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Divine Regard

Don’t complain about God because of the difficulties that your life is filled with.

God certainly knows every action program that structures your existence.

The difficult relative, hardships at home, drudgery, the conquest of affinity, the critical relationships…

God could suppress all this in a single moment.

However, without the relatives lacking understanding, you wouldn’t know love; without the household hindrances, you wouldn’t acquire responsibility; running away from the sacrificial tasks, you wouldn’t have experience; far away from the search for support, you wouldn’t practice fraternity and deserting team trouble, you would end up ignoring the value of co-operation.

Convince yourself that God can do away with any worry, but grants each one of us with the blessing of work, so we can leave naivety and inertia behind, to someday be conscious collaborators of the Divine Wisdom that supports the Creation.

Spirit: MEIMEI
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier

In: “Amizade” (Friendship) – IDEAL Edition