed.

02/21/1988 Awakened At 7:30am

(( Terry Jacobs Deceased In The Physical World ))

(( But Alive In The Astral World!! ))

A friend of mine "Terry Jacobs" died a few years due to a drug relational suicide. A few friends of his, Terry and his family went to this lake in the summer to get away from the everyday norm. Well when I was Terry's friend him and I smoked marijuana but in a light moderate sense where it wasn't no drug dependency, I guess the purpose was to experience the drug's nature. The only problem is that Terry started getting involved with other drugs like acid, speeders, and heavily smoking marijuana almost on a daily basis's. We shared alot together for a few years then drifted away from another due to fighting and my folks trying to explain that Terry was no good. I still don't believe my parents to this day, Terry just was a ordinary kid getting into trouble, horse play and going thru a harsh adolescence. ( And I Wasn't!! )

Anyways, years blew past me and I find myself in a vo-cation technical school then onto college. The day that my mom gave me the newspaper to read about Terry I wasn't stunned or crying, feeling bad for what happened to Terry and the pain that his parents had to live with. The newspapers said that Terry was diving into shallow water with his friends, I guess you could say more a less that there were messing around or possible playing a role of bravado, well, Terry jumped in and cracked his spine in shallow water. He was rushed to a hospital and was seeking medical treatment, he started to recover for a period of time but implications started to persist with ammonia's, sickness, coma's etc. Terry died about a year later due to this ongoing struggle battling for his life, his folks just couldn't take nor either anything looked promising for Terry and their choice was to pull the plug.....

About a year later, a friend of mine Jeff Borton was telling me something about Terry's brother "Tony" that they were good friends and had plans to do something (What I Don't Remember). But what really shocked me was, when I told Jeff about reading Terry's death in the newspaper and that Terry and I we're really good friends back then. Thats when I found out what really happened that day when Terry decided to jump into the razor's edge and surrender himself to life.

Terry and his friends were completely wasted that day and I believe that Jeff Borton told me there were on angle dust or LSD. Terry and his friends were walking across a bridge that below them was water that they wanted to jump into, the drop must have been about 100ft or more. I guess they were playing chicken or just messing around like friends do, anyways Terry jumped off the bridge which he landed into the shallow water and immediately severed his spine. From that point on he was seeking medical treatment for about a year and implications persisted which there was nothing else they could do for him.

Thats when I was surprised about what happened and how the newspapers kinda of twisted the story around a little bit to hide the truth. I thought about it more thru out the days, and months wondering if it's possible that I could make contact with Terry on the astral plane. Now, this experience wasn't something that I wanted to seek out, but it must have been in the back of my sub-conscious of communicating with a friend lost to the ages.

02/21/1988 7:30am

It all started in a dream where I was wondering around in a huge parking lot by mart shopping store in my home town of Garden City. Out of the blue I jumped up into the air, immediately became aware of the dream that surrounded me unconsciously. Landing to the ground I decided to look at my hands to bring a stronger grip of awareness to myself. Taking off into the air, again flying towards marts it seemed that it was taking me forever to arrive at the front doors of the store, also while I was flying above the parking lot I noticed that people were taking notice of my flight and talking about it.

Once I entered into kmarts shopping store the lights were on, people going about their business shopping and the overhead music playing in the background. I wanted to find someone that was already conscious so that I could share information back and fourth about the astral plane's nature. Looking at this employee who had brown hair, wearing eye glasses, and around in his mid 20's, I went up to asked him "Can I Stare Into Your Eyes?", he really didn't say anything, so I took it as a yes then proceeded. From my observation his eyes looked glassy, like as if he was serverly stoned on some good drugs.

After wasting my time with this guy I remember that kmart had changing rooms in the men's department along with a mirror. So blasting away from this guy I went directly to the men's department hoping that the mirror would be there. ** Yup, Sure Was!!** Looking into the mirror I saw a sparkle in my eyes that signified the sparkle of life or consciousness you could say. I knew that I wasn't dreaming, nor unconscious of my awareness which all made sense to me.

