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Finally Life after Death

by Xavier Neto

We were born to die. This sentence sounds deeply in our minds as a result of an inexorable fact: we are comdemn to the final day, when our bodies will suffer from the inevitable collapse, and then the unkwown is the only word we still have to describe the consequences.

Is there life after death ? Many try to deny such question by proposing death as exactly what the senses perceive. They say that death is not only the final day of our lives on Earth but it is the end-line: beyond death there is just the cold and senseless see of the null existence, the nothing inside the vacuum.

While this view can not affect our lives after death, after all we would not exist if its true, it still has a strong appeal to our present lives. Why should I obey an ethical request or moral code, if no gain from such a blind obedience is possible ? Given this picture of death, why on earth should I interest myself in the comfort and in the good of people around me, if my own interest seems to be the only priority ? I should not waste my time with such foolish things. The consequences of this view, which may be properly called materialistic, are presently widely known.

Of course many other beliefs also deny materialism. Religion not only owes its origin to the terrible and distressing fear of the unknown or the feeling of God's existence, but to the denial of death as the end-line. By accepting life after death, our lives are happier. It is, so as to say, easier to live, if we believe we will always exist.

Unfortunately tradition has establish this consoling view as an act of faith, something that you believe or not. But many - the majority in fact - have failed to realize that positive evidences of our survival are abundant. That has been the greatest jewel found by Spiritism since its inception by Allan Kardec in the historical publication of "The Spirits' Book" in 1857. The positive facts of spirit communications have revealed the existence of a parallel world, where those who have been incorrectly called "deaths" since then, and whose previous existences have been constantly forgotten by us, are alive. The delay in accepting this remarkable fact has impeded our moving toward a better world. We have been to other planets in our solar system through space exploration, but we have failed to even grasp the existence of the spiritual world which is everywhere around us and with which we are incessantly in contact.

The first task of Spiritism is to extinguish materialism. The second is to improve our lives. But Science has immensely improved the way we live today. Here again spiritual improvement is what we look for. How can we improve the quality of our lives if we do not know why we are here and why the seeming injustice in the world exist at all ? The doctrine contained in "The Spirits' Book" was able to restate the validity of the moral code brought by the Gospel of Christ, which is unfairly disdained by the religious men in general and by those who follow them. The Spiritist Doctrine provides the rational basis to understand the Gospel according to what historical research has unveiled, and yet without failing to believe in God's justice and goodness. We now accept the Gospel as an ancient code of moral teachings expressing certain laws that have existed since the beginnig of the world and that every living being, every Spirit in the Universe is subjected to those laws. The final task of Spiritism is now completed: to show our divine heritage as sons of God, a heritage that is expressed by the following words: We will live forever !