Walk on the Face of God

by Marc Whitford, 13 Jan 1995

I had begun to experiment with astral projection. One night last July I had a deep profound dream which still has meaning for me. I still try to visit there on occasion. This still has left me with a deep impression that is impossible to put out of my mind.

That face has deep symbolic meaning because in my dream I knew I was in the Astral Plane. I found myself attempting to access the Akashic records. When I reached out with my hand to touch the Akashic records, I suddenly realized I was standing on a huge face. The face was absolutely immense. I was near the left nostril, however, due to the size of the face, I felt I had been a very small speck of a being, and I looked out over the vast expanse of space and suddenly realized that the entire face was literally covered with Akashic records as far as I could see. Each Akashic record is like an infinitely dense CD, in that is was able to hold the entire consciousness of every living being on an entire planet, and yet I had simply touched it.

Suddenly I had great visions of every possible conceivable image on beautiful Earth. I had visions of trees, evergreens to be exact, mountains as pristine as when the native American Indians found them, I saw cities from around the world including especially, LA, NY, and Amsterdam. Then I saw the grand canyon, and everything from bubbling brooks to gushing streams, to huge waterfalls like Niagra Falls, and placid lakes with bullfrogs in them. I suddenly felt the presence including the sights, the sounds, the smells, the flavors, and the textures of every culture on earth. I saw children's faces, parents at the PTA meeting children, the faces of soldiers, the faces of people being cannabalized. I saw surgeons with instruments, I saw politicians with petitions in one hand, and fists full of money in the other. I saw the rain, the fog as a mist, the cool winter snow, the ice storms cracking driveways, and the scuba divers taking pictures of large schools of fish, I saw railroads, and posters of coming attractions of events long past. I saw our entire civilization as a series of perfectly real images, impressions that have left a permanent impression on me.

I received these exquisite images after only a few moments touching the Akashic records, and yet I was overwhelmed by the myriad of images. I had to let go, I saw a bright light from the record slowly get smaller, and evolve into a tiny spinning ball. Then I saw the light go out completely, and the remaining image was of a book-like computer-like vessel.

I took the liberty of looking around. I saw what looked like old computer parts from a computer unlike any I have seen here on earth before. It had been designed out of materials that literally shone with a brilliance and sparkling similar to the shininess of a diamond ring. Although these were parts from the future, I felt that they were somehow totally obsolete, because they represented the way only fourth dimension beings communicate and travel. I was suddenly aware of an image of a better mechanism of transport - direct thought transfer to pure energy. Whatever was needed, was immediately created, instantaneously. What a wonderful surprise to know that I was able to convince myself that I was looking at...

And I was standing on...

No disrespect intended, only love...

The face of GOD!

I was aware that this was an ancient face, and yet it was clear to me that I was standing on God's creation, a perfect thought created by the mind of God. Yes, I had beheld the ultimate consciousness.


God the creator of all things, of all thoughts, and the creator of all that ever was, or ever will be.

It was magnificient!

As I started to feel my body, and became self aware of my now lucid dream, I knew I hadn't had enough and wanted to stay longer. Then, as I fought to try to stay there in my dream, I saw myself slowly moving away from the face, and I started to pull up from the surface of the face.

As I rapidly gained in distance, I did so without without the feel of acceleration or gravity to pull me down, I felt like I was floating free. I looked down, and oddly, I saw, that the face looked somehow familiar.

I began to piece together a larger picture. I was able to see other features which looked strangely familiar to me. I saw a crater pyramid, a cliff, a Tholus, a huge pyramid that looked surprisingly like the D&M pyramid.

It became obvious to me, I had just been viewing the entire Cydonia complex from above the surface of Mars. But was this really Mars?

Then, I imagined I had transformed that place which seemed so real just moments ago into a projection, an image. This image was that of a complex series of energy pulses.

Soon, I was translating my newly found information into the ones and zeros of an ancient culture known as mankind from earth on a silly rickety spacecraft call Viking.

Somehow, my vision had become so clear, and yet so profound. It was as though I had somehow, through space and time, been transported by my consciousness into the deep recesses of our solar system through the vastness of space. I had somehow traveled to another world. I had visited it in wonderment and splendor as a child would when confronted with a new experience that is so captivating that it is simply beyond words.

Simultaneously, although actually occurring at slightly different times, my astral vision and my vision of normal of reality had somehow just merged into one single vision.

I was totally awestruck.

I felt as though I had walked on the face of God. Yes the big one, the Almighty. Yes, indeed, I was humbled, yet awed by the simplicity of it.

This was my dream, and my image. I had walked on the face of God, and it was on Mars.

Marc Whitford