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"Glory to God in the Heaven, peace on Earth and good will toward men"
Luke, 2:14

Announcing the Great Renewed, the host of the angels at the manger presented no word of violence.
Glory to God in the Divine Universe.
Peace on Earth.
Good will toward men.
Bestowing a new era of safety and tranquility, the Supreme Father declared the Heavenly Ambassador endowed with no power to injure or destroy.
No punishment to the mean wealthy.
No penalty to the despaired poor.
No despise to the weak.
No banishment to the sinner.
No hostility to the arrogant pharisee.
No anathema to the unconscious gentile.
Through the hands of Jesus, the Divine Treasure streamed in the service of the good will.
The justice of "an eye for a eye" and "a tooth for a tooth" would finally meet Love ready to sublime abnegation up to the cross.
Terrified before the new light at the stable persons and animals expressed unutterable joy.
Since that unforgettable moment, the Earth would be renewed.
The torturer would be worth of piety.
The enemy would turn into a misguided brother.
The criminal would be considered sick.
At Rome people would gradually suppress slaughters at the circus.
At Synod the slaves would no more have their eyes spilt by the harshness of their lords.
At Jerusalem the sick ones would no more be forsaken to messy valleys.
Jesus was bringing the message of true fraternity.
By disclosing it, he successfully passed from the straw crib to the bloody cross.
Brother or sister who listen to the sweet echoes of the angelic songs, remember that the Master came for us to love each other.
Good news!
Good will!
Let us bring sympathy to everybody and start to live with Jesus under the splendor of a new day.


In ``Fonte Viva'' by F. C. Xavier (ed. by FEB).
Trans. by A. L. Xavier Jr.