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If you are about to blow up, silence to think for a while.

If the reason is a disease, uneasiness brings the worst.

If the reason is a dear person’s sickness, your unbalance is an aggravating fact.

If you suffered material damage, complaint is a late bomb that produces a new case.

If you lost some affection, complaint will turn you into a much less pleasant person among your friends.

If you left any valuable opportunity behind, restlessness is a waste of time.

If contrarieties appear, roaring will take you away from the spontaneous course.

If you committed a mistake, despair is an open door to greater failures.

If you didn’t accomplish your goals, impatience will widen the distance between you and your purpose.

Whichever the difficulty, keep calm, always working. In every problem, serenity is the spirit’s roof, demanding work to come up with a solution.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “O Espírito da Verdade” – FEB Edition