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Pre-Birth Communication: The Link Of Love

By Theresa M. Danna, M.P.W.

Two years ago, something extraordinary happened to me that completely changed my perception of life.

I was falling asleep, just like any other night, but when I was in that altered state of consciousness between awake and asleep, there appeared before my closed eyes the close-up of a little boy's face. He seemed to be about three years old, and he looked very much as I did when I was a toddler. At first he was looking down, as if he was shy. Then he slowly lifted his eyes, looked directly at me, and smiled. In his sweet toddler voice he said, "Mommy, I'm coming."

I looked deeply into his beautiful brown eyes, and discovered I was able to look through and beyond his eyes. Suddenly there was a bright white light and I was flooded with love. I sensed that I was looking at eternity. At this point I asked my son telepathically, "When are you coming?" The white light went away, his image disappeared, and then I saw a flash of the number 97. I assume this means my son will be born in 1997.

I awoke and cried tears of joy. At the time I was 36 years old, never married, and about to give up on the possibility of having my own family in this lifetime.

When I tried to explain this contact with my son-to-be to friends, they discounted my experience by saying things like, "Theresa, it was just a dream" or "It was only wishful thinking." This frustrated me, because I know what a night dream feels like, I know what a daydream feels like, I have meditated and been hypnotized, and what I experienced that night with my son was nothing like any of those other experiences. This was distinctly another soul contacting me from an outside source. It was not coming from my own subconscious.

Over the next few months, occasionally as I was either falling asleep or waking up, I saw a flash of an image of this child. Usually he was in an everyday scene, such as sitting in his stroller or crawling on the floor.

Then one night when I was feeling depressed about the declining morals in our society, I lay back and silently asked my son, "Why do you want to be born?" Surprisingly, he answered me! By way of an inner voice I immediately heard the words, "To love." I then asked, "That's it?" Then he added, "And to play baseball." That is when I knew for certain that this was MY son, as I have been a baseball fan since I myself was a little girl.

Finally, I felt a strong need to talk to someone who could understand what I was experiencing. So I started searching for other women or men who had been contacted by the spirit of their child. I began with the Spiritual Emergence Network, in Santa Cruz, California. S.E.N. is a nonprofit organization that provides emotional support to people who have had an intense spiritual or psychic experience that cannot be adequately explained by traditional Western psychology.

S.E.N. referred me to a mother who had had pre-birth communication with both of her children. She said that when she was in a relaxed state, she saw flashes of her children's image and was able to get an advance sense of their personalities. She also reported that she had conversations with them through an inner voice. In other words, she described exactly what happened to me!

In October 1995, Fate magazine published a letter of mine in which I requested information from parents who had met their children before birth. Over the next few months I received about 20 letters from parents across America telling me amazing stories of pre-birth communication.

One woman told me about a night when she was sleeping on her sofa. She was awakened by a cool breeze on her arm. When she opened her eyes, she was face-to-face with a little boy. She knew that he was not one of her two sons, yet she found herself saying to him, "What are you doing up? Go back to bed!" At that, the little boy giggled, ran across the room, and hid behind a chair. She got up to look for him, but he was gone. At first she thought it might have been the spirit of the child she had recently miscarried. However, the following year she got pregnant and reports that this third son looks exactly like the boy who visited her that night. She also said that she continues to have a stronger psychic link to this child than with her other children.

Another story came from a man who saw his three future children standing on the shore with this wife as he almost drowned in a lake.

Yet another father told me that he and the spirit of his son were able to communicate on a regular basis by way of an inner voice. One evening his son told him, "Go get pizza." So the man went to the pizzeria and guess who he met there that night? He met the woman that he eventually married! Two years later that woman gave birth to their son.

One woman told me that when she was in a bar one night, she saw the image of two boys standing on either side of a man who was sitting with his back toward her. One boy was about 13, and the other about 10. She knew instantly that she was seeing her future sons and that she would marry the man sitting there between them. Sure enough she is now that man's wife, and they have two sons about three years apart in age.

Another woman told me that when she was pregnant she had a dream about a small boy playing a big French horn. Years later her son did study the French horn. One day when he was practicing, she recognized that the scene looked exactly as it did in her dream. The boy went on to become a professional musician.

As I listened to these stories, I felt so relieved that I was not the only person on earth that this had happened to, that I was not "crazy." Ironically, most of the people who told me their story said that they thought THEY were the only person that this had happened to. So they were just as relieved as I was. I also noticed that most of the parents said they experienced an overwhelming feeling of love or peace when they had been in contact with their child's spirit. Furthermore, I even received stories from adoptive parents, which implies that the child's spirit is aware of who its primary caretaker will be even when that person will not be a biological parent.

I decided to give a lecture on this subject in March 1996 at the Whole Life Expo in Pasadena, California. I titled the talk "Evidence of Pre-birth Choices" and the room was overflowing with curious listeners. Some fo them thanked me later for bringing this subject out into the open. For some it had validated their own experience. To others it gave hope and an enhanced sense of life purpose.

A few months later, on Mother's Day, I appeared as a guest on the radio program Art Bell's Dreamland, which is broadcast all over America and parts of Canada. For two hours Art and I listened to callers tell us about their personal experiences with pre-birth communication. There were also some intriguing reports of unsolicited statements that young children had made to their parents. For example, a woman who had previuously had a miscarriage said that when her little girl was about four years old, she said to her one day, "I was in your tummy before." The mother asked what the child meant. The girl said, "The first time I was a boy and I got washed away." Similarly, a woman who had previously had an abortion said that one day when her son was about six years old he told her, "God sent me to you twice." He explained that the first time he ended up in a jar.

Powerful, isn't it?

After my appearance on that radio program, about 20 more letters came from people sharing their stories of life before birth. I then decided to contact the television show "Sightings." They were amazed and decided to tape a segment on this topic, to be shown later this season on the cable TV station called The SciFi Channel.

I am now writing a book about this phenomenon, and I would like to hear more true-life stories from parents all around our world. If this has happened to you, be assured that you are not alone. You have been blessed by the link of love, a connection that is so soulful it transcends physical form and touches us instead on a spiritual dimension where "birth" and "death" do not signify a beginning and an end, but rather turning points on a continuum.