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Before the Law

The conscious spirit, created throughout millennia in the inferior dominions of nature, gets to human condition after having paid the duties demanded by evolution.

So it’s natural to understand that free will establishes determined position to each soul, as each person is responsible for his own situation.

You own what you’ve given.

You’ll harvest what you’ve sown.

You know what you’ve sought.

You’ll learn what you study.

You’ve found what you had been looking for.

You’ll find what you look for.

You achieved what you’ve asked for.

You’ll reach whatever you wish for.

You are today whatever you did to yourself yesterday.

We arrive before improvement and progress, in the clear day of reason, simple and ignorant, but with an inner freedom to choose our own way.

We all have in our own free will life’s lever, with its infinite possibilities to mentalize and accomplish.

The ruling of Universe is justice that decides, everywhere, each one’s responsibility.

The glory of Universe is wisdom, shining in the consciences.

The maintenance of Universe is work, which places each intelligence where it belongs.

The happiness of Universe lies in love in the shape of everyone’s good.

The Creator grants the creatures, in space and time, the experiences they wish, so they can eventually get adjusted to the laws of goodness and balance that are manifested by Him. That’s why remaining in the shadow or in the light, in pain or in joy, in good or evil, is a spiritual action that depends on us.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier

In: “Justiça Divina” – FEB Edition