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Basic information about Spiritism

Spiritist Codification

Essays about Spiritism

  • Allan Kardec and the Spiritist Doctrine
    Translation of an interesting article formerly published in the Revue Spirit.
  • Finally Life after Death (Xavier Neto)
    An introductory account of the question of life after death
  • The Spiritist Paradigm (Silvio S Chibeni)
    This paper review briefly Kuhn's conception of science, in contrast with the traditional conception, arguing then that Spiritism - such as established by Allan Kardec - constitutes a genuine scientific paradigm. It is further claimed that the normal science tradition of the Kardequian paradigm remains unrivalled as a scientific guide to the study of the spiritist phenomena.
  • Reincarnation and the Bible (A Melnikov)
    The main merit of Allan Kardec was that he proved the fact of obligatory reincarnation for all kinds of spiritual beings, on the base of the notion of God's Justice, and by showing witnesses from the Bible confirming the fact that reincarnation was originally admitted by Christianity, what was however totally turned down in its further development. This text contains some new evidences for Allan Kardec's point of view and polemic with the official position of the Church.
  • On Professional Mediumship (Xavier Neto)
    The Spiritualist movement has always relied on mediums for the updating and development of the Spiritualist principles in the material world. A question of prime importance concerns the system of work which a medium should obey. Should he (or she) be paid for his (her) work ?; should a medium charge for his channeling with the spirit world?

Spiritist Messages - Received by several mediums