YO YO OOBE Technique

Robert Bruce, 1997

The whole point of any OOBE technique is to exteriorize your bodily awareness outside of your body to trigger the projection reflex. This is extremely difficult for most people to maintain for more than a couple of seconds. But, if this is done over and over, rhythmically, for long enough, it will also have the effect of triggering the projection reflex.

Following is a rough outline of the new Yo Yo technique. Please let me know how you get on with this? I have used it myself and it seems to work equally as well as ROPE, but is in many ways much easier to do.

  1. Get yourself into a deeply relaxed state or trance, as you normally would, ready to use an OOBE technique. (See new relaxation technique and tips below, and/or read "The Treatise On OOBE")
  2. Pick a target on the ceiling above your bed, or on the wall if using a chair. This can be a light fitting or picture (anything) or you can tape a small paper target up.
  3. Stand on a chair (be careful not to fall) and get the feel of what it is like to be right up close to the target. Feel your changed spatial coordinates, how your new position in the room (up next to the target) feels like from here, where the bed and furniture and windows and doors are, etc. Memorize what it 'feels' like to be in this position, next to the target.
  4. Instead of using ROPE, shift your awareness out of your body and push it right up next to the target, as if target were only inches away from your face. Feel yourself being at the target, right up near it, or see it if you can visualise it. Hold yourself there for a second only and then snap your awareness back to your body. Feel yourself move right up to the target and, briefly, feel your spatial coordinates in the room change as your bodily awareness changes location. Feel the room move around you, briefly, as you fly up to the target and hold yourself there briefly. Do not feel the room change around you when you snap yourself back into your body.
  5. Bounce your awareness back and forth between the target and your body at roughly one second intervals (whatever feels most natural).
  6. When you get used to using this technique, extend your time at the target slightly, a little bit longer, a little bit at a time. Always keep this time short enough to be comfortable and achievable so you can do it repeatedly, over and over.
  7. Keep this up and it will trigger the projection reflex just like ROPE.
  8. Vary this technique as you see fit, with other OOBE techniques like ROPE, or rolling out of your body, or feeling yourself floating out of body, etc.