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Jonathan's Release of The Past

Written by Charles Spiegel from Unarius Academy of Science 
Excerpt of Monography "Past-Life Therapy - The New Psychiatry"

When Jonathan Hall (not his real name) I first met, he had been diagnosed by doctors as a schizophrenic. Jonathan seemed able to hold on to his sense of reality for only a short period of months; then his behavior became very strange. He spoke in loud outbursts, reciting religious-sounding phrases. He paced and talked, or moved objects around the room, placing them in one position, then returning again in a few moments to move them.

To some, his erratic behavior was a little frightening. His own parents had him incarcerated more than once in mental institutions because they knew of no other way to handle his loud and unpredictable outbursts. But doctors could do little more than prescribe psychotropic drugs and keep Jonathan under observation until the episode passed. As a teacher pioneering the application of Past Life Therapy to treat a multitude of physical and emotional disorders, I recognized that Jonathan would need to reach deep beneath the surface of his present life into his past to resolve his problem. He would need love, understanding, encouragement, and a glimpse into his past life history. That initial glimpse came in the form of a past life Reading given by me.

Jonathan, the Reading explained, had been arrested by the Inquisition in the late 1500s, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually burned at the stake. Now, every fall, Jonathan automatically began to "replay" the sequence of events leading to his death centuries previously. The religious babble that came pouring forth from his mouth in a torrent of words was like an echo of the old priests and inquisitors enforcing their beliefs into their prisoner's mind--as Jonathan himself struggled to maintain his sanity and regain his true self. Then, in early February, the problem would always vanish and Jonathan would be sent home from whichever institution his family had taken him to. From the past life Reading, Jonathan discovered the reason for this sudden change: in the 16th century, he was arrested in the fall and executed, after years of imprisonment, in February.

When this valuable and vital information was relayed, Jonathan's life changed dramatically. He felt immediate relief from the tremendous fear of periodically "losing his mind." His work with the self-healing practice of Past Life Therapy was just beginning, but he knew he'd found what the doctors couldn't give him: an answer to his problem, and hope for a permanent cure! Today, he holds a regular job as a printer, and in his spare time he teaches classes, composes music, paints, sculpts, and volunteers as a video editor.