My guitar instructor John Felicks explained this technique to me in the physical world which the meaning behind is awareness. He said that for those who have a sparkle in their eyes means that they are aware of their surroundings, but for those who don't sparkle means their unconscious. ** Makes Sense!! ** The perception of the store was clear as daylight, this awareness was the best, just being happy that I'm learning to raise my conscience and objectively carrying out experiments I wish to conduct being far away from my body.

Walking around the store I bumped into a friend of mine Paul Bodzioney that I meet in church when I was younger, along with Paul was his mom and a few friends of his. I looked into Paul's eyes and saw that there was no sparkle of life in that he was unconscious. Everyone including me went to the checkout line to pay for what they had bought in the store, Pauls mom was next to me, so I asked her "May I Stare Into Your Eyes??", she laughed at me and thought I was absolutely crazy.......Btw: She Also Was Unconscious!!

I said to Paul "Come Over To My House, I'll be waiting outside the store for you!", he told me that he would need my card keys then would drive over to my house. Not really thinking much about it I gave him the keys to my car and continue on with my business. Passing up the kids machines, like gumboil machines, sweat tarts, little prizes etc. But in the machines I didn't see gumballs, nor toys, but instead there were adult sex toys...

** I need not to say no more!! **

I went outside of the store and saw someone on a merry go around selling pretzels to the public, so I ordered one finding out that this pretzel had whipped cream on it...(YUCK!!) After all that I looked around the Parkening lot seeing in the distance by the automotive department 3 people. One was Indian, second person was a schoolmate "Doug Kanable", but the third person I don't know who it was. I went up to all three of them asking if I could stare into their eyes, they question me why, so I explained to them that they all were in a dream and unconscious.

At first they didn't believe me, so they asked me to prove it that they're dreaming. We went over to this box with a metal door handle, I said to them "If I Can Break This Handle, Will You At Least Try?". There were no problems with breaking the handle off the door, I was amazed that it was so easy....Look at your hands I said, so all three of them were cooperative and didn't laugh or back talk me. They wanted to learn which really surprised me, and in a way made me happy that I could teach someone about this in the state of awareness. I did manage to look all three of them in the eyes, I could have sworn that there was a spark of life but I'm not 100% sure that I can write it as proof...

I started to feel inside myself that my physical body was calling me back, everything around me started to fade out and the scene shifted where I found myself in the frontroom of my house. I saw and heard Paul knocking on the front door telling me to open the door to the garage so that he could park my car. Only problem is that the person at the frontdoor was Terry Jacobs and not Paul Bodzioney.

Terry was looking at me, smiling, not saying a word, he was half way between the door and inside the house. Just starring at me with a sentlemental feeling of living in a state of grace. I didn't even realize it at the time it was Terry Jacobs, I wasn't even aware of what was happening until I awakened.

I'm not sure if I really did see something in this astral projection but the feelings inside of me I can't deny, there're just to strong to turn my back on..... Who Knows, maybe this is what verification means, rather than visual proof, the feelings inside is the answer......

02/26/1988 Time Unknown ( I, II & III )

White Robe Of The Guardian

(I) Today I didn't use the hypnotic state to leave the body, instead I found myself in a unconscious dream. I was in a time machine trying to turn back the hands of time, but I failed in my attempts for the first and second time. Turning on a few switches in this machine I thought something should work. Only problem is that when I stepped out of the machine I found myself awake in the kitchen with my brother Brian and my mom gathered around the kitchen table.

Judging from my awareness I must have been around 98% conscious which everything around me was vibrantly real, although I still could easily get mixed up between the astral and the physical world. I decided to question the state of awareness I was experiencing by closely looking at the environment around me. The closet means I can describe when I'm out there is mystical, everything thing around you seems alive and the sensation is alot stronger. Realizing that I was in the astral world instantly I decided to head towards the door and out of thy house.

At that time while I'm exiting the door I was thinking to myself "I Want Help From My Guardian Angel, I Don't Care What It Even Looks Like, I Want To Learn!!". So I went outside onto the front lawn looking at the nice beautiful summers day and heard a voice coming from around old man Johnson's mailbox. I turned to look towards my east and saw a figure with a pure white long robe draping down to it's feet, also I couldn't make out a detail on the facial features. The voice was saying to me "I'm Your Guardian Angel!!" after that it lifted up into the air then started to fly away. At that time I started to feel the physical body trying to pull me back, the only thing I could think of is to call for the angels help..

