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Being A Victim

Written by Charles Spiegel from Unarius Academy of Science 
Excerpt of Monography "Past-Life Therapy - The New Psychiatry"

A 38-year-old woman was 'stuck' in a childlike personality which had been affecting her adult life in negative ways. Her tendency to revert to a childish voice, or to dress in clothes more suited to a teenager, was undermining her ability to succeed in her personal and professional tasks. She was dating a man many years her junior, and her effectiveness as a public speaker-something she hoped to do--was seriously affected by her fear to face others, her fear of exposure! A reading was given for Louisa who, although she had been studying Past Life Therapy for many years, had been unable to recognize certain aspects of herself. Louisa was shocked to learn that she had been raped by an uncle in her present lifetime, some time before her 16th birthday. That event, blocked from her consciousness, had shattered the pampered, spoiled, and secure existence she had enjoyed as a child. Her present, childish personality was her subconscious attempt to recapture those "happy days" of youth, before the pressures of adulthood were so violently thrust upon her. Subsequent events, at age 16, 18, 20, further compounded the problem, which was spelled out in her Reading.

With inkospection, Louisa realized that one of her two uncles was a blank slate in her memory; she couldn't recall his face at all (as with the other uncle), but she remembered how much she still hates the smell of a certain soap (which he used) and the sight of white socks with sandals (which he wore). Other clues pressed into her mind, which prompted a phone call to her older sister, who told Louisa that she remembered being molested by this uncle at the age of 3 -- but she didn't recall that event until she, too, was in her late 30s.

Reeling with this sudden revelation, Louisa thought back through every relationship she'd formed with men throughout her life. Now her own powers of introspection were alerted, and one by one, she re-examined the longsuppressed traumas: the molestation at 7 years by her older brother's friend, and again at 14 by another of her brother's friends; a "normal" relationship with a boy when she was a teenager which was cut short by his tragic slip into mental illness after his tour of duty in Vietnam; the seduction and loss of her virginity to her sister's husband (with her sister's encouragement) at 18; her marriage to a man 13 years her senior at age 19, and to a man from another country at age 26; etc., etc. Each instance, she realized, further destroyed her self-esteem and deepened her fear of men, pressing it so far down beneath the surface that she wasn't even aware it existed. With her new perspective as a student of Past Life Therapy, Louisa was able to remove the guilt and shame and recognize these relationships as a continuity of previous lifetimes. As the days passed, she was able to retrace the past-life connections that drew her to each man, and to explain to herself, from these past-life experiences, why she attracted molesters even though she consciously avoided provocative dress or actions. Now Louisa realized that her promiscuity in previous lifetimes, as a prostitute and even as a stage performer of lewd acts, was still following her. These men, her former associates, "remembered her," despite her outward conservatism and frequent retreat into the "child" that did not want to grow up for fear of facing these realities.

With each awareness as she allowed herself to reconsider these painful memories, Louisa drenched herself in tears -- but they were liberating tears. Her guilt lifted, and the fear that had always undermined her interactions with men -- now fully exposed and defined and categorized -- quickly subsided. Literally overnight, she regained her self-esteem and began to feel more comfortable expressing herself as an adult. Through a dream, Louisa saw a past lifetime in which she had previously turned in her rapist -- her uncle in the present -- for molesting her. In the dream, she reexperienced the trauma of watching him have his hand cut off as punishment. The shock of this incident, and the guilt she carried, was what kept her from revealing him in the present lifetime, what kept her from even remembering the event! Because she now understands the energy principles that drew them back together, she holds no resentment nor animosity toward this individual. Louisa learned a valuable lesson: although the society around her, as she grew up in the 60s and 70s, was deteriorating in spiritual values, the real self knows its own moral standards, and when she'd violated them through ignorance of the past-life continuity exerting its influence upon her emotions, she had suffered a continual loss of self-respect.

Only through re-engaging her full intelligence, with inner insight provided through the help of spiritual teachings, was Louisa able to reclaim herself from the dark nature of her past! If you ask her now, she'll tell you that she's been given an opportunity to live without selfrecrimination, and with a greater insight into the psychological makeup of her consciousness.

Problems are not resolved until the original cause is discovered, rectified or resolved; then the problem disappears from consciousness. We must simply dig a little deeper to reach the roots than traditional psychiatry and psychology have considered in helping individuals heal themselves!