"Where Are You Going, Please Help Me" I said.....

(II & III) The pull was too strong this time, I had nothing that could help me then seconds later I was back in-between the two bodies. I also did project two more times after that but it was just pure craziness which didn't get me no where...

Note: Old man Johnson lived next to us for many years, he was one of the first residence in the history of Garden City before all the other houses were built, his house was surrounded by farmland for miles and miles. When the construction came to Garden City, houses were built around old man Johnson's house which now looks like a small cottage pushed back from alignment of the other houses.

02/28/1988 9:30am-9:58am (I & II)

(I) The first projection I managed to lose my calmness and became a little excited. When I floated towards the bedpost I felt my body being pulled back, so I grabbed for the pole to hold onto dear life. I swinged around a few times hitting the walls with body which the pain was not to pleasant to say the least. After a few times around I couldn't even hold onto consciousness and then was forced back into my body.

(II) I didn't think that I was actually out until I opened my eyes and found myself in the front living room leaving of the house. I cruised outside the door then jumped off the front porch into the air looking down at the house as I rise higher into the sky turning my direction towards the south. Catching a glimpse of my brother (He Looked To Be Really Not There) as I passed him by I proceeded on raising myself higher into the sky. As it seemed that if I raised myself higher into the air I could see small houses, pools, miles of land, and then passing thru the white fluffy clouds. The speed I traveled at was a medium pace where I could keep intact with my surroundings and consciousness.

Passing thru the clouds (Just Like 3-4 Weeks Ago In One Of My Projections) I could feel the coldness of the vapors rip thru my skin. Once I was on top of the clouds I was lost for words, the beauty of the clouds surrounded, I felt that I was at peace, a state of grace where nothing could go wrong.

(I Must Have Been A Bird In My Last Life....!)

I kept rising higher until it seemed that I was looking out into the space but still in tact with the clouds below me. I wanted to stop my transcending and just fly straight but I had no control over the speed. Before I knew it I was looking down at the earth from space but staying extremely close into the earth's atmosphere. I heard voices mixed with orchestrated music in my head, saying to myself "Maybe This Is To Make The Flight More Enjoyable To Pass The Time Away!!". Well, I decided to descend closer to earth but once I was able to see ground below me I couldn't see any buildings, streets or houses etc,etc..

Once I landed towards the ground I believe that I could recognize the environment around me. I think that I was half mile away from my house on a street which is called "Windsor" which was off the side street "Brandt". My awareness was about 98%-100*, crystal clear without distorted vision or a dreamy state. (Don't Think It Can Get Better Than This!!) I experimented by looking at my hands, even my hands were remarkable clear, I could see the details of the lines running thru my hands, the veins, finger nails, even the hairs.

I started to remember what I wanted to do, and that was to call upon a guardian angel, but nothing came or shown it's presence to me. (Sigh!) All of a sudden I lifted off the ground without my control and felt like I was being wrapped with something around me. (Instantly I felt Evilness Inside Me!!) I felt a rubber substance on my back which I threw to the ground, once I realized what it was I was able to calm down. (God Only Knows Where And What This One Is About, It Was A Eagle That Was Made Out Of Rubber????)

I started to think that someone might be after me or was possibly in the area, so I thought to myself as turning myself into a evil person, and that was Freddy Kruger... I saw the knifes coming out of my finger tips (Talk About Pain!!) on the left hand with blood dripping down my fingers as the knifes pieced thru the skin. I'm not to sure about the facial feature of what I looked like but I was ready to kick butt.. (Yeah.. Right!!) Nothing happened to say the least and in a way maybe that was good cause I don't think that I could really defend myself if something did really happen. All I know is that I would be screaming for GOD, Angels to help me and to protect me....

When I turned my head to the right I saw a road block with the big fence like structure. After all this I decided for the first time that I should return back to my body cause I had church at 10:30am which I didn't want to miss it.....

Personal Info

03/16/1993 7:23pm

First of all I want to thank those who've emailed me their opinions about astral projection. It's not everyday that I get 20 pieces of mail due to astral projection and many warm thanx to go with it. Well at least I know that these journals entries are being read and people around the world are much interested in this art as I'm. The one thing alot of people ask me is "How Do You Project?", it's really plain and simple, it's called practice and do what ever it takes to leave your body.

** Even if you have to pull the trigger.....:) **

(( Just Kidding Folks ))

Seriously, there are many technique out there for astral projection, I believe that when I learned about the hypnotic state I accidentally walked right into it without knowing how far it would take me. Not everyone can do this technique, it takes alot of time and practice to become efficient at it....(( I'm still learning too!! ))

When I started out I tried many techniques like dream control, imaginary light, rolling technique, fastening, etc.. So it didn't come to me over night, it took a few good months before I actually saw a result, so please keep that in mind....

Basically what I'm saying you have to find your way to leave the body thats comfortable to you. Just because someone has their own style and technique doesn't mean that it will be a picnic for you. So just read books, like Monroe, Fox, Castenada, Leadbetter etc and look at the different techniques there learned to incorporate into their daily practice....

Now, on with my wonderful, fabulous life.....)

At the present I'm 26yrs old, I live 30 miles away west from Detroit, Michigan. I attend college at a community school and hopefully will move on towards a bachelors degree in computer science or operation network. I work full time as a computer operator for a hardware retail store that has a chain of 70 stores thru out Michigan. I've been there for almost 2yrs now, before my computer operations job I worked at BlockBuster Video for five years.

I'm a classical & electrical guitar player that has been studying the guitar for about 9yrs now. I play classical guitar for weddings, parties for professional services, also in a rock band that needs a keyboard player and bass guitar player.

I'm a Rush Head Period!!... since 1979 for almost 12yrs now and will never love anyone elses's music besides Rush!! I do like other styles of music though like jazz, classical guitar, fusion jazz, heavily metal etc. My favorite guitar players are Alex Lifeson of Rush (Who Else...:) ), Joe Satriana, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson, Christopher Parkening and Andres Segovia.

Every other day I usually work out with running about 1.5miles, exercising, keeping my body fit and also eat good foods. I enjoy computer immensely and live for IRC due to the power in international cb simulation, also I do post to net news on the alt.out.of.body and read alt.guitar.tabs. I own a macintosh ii si 5/80 and laugh at other computers like I.B.M., Amiga, etc...... ( Just Kidding ).. But (INMO) I enjoy the macintosh computer with it's simple environment without the hassal of being a analyst to operate a pc computer. I've meet alot of good hearted people on the network, traveled to mexico to visit one of them that I love deep in my heart. Also, like to travel to different lands like Russia, Spain, Singapore, Africa, Japan, France to be able to see more of the world around me then just an everyday second nature environment.

At the present there is no loves in my life, * so if any ladies out there that are single...I'm hear have no fear...:) * I also have a flair for humor and like joking around alot with people. * As you can't guess...!!* Well, thats about it for my story at the present, so I hope this gives you some idea what I'm like..... Now, how about you!!!

David A Warner, 16 Nov 1994 writes:

To whom it concerns,

I've been studying/practicing the science of meta-physics for about eight years now and from my experiences and knowledge it feels like I'm running around in circles. Never really finding the true verfication that I need to pursue it further and with a serious focus.

Now, my interest lyes primarly within the art of astral-projection, but I'm open to other interests. I'm not a beginner nor a master at astral projection, but over the years of my experience I'd say that I've been able to produce over 2500 experiences.

You would think that by now I'd have suceeded in my goals, verification, reaching higher levels of awareness and headed into the right direction. Ha..Ha .. I don't even know whats up or down when it comes to this level of existence called "The Astral Plane".

I'm at the point where it seems that the only way is to find a local organization that meets once a weekend. A organization that practices this art, help others in the group point to the right direction, conduct experiments that verify THAT THIS IS REAL!!!

Is there something out there in Michigan? close to home?

I live in Detroit, Michigan and would appriciate if anyone has any information that they can pass on to me.

Thank You Very Much For Your Time Reading This Article!